Jew AARP Advertising Against Whites

In Uncategorized on August 30, 2016 at 6:18 pm

Here’s just a simple example of how Jew owned AARP, for mostly White retired older people, affects the seniors White minds, hence their children, hence the estates they leave behind. Whites own 80% of the wealth in this country, but have been brainwashed against their own White interests.

I noticed even a year ago AARP was filled with Jews and Blacks, their weapons, White’s pets to care for eternity

The last time I read an issue of their magazine, I could see so much Jew and black articles, pictures, advertising, I stopped reading it. The last article I started to read was of a “poor” Jewess, (insurance policy of perhaps $1 million from her dead Jew husband) was about how she missed him in bed. Since I’ve written thoroughly about Jewess chasing their Jew men on us White women, they cursed us with name, “Shiksa,” which is a White Christian female whore. Anything, a White person writes or talks about that exposes Jews, they will immediately work their world-wide media and communication system to oppose it. Whites “believe” anything Jews tell them, making Jews more important than God, or even our White family or kin.

Here’s two pictures from this AARP magazine for the month, which I will toss in the garbage immediately. Just its presence, will contaminate my physical house and certainly my mental and spiritual home.

AARP Picture White Baby 2 wolves

Black wolves are noted to be dangerous. Lil’ Red Riding Hood, like the little baby girl in the picture, was eaten up by a wolf, as was her grandmother, she went to visit with a basket of food. Here’s my website link of March 15, 2016, because I posted it then. Jews know since there are so few pro-Whites, also Christian, who expose Jews, nothing bothers them. They know no one can stop them now. No one has in 2,000 years, it’s the same today.

Not only that, when Jews know that even one person suspects them, they will unite 15,000,000 Jews to add more pressure on the 24/7 White programming they do. If they stop for even a minute, we might wake up.

AARP White Blonde - Black Baby

Jews give us the “pain, disease, and death,” and then think by putting an ad, they are “philanthropists.” This White woman should have a White baby she’s playing with, but Jews as they have done through all their magazines, not just AARP, set up other “idols” for Whites to worship and think “cute.” It’s ugly. It’s worse. It’s genocidal. If there is every an international White court of law, these examples I’m showing in Jew media, will be in the trillions. The USA alone, from the time Jews stole White Thomas Alva Edison’s movie machine, 1927, until today, show how Jews used that media to keep the White mind’s attention, 24/7.

Worse, I saw almost an identical picture at Walmart. Jews use one master advertising agent around the world, then just spread whatever picture idea to bash and murder the mind of the White male especially and genocide the White Race. Who’s been bashing Jews 24/7 for 2,000 years. They have even nearly destroyed Jesus Christ, who is actually the main target of this genocide.

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