White Race Motivation: White Polish feathered headdress​ and White Horse “Hussars” and Germans united to Fight Turks (Jews) & Muslims to save White Europe & Vienna (home of Hitler) 1683 –

In Uncategorized on October 18, 2016 at 4:51 pm

I don’t belong to religion today because of Jew infiltration of race-breaking, but my teaching is invaluable my entire life.

There’s several blogs I’ve posted  today. Each important to me. Jesus stood up to the Jews.  And not just Christianity at stake, but the entire White Race and Europe. 1683. A miracle saved the White Race.

The Polish famous Hussars with White feathered headpieces and White horses joined with Germans who were tremendous warriors united to save all of Europe and White values and heritage. But they prayed. Europe was already overrun and Muslims took over 11 countries. If Vienna fell, (Hitler’s home and my Austrian side) it was the end of the White Race, Europeans, Christianity.

I am reading book “Poland” by James Mitchner and it described the whistling and singing of the big headpieces the Polish warriors wore on racing horses against Muslims and Jews (the other two religions.)

The miracle: The Muslim Turks who arrived into Vienna with so much gold, silver, brocade, Arabian horses and buffalos, it was mind-boggling how rich they were. They had White female captive Christian slaves for their concubines and harems. I’m writing more just on this one section on today’s blogs. The Muslim Turk’s most ferocious of any warriors in the world became paralyzed. The White Polish Hussars and Germans united but something strange happened. Their own Muslims turned on their leaders. They were unable to fight and passed up many attempts to kill the Whites at various stages.



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