Jews Gouge White Benedict Arnold; Flaunt Jew Haym Salomon.

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This is cut from my autobiography. It’s creative writing and will be edited soon for I want to get book published as soon as possible. There’s not enough room to put 40,000 pages of emails into one book. Thanks for your patience.

I wanted to research “Benedict Arnold” supposedly the worse White traitor to America, only to find out that the instigator behind Benedict Arnold were “Jews,” the “Franks.”  If you already know this, then you don’t have to read it.  But, it is just “another” example of Jews behind White men, and ruining us beyond repair.   Note the White man is not only punished, but punished for eternity, and the Jewish man’s crime is hidden forever, to make sure that we love, honor, worship and respect the hideous Jew, and degrade our own White men.  It is time to turn those tables and “love, honor, worship and respect the White man,” and to “degrade” the Jew.   I’ll just take the highlights of the PDF book entitled:  Benedict Arnold and Jewish Aid in Shady Deal and make it like “Cliff Notes,” for easy reading.  I believe this is from Henry Ford’s International Jew.   http://jrbooksonline.com/Intl_Jew_full_version/ij68.htm

The article talks of Benedict the White man Arnold, was in “Canada” (of all places) and there he met David Solesbury Franks, the “Jew of Montreal and a British Subject.”  (This leads me to believe that although the Jews mainly called Poland their ‘home,’ they were travelling freely all about Europe causing trouble, but retreated to Poland when the heat was on them, as the Jews retreat to their haven and sanctuary, the hell on earth…. Israel.   “There was another David Franks, of Philadelplhia, a member of the same Jewish family and of the same Jewish syndicate of army-contractors.”    What one can observe, is to compare what we are suffering from today at the hands of the greasy Jews, and what went on 200 years ago, (and surely 900 years ago in Poland.)  I called the Jews “warmongers, and they are.    David Franks comes into the scene in1775, the same year Benedict Arnold marched into Canada, where he was sending back a bunch of Canadian prisoners.    A committee of the Continental Congress has David Franks feeding and caring for these British prisoners and is allowed to “sell his bills for as much money as may be necessary for the purpose. Of course, in accepting this proposal, Franks was not only pursuing the course for  he and his numerous relatives had come to America.  He was really doing business with and for Moses Franks, the head of the family syndicate in London.“  (One can see that while the Jews espouse, mother, father, and Jewish children, they are really “syndicates,” ethe Mafia and Mossad, but Jews froze our minds and souls.)   Franks was allowed to go to New York, (British Headquarters) but “not to give any intelligence to the enemy,” and then go back to Philadelphia.    Franks got in trouble, 6 months before Arnold took command of Philadelphia.  A letter of his was intercepted on its way to England. It was intended for Moses Franks, and “was concealed under cover of a letter to a captain in a regiment commanded by a British general married Franks’ sister.  (The Jewess on a pedstal finds her way into our history again.)  “It appears on the record of the American Congress ‘that the contents of the letter maifest a disposition and intentions inimical to the safety and liberty of the United States.”   Franks was arrested. Arnold now comes meets with another member of the Franks family, whose name was to be closely associated with the great treason.   “And now begings a serpentine course of twistings and turnings  are so delightfully Jewish as to be worth restating if only to show how true the race remains to its character through the centuries.”   Although Franks is in prison, somehow with some strange reasoning, it is found that the US has no jurisdiction over the charge of treason (!) and Franks is handed over to the “Supreme” Executive Council of the state of Pennsylvania.  Also, there, they have no jurisdiction, (and I’m sure a ‘good’ Jewish lawyer was pointing this out to the Whites).  In spite of the letters and findings of the Congressional Committee, DAVID FRANKS SMILES PLEASANTLY AND GOES FREE!  It was a time when much money was lent by Jews to public officials.  (Sound familiar??) The Jew Haym Salomon, ***more about him below*** was credited with having most of the “fathers” on his books, but he did not charge them interest nor principal. He grew immensely wealthy, and in lieu of repayment, received “political favors.”  (Perhaps today would be nuclear bombs for Israel to destroy Europe and the Whites.  I mean, there are warheads in Poland, that could be used for any White European Country, and we thought they were there to “protect” Europe, when in actuality, they will probably be used “against” Whites if we don’t cowtow to Jewish pressure.)  David Franks, likewise a wealthy man, charged with “TREASON,” HAS HIS CASE TRANSFERRED AND DISMISSED. He got off, as usual, scot-free.  (Sounds like more of Jewish law, that has a special set of rules just for Jews, and punishes Whites dare to even ‘think,’ let alone speak or act.)  “It is a trick not unknown today.”  (I believe this was in the 1920′s or so.)   Franks asks for his secretary to again go to New York within British Lines.  He appeals to the Council of Pennsylvania, refers him to Congress, says that the “secretary be governed by General Washington’s orders.”  (So we see Jews surrounding Washington also.)   When in New York, the secretary discovers that Franks presence is necessary, and arranges for his master to got to New York.  All Congress had to do was say “Yes,” but this time Congress said, “No.”  (I’m dumbfounded as the dumb Polak, that I have been called.  Congress saying “No,” to the Jews.  What kind of anomalty is this?  It is unheard of since prior World War II, and surely back in Poland for 900 years.  I’m sure the Poles never said “No” to the Jews, even the Polish women for degrading animal sex with Jews.  I can hardly believe my eyes and my mind rejoices that there was one time in our history that the Jews were told “no.”  Perhaps, the Jewish men could tell their wives “No,” just once, and we wouldn’t have this problem.)   Back to the White Arnold and Jew Frank.  So, Congress says “No!” to the Jew Franks.  Our Congress says “Yes,” 100% of the times to Jews, and if only 99.99999999% as  Charles Percy Senator of Illinois did, he found his daughter murdered right before the Jewish movie, Psycho, was to debut.  To Jews “make” news, or “report” news?   Congress knew that there was ‘un-American’ influence at work.  How about “un-White” influence at work? The Jew, Franks, was ‘considered dangerous to the cause.’  Franks lives ‘gayly’ in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.   Franks the Jew meets ’2′ principal figures in Arnold’s treason.  Franks had met and entertained Major Andre,  was to become a tragic figure in Arnold’s pefidy.  And in 1778, Franks had been the subject of an order of arrest given to the (White) General Benedict Arnold.  (Major Andre, was being ‘entertained’ by the Jewess, Miss Franks, according to Ameican Jewish Historical Society, Vol. 6, page 41.)   The article will show that Arnold career was checkered with brilliant bravery and subtle knavery.  (The Jews go after the “White cream of the crop.”  It also will show what his associations were in his moral decline.     David Solesbury Franks, the Montreal Jew, was an agent of the Franks’ army contractor syndicate in Canada, came sout ot the American colonies with Arnold hen the American Army retreated.   But, if you look at Franks’ records, he barely shows any relationship at all, and that if Benedict Arnold had not been court-martialed, there would probably be ‘no records at all.’  (Again, no records of Jewish involvement in Poland, they cover up their perfect crimes, and left trillions of volumes, of how “good” they are.)   Franks mentions simply that he was in ARnold’s military family at West Point until his desertion.    Reference to the first court martial of Arnold, in  Colonel David Solesbury Franks was Arnold’s chief witness, and shows them closer than Franks will admit.  (Jews will ‘never admit’ to anything, they are too good at their own constructed law in this country and around the world.)   There were 8 charges against Arnold, the second: “In having shut up the stores on his arrival in Philadelphia even to prevent officers from purchasing, and for his own benefit, it is alleged and ‘believed,’ (but we ‘believe’ what the Jews want us to believe, just watch the news every day.)   From an affidavit by a John Fitzgerald was an aid de camp to his excellnecy general Washington, said that he and aid de camp, Major David S. Franks, went to the house of Miss Brackenberry, and stayed there that night.  “and the next morning , major Franks having gone downstairs, the deponent going into the front room of said house…. saw lying in the window two open papers; to the said Major Franks to purchase European and East Indian goods in Philadelphia.   (The writer would pay Franks and not to tell anyone.) The other paper was for the Jew Franks, Arnold’s aid, to purchase things for the table.  One was signed; the other wasn’t.  The table goods letter was signed, the other wasn’t, so it was ‘taken’ for granted that the first letter was by Arnold.   The charge involved as much the trial of Major Franks as General Arnold.  (But, today, only the White evil man (Jew’s words not mine) is all that is remembered, and Franks the Jew again goes off scot-free, with his debauchery covered up.)    Again, we see Franks getting Letters of Recommendation from the Board of War.   The entire case stems from the allegation that Arnold intentionally had all the shops shut down, so only ‘he’ could buy up the items, and probably at a low price.  Just as the Jews bought up Germany after World War I.   When the judge questions Franks the Jew, about whether Franks knew of Arnold having given orders to purchase goods, he admits he saw the papers, (simply because John Fitzgerald was there on the scene of the crime when the papers arrived, and Franks couldn’t go near them, cause he was caught red-handed.)   “This testinomy, seemingly straightforward in form, is rather damning to the characters of both men involved.  Arnold, upon taking command of Philadelphia, ordered the stores and shops to be closed and no good sold.  He stopped business outright.  It was a most unpopular order, because it prevented the merchants profiting by the new order of things, the return of the Americans.   The Jewish Major on his staff, have an understanding that under cover of the military closing, they will loot the city of its most profitable goods at the enforced low selling prices — for the obvioius purpose of selling at higher prices when the military order was rescinded.    These are undisputed facts.  (Was the White Arnold just a puppet in a Jewish scheme even with England Jew’s ties, or was Arnold the “Master-mind.” The “Master Minds of Evil on earth are the Jews,” Even today, our White people are just Jewish puppets like Pinocchio.    Both letters were addressed to Jew Franks.    Even Benedict Arnold admitted the order, but he endeavored to show that having exhibited General Washington’s order to im, (Arnold) to command Philadelphia, and would be a sufficient counterman to the order give nto Frnaks to load up on valuable goods.    “General Arnold to Major Franks:  Did you not suppose my showing you the instructions from general Washington to me, previous to your going into the city, a sufficent countermand of the order I had given you to purchase goods?”   “Major Franks.  I did not form any supposition on the subject.”  (Now Franks is supposed to be ‘for’ Arnold as his chief witness, not ‘against’ him, but just as the Jewish lawyers double-crossed the Whte Italian Mafia, Franks would ‘easily’ double-cross him. The Jewish doctor did it to me when the hour of Truth finally arrrived and lef tthe Jew exposed for what they truly are.   “This admission that he wrote the order, and no large purchases of goods could be shown, constituted Arnold’s defense.  It requires no keen legal mind to show its weakness.  If the order was countermanded several days before they entered the city, what was it doing i nMiss Brackenberry’s house in Philadelphia on the first morning of Arnold’s command and the first morning of the operation of his order to close the stores? And why did Franks come in search of it?  Discarded orders are not thus carried around and preserved.   Probably no purchases were made.  When Col. Fitzgerald walked into the room and saw the papers, and when soon thereafter Major Franks walked into the room and saw ‘both Col. Fitzgerald and the papers,” there was nothing to do except to call the plan off.  It had become “known”.  Col. Fitzgerald waited in the room to see what became of the papers. He saw the Jew Franks come and get them. (The text actually says “Jew.”) No doubt Franks told Arnold.  The inadvertent visit of Col. Fitzgerald is the key-fact in that phase of the matter.   “It is worth noting at this point that numerous opportunities were given Franks to retire, both before and after the Arnold treason, but he developed into a persistent clamorer after official jobs. (Same today.)   And then Franks revealed the whole secret of his relations with Arnold.  They were in close association in profiteering matters.  (I wonder if any Jews are profitting from the Iraqi war, and 9/11?  Or is it the Muslims and Arabs that are profitting?)    Arnold the White man was to remain a general in the army, and Franks the Jew was to get out of the army, and work with him privately and share the profits.  (Sounds like a Jewish scheme  the White man fell for, hook, line and sinker, as our entire Congress of White men are falling for today.)   But this wasn’t a ‘one time deal.’  This Jew was involved in Arnold’s fortunes from the time the two first met in Canada until the day that Arnold betrayed his country.  And “that is the case.”  From the time of their first meeting, their lines run along together–Franks always being relied upon by Arnold as the credible witness extricaes him, (Franks) from his scrapes, and Franks usually doing it with a clumsy success.  (As the Israeli Jews attempted to sink the USS Liberty, they were clumsy at it, but succeed anyway, because we are looking and focusing the other way, as a ‘Magician” would do using “Jewish Black Magic.”   (Now this statement is revealing because it shows that the Whites were ‘unsuspecting’ of Jewish debauchery.)  “There would be no prejudice against him,(Franks) because he was a Jew, it would be solely due to the suspicions concerning him.  Indeed, readers of the ordinary history will never learn that Arnold had “Jews” around him.  There were David Franks, moneyed man and merchant in the city, David Solesbury Franks on Arnold’s staff-  and those never even caught the Jewish clue.  IN THAT DAY THERE WAS NO PREJUDICE AGAINST JEWS AS JEWS, EVEN AS THERE IS NONE NOW.  (as this was written in the 1920′s and there is no Jewish prejudice until today 2009, even after all we have witnessed the Jews do in history, our White people remain silent and petrified of what the Jews will do to them.)   “Franks, then, easily gains letters  permit him to join the French fleet of d’Estaing, within a month after the Philadelphia business. Benedict Arnold conceived the notin that he too should go into the navy, and a month after his appointment of Philadelphia he writes to General Washington suggesting nothing less than that he be given command of the American Navy!!! at precisely the time … Major Franks takes to the water.   “…..being obliged entirely to neglect my private affairs since I have been in the service,” Arnodl writes to Gen. Washington, “has induced me to wish to retire from public business, unless an offer,  my friends have mentioned, should be made to me of the command of the navy… I must beg leave to request your setiments respecting a command in the navy.”  (Even President Washington says it is better to live alone that to have bad friends, and the Jews are the ‘baddest’ of the friends.)   So fr as the historians have been able to discover, no one ever proposed such a thing as making Arnold the admiral of the American Navy. But then, the historians did not know DAvid S. Franks.    Charles against Arnold:

  • Permitting an enemy ship to land, and buying a share of her cargo;
  • imposing menial service on soldiers (a charge brought about by an action of Maj. Franks
  • issuing passes unlawfully- the case in point BEING THAT OF A ‘JEWESS’ WOMAN NAMED ‘LEVY’;  (why do these Jewish women keep cropping up unnnoticed; and did our White men fall for their ‘sex’ as President Clinton did with Lewin’sky’ the spy?
  • the use of army wagons for his private affairs.

Major Franks was privy to the whole matter of the “Charming Nancy” ship and its cargo.  And Franks was “chief witness “for” Arnold’s defense. (With Jew friends like Franks, who needs enemies?)   If ti had occurred but once, as at Montreal, that Arnold had been charged with irregularies involvign profitable goods; or if it had occured but once, as at Philadelphia, that Major Franks happened to be the chief available witness, no serious notice could be taken of it.   But time and again Arnodl is caught in shady acts involvign profitable goods, and time and again the Jewish Major Franks is his accomplice and chief witness.  (I would go further and say the “Instigator, or devil just as Jesus was approached by the Devil in the Wilderness and ‘tempted’ even to commit suicide, but didn’t fall for it. We Whites have been ‘tempted’ and have fallen for it without any resistance whatsover, and those that do resist…….. the Jews will bring down their gauntlet on us.   One can see the “degeneration” of Benedict Arnold, and can we see the “degeneration” of the White man in general today, as I have been writing about.    So the court had ARnold’s best White friend, George Washington reprimand him, (and the Jew slithers away in the distance and goes scot free.)   “I reprimand you for having forgotten that i nproportion as you have rendered yourself formidable to our enemies, you should have been gurarded and temperate in your deportmenttoward your fellow-citzens. exhibit anew those noble qualities  have placed you onthe list of our most valued commanders. I will myself furnish you, as far as it may be in my power, with opportunities of regaining the esteem of your country.”  (Washington)   It was a bad day for Benedict Arnold hen he got in touch with the Jewish syndicate of army-conspirators.  There was hope for him even yet, if he would cast off the evil spell.  But time pressed, events were culminating; the alien, aving gripped him, was bout to make the best of the baleful opportunity.  The closing chapter was about to be written in glory or in shame.   (THE DEARBORN INDEPENENT, Issue of 15 October 1921  (Henry Ford’s newspaper, and like his own baby, his fondest possession that he left to us besides his Ford Car,  I’ve owned perhaps 7 in my lifetime.)   *** I came across information about Haym Salomon when I was looking up George Washington.  Salomon was a Jew fled Poland because of “Religious Persecution.”  I guess that Polish people didn’t take the 900 years of Jewish occupation well all the time.  Although, perhaps the Jews instigated the persecution, so that they would be let in freely in America. (It happened during the Holocaust, at least the Jewish one because no one knows of the Polish Holocaust, nor will they speak about it, or even ‘think’ it with all their vices on our minds and thought processes.   In the essay, http://revolutionarywararchives.org/salomon.html it calls Salomon the “Financial Genius.”  I mean so was the bank robber, John Dillinger, but he was never called a “Genius.”  Let’s look at the topic “bank robber” and see if it applies to Jews:

Robbery is, “the taking or attempting to take anything of value from the care, custody, or control of a person or persons by force or threat of force or violence or by putting the victim in fear.    I would say the Jews have not only ‘attempted’ but ‘taken’ things of value, “White women, the banking industry, the media, book publishing, medical and legal fields, and they did it by “force.”  The took it from the control of the White Race with constant repetition on the media, and the constant diet of “violence” whether real or made up, leaving the White people, victims, in fear.

Apparently Jews just “smell” war and travel from war to war around the globe, and I’m sure they are at the bottom of the stirring up of Iran, Pakistan, etc.  So Haym Salomon went back to Poland when the Poles were at war with Russia.  (I wonder where he got his experience in Warmongering:  Poland and his influence against the Polish government by now were under Jews’ control.)    But, Salomon, the Jew, doesn’t ‘stay put’ in Poland, but he ‘travels,’ around Europe, and eventually goes to England.  This would lead me to believe, that the Jews just used Poland as an ‘address,’ for their dirty dealings, and what we had with Meyer Lansky, the Jewish head of Murder, Inc.. the ‘worst syndicate’ in history, was surely going on in Europe for 1,000 years, but their trail is covered up well, and they get off ‘scot-free.’   You can bet, if there are storms of Revolution in the USA, the Jews are whipping it for, for whatever reason they fancy.  Because, the Jews, although they stink from unbearable stench, they always appear to come out smelling like roses, leaving the White man, not only victimized and battered, but as the “Villain,’ as the White man is portrayed either being the murderer or murderer’s victim, at least 20,000 times a year for the world to watch.   In 1772, New York was about 14,000 souls, and Salomon, the Jew, became a broker, and the colonists were revolting because of “taxation without representation.”  Now, for the past 100 years, we have had the same as White people, putting our tax dollars for:  Jewish wars, black babies and black sex, mexican babies and mexican sex and plenty of it, for American’s darling Jewish baby, “spoiled brat,” Israel, etc. but, not one penny for the protection and provisions of the success and future of the White Race.  It was as if White America was one big White frosted birthday cake, and the Jews just went in with a knife and cut it up to pieces, taking the biggest chunks for themselves and their High Priestess Jewiess and children, and dividing the rest up for the other 90% of the races of the world,  are non-White.   The Jew sides with the “Revolters” and before you know it a huge fire breaks out in British controlled terrority and 25% of New York burns down mysteriously.  (Do you think Jews are arsonists, besides demolition experts as of 9/11… I’m sure of it, just stand to reason.)   Haym Solomon was arrested with the other “Sons of Liberty.”  (you see how the Jews propagandize “liberty” and then use it as a tool to start wars, as in Iran people don’t have Liberty” and we for sure will war, kill, murder, plunder to make sure they have “Liberty”  is abundance of illegal drugs, baby formula, Jewish pills, hospitals, vaccines, doctors, Jewish credit and banks, etc.    While imprisoned by the British, he let the British know he could speak “German,” and therefore was treated better than the rest as far as food and housing in prison. (You mean this ‘hatred of Germans’ goes back to even the 1700′s.  I think that the Germans wanted to colonize America, but, we chose England,  gave free reign to the Jews.    Now here is from the article verbetim:

During this time Salomon became a member of the American espionage ring. They operated in such secrecy that even today we know little of their activities, it appears that Salomon was responsible for encouraging more then 500 Hessian solders to desert to the American side! The British paroled him, not knowing of his other activities. Two years later, , he was again arrested, and this time taken to a prison called “Congress Hill”. On August 11th, 1778, he was convicted of several capitol charges, all relating to his activities as a spy. He was sentenced to be hanged by the neck until dead, the next morning. He was returned to his cell to await his fate.

Now, since I’m not ‘too dumb’ I start to think “the Americans were going to hang him.”  But, I thought that lynchings were only done to ‘poor unfortunate’ black men, and now I realize President Washington talked of ‘hanging people,’ and this Jew was to be hung for spying.  So, in other words, hangings were used as police control, as they needlessly hung Saddam Hussein for having weapons of mass destruction.  I mean picture if we hung this Jew on world TV until his neck broke for the whole world to watch with glee, and then war with his country.    A Jewish spy?  The past 5000 years have given them much experience.  (Now I’m reading this from an article by Jewish sources, http://revolutionarywararchives.org/salomon.html but I’m reading between the lines, and not with the Jewish hypnotism and their evil spell.  Well, let’s read further and see if this Jewish gets off scot-free.  Jews will play “all sides” in a war, just so they don’t have to get bloody or messed up on their suits and ties, as our White men have had to. 

Haym Salomon had planned on this eventuality and had hidden some gold coins in his clothes. With them he bribed a guard, escaped and made his way to Philadelphia and safety.

(All Jews should be monitored closely by the American government because if we ever start to hold them accountable, they are going to try to flee America with all our SILVER AND GOLD AS THEY DID WHEN THEY LEFT EGYPT, AND BEFORE THE JEWS LEFT EGYPT THEY BROUGHT HORRORS AND MURDERS ON LITTLE INFANT EGYPTIAN BABY BOYS, ETC.  While the government is so busy watching us and trying to stop us, their real enemy is the Jews and they don’t even watch them one bit.)    In Philadelphia he reestablished hi s brokerage business from a coffee house and became known as a knowledgeable broker.  (it is one of the reasons I have a problem drinking coffee anymore, and I drink decaffeinated, but surely hope I stop that too.)   (Here is more evidence of this man as the Jewish warmonger that they are:  It makes him look like a Jewish hero, but after 1,000 years of wars in both Poland, and now in America, I’m tired of it, for our White male has been intentionally destroyed and is nothing more than a ‘body-bag’ for Jewish sadistic pleasures.)

But Washington’s war chest was completely empty, as was that of Congress. Washington determined that he needed at least $20,000 to finance the campaign. When Morris told him there were no funds and no credit available, Washington gave him a simple but eloquent order: “Send for Haym Salomon”. Haym again came through, and the $20.000 was raised. Washington conducted the Yorktown campaign,  proved to be the final battle of the Revolution, thanks to Haym Salomon.

The Treaty of Paris was signed on September 3rd, 1783, and ended the Revolutionary War, but the financial problems of the newly established Country were not. It was Haym Salomon managed, time-after-time, to raise the money to bailout the debt ridden government.  (think of all the Haym Salomon’s we have had in America in the last 100 years.  If this war gave us our independence from wars, I would applaud the Jew, but all it did was keep us in wars, even between the North and South, ourown White brothers.  We can no longer afford to look the other way, and allow for another 900 years of this. When McCain said 100 years of war, he really meant it. Also, my Mama said that “Democrats are warmongers, so even if this war lessons in Iraq, it might just lead us back into aserious war again, perhaps within the entire Mideast.)  Here the other two White men are ‘idolizing’ the Jewish “financial genius’ that allows us to kill, massacre, maim, and destroy our fellow Whites or even humans, when our own Race is suffering miserably.


Would you believe that ‘my’ home of Chicago, has a statue to honor him as the bank”ster,” that he is.  How sick!

But, I found more about him, that isn’t written here by the Jews, and it will tell you “how” exactly Salomon got his money.

Now here is from jewwatch.com that has a complete library of Jewish information.

It is called “Haym Salomon,” the rest of the story.

Just as some notes, the US Post Office issued a stamp for his memory calling him the Financial Hero of the American Revolution.  But the Jews are still keeping our trillions of tax dollars to fight wars, so where is our “independence” and ‘freedom’ from Israeli wars?




Well, I came across an article a few days ago, about a Jew in Canada’s early days that would manufacture and sell “cheap rum” and trade it for the “best foods of the Canadian valley.”  But, when I tried to refind the essay, I couldn’t.  It was on anormal website, so I looked for it again this morning.  I scrolled and I scrolled but I could not find the website about the Jew dealt with “cheap rum,” and traded it to Canadian innocent and good farmers for the “cream of crop” fruits and best vegetables from afertile Canadian Valley.

We give the Jews our “best” and they give us our worse.

One person ‘did’ have it on his website was James Von Brunn, but the government “deleted” his words.  Can you imagine the few of us that write to promote, protect, our White Race, and one by one they are “deleted,” “arrested,” but above all “punished.”

Well, I did find it, and it was on the Benedict Arnold series of articles I read other than the one I quoted above:

Benedict Arnold: A Traitor in our Midst, by Barry Wilson.

As I search for this specific passage, I come across a book, “Jews in Canada,” and it talks of David Franks the Jew above was Benedict Arnold’s chief defense witness in his trial, and it says that David Franks, the Jew, waswealthy, (very wealthy indeed, all criminals that get off scot-free are, and so are their wives and children, and much of what we have in America today, are old Jewish money).  But, it also says that America “kicked him out of the country,” for being an ally with the British, our enemy.  Not only did they kick him out, but they confiscated all his wealth.  He was a traitor, and should be treated like a traitor and not a Jewish saint for us to adore and worship.  He apparently was given “large grants of land and real estate by the British Government.”  You see, as I wrote before, the “favors” the Jews get….. free land and lots of it in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Virginia and Indiana.

Another Jew, Ezekiel Hart, in Canada that won a political seat “refused” to take his oath “on the true faith of a Christian.”  That was the beginning of the Civil Rights for Jews in Canada and if Canada’s Christian moral fiber is disintegrating, we can thank these Jews for ‘standing up for their rights,’ while we Whites sit down for ours every time challenged.

He was kicked out of his seat, several times, but kept fighting, and kept fighting to get it back.

From the book:

“…… heavy majority in May 1808, but again the

House refused to let him take his seat; and, after some exciting

scenes, a bill was pushed through to its second reading

” t o disqualify Jews from being eligible to a seat in

the Housfe of Assembly.” This aroused the indignation

of Sir James Craig, then Governor, angrily dissolved

the House before the bill could pass.


(Within 25 years, the Jews got full rights and privileges, so they worked mighty fast, and by the time of 1/4 century, the entire White Canadian Majority was on their side.  They have been effective with Whites, and if we have an entire house and senate that is anti-White with White faces, you can see how long ago this has been established.  Think of how much $$$ was funneled into these Canadian politicians in a short time, for the Jews to get control, and there were only a few at the time. And how?  Cheap Rum being sold to the Canadian farmers to get them drinking and degenerated, and in return the White Canadians gave the Jews the ‘cream of their crops’ fromfertile Canadian land, meadows and valleys.  do you think got the better of the deal?  We can live without “cheap” rum, and the Jews are “cheap” so I know this is true, or the harvest of beautiful wheat, vegetables etc, of the Canadian farmers to trade with the Jews.

Isn’t it odd that once Whites were asserting their White Christian Heterosexual Male rights, and now it was our own Derek Black, White man, that was refused a seat he won in the USA, so it goes to show you where the Jews Civil Rights has taken over this country a complete 180 degrees.  Or Edgar Steele being denied even the G…. Damned white form to register to run for governor by a “Black man.”  The Jews really have us in the place where they want us, and it’s as if they put us in an electric chair, with electricity being invented for “good,” by a White man Thomas Alva Edison, and the Jews will use our own invention against us to destroy us.

Oh we were so eager to give the blacks their rights. We couldn’t give them their rights fast enough.  Once you give something to someone, try to take it away.

I’m telling you, this whole “equality” bit, from the US Constitution, to the Polish Constitution, the first in Europe, both passed in a five year period about “equality,” was asubtle trick of the Jews, and they caused us to ‘fight’ for liberty,…. but “WHOSE” liberty, our White Liberty or Jewish Liberty?  Looking at the Jews today, I think we have been fighting for Jewish Liberty, and for the 90% non-Whites of the world,  as led to our endangered species and White extinction.  We were conned, fooled and suckered.

The Jews have drummed this “Liberty” in our heads for over 200 years, African drummers, over and over again.  I said before, “The USS Liberty” that was nearly sunk by Jews in Israel was purposefully sent there with full knowledge on our side or by the ‘advice’ of the Jews, as Joseph the Jew in Egypt ‘advised’ the Egyptian King and then walked away en masse with all their silver gold, and plenty of food that he gave to his 11 brothers.  They have drummed “liberty” into our brains, but where is White liberty?  Where has it been?  I don’t see a shred of it in the normal stream of my day.  I am “not free.”  I am free to write silently, and soon that will be taken from me.

It makes me nauseous to think of speading “Jewish democracy.”  Oh yes, the Jews will keep up comfortable and even rich some of us, but it will all be taken away from us, and we will become the most miserable people on the planet, even worse than native tribes in the wild, because the Jews accustomed us to a fancy life style, but will take it away, and we won’t have our instincts, values, and intuition, and intelligence, because it has been drummed out of us.

Our country has become what pre-Hitler Germany was.  Jews having their spoiled way of life and imposing it and reducing us to animals, where we once were God’s children. It was totally accepted for Jewish married men to rape White German girls, and no one thought anything of it..  Of all the women I talked to that were White Gentile “free” mistresses for married rich Jewish men got “0″ from him, while his whole fortune went to his wife, and children, none of them ‘hated’ the Jews. They loved the Jews and even spread their legs open as wide as possible for them, while hating the White man at the same time, a condition “put on White men” with ‘cheap rum,’ from Jews being traded for wonderful vegetables from fertile Canadian land. They did the same thing to my people in Poland.  In our eagerness to get rich like them, we have sold our souls to the Jewish devil.  But we never will be ‘rich’ like them, because we are not part of the Jewish connected Mafia or syndicate.  If we rebel against them, they’ll put us into jail and insane asylums.  In that case, the White race will be truly gone.  Either that or they will let us live and breed like cattle for slavery for their causes.

As I scroll and skim “The Jews in Canada,” I find the Jews involved in jewelry, the Gold Rush, and cigars. All unnecessary items, that they ‘taught’ us to worship to keep them rich.

I would ‘definitely’ in our own lives, boycott Jewish doctors, lawyers, professors, businessmen, shops and retailers such as Neimen Marcus, and any other Jewish run radio station, TV, books, etc. When I was in college recently I looked up every single author of the 25 essays and noted  ones were Jewish including the one that almost got me kicked out of class when the 1/2 Mexican teacher “forced” me by punishment of a failure for the test, if I did not comply to her Jewish constructed wishes of reading about Jewish homosexuality.

My brother goes on talk radio shows, and is a pro-life activist. But he has also taken on Obama and homosexuality. He said there is a new talk radio show in Chicago, that promotes homosexuality, and my brother called in to argue with him. The (Jewish) radio talk show host asked my brother if he ever had anal or oral sex, and my brother tore into him and screamed at him so badly the Jew ‘hung up’ on him.  And that is how the Jews make White fools out of White Christian Heterosexual Men, want to guard what is “normal” for Whites and run off the extremists as the White German women and men ran off the Jews in the pictures above. But, run them off, they will always return, and stronger than ever as they are today. If only our fellow Whites knew we were fighting for them, because they have been too broken down and weakened to fight back or rebel.  Against “Jews,” and not our fellow Whites don’t know any better.    The Jews ‘already boycott’ Whites but do it in a ‘mental technique’ type of way. In Jew entertainment, they constantly ‘lure’ Whites into talents for TV, radio, singing, dancing, aacting, comedians, holding that celebrity carrot as if we were White horses and nothing more. But Jews only make one or a few stars who get the big cars, houses, constant Jew photos, only celebrity autobiographies published by Jews who control book publishing. The rest of us entertainers work for free or mere pennies, most give up their God-given talents. That’s sinister.

Boycott of Jewish Shops, April 1, 1933, “Germans Beware! Don’t Buy From Jews.”


“They regarded Jews as the ultimate and most dangerous source of racial pollution, disease, and criminality. Moreover, they believed that Jews were incapable of change, since their characteristics and behavior supposedly derived from their blood.”


Diary of Anne Frank a Fraud: Jew monopolized published in 80 languages. Jews must constantly keep their lies up or their empire is over. Joe Rizoli:  https://youtu.be/a45w1AR3sAg

In her own words describing herself (lesbian, drugged up and… ·  Here is Anne in her own words questioning her own personality: “Am I then really so bad-mannered, cocky, headstrong, pushy, stupid, lazy etc. etc. as they above say?” It describes a typical Jewess. Are Whites and other races are teaching their children to be bad-mannered, cocky, headstrong, pushy, stupid, lazy etc. etc





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