White Rice Pioneer – Eustace Mullins Exposes Jew Federal Reserve Bank where I worked 1966.

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See my several posted comments under this Eustace Mullins youtube.  done before Eustace Mullins died. Also list of books and pamphlets. My autobiography, “Saving the Endangered White Species from Jew Genocide” also discovered much of this not just from the Internet, but as Polish Slaves for Jews 1025-1945, where all Jews come from, it’s my ancestry. Also Mama, Daddy, suicided US Marine Purple Heart Vietnam, and me, all slaves for Jews in South Chicago!


  • A Writ for Martyrs, OTU Christ Church, 1985, Soft Cover, 223 pages
  • Mullins’ New History of the Jews, The International Institute of Jewish Studies, Staunton, Virginia, 1978, reprint of 1968 edition. Quoting from the introduction: “throughout the history of civilization, one particular problem of mankind has remained constant. In all of the vast records of peace and warsand rumors of wars, one great empire after another has had to come to grips with the same dilemma..the Jews.” Jews have claimed this book is quite possibly the most anti-Semitic book ever written.
  • Murder by Injection: The Medical Conspiracy Against America, The National Council for Medical Research, Staunton, Virginia, ISBN 0-88060-694-0
  • My Life in Christ, Faith and Service Books, Aryan League of America Staunton, Va., 1968, 90 pages
  • Secrets Of The Federal Reserve Secrets of the Federal Reserve, 1952. Reprinted John McLaughlin, 1983, 208 pages, ISBN 0-9656492-1-0
  • The Curse of Canaan: A Demonology Of History, Revelation Books, Staunton, VA, 1987, 242 pages, ISBN 0978651715 (2007)
  • The Federal Reserve Conspiracy, Common Sense, Union, New Jersey, 1954, 144 pages
  • The Rape of Justice: America’s Tribunals Exposed, Staunton, VA: National Commission for Judicial Reform, 1989
  • The Sedition Case, Sons Of Liberty, 1985, Metairie, LA, 1985, Trade Paperback
  • The World Order, A Study in the Hegemony of Parasitism, Staunton, Virginia: Ezra Pound Institute, 1985, 217 pages
  • This Difficult Individual Ezra Pound, Fleet Publishing Corporation, (1961) reprint, Noontide Press, ISBN 0-317-53248-0
  • This Difficult Individual:Ezra Pound, Angriff Press:Hollywood, CA, 1961. Useful reference, with B&W photos by Mr. Pound taken while incarcerated, 388 pages, cloth reprint (exactly as Fleet Press edition; may even be bootlegged)
  • War! War! War!, Sons of Liberty, 1984, ISBN 0-89562-100-2
  • The Secret History of the Atomic Bomb

Pamphlets and other works

  • 27 Billion Dollar Rip Off; The Power Brokers
  • Adolf Hitler: An Appreciation, first published in National Renaissance Bulletin (October 1952)
  • Boycott: The Jewish Weapon
  • Canada: A Financial Report For 1992
  • Criminals On Capitol Hill
  • Death To The Peacemakers
  • Easter
  • Education For Death
  • Education for Slavery
  • Every Man A King
  • FDR
  • Federal Reserve Notes: Shackles Of Slavery
  • General MacArthur The Man Who Refused to Lose
  • Genocide In America
  • How The Media Is Manipulated
  • How To Become A United States Senator
  • Is There A New World Order?
  • Jewish TV: Sick, Sick, Sick
  • Jewish War Against The Western World
  • Murder
  • Murder by Injection the great swine flu massacre
  • Murder On The Supreme Court
  • New Israel
  • Our Identity
  • Sigmund Freud: Anti-Christ Devil
  • Supreme Court Burns Us Again
  • The Celebration Of Rosh Hashanah
  • The Coup That Never Was
  • The Danger Of International Merger Mania
  • The Day Is Here
  • The Hidden Hand Behind Televangelism
  • The Holocaust Explained
  • The Lindbergh Murders: Hauptman Was Innocent
  • The New World Order
  • The Plagues Of Pharaoh
  • The Power Brokers Of Canada
  • The Scandal Unveiled
  • The Trilaterals Are Back In The White House
  • The Vietnam Wall
  • The War Against Christianity
  • The War Against Vietnam Veterans
  • There’s A Gulag In Your Future
  • Trotsky: Where Are You Now?
  • War Is The Only Way Out
  • Warning: The Department Of Justice Is Dangerous To Americans
  • Washington DC: City Of Fear
  • What Are We Fighting To Preserve?
  • Who Owns the TV Networks ?
  • American Patriotism Means Loyalty to Israel, Says Jack, Pamphlet. Reprint. 2 pages
  • America’s New Robber Barons: Exclusive Report, Pamphlet. 8 pages
  • George Sylvester Viereck: Roosevelt’s Victim, Pamphlet. 3 pages
  • Jesse Jackson And The Jews”, Corner Stapled Report. 7 pages
  • Judges or Criminals?, Pamphlet. 3 pages
  • Khatyn Or Katyn?, Pamphlet. 2 pages
  • Marching through Georgia, Pamphlet
  • New Look at Herzl, 2 pages. corner stapled photocopied report. Reveals that Herzl’s grandiose plans for Zionism resulted from VD.
  • None Dare Call Him Traitor: Larry Abraham The Israeli Connect, Pamphlet. 8 pages
  • Operation Desert Shield, Pamphlet. Corner Stapled Report. 4 pages
  • Reagan’s Final Surrender, Corner Stapled Report. 2 pages.
  • The Glorious Revolution, Corner Stapled Report. 4 pages
  • The Secret Holocaust, CPA Book Publishers, Boring, Or., A small 34 page phamplet
  • The Warburgs, An American Success Story, Corner Stapled Catalog. 7 pages.
  • What Made Sammy Run?: How Racial Hatred Creates Billion Dollar Fortunes, Pamphlet. 10 pages.
  • Why General Patton was Murdered, Pamphlet. 4 pages
  • You Can Stop the Threatened Depression!, USA: Liberty Free Press, USA. Leaflet.
  • The Atlanta Report (bombing of the Jewish Temple. 1958)



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