Jew Murders “Little Mary Phagan” on White South Confederate Memorial Day

In Uncategorized on August 8, 2016 at 5:40 pm

“Confederate Memorial Day:” Jew Murdered, Bludgeoned, Battered and raped Little Mary Phagan on “Confederate Memorial Day.”

I’m posting several today, so I will just post the links. I need to use my titles for different aspects of Jew Leo Frank boss murdering his white 13 yr old employee. Raping her, bludgeoning her, battered her, and laid her body down in a “saints” position with her arms crossed. She was dead. She didn’t do it herself.

His accomplice a Black worker, only sentenced one year! Yeah Blacks have it easy. Jews & Blacks worked together against Whites. There’s even a book, but mine will say Jew and Black and White so we can just begin to understand.

If the Jews can write 20,000 page documents for one of their crooked laws, Whites have to read the few pages I have here. I’ll edit later. This is Creative Writing. Nothing in the day is more important than saving the White Race and expelling the Jews, etc.

See other posts today. There are many. Read a little and mark your place. Thanks


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