“In the Ghetto” Elvis. Not Black, but White Hardships!

In Uncategorized on August 8, 2016 at 3:54 am

See two prior posts on growing up White in the South Chicago ghetto, 5 blocks from Black Barack Hussein’s Michelle on Euclid Avenue.

Look at these karaoke words carefully for  were meant for Blacks but this song pertains to me and my life, autobiographically speaking.

“My Mama cried, another hungry mouth to feed,” me #8 of 12. The Blacks and Browns conned us young Whites as early as 11 to smoke, drink, drug, inhale airplane glue, fight in White gangs for “their rights” and turned us against the “White male,” who they hated. Although I only tried those drugs once, because of severe reactions, I also learned how to steal through them, learned how to fight in a White gang “In the Ghetto.”

My Polish-American boyfriend, growing up in the Bush, where the non-Whites outnumbered Whites had to fight them. But the others didn’t get punished, he did. They sent him to juvenile home, he quit school, and messed up his life. He learned how to steal cars, until I stopped him. The fellow next door was murdered. This was White South Chicago, not lets-feel-sorry-for-the-black-and-brown religious dogma we’ve been indoctrinated with. There are White people suffering with nowhere to turn.



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