Why I Respect Polish Men (White) by a Black Man

In Uncategorized on September 16, 2016 at 1:56 pm

I’ve heard so many filthy dumb Polak jokes (made and directed by Jews for 125 years for us their 1,000 year slaves as Polish people.)

But it takes a Black man from another race living in Poland who says “I have the utmost respect for Polish men.” Their race could learn from it and he likes his own Black race girlfriend. All Blacks of Africa keep their race pure, no race-breaking. Chinese Yellow men and women, have a built in 13,000 feet wall to keep any other race out and protect their women from rapes. Jew race doctor raped me 1967, I’m White and Polish-American. He threatened me for 40 years until I finally “stood up to him with 2 Complaints.”

While all the White men in Ukraine stand by and watch the White Ukrainian women get screwed in the open by Black Nigerians and Turks (Jews are Turk-Mongols barbarians with suits and ties) is pathetic. The White Polish men are fiercely protective of their borders, culture, language, and White Polish women. Here as a White woman I’m not only disgraced but Jews arranged to have all other raced men, especially the Jew man, find me attractive and prey on me. I know 10 White women who are freesex slaves for Jews at work, etc.

How Germany, once a very strong White people, lets in brown Muslims, Black Nigerians is pathetic. Even Hitler said when the White Germans took over France the White French women, noted to be the “sexiest” and most “passionate” of the Whites were sitting openly in the outdoor cafes with the Black men. The White Germans were being to save their people and race not destroy them using White women as a weapon against the White male. Think of how the White Ukrainian male feels as he watches his White female partner having sex in the street like foaming dogs in front of his eyes and he “accepts” it, but burns inside. Remember, it took just one Jew Communist man, Yagoda, to kill 10,000,000 Ukrainians. Why? Those White men and women were our breadbasket for Europe and Jews starved us to death. They did the same in my White Polish Daddy’s town of Galicia, Poland, 50,000 a year and then Jew raced men put on golden glittery robes to rob their corpses.

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