Jesus’ 59 Healings

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JESUS’ 59 HEALINGS. The accounts of Luke are especially important because he was a doctor. I used the Message Bible for easy reading. I also read before and after the passages to see reactions of Jesus, the White people and the Jews. The people often were silent for “fear of the Jews” nasty, hateful thoughts, remarks, punishments and murderous actions. Even Jesus was wise and cautious in his attitude towards them. Paintings below:


Jesus transcends human experience

Jesus Transfiguration, Mark 9 2-13. “They treated this Elijah like dirt, much like they will treat the Son of Man, who will, according to Scripture, suffer terribly and be kicked around contemptibly.”


Of sin:

Jesus healed Mary Magdalene who repented at his feet in the house of rude and crude Jews, Luke 7: 36-50. Jesus could read the mind of his Jew host who invited him over just to pick his mind to find something so they could accuse and get rid of him.

Jesus Heals the adulterous woman, John 8 1-11. The Jews were going to stone the woman to death, and Jesus told the henchmen that only one who hasn’t sinned throw the first stone at her. She was having sex with them, and then were going to stone her to death for it!


Physical Illness

Healed dreaded disease of leprosy, Luke 5: 12-16.

White Roman captain’s servant, Luke 7: 1-10.

Healed his disciple Peter’s mother-in-law, Luke 4: 38-39.

Healing of Paraplegic, Luke 5: 17-26. Husband’s best friend, a Vietnam veteran, who returned paraplegic and rolled down the aisle as best man at our wedding, suffered and died young at age 37.

Woman bleeding heavily for years, Luke 8: 43-48.

Two blind men at Galilee, Matthew 9: 27-31.

Healing of a mute, Matthew 9: 32-34. Someone who could not talk, as I deliberately stopped talking out loud, and prayed silently, or spoke only when absolutely necessary. I took a vow of silence, from 1954-1991, 37 years.

Healing at Bethesda, John 5: 1-18. “The Jews were now not only out to expose him; they were out to kill him. Not only was he breaking the Sabbath, but he was calling God his own Father, putting himself on a level with God.”

Man with crippled hand, Mark 3: 1-6. “Then he spoke to the people: ‘What kind of action suits the Sabbath best? Doing good or doing evil? Helping people or leaving them helpless?’ No one said a word. He looked them in the eye, one after another, angry now, furious at their hard-nosed religion.”

Exorcising devils for man blind and mute, Luke 11: 14-23. “Jesus knew what they were thinking and said, “Any country in civil war for very long is wasted. A constantly squabbling family falls to pieces. This is war, and there is no neutral ground. If you’re not on my side, you’re the enemy; if you’re not helping, you’re making things worse.”

Woman twisted and bent over with arthritis, Luke 13:10-17. Jesus retorts back to Jews, “You frauds.” And then the (White) people, “The congregation was delighted and cheered him on.”

Deaf mute of Decapolis, Mark 7: 31-37. Again, as I was a mute by my vow of silence, here’s another example. “Then Jesus looked up in prayer, groaned mightily, and commanded, ‘Ephphatha! – Open up!’ And it happened. The man’s hearing was clear and his speech plain – just like that.”

Blind Man of Bethsaida, Mark 8: 22-26.

Boy possessed by a demon, deaf, dumb mute, Luke 9: 37-49.

Man hugely swollen in his joints, Luke 14: 1-6.

Healing 10 lepers, Luke 17: 11-19. I have complained that I too felt like a leper in the USA. Leprosy was highly contagious skin disease. When Jesus touched a leper, he was not afraid of the disease. These people had to keep distant from society, which scorned and excluded them.

Blind at Birth, John 9: 1-12.

Blind near Jericho, Luke 18: 35-43.

Healing the ear of a servant, Luke 22: 49-51.


Crowds of sick people

In many passages the Gospels speak of crowds of people being healed, especially after seeing the first person being healed. That number is so many it is countless. Here’s one example:

Healing Gennesaret, Mark 6:53-56


Overcame destructive nature and people’s fear

Jesus Calming of the storm, Mark 4: 35-41.

Walking on water, John 6: 16-21.

Teleportation or tele-transportation, John 6:21. Instantly transported the boat, he and his disciples across the lake.


Mental Illness

Gerasenes demonic, Mark 5: 1-20. It describes the man slashing himself as sadly I did out of extreme desperation. Also, from Matthew’s version: “They landed in the country of the Gadarenes and were met by two madmen, victims of demons, coming out of the cemetery. The men had terrorized the region for so long that no one considered it safe to walk down that stretch of road anymore. (sounds like all of the city streets where I’ve lived until today and many in the USA, Europe, South Africa, etc.)


Supply food and drink

Marriage feast at Cana, changed water into wine, John 2: 1-11.

Miraculous draught of fishes, twice: Luke 5: 1-11, John 21: 1-12.

Feeding 5,000 men. Really about 40,000 since women, children, babies not included. Example: Mary, his mother, had large family at least six other children.

Feeding the 4000 men, Matthew 32-39. Note, again figure is probably 30,000, for women and children.


Cast out devils

Man possessed violently at Capernaum, Luke 4: 31-37

Driving devils out of many, Luke 4: 40-41

Canaanite woman’s daughter, Matthew 15: 21-28

         Boy possessed by a demon, Luke 9: 37-49. Again, used twice for both casting out devils, and healing one who was deaf and dumb.



Coin in the fish’s mouth, Matthew 17:24-27


Destruction of evil

Jesus ferociously whips the Jews out of the temple, John 2: 12-19 and Matthew 8:17. Jesus cleansed it twice, at the beginning of his career and at the end. The Jews were gouging and defrauding the people, especially the poor, as I lived almost my whole life autobiographically speaking. Please see Dr. Joe Cortina’s books “John 8:44 Volume 1, 2 and 3.”

Killing the fig tree, Mark 11: 12-14. Jesus kills the fig tree right after he whipped the Jew bankers out of the temple. “No one is going to eat fruit from you again – ever!” I think he means no one will ever believe the words of the Jews ever again.

Killing the pigs, Mark 5: 9-17. Jesus transferred demons from the lunatic into a herd of pigs, thereby driving them over the cliff.



Brought back widow’s son to life at Nain, Luke 7: 11-17.

Jairus’ daughter, Luke 8: 40-42, 59-56.

Raising his friend Lazarus from the dead, John 11: 1-44. J.B. Phillips’ version ends with great hostility erupting after this event. And ends with, “It should be understood that the (Jew) chief priests and the (Jew) Pharisees had issued an order that anyone who knew of Jesus’ whereabouts should tell them, so they could arrest him.”


Jesus’ own healing over death, his resurrection after Jews crucified him, Matthew 26, 27 and Matthew 28.



List of miracles found outside the New Testament from Mark, Thomas and James, his disciples

Rich young man raised from the dead, Secret Gospel of Mark 1

Water controlled and purified, Infancy Thomas 2.2

Made birds of clay and brought them to life, Infancy Thomas 2.3

Resurrected dead playmate Zeno, Infancy Thomas 9

Healed a woodcutter’s foot, Infancy Thomas 10

Held water in his cloak, Infancy Thomas 11

Harvested 100 bushels of wheat from a single seed, Infancy Thomas 12

Stretched a board that was short for carpentry, Infancy Thomas 13

Resurrected a teacher he earlier struck down (killed), Infancy Thomas 14-15

Healed James’ viper bite, Infancy Thomas 16

Resurrected a dead child, Infancy Thomas 17

Resurrected a dead man, Infancy Thomas 18

Miraculous Virgin Birth verified by midwife, Infancy James 19-20

Then pencil the letter “J” for all these names below and more to see just how devilish the Jews were then and are today.


  • Conspirators
  • Synagogue of Satan
  • Jesus whipped them out of Temple
  • Contrary to all men
  • Blind guides
  • Full of extortion and excess
  • Jew white-washed sepulchers
  • Full of dead man’s bones
  • Jew chief priests.
  • High priests
  • Lawless men
  • Murderer
  • Jew Devil
  • Jew liars and the father of lies
  • Elders
  • Council
  • Sinners
  • Scribes
  • Pharisees
  • Herodians
  • Lawyers
  • Religious leaders
  • Sadducees
  • Leaders
  • Men from Jerusalem
  • Jew King Herod
  • Jew Soldiers
  • Herod’s second wife Herodias
  • Herod’s step-daughter, Salome, demanded John the Baptist’s head
  • This generation
  • Pronouns meaning Jews: we, they, their, you, them, he, us
  • Money changers
  • Hypocrites
  • Frauds
  • Serpents
  • Brood of snakes
  • Sons of vipers
  • Guards
  • Passers by at the cross
  • Two men crucified with Jesus
  • Robbers
  • Power of Darkness
  • Rulers
  • Priests
  • Levites
  • Offspring of Abraham were never enslaved
  • Their father the Devil
  • Jews who threw stones at Jesus to kill him
  • Jews arrested him
  • Jews had Jesus tried, beaten, mocked.
  • Jews killed Jesus, White and innocent
  • Jews would have stoned his mother, Mary, for being pregnant by the Holy Spirit.
  • Jews tried to push Jesus off the cliff.
  • Jew King Herod killed all 2-year old males to kill Jesus
  • High priest
  • Authorities
  • Son of destruction
  • Evil one
  • Teacher of religious law
  • His enemies
  • Determinate council
  • Jews drove Judas to suicide
  • Murdered 10 of Jesus’ disciples, except John, left to care for his mother, Mary.
  • Jews – as if they sprang from an alien race
  • Accusers
  • Jew religious scholars

Jesus Transfiguration with Moses and Elijah above:

Mary Magdalene devoutly washes Jesus feet with her tears, wipes with her hair and kisses and massages with oil. I went to St. Mary Magdalen’s grammar school and this is how I revered Jesus Christ, and of course God, even his mother, Blessed Virgin Mary. My highest ideals.

Jesus writes in the sand, as Jews ask him to condemn the woman taken in adultery. Jews probably had sex with her, then ready to stone her to death, as Jew doctor would have killed me after threatening me and raping me.

Young woman with Hansen's disease (leprosy).  She looks like the modern zombie. (From documentingreality.com)

Jesus heals courageous leprosy.

Jesus heals White Roman captain’s servant


Jesus heals his bodyguard, Peter’s, mother-in-law, who then got up and cooked them all a Mediterranean diet meal!

Jesus healed paraplegic after friends drop him in through roof.


Jesus heals woman hemorrhaging for years. She touched but the tassel of his garment. As Mama in her agonizing suffering would pray, either sick in bed, or standing with arms raised, “God, my Healer, heal me!” I’ve do the same.


Jesus heals two blind men in his hometown of Galilee


Jesus heals mute who couldn’t talk. I too took an intentional “vow of silence” for 35 years to never speak aloud, just silently to God. Mother Dolores Hart, Elvis’ leading lady in “Loving You,” also left Hollywood and her fiance to live as cloistered nun like me and even Elvis wanted to do. I read 16 biographies about Elvis in my costumed karaoke tributes. Note a demon flies out of the mute’s mouth. It’s just symbolic of demon thoughts that possess our minds, mostly put there by Jews, who use mind methods against us.


Jesus healed man at Bethesda who couldn’t walk for years. The belief was if one got into these pools at a certain time, the first would be healed. But he couldn’t walk. His faith in Jesus’ healing cured him.


This is a good one of Jesus healing the man with withered hand. Note he is telling off the Jews along side him. Look at the disgusted, hateful looks the Jews have towards Jesus, even the sick man.


Jesus healing consisted of exorcising devil of Blindness and dumbness.


I saw a White woman who looked like this in Las Vegas. Jesus healed the woman twisted and bent over with arthritis.


Jesus heals deaf and dumb (mute) Decapolis. I too was a mute, when I voluntarily, to be close to God, took “vow of silence,” for 35 years, autobiographically speaking.


Heals heals blind man at Bethsaida



Jesus heals boy possessed by demon


Jesus healed man hugely swollen in his joints. Dropsy. Perhaps, my Vietnam Veteran, US Marine, Purple Heart Hall of Honor, had to live this way in Chicago, on underground street of Wacker Drive, while Black Michelle mentored Barach Obama, were high above on Wacker Drive, towering above him, in a legal firm making $350,000 a year each. Jews groomed them to be Black 1/2 breed president and she, first lady. Africas practices deadly voodoo worse than hypnotism. My husband’s last words before his suicide, “There is no help for the White man in this country!” He wrote by hand his autobiography, White homeless and hopeless. It was stolen, wrote second, it was stolen right from my car. He was exposing the terrible treatment of Whites, which Jews who run the medical, even the universities, incite.


Jesus heals 10 lepers, a deadly, ugly contagious disease. No one would dare go near him for fear they would become like him. I once said, people treat me as if I have leprosy. Jesus was not afraid. He even touched the men, who lived away from society. Only one returned to say “Thank You.”


Jesus healed man blind at birth. When they asked him if their parents, (ancestry or genes) were responsible, Jesus said no. It was to show how God heals.


Jesus heals blind at Jericho.


Bodyguard Peter was going to defend Jesus from the Jews, led by the Treasurer of the group, Judas, brought an army of Jew soldiers to arrest, try, imprison, beat, mock, crucify, and still crucify until today. When Peter slashed off his ear, Jesus picked it up and healed the man. We had to see just how much love Jesus had, and just how evil the Jews are who crucified him. Unless Jesus died that horrible death, we Whites would never know just how evil the Jews’ minds and concealed crimes are.


Jesus heals crowds of people. It happened at Gennersaret, but happened frequently in the bible, which is hardly noticed.


Jesus calms the storm. I like the White moon in his hand.


Jesus walks on water, and teaches his buddy Peter, to try to do the same.


Jesus teleports, or tele-transportation, for his disciples, boat and him, immediately from the center of the lake, to the shore.


Jesus heals Legion who had many devils. He lived in caves, chained and slashed himself. The devil thoughts inside him begged to live, but Jesus tranfered them into herd of pigs, who became crazed and jumped over cliff and drowned. It shows how the evil thoughts work in human minds.


Jesus sits along side his mother who encouraged him to heal the lack of wine at a wedding. Wine was said to be very weak in those days.


Here’s priceless old painting by White Raphael. There are two episodes of Jesus’ healing of a huge net of fish, when the disciples weren’t catching any. Once at the beginning; once at the end.

We had such great art, before Jews took over. They control 80% of art. It’s why White artists famous artists, like Van Gogh, cut his ear off, and commit suicide as my Veteran did. Jews controlled European art even then and left him starving. Artists, who are sensitive, blame themselves, not the Jews for they can only make it if Jews promote.

Where Van Gogh was desperately poor, the Jews used White art like cash, Dollars, checks and credit cards around the world. They buy and sell and inflate prices. For example, it is doubtful Van Gogh ever got any more for his straw flowers painting. When I checked 10 years ago, the Yellow Japanese bought it for $69,000,000.00. Jews use that $$ to live on and worse invest against Whites who cannot compete.

I’m so proud to be White.

They enslave talented and inspired Whites like me, an artist, singer, dancer, costume designer, (258), who worked for free or $.25 an hour. Entertained at the best stages of Chicago 10 yrs, Vegas 10 years, Branson 2. White Beatles’ John Lennon said to be part of entertainment is to be part of Jewish “religion.” Jews do same with art.


Jesus feeds 5,000 men. So it would be about 40,000 women, children, elderly, etc.

Jesus feeds 4,000 men. So that would be perhaps 30,000 if women, children, babies are added.


Jesus heals man possessed violently at Capernaum, where Jesus called home in his public 3 year career.

Jesus drives the devils out of many.

Whites also have Jew devil minds, hearts, bodies and souls. We’ve been hijacked as a race, religion, country, as my Poland for 1,000 years. I think only religion kept those people going, under the worse circumstances possible. Put Jews under those worse circumstances for 1,000 years and see how they like it!

I think Jews are possessed by devils. They all need to be exorcised, and if that is not possible, we’ll have to think up something else. Or better yet, let “them” figure out the mess that they are in. Leave them homeless as their Jew bankers made my deceased US Marine Purple Heart Hall of Honor husband. Even I would have been homeless in Vegas for I was told I was over 25 and a woman can’t make it there. Really? Discrimination against good White woman like me? Where’s the Jew ACLU, who pulverizes any White who dare try to save God, Jesus, Mary, the USA, The White Race, the White baby?

Jesus attending to his White crowd, healing the Canannite woman’s daughter, possessed by a devil. Note the cute kids and even puppies love Jesus who brought us the idea of God as no one else or will.


Jesus healed the boy who was possessed by devils. William Shakespeare said, “Hell is empty the devils are all here on earth.” He had a play, “Merchant of Venice” about the Jew Shylock, but Jews are so powerful, they removed it from libraries, schools, reading lists. Whites live in terror to tell them to “shut up,” for… as in Jesus’ day, for “fear of the Jews.”



Jesus’ disciples wondered where they should get tax money. Jesus said to get it from a fishes’ mouth. Supply is everywhere. Jesus did comment that it was not fair that the Jew King Herod, didn’t have to pay taxes nor his children. But to keep everything they do legal. That’s hard to live in a society where Christians live by rules and laws, but Jews and their imps and other races don’t have to. Nor is it responsibility of Whites anymore for we are “free,” now we know the Truth.


Jesus ferociously whips the Jews out of the temple

Dr. Joe Cortina has three volumes entitled, “John 8:44” where Jesus heals evil by taking a club with 9 leather straps and physically beats the Jews out of the Temple. It’s why they arrested him soon after. He not only got to their religion and government but their banks and trade. I have a statue of Jesus, big one, I’ve used on stage for Easter performances, when I’d sing Mary Magdalene’s song from Jesus Christ Super Star, “I don’t know how to love him.” My statue of 2 foot high Jesus has a whip that big with the 9 tails. Daddy had one for us, (large family of 12) and he used it to keep us straight in South Chicago ghetto. But sadly, no one used the whips or force on Jews, Blacks, Browns, who beat us, raped us, terrorized us, robbed us, turned White women into prostitutes.

Image result for Jesus kills fig tree

Jesus cursed the fig tree right after he whipped the Jews  violently out of the Temple. He said that if one does bear (work) then the tree must die. The tree didn’t bear fruit and was no good. I planted a organic peach tree in my Vegas orchard. It didn’t produce fruit, lazy, after first year. I had maintenance chop it down. It tried to grow back, and take up the sun to hide my other producing trees, so I found on internet to pour bleach down the roots to finish it off. This is what my fig tree looked like above, but it produced, not lazy and wicked as Jew’s leach White blood and $$$.


Again, Jesus destroyed the pigs by transferring the devil power, or thoughts and feelings not native to man’s true being, into the pigs to show how evil the devils thoughts who handled Legion, the mentally ill man living in caves slashing himself. These are the kind of thoughts Jews plant 24/7 to annihilate Whites and have destroyed our children’s mind so the White babies even from mama’s womb, are slaves for Jew hypnotism.


Jesus healed the dead son for his widowed mother. (I’m a widow of US Marine, Purple Heart Hall of Honor) and  had respect for women and mothers, which Jews did not have. This woman’s son had died. She was a widow and needed the son’s support or her life would be ruined. He saw her crying during the funeral, and touched the “bier” or slab the dead son was laying on, and the son came back to life. Jesus holds his hand up to sky for God was the power, not him alone. The mother dressed in white (most white in the pix) and looks so happy and relieved.


Jesus healed the Jairus’ dead daughter. Jesus waited to go to the home, when asked, to make sure she was dead. Jesus healed both a young (White) man and (White) woman. They were each about 12. Puberty. It’s all about bringing our youth back to life to have identity and breeding White happy, healthy, holy, harmony with each other, White babies.


By Rembrandt – fQHHfdhrdSaVoA at Google Cultural Institute, zoom level maximum, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=21909544

Ah, we now have a White man, Rembrandt’s painting of Jesus healing Lazarus and bringing him back from the dead. I once did a half hour talk about one painting like this on Christian radio. As an artist, I understand thru 7 years of private lessons, Claire Wiest, Who’s Who of Woman in art, not just to paint but understand all the different messages the artist writes in. Jesus’ hand up to God. He’s barefoot as I’m standing. Lazarus was his buddy, as sister Martha and Mary Magdalene. Jesus left Lazarus dead for 4 days to make sure he was dead. The body stunk. Yet Jesus brought him back to normal. It looks like Blonde Mary Magdalene in the painting in amazement. She was weeping and grieving after her brother’s death, but now joyful and thrilled.



Jesus’ healing over mortality: His Ascension, where he goes back to God, his Father, our Father. After 40 days on earth, he must part from his friends and family.

File:Letter of Clement to Theodore.jpgSecret Gospel of Mark

Rich young man raised from dead


Secret Gospel of Infancy Thomas:

Water controlled and purified

Made birds of clay and brought them to life

Resurrected dead playmate Zeno

Healed woodcutter’s foot

Held water in cloak

Harvested 100 bushels of wheat from a single seed

Stretched board that was short for carpentry

Resurrected a teacher he earlier killed, struck down.

Healed James’ (his brother) viper bite

Resurrected dead child

Miraculous Virgin Birth verified by midwife.









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