White Trump patriotism, kisses flag. Barbara Ann’s patriotism on knees with head to floor worship in front of American Flag on Cable Access TV

In Uncategorized on October 30, 2016 at 4:09 pm

Here’s a Chicago Cable Access TV show I was on as Mrs. General Patton including real army outfit and even high ranking bronze medals.

It’s odd but I dance to and with the Flag. I really think I made this country rock with the Queen of Karaoke around the USA. I used to look at the poor White crowd and wanted to put RIP’s tombstones on their tables. It sometimes felt like literally lifting up the  soil, Great Lakes, and land of the USA with my little hands, to try to inspire and move the dead Whites, who Jews killed. Jews only allowed “those on stage” to move around and kept us still as White boned corpses to “watch” them. I believe metaphysically we possess all qualities, whether we have the talent on stage or audience giving back energy to revitalize me up there. I’ve enjoyed the other karaoke performances and always cheered them on, but the other karaoke people never really understood me.

I now see it “prophetic” which shows Brown Mexican women holding up the American Flag not White boys or girls. The Jew race and other races own the USA and our White Race. I was first on the  Internet to use the 2042 year date Census data (I worked for Chicago Census 2002 and when I questioned the prognostications Whites would be minority by 2042; I talked to head of USA Census, Jewish, and confirmed that minority.) Worse, the brown Mexican “woman” will be the majority. They are tough, strong, there is no such thing as “seniors” so until her dying day loved, supported unequivocally, cherished by her children, grandchildren, nieces and brown nephews, as well as the entire White Race, Christianity, and all White countries. Who rejected me. I mentioned as Queen of Karaoke 7 people gave me flags “they didn’t want. White Race people. It’s obvious the others are not “stealing” the USA we have been hypnotized to “give it up without any resistance at all.”

Here’s Trump kissing Flag. Me dancing, singing, laughing, and praying in prostrate prayer (on knees head to the ground) worshiping American Flag.


Image result for trump kiss flag

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