Jew Star of David on US Marine Sword – Jew New World Order

In Uncategorized on July 23, 2016 at 1:19 am

I noticed on the US Marine sword that the Jew Star of David was put on their sword. It’s inside a globe figure. Jews had the USA in control, already by 1776, with American Revolution and then the Constitution which gave “equality” to them. White Bavarians of Europe, kicked the Jews out for the same thing around year 1,300. My poor deceased White race US Marine, Purple Heart of Honor, who suicided from injuries, grief and really bad treatment when he was homeless on underground Wacker Drive in Chicago. Right above on upper Wacker Drive in a skyscraper, Black voodoo Michelle Obama, who lived 5 blocks from me on Euclid Avenue,  mentored Black Barach Hussein at a prestigious law firm. My White deceased husband’s ancestry goes back to 1620, Mayflower, Stephen Hopkins, and his ancestors fought, bought, slaved, built this country, yet he dies and Black Barach, mixed race with Blacks who Jews dragged here from Africa, gets voted in by White women to become President.








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