Jew Banking, White Charles Lindberg’s White 2 year son, kidnapped, murdered, leg chopped off, and gold taken off the market for Jew usury. German White immigrant blamed, Jew suspect got off Scot Free, 1932, Banking Gold Certificates taken off USA market

In Uncategorized on November 6, 2016 at 10:16 pm

When you see all of today’s other posts about the speech given in 1933 by White House of Rep, Louis T. McFadden warning of the Jew Federal Reserve Banking monopoly, destruction of USA, veteran’s, families, you see how Jews got all the gold out of the American hands. They did it through their Jew newspapers and so-called marked Gold Certificates which were in hands of citizens. They eagerly gave them back to banks to help catch the murderer of Charles Lindberg’s baby. I spent 126 paged email investigating this several years ago. But a Jew was suspect of the kidnapping and killing, but to incite hatred against Germans so Jews could have World War II of White Veteran’s bloody bodies for their entertainment, the German was found guilty and executed.

Jews hatred and jealousy of Lindberg was worse inflamed when Lindberg agreed with the German Nazis on saving the White Race. Germany now first of all White Race ethnics to go extinct, or shall I say, genocided by Jews.

According to my research a Jew escaped to Germany but not a word is mentioned on Jew media show. All I know is that an adorable White curly blonde-headed baby Lindberg was kidnapped, killed, de-limbed, and decomposed.

Here’s recent Jew media movie which casts doubt upon a slew of White race men and women in the kidnapping of this White Baby Boy, Lindberg, but no one except me brings in the fact of a Jew accomplice or Jew murderer.





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