87 year old German woman sentenced in court for saying Jews weren’t killed in my Polish Auschwitz camp

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Auschwitz was ‘just a labour camp’.  

Ursula Haverbeck, who is a friend of Gudrun Burwitz – elderly daughter of Nazi S.S. chief Heinrich Himmler – was sentenced in a court in Hamburg for sedition over an interview she gave to a TV station denying that Jews were murdered in extermination camps.

In the interview with the ARD network she claimed the death camp of Auschwitz in Nazi occupied Poland, where at least 1.1 million people were murdered, was ‘nothing more than a labour camp.’

Ursula Haverbeck, 87, has been sentenced to ten months in jail for denying to Holocaust and saying Auschwitz was 'just a labour camp'


Ursula Haverbeck, 87, has been sentenced to ten months in jail for denying to Holocaust and saying Auschwitz was ‘just a labour camp’.  Haverbeck has been sentenced several times in the past for her trenchant views supporting the Nazis.  Around 30 ultra right-wingers were in court on Thursday in Hamburg to support her.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3317083/German-grandmother-87-sentenced-ten-months-jail-denying-Holocaust-saying-Auschwitz-just-labour-camp.html#ixzz4J8zdHpDv
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An octogenarian holocaust denier was sentenced to eight months in prison on Friday by a court in West Germany. Ursula Haverbeck, 87, already sentenced on four other occasions, was accused of inciting racial hate after writing a letter to Detmold mayor Rainer Heller insisting that Auschwitz was not a death camp, but a work camp. Haverbeck was prompted to write the letter during Reinhold Hanning’s trial, an old Auschwitz guard, who was accused of being complicit in the deaths of over 170,000 people. Judge Lena Böhm said Haverbeck lacked judgment as she broke the law again during the trial when she again stated that the holocaust did not happen. Haverbeck, who was denied parole, is expected to appeal the court’s decision.

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