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White Species Pioneer – James Von Brunn

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Today, a Jewess, Janet Yellen, controls the entire Federal Reserve Bank system, which controls all the White and USA $$$ and our taxes. It’s a private bank and Jews have done whatever the hell they pleased. Her ancestry has probably with ancestry back to my Poland where the Jewish banking families made my white Polish Christian people not just the worse slavery in history, kept us in constant war for 1,000 and the suffering and torment which goes with in, kept us illiterate, starving to death, as even I experienced starvation in South Chicago as folks were slaves for Jews, but we were “silenced.” First an Iron Curtain after WWII (Poland was the heart of the war, not poor Germany.) Then through their “anti-Semite” laws. There’s 3 major religions: Christian, Muslim, Jews. Both Jews and Muslims are “Semites” so this bill is “against White Christians) or the “anti-Christ.”

I’m just going to report on Von Brunn as a White Race Pioneer because of the “Murder at the Holocaust Museum.” I clearly say I’m not violent and never even hit my kids nor to my knowledge, ever intentionally hurt anyone or anything in my entire life in thought or word or deed. Jews commit all the crimes against Whites in our own country and we have to remain silent.

Jews and their imps kept my Polish people in constant war, starvation, rape, kidnapping, misery, and we are to remain silent? Jews and their banks kept USA in wars: Civil War, World War I, II, Korea, Vietnam, and our men can only put their tail between their war torn legs, as the Communist shot off my Vietnam, VietKong,veteran husband’s testicle and shrapnel on his inner leg and smile? My husband’s last words, “There’s no help for the White man in this country and I’ll kill myself and show them it’s about “men” and not about “money.” Where’s our White man’s manhood while all the other races and religions can tout theirs? How can the USA sleep at night knowing what we have “allowed” as Mama would say?

It seems the Jews were involved in the demolition of the World Trade Centers. Jew Silverstein bought all 7 buildings, one year before and had them over insured for double. Two planes hit two skyscrapers, and three fell. Worse the other 4 weren’t even hit and the Jew got paid for all seven. And Whites are held in a straight-jacket while the world laughs and scorns us at our utter stupidity. See if Israel or China would allow the takeover of their countries, when both have physical barriers: China 13,000 foot wall, and Israel, mines and a wall all around. Have they driven us mad for no species as the White Species has been brainwashed over and over again, 24/7, to accept this God-hating Chinese Communist and God and Jesus hating Jewish Communist takeover not just of our country, but our White male which is a symbol of war. They have been battling us and our White male didn’t even know. And now if we don’t save our White male this will be a third world country. I say “fourth” because even the lowest on earth who live off the land don’t have it so bad since they are still in tune with Nature and will survive another 10,000 years. We have no such means, not even one!

Von Brunn also went to arrest the Board of Directors at the Jew controlled Federal Reserve Bank which is their private bank, doesn’t have to answer even to the President of the USA or our Supreme Court! Died in prison

I  don’t condone violence. Nor do I want to be a victim of constant violence my entire life in the USA and in Poland as slaves and constant white bodybags for Jew wars. I’m ready to ask asylum in any country. They wouldn’t dare treat her highness the JAPP, Jewess American Princess on a Pedestal as I was treated. But one must realize he suffered from terrible, terrible discrimination in the USA since he was “German,” and people saw him with the Jew defamation name of “Nazi” as they labeled me “Dumb Polak.”


Just to review the facts to save the WHITE Race and expose the JEWS and their ilk when necessary.  We need both sides; JEWS’ and WHITES’. Von Brunn tried to make a citizen’s arrest on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank. Today, JEWESS Janet Yellen runs the banks which holds all the WHITE money. Autobiographically speaking, in 1966, I worked at the Chicago branch of 12 Federal Reserve Banks. White Von Brunn also exposed JEWS on the Holocaust and shot the museum up. He was 89, his son disowned him on world-wide TV. Von Brunn shortly died in prison in WHITE shame and WHITE guilt, just months later so none of his works would be read. I don’t condone violence. I’m too creative. I don’t condone the JEWS Wars from my Poland year 1025-1945, 9/11, USS Liberty, Patria Ship, World War I and II for JEW Rights, JEW and Yellow Vietnam war which drove my deceased veteran husband and father of my only two sons to WHITE suicide. All the work camps, JEWS misnamed death camps, were on Polish soil, not Germany. That’s my ancestry and I study that, so this belongs here to debate what really happened, not just the single JEW side we have now.  We need two Holocaust museums: the JEW version we now have and the WHITE Christians’ version kept secret until today, especially Poland’s Christian side.

Here’s Louis McFadden on the Federal Reserve Bank.



Second Link: https://kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/2016/09/14/white-james-von-brunns-book-jews-say-kill-the-best-gentiles-whites/

White Race Pioneer – Jöerg Haider, Austrian

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Joerg Haider, Austria: One of the only pro-Whites elected to office in Europe. The Jew Israeli secret service, the Mossad, closely watched him. Austria-first, not illegal immigrants first. He mentioned a few comments favorable about the Third Reich and good employment practices. On the day of his acceptance speech when he ran for office, he was found dead in a car accident.

Here’s a link to an earlier post and analysis of Joerg Haider, Austrian like Grandpa Valentine Nowak and Grandma Jadwiga Kurdziel.



White Race Pioneer – Senator Charles Percy – stood up to Israel in Senate – daughter murdered during his campaign re-election

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  • In 1975, five years before he became committee chairman, Sen. Percy dismayed members of the Jewish community after he described Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat as a “moderate.” Sen. Percy explained that he used the term “relative moderate” and only in contrast with George Habash, whose radical PLO faction was notorious for terrorist attacks.

    Sen. Percy’s insistence on his “devotion to Israel” did little to quell anger among voters upset by his criticism of the invasion of Lebanon in 1982 and of settlement building in the occupied territories — actions he saw as contrary to U.S. interests and disruptive of efforts to maintain peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors.

    He made himself increasingly appetizing to challengers, and, in 1984, he lost the Senate election to Rep. Paul Simon (D-Ill.), whose campaign was spearheaded by two aggressive political consultants, David Wilhelm and David Axelrod. Axelrod later was a top adviser to Illinois Democrat Barack Obama’s successful campaigns for Senate and president.

  • Although I have no knowledge he was pro-White, Senator Chuck Percy headed the Foreign Relations Committee and was from my hometown of Illinois and was not 100% for Israel. Chicago Jew David Axelrod unseated Percy for re-election. Axelrod was Illinois Barach Hussein Obama’s first and top advisor in his campaigns and successfully got the Black elected. Also, Jew Raum Emmanuel helped unseat Percy. Those two were top Jews instrumental to get Barach Hussen elected as Senator of Illinois, then immediately, yet Obama never held a real job and was community organizer for his own people in my section of South Chicago.
  • Also when growing up in Chicago, Illinois, I remember the Senator’s twin daughter, Valerie, was found stabbed and bludgeoned to death. The very next day, Jews of Hollywood released the bloodiest and goriest film, Psycho. The only suspect was a Jew and got off … you guessed it … scot-free.



  • From the book Israel Lobby and US foreign Policy by John Meirsheimer and Steven M. Walt: “Thomas A. Dine the president of American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (“AIPAC”) said Michael Goland… a major contributor to AIPAC [from California], spent $1.1 million on anti-Percy advertising in Illinois… As [AIPAC’s] Tom Dine boasted after Percy’s narrow defeat, “All the Jews in America, from coast to coast, gathered to oust Percy. And the American politicians–those who hold public positions now, and those who aspire– got the message.” – See more at: http://mondoweiss.net/2011/09/the-times-lies-about-charles-percys-record/#sthash.woCfWgdF.dpuf
    In that race two young guns cut their teeth on the Simon Campaign. David Axelrod and Rahm Emmanuel. Axelrod was co campaign manager.
  • Here’s a  post about my thoughts on how Jews destroyed Senator Charles Percy’s political life who was set to be the next candidate for the Republican Presidential candidacy. You can see the un-edited lengthened version which included my background actress’ appearances on TV show called “Early Editions.” As I re-read it, I see there was an “Early Editions” TV show in the 1990’s about an airplane hitting the Sears Tower in Chicago where the show was filmed. After 9/11 in New York, there was news the Sears Tower might also be hit. I go into detail analyzing how Jews use TV to show their Black bias, anti-White, in this show. But I’ll just show about Sen. Chuck Percy and his murdered daughter. But on my website, the TV Show was “removed.” Pretty slick Jew’s control of their TV shows. Are they going to “remove” all their anti-White movies, TV, radio, shows, books, magazines, newspapers, they controlled since early 1900’s. We sure have a lot of evidence against them if we see what they did through “my eyes.” It’s all of them.

    Sen. Chuck Percy Daughter Murdered

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    I had to write for several hours of lots of odds and ends before I came to the topic that needed investigation in my present thinking: How the Jews worked together all over the globe to destroy Sen. Chuck Percy, (Christian Scientist) and soon to be next Republican President, and perhaps even murder his daughter with 14 stabbings, when the only suspect was a Jew that “got away.” The next day after this young White woman was murdered, the Jewish Hollywood Horror movie: Psycho was set to come out. Jews get entertained mixing real life with their movies on the screen. Beware and feel sorry for yourself and children with minds filled with this. All because Chuck Percy, head of Foreign Relations Committee didn’t bow 100% of the times.
      • Speaking of David Axelrod, the Jew played the Sen. Charles Percy of Illinois some dirty evil tricks. Percy was President material. He actually wrote a book about “growing” old for he saw that (Whites) were being hoodwinked as they got older, and he stuck up for their rights, as I get hoodwinked for being older. From Cleveland news how Jews beat him with their marketing and advertising, Jew Mafia connections and $$$ stolen from Whites. In 1984, he lost the Senate election to then-Rep. Paul Simon, a Democrat whose campaign was spearheaded by two aggressive political consultants, David Wilhelm and David Axelrod. Axelrod later was a top adviser to Barack Obama’s successful campaigns for Senate and president. Here is the story where Chuck Percy of my State of Illinois who was head of the Foreign Relations Committee crossed the Jews in Israel and lost his chance to run against the democrat. Also, his daughter was found murdered in their Kennelworth home, and I read before that the case was never solved and the only suspect….. a Jew. Got off scot-free. Jew Horror Movie came out a few days after Charles Percy’s daughter was brutally murdered in her bedroom. I don’t know if raped. http://mondoweiss.net/2011/09/the-times-lies-about-charles-percys-record.html Really odd, but this random TV show is about the 1776 Bi-Centennial of our country, and this news on this link talks of Percys’ “Letter of 76” protesting President Fords’ threatened “reassessment” of U.S. Middle East policy in 1975. He also made the mistake of calling PLO leader Yasser Arafat more “moderate” than some Palestinian terrorists. Percy’s opponents in both the primary and general election in 1984 received large sums from pro-Israel PACs, and… Michael Goland… a major contributor to AIPAC [from California], spent $1.1 million on anti-Percy advertising in Illinois… As [AIPAC’s] Tom Dine boasted after Percy’s narrow defeat, “All the Jews in America, from coast to coast, gathered to oust Percy. And the American politicians–those who hold public positions now, and those who aspire– got the message.”” (I’m reading more on above link, how Jews pushed a candidate against Percy to destroy him and gave him not only $$$ but free marketing & advertising. Do you know that when before Obama was elected and we saw his face everywhere even as one would search the internet, that is Jewish brainwashing? Most people don’t have a favorite on who to vote for, but since they are saturated with that black face, they voted for him. Percy talked of “Palestinian Rights,” which today mean nothing in a Jewish country of Polish Israel. “I” don’t have White rights as a good woman, why do I care about Jewess rights or Muslim rights? My granddaughter is doomed in this country to become a sewer for non-White sperm and a breeder for them. “Letter of 76″ ? so is that the source of the crowing comment from the new yorker? –> “You see this napkin?” he said. “In twenty-four hours, we could have the signatures of seventy senators on this napkin.” It goes on to say that we lost “3” potential (White) presidents because of Jewish lobby, (Mafia, Money, Monopoly) the New 3-M Corporation disguised as a “religion” for tax breaks. “David Axelrod” the gay Jew, and Raum Emmanuel now mayor of Chicago, another Jew, 1st under Obama the Black, worked together. Here’s a comment in the chat. I will copy and paste:

    “All the Jews in America, from coast to coast, gathered to oust Percy.”

    (Note how this next statement in the chat by a Jew, says:“Even on Yom Kippur, the holiest and most solemn day on the Jewish calendar, when we repeatedly ask God for forgiveness for our sins, we also pray: “Our Father, our King, avenge, before our eyes, the spilled blood of your servants.”

  • White Republican Chuck Percy and Jews

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    Jews & Senator Charles Percy from Illinois my hometown. Chuck Percy was beloved in Illinois by the people. But he had one flaw: he sometimes didn’t vote for (Polish Jews) of Israel. I mean, he voted 99% of the time, but once a while, he saw fit to stand his ground. Well, the Jew, David Axlerod, who is famous for putting black Obama into office, with his marketing and advertising Jewish schemes, went on a witch hunt against White Chuck Percy. With his Jewish united influence he was able to defeat Chuck Percy. Just as his united Mafia Jewish influence and $$$ defeated Republican John Mc Cain. Again, Jews demand and command 100% allegiance.
    Well, in that time period, a horrible tragedy hit the “Percy” household. During the night, in his Kennelworth, Illinois home, an “unknown” intruder entered and slaughtered Chuck Percy’s white daughter. Here’s from Wiki: What Wiki doesn’t tell you was that the only suspect that got away was Jewish:
    U.S. Senate

    “In 1966, Percy ran for senator from Illinois; he upset the Democratic senator Paul Douglas (a former professor of Percy’s at the University of Chicago) with 56 percent of the vote. During that campaign, Percy’s 21-year-old daughter Valerie was murdered at the family home under mysterious circumstances, apparently by an intruder. He suspended the campaign for two weeks. Valerie Percy’s murder has never been solved, despite a long investigation.[2] Following the murder, CBS postponed, and eventually canceled, its planned airing of the Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho.”
    Isn’t it odd that the Jewish movie, “Psycho” with the horrible bloody shower murder was broadcasted in that time period, although delayed, it sure got good “advertising” that Jews were going to be kind enough to delay this murderous movie of a blonde helpless woman.

    From Wiki: “In 2006, in writing about the influence of political lobbies on the U.S. relationship with Israel, political theorists John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt wrote that they believed Percy’s loss resulted from the campaign waged against him by the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).[11] The lobbying group controlled substantial monies and helped lawmakers who they believed supported the security of Israel. Earlier that year, Percy had addressed himself, along with the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Dante Fascell, to the cause of Karl Linnas, a concentration camp commander who was to be deported back to Estonia, having lied in the papers he used to enter the United States. Linnas had ordered, and participated in, the murders of Jews and other prisoners.[12] Percy’s view, shared by Fascell and by Representative Donald L. Ritter of Pennsylvania and of the Helsinki Commission was that Linnas should be deported but not to the Soviet Union.”

    Here’s campaign video of Chuck Percy for re-election. But the Jew, David Axlerod and his gang who got black Obama in, defeated the White Senator, but our White men never knew the invisible power working against them.

“Early Edition” TV Show I was Background Actress on, has episode: Explosion of Chicago Sears Tower Skyscraper Explosion: 1990’s

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Here’s just a snip it from my analyzing an Early Edition, TV show I was a background actress for. I analyzed it because I show the Jews’ racial prejudice against Whites and preference for themselves, Blacks, other races. The theme of this Chicago based show was the star would get a mysterious newspaper at his door but it showed “tomorrow’s” catastrophe’s BEFORE they happened. So the star would try to be a hero and “stop” the catastrophe. The TV youtube was deleted from my website. I can’t seem to find it on the youtube site and want to get back to my autobiography. How ironic and prophetic “Skyscraper Explosion.” It this case it was the famous Sears Tower. Ironically, after the 3 skyscrapers went down in New York, our news in Chicago said there was an indication that the Sears Tower would also be hit.

Here’s from clip from my notes. Seeing it fresh if Jews put August 5, 1948, there is a Jew or Israel meaning. Jews had just declared they finally won World War II. May 1948 Jews declared Israel and within seconds in the USA our President signed it that we would support them. I mean 400 years of supporting Blacks, now nearly 70 years of supporting rich Jews of Israel I think is enough. Whites have major problems they can’t even see.

Sen. Chuck Percy Daughter Murdered

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“I realize also the Jews had a movie of an airplane hitting a skyscraper, their “joyful” themes against Whites.

    • The black guy mentions a “Lucious Snow” and apparently that is the name of the theme of the TV show, Cat brings newspaper and it can tell you what is happening tomorrow. Lucius yanked it from the garbage can and once again found the headline about the accident. There it was, in black and white: 50-year-old Man is Hit by Speeding Car.

His eyes immediately took a good look at the date: Saturday, August 5, 1948

In shock, Lucius dropped the mysterious Paper onto the floor, and then bent down to pick up the scattered pages.

Could this really be tomorrow’s newspaper? Does it really tell what is going to happen? Are you kidding? Isn’t this proof enough?

    • Since the Chicago Show was in 1990’s, this story I found on internet had to be the original that the Jews used.
    • The Newspaper “prophecy” was about a Skyscraper explosion. One of the tallest buildings in the world, “The Sears Tower,” was exploded. No 2 little aluminum airplanes bringing down 3 gigantic skyscrapers, for this TV show.
    • The “Indiana” boy he showed the prophecies to was “Gary Hobson,” the star and although its cut off, seems like he was killed in fire.

Healthy Happy Jewess Concentration Work Camp Workers, (not death camps) Liberated by my Polish people, Aug. 5, 1944

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Just as my writings back to the year 1025 when 7 Jew banking families ruled all 7 Polish tribes, they kept us in “constant” wars. I was so surprised to learn in both my ancestry Polish study and separately my White studies since I’m widow of White US Veteran who committed suicide, it was my “Poland,” which was the beginning and center of World War II. I went to a Polish Catholic grammar school for 8 years and it was never stressed. It seems as if the Jew ruling of us continues Whites have nothing but another 1,000 years of wars ahead. But, the White Race won’t be here anymore. And if there is a major shift, it will come from decent Whites and not Jews; whatever they bring about will eventually bring destruction. If not today, then tomorrow, or 100 years from now.


Since Jews and Jewess’ and their kids are notorious for living off Whites since at least my Poland 1025, the Jews here in this photo are thrilled they don’t have to work any more in the German “work” camps, not death camps. Those camps were turned into “death” camps, when our own Allied airplanes, USA, British, bombed them, just months before war ended April, 1945.

From what I read, Hitler had orders “not” to bomb Warsaw, Poland. But then he got a “strange jungle disease” in the bunker and while incapacitated his generals went over his head and went into Poland.

These don’t look like skinny, bald-headed Jews and Jewess’ we see in Jew’s only version “Holocaust” museums. Not sure why mostly Jewess’.

What is odd is during this Warsaw Uprising, Russia was to “help” Poland but Stalin magically stopped all aid. President Roosevelt in the USA and Churchill in Britain also made sure they stopped any aid and “let” this happen where many Polish in Warsaw, the capital were killed.

I’m sure the Jews are happy documents were destroyed as many sensitive documents were destroyed in 9/11 and $2 trillion dollars of money and records disappeared the “day before” 9/11, which Donald Rumsfeld announced on news, September 10, 2001.

Once, I got a thought to turn on my TV. I owned one because the man who owned the double-wide mobile home before me left it for me. So I never moved it; but never watched it. Just once I turned it on. And I saw two 99 year old Jewess women in a Jew prestigious nursing homes, say to each other, “We Jews are so happy in the USA as we look back on our lives we wish we could live another 99 years!” I turned it off for as their White Polish slave I couldn’t bear what they turned my family, Veteran, and me into. By the way, Jews owned most of the nursing homes in Chicago. Now, Jews could be turning all my writings around, and just hide behind the scenes, or change things so no one catches them.

There should be a movie called “The Deliriously Happy Jewess,” and why they are the cause of the Jews’ Genocide Against Whites.

White Species Pioneer – Vincent Reynouard, French, Exiled in England

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” . . . Historical revisionism belongs to no one. Its findings are the fruit of traditional methods of inquiry where scientific expertise assists in the appraisal of testimonies and in documentary research. They will be obvious to any honest individual.” V. Reynouard

” . . . Its implications extend well beyond the historical scope. The stakes involved, gigantic ones are political, even theological. If some refuse to see this – because of blindness, cowardice or even mistaken strategy, our adversaries for their part, understood quite well. They know that a sudden bursting through of historical truth about the period 1914-1946 would call into question the world order founded at Nuremberg 1945-1946.”

“The German homicidal gas chambers never existed. Yes, the ‘Holocaust is a myth.’ For my part I add: Yes, Hitler embodied the hope of Europe in the face of the ruinous ideals of 1789;

“Yes, we must take up the best of what National Socialism comprised in order finally to surpass it and forge a doctrine that will be able to save our old continent.” Vincent Renouard

Math professor fired for his truthful research. If one memorizes even the Jew’s 6,000,000 faked number, one is assured of passing a course. But when one sacrifices his life for Truth and history, or even say perhaps only 300,000 Jews died, one is pulverized by Jew formed society. Yet even Auschwitz, Poland’s plaque’s original figure of 4,000,000 killed in those work camps, was brought down by Polish White St. John Paul II to 1,500,000.

Reynouard had to hide and sleep in cellar to save his life from French authorities whose laws, like Jews had laws in Poland for over 1,000 to favor Jews and negatively affect the Polish host country.

  • Lost two wives because of his research.
  • Had 9 children. Denied seeing them.
  • Lost 4 computers
  • His jobs
  • His bank account frozen
  • Lost 100 books
  • All of his archives.

Jews Scared: Passing Laws All Over the World to Punish White Men & Women who debate Holocaust

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In the Bible, the name and idea of “God” was so sacred, the Caucasians would not even speak it. But now that is not true. But the name “Jew” has already killed out idea of God for no one can speak their name or write it without prison, arrests, computer hacking, etc.

This is truly the White Race, even White Christianity’s last chance to save themselves and White Christianity. Just as in my Poland, Jew’s empire or dynasty for 1,000 years, (A Jew Reich) all laws were against the White Polish Catholic Christian people, Jews now are extending that to all White Countries.

Once Jews finish silencing the few of us who write and speak about these truths, it is the final genocide of the White Race. There’s nothing and no one to stop them. There’s White people all over the world in prison, being deported, punished, fired, bombed, bankrupted, beaten and crippled like me as well as death threats, as I also have had to endure.

Black Barach Hussein Pardons Worse spy in USA history: Jew Jonathan Pollard

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I wrote about this before and don’t repeat myself. But I found this on another site so adding. Jew Jonathan Pollard said he did the spying for money, jewels and politics (for Israel criminal state, which I think he fled to. Jews around Europe would create havoc and the White Europeans kicked them out 106 times. It seems to me, and more research has to be done by others, especially schools who have time and $$ and reasons to study these subjects, Jews ran from those 106 expulsions back into . . . my Poland, their Kingdom of Heaven, Paradise, Golden Age, as Israel and USA are now for them, and Whites in genocidal dungeons of hell as Jews kept my White Polish in for 1,000 years.

In this article about the Jew scoundrel, Judah P. Benjamin, who would laugh and whistle during Civil War for he knew whether North or South would win, Jews win. He’d glide through the Southern Confederate’s government house and senate and laugh, while the White men were in agony over what was happening to the South. Should have never allowed Jews and / or Black workers, Jews mislabeled “slaves.” It berates my life as a White slave for Jews, my parents, and Vietnam Veteran who slaved for the Jews and their imps. Surely many White imps.

Pollard stole so many White USA papers, it would be 10′ x 10′ x 6′. The Jews are so confident, this is a piece of cake to constantly attack White Race Rights.

From what I gather, Jew Pollard and Jewess Mrs. Pollard fled back to Israel, as did the #1 Crime Syndicate Master of all time, Meyer Lansky, Murder, Inc., ran to when he got off scot-free, and the White Italians were punished and sent to prison



The Jew Confederate Judah P. Benjamin -Civil War – burned all the documents; absconded with Southern Treasury

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Jew Benjamin was so arrogant and confident, that either if the North would win or the South would win, the Jews would win, as in WWII, where all Whites lost, especially Christianity.

I’ve written about this before and don’t repeat myself. Here’s something new and relates to Jew Jonathan Pollard, worse US spy in history, absconded with USA documents (North and South) which would be 10 x 6 x 6 feet of classified information for the Jew criminal state of Israel. Although the Jews use their double-talk, which usually hypnotizes and paralyzes Whites, Prime Minister of Israel, Net-his-yahoo, meaning stop Jews from raping White Christian women, admits Pollard was guilty.


White President John Kennedy – Warning: (Jew) Communism

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Since Jews invented Communism, Whites lost to Jew Communism both World War II and Vietnam, (not Muslims although Jews use their White money to finance Muslim mosques and Jews do Christian churches; we need unity of White Christians not to spend money on more churches. That can happen with just sharing youtubes, letters, calls, but to have babies we need to be with each other. I don’t want to save cyber Whites. But humans. the White Race, White species.

There is much written on Kennedy & wrote of Jews’ Mossad involvement of his Assassination. I point the finger at 10 Jew involvement in White leader Assassinations: Poland, France, Russia, USA, etc. See this blog search bottom right.

I might research more but will go forward with my book. God “is” willing. He / She is only good and wants our survival and thrival. If not, Whites are worshiping a Jew Lucifer g-d, which even a Jew explains clearly their g-d is Lucifer. For Jesus’ murderers to be in control of the artifacts is ridiculous. If anything is discovered by the 92% of the world, (Whites 8% and declining and further damage) they have no 2,000 year Christian heart or White Race heart even before Christianity to “help” us. They are receivers not givers to White Christianity. Here’s speech Catholic Kennedy gave at a Mormon Tabernacle. I want to get along with all White Christians, but above all, keep my thoughts pure-raced. There’s only a few who see things as I do.

I’d like to highlight the frustrations of early non-mainstream churches. Now these churches have become mainstream but are part of the crucifixions of pro-Whites and historical revisionists especially regarding Jews the opposite of Christianity. But Jews have infiltrated White Christians since it’s inception. And White race for sure since my Poland year 1025 and before. Jews used my people as “beasts” as their Talmud, White slaves, for 1,000 years, their Jew dynasty for they are Asian, Black, etc.

White Kennedy speaks of the following in warning us of (Jew-led, now in cahoots with Yellow Race China, etc.) Communists’ danger

  •  Instead of “Under God,” its “Godless tyranny.
  • Communists of Russia were progressing 3 x as fast as (White, White Christian) America. That applied to White Russia, but Jews totally pulverized White Russia. In fact, in Jew’s Revolution against Russia, 1917, it was the White Russians, literally called “White” against “Red Russians.” Now we might want to add “Yellow” Chinese Communists who have destroyed 450 Presbyterian churches in one city of China alone. Nor should Whites be overseas instead of helping their own White men, women, children. We must undo the Jew’s and their imps’ damage, destruction, debauchery, and White death or genocide by the 92% of the other races who will use us as long as we send $$ and White time. What will happen when we shut down the White tit for all that nourishing milk for other races and religions, unite, and give it to our own. It is obvious China is more than 3 times as fast. Perhaps 300. We have too much dead weight and all our laws for advantage of Jews and other races and religions, not for our White Race.
  • The Jew-led Communists have achieved what White President Kennedy feared: our White wealth, White hearts, White minds. I once gave a Christian radio show readings about “One Heart; One Mind.” but wanted that to be Christian and White under a White God but couldn’t say it. I heard on one of the many youtubes or radio shows I’m listening to so I can add current information. As you know, I believe it was Jews and / or their ilk, who had me beaten in Vegas. Any person on earth will do anything a Jew asks for money or drugs. It was Lady Renouf who quoted someone as saying something about God wants all the races on the earth. Who are humans to defy God and turn all the races into one. And to take it further, only the White Race is genocided and melted down as Jew B’nau Brith is espousing. Jews will continue their racism both physically in Israel forbidding marriages for Jews of any other “race.” One doesn’t have to be Jew religion for their is no such thing. Religion is worship of “good” not “evil.”
  • President Kennedy talks of “supremacy” we know as Dr. David Duke espouses in his book, “Jewish Supremacism” it’s Jews who are Supremacists. Nor is it some kind of Christian “sin, sin, sin” or “fires of hell as punishment” for Whites to try to achieve the highest in whatever they do. We should not hold back, or condemn another for telling about their achievements and hoping to help others up the ladder of whatever they desire. The White Skies are the limit and not even that. Whites should have no limit on good.
  • Communism = discipline of servitude. It’s what Jews totally did to my White Polish people 1025-1945, even until today, because the world will not let my Polish Christian side of their lives, especially WWII be honestly spoken of, or allow my book to be published mainstream where I just begin to open up the servitude and slavery Jews subjected my American parents, Veteran husband, and me in the USA. They have a universal law of not just silence but killing off, stopping, hurting, deceiving, turning Whites against the few of us, bankrupting, raping, any inkling of goodness in Whites, even IQ, mind and heart.
  • In Democracy church is free. Is it? It doesn’t seem so. The #1 tenant or commandment is not to honor a White God, (and even though God is one and all, there is diversity which Nature wants t keep and mortals need not go over God’s head.) The #1 tenant of church is anti-White as the laws in government are today in all White countries, cities, towns, neighborhoods, schools, and organizations . . . are thanks to Jew Communists ruling over us. While the church is supposed to be free, in Communism the church is in constant fear of the State. In all White countries today and throughout the world there is a fear of arrest, deportation, bombings, beatings, death threats, murders, prison sentences, alienation from family, friends, co-workers, church members from anyone who wants to Save White Race – Expose Jews. It’s a double-edged sword. Plus try to save God and Jesus Christ is an occupation worse than hell on earth. Jews and their 92% of the world, non-White, all participate in this. Whites must gain their true sovereignty. To not look at the past, or question and rectify the Jew’s lies of the Holocaust, and even get our money back for fraud in payments to them, is destructive to saving the White Race. One can’t build on sand, as Jesus says in Bible, especially Jew quick-sand where Whites are sinking fast.