White Race Pioneer -Horst Mahler, German, Imprisoned 12 years for “debating Holocaust.”

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    German Attorney Horst Mahler imprisoned for 12 years in formerly Communist East Germany because he “debated” not “denied” Jew Holocaust.

Attorney Horst Mahler

Often described as a “notorious far-right attorney” who called the Holocaust a lie and accused the German legal system as politically corrupt is again before the court on charges of incitement under Paragraph 130.

Background and contribution:

Mahler was not originally part of the Revisionist scene. He became interested in the Holocaust controversy from a Revisionist point of view after he took on the defense of ethnic singer Frank Rennike. In recent years he has frequently appeared in court for his beliefs and doubts, including events surrounding 9/11. He is currently serving a 12 (!) year sentence for denying “the Holocaust”. No one denies World War II, but we have only the Jewish version of the Holocaust, not the (White) Christian version, especially my Polish ancestor’s who died in much greater numbers than Jews who silenced us for 1,000 years. “This” is how they silence anyone who disagrees with them. Ruthless.

Also, below is an update, April 19, 2017. Horst was against arrested for “speaking” at a speaking engagement in Germany. He’s 81! 21 diseases, heart failure kidney problems. The Jew law’s court in Germany dragged him off and went to put him in prison again!!!


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