How Jews Lead White Men Into Death Traps in Wars: Dear Grandma Letters

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I was rather astounded, but then Jews constantly administer shock treatments to Whites. We are addicted to them and need to be dried out as in alcoholism. The withdrawal may be difficult, but consider the alternative.

Here’s some snapshots taken of a loving grandma who wrote letters her dearest (White) grandson in Vietnam. It’s really bizarre what these letters revealed to me and how I was guided to sit on the sidewalk in front of the wall and read the binders of letters she left at the wall. I left a Lasagna homemade dinner at the wall in Las Vegas for my deceased veteran and knelt and prayed, “I know God in heaven is treating you as well as I did feeding you and loving you on earth.” Never seek death, for the kingdom of heaven should be here on earth, especially for the Whites who have suffered too much.

She laid an entire album at the Missouri State Wall of honor for 1,300 dead veterans who gave up their lives as the Wall in DC had over 50,000. They have not put on the extra 200,000 ALL WHITE MEN who committed suicided on either wall. They must for officially they now consider the suicided form Vietnam as having died of battle wounds. That committee surely was formed after my 14 years of crusading until now. The Missouri Wall had two other Duncans who gave up their lives, which is my deceased Veteran’s last name and was mine for many years. It’s Scottish ancestry, known for great warriors like Mel Gibson’s thriller, “Braveheart.”


(I’m copying letter in case it’s too small to see.)

Dear Grandma        July 1, 1970

Well, we’re out of Cambodia now. We were in from the 20th of June to the 29th June. We crossed (by boat) the river (MeKong) back into Vietnam the 29th of June and are now patrolling inside of Vietnam again. By chance, we had a photographer from the Associated Press with us, (Associated Press, which is all Jews from its inception, scripted this event, not like news, but a Hollywood production which ended with news.)  who was taking pictures the whole time, especially this river-crossing. It was supposed to be “something special.” us being the last unit in the Cav. to get out of Cambodia and to cross the river by boat instead of flying out by helicopter. What the Army won’t risk, just to get some publicity or get in the papers.(Jews as far back as late 1800’s stole the USA New York newspapers from Whites. Its not news, it is manufactured crimes, fear, and terror to keep Whites, hence the world, terrorized. Jews and now their Communist imps are laughing and entertained by these tragedies, our suffering.)

So you may see something said about our river-crossing in the (JEWS’) news.

That’s “A” Co. 1st BN 8th Cav. 1st Air Cav. Div. if it’s mentioned. (The government and military don’t have to bother with me, but check this out under their Vietnam veterans suicides and murders by Jews and their imps.)

I may have to stay out of the field longer, before I get a rear job because it seems medics are in short supply (Jews killed the 34 White Navy men in the radio room as well as bombed the hell out of the USS Liberty Ship, June 8, 1967, to keep Whites from communicating. Perhaps they killed the medics so Whites could suffer more on the battlefield as well as South Chicago Ghetto’s White men, after Jew Civil Right’s Act back in USA. It was a double attempt to not just kill the White man but pulverize him so Jews and Yellow Chinese Commies (and now the other races and religions) and takeover the White man’s country.)

The White man keeps “praying” his replacement comes soon. But our “hope” and “prayers” are not heard, for Jews use religion as a tool to keep us praying while they commit more crimes and even walk off with our gold, women, boys, treasury. God works through man to stop this.

I have six months behind me and hope the next letters have some news.


(He’s the person who dies and leave us messages through the love of his “grandma.” through the binder she left at the wall. We shouldn’t have to be so desperate, but Jews reduced us each day. Mama said, “You’ll never be as strong as you are today.” So Today do what must be done. Here’s one of the Veteran’s normal letters, before the Jew Associated Press had him murdered in Cambodia with his army buddies. It’s your “Jew News” since the late 1800’s. Yellow Journalism or Sensational Journalism that doesn’t report, but is whipped up to keep Whites (Christians terrorized and confused. )



I left the White embroidered hat at the College of the Ozarks Wall Ceremony in honor of my deceased Veteran and our sons whose ancestry goes back to Mayflower Ship first to settle USA, 1620. I had it embroidered with Purple Heart. Only one of a 100 vets is purple heart or sheds blood as my husband did. On the left of hat is veteran’s patch of St. Michael the archangel who fights the devil in Genesis in Bible and in Revelations. “The Deacon” was name given to him. On right US Marine patch. All the Purple Heart widows should be there, even the divorced ones, for they should understand, as I suffered, what happened. It’s not that we don’t need military, for the Yellow Chinese Commies’ women’s army is probably better than ours. In Israel, the Jew women are so tough they walk down the streets with machine guns to protect the Jews who murdered Jesus.

On the Missouri Vietnam Veteran’s wall, there were two Duncan’s murdered by Yellow and Jew Communists, as my husband’s last name. Scottish are brave fighters.

It’s sort of odd, but while living in Vegas, I was manager of a mini-storage company, part time. A man who was retired and prospecting for gold, let me have a binder with scripts he had since he knew I was in movies in Chicago. In it was the movie “Braveheart” but only this moment do I see the meaning. I too would like to make my book into a script as was advised me. As I like that idea, moreover, Whites need to read and write, myself included.



Here’s Mel Gibson as William Wallace. Both my Viet Vet and I voted for George Wallace who wanted to keep the Whites’ education the highest without segregation. Today to save our White boy, he will need 21 mentors to try to overcome the damage deliberately done to them by Jews and the Communists since 1917 and before.

Here’s another clip of the Scottish Sword (of Truth) flying in the air. The only sword I can think of is the US Marine sword for  my costume, which I took on stage, to crusade for Veteran’s Rights, especially White men. No other race or religion has suffered as much.

This sword picture risked me terribly. I was posting all my Kostumed Karaoke Karacters on facebook for Vegas to see. Then I got to the US Marine Sword and I knew that on the sharp blade was the Jew Star of David and inside a Globe showing USA and I think South America outline. Jews think they can takeover the entire Western World since 1776.  Jew bankers have incited Whites to war each other in the USA since 1776, when this sword was patterned. In Poland, since before 1025-1945. I have an entire chain mail set for protection. No one protects White women and children today, especially me.







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