White Race Pioneer: E. Michael Jones – Why People Hate Jews – Poland suffered – Russia suffered (my ancestry)

In Uncategorized on September 30, 2016 at 12:49 am

Great find today. The painting which began to solve how Jews got into Poland in 1096 is in this great video.

I think Poland was intentionally split up for Jews wanted to be citizens of Russia to takeover and turn them into alcoholics. That makes them barbarians and fighting. Jew Jerry Springer did the same thing to his White guests who would fight each other like fools stage for Jew’s laughter, mocking, and scorn for themselves and the entire world, 92%.

It shows how Jews was able to confiscate the breadbasket Ukraine’s harvest and instead of using for grains and bread, used it to make booze to destroy White Race.  The first painting I discovered below: Jews Arrive in (my) Poland 1096. Truthfully, they were already there. In 1025, seven Jew banking families ruled all seven tribes and turned us into fighting one another, within White families, marriages, tribes, and even neighbors of Germany, France, Sweden. Jews kept us in usury, indebted, the only all White slave country in history that I know of. I have detailed analysis of this painting on this website. Search bottom right for newer posts.

Image result for jews arrive poland 1096




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