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Barbarian, Luciferian, Disgusting Jews: Adolf Hitler vs The Jew World Order

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As Jews used the White Roman Italian soldiers and leaders to torture Jesus to see his blood flowing out of his head from the crown of thorns pounded in his skull, to the bloody whiplashes on his back, to the nails of his hands and feet, to the blood pouring out of his heart pierced with a javelin to make sure he was dead, the Jews are entertained by White blood and suffering.


I’m finishing up my autobiography #1, but am in physical pain from a re occurring injury to my right shoulder, now wrist. But my life as a White slave for Jews for 1,000 years from Poland to 1945 and then when I was in Mama’s womb in the USA her baby girl of 12. It’s always been pain, starvation, freezing cold, emotional memories which somehow stay with me to keep me motivated. What happened to my family, VietVet, me will happen to all Whites. As in Poland, they will never realize how Jews graduated them into abject anguish and slavery, while even the Blacks and Browns, Muslims, have no damage or disorder. Whites will be slaves or 4th world for all the other races, as Jews continue their “Jew World Order.” Only Adolf Hitler was kind enough to try to take the Jew parasites and Jewess leeches off our back, brains, hearts, and stop sucking our White blood. The same White blood my Veteran husband shed when he was alive to fight the Jew and Yellow Communists in Vietnam. Only 1 of 100 Vets is a Purple Heart, meaning shed their blood. Jews devour blood and are obsessed with it, especially White blood for they have an acquired taste for it as they do Kosher salt which they pour by the kegs into our White wounds.

“The Jews of Sing Sing” Prison. 7,000 Jewish criminals in USA 160 years. My autobiography goes back 1,000 years exposing Jew crimes and atrocities, big time.

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Here’s a new book on the Jew’s crimes. Just in time for finishing my autobiography which dates their crimes back to year 1025 in my Poland.

The Jews of Sing Sing (now in paperback)

by Ron Arons

January 2016 | $17.95 | Paperback | ISBN: 978-1-56980-153-6

Sing-Sing prison opened in 1828, and since then, more than 7,000 Jews have served time in the famous correctional facility. The Jews of Sing-Sing is the first book to fully expose the scope of Jewish criminality over the past 160 years. Besides famous gangsters like Lepke Buchalter, thousands of Jews committed all types of crimes from incest to arson to selling air rights over Manhattan—and found themselves doing time in Sing-Sing.

Ron Arons

Ron Arons has gained an international reputation as a speaker on Jewish genealogy and criminals. He lives in San Francisco, CA.

One of 15 White German female food tasters for Hitler; British might poison him

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Here’s a great article from a woman’s point of view, which all of mine is, since it will be the White woman who bears the best future White children. I was the Perfect Hitler woman and so was Mama who had 12 children. 8 would have gotten her the highest medal in the land if she moved from Poland to Germany, worked a year, married a German and had his children. How thoughtful Germany was to put such emphasis on the continuation of the White Race German male’s sperm into successive breeding. I was raised to be a “good breeder,” hence my exception breeding and raising practices 1973.

Someone should tell this poor woman at 95 Hitler was right and the Jews who are devouring USA and all White Raced countries are the vicious, psychopathic villains.


“Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told” 6 hours

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Watched the full 6 hour documentary:


White Race Pioneer – Thomas Goodstorm, Author “Hellstorm – The Death of Nazi Germany”

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Jewess Carrie Fisher Dies; Jew Star Wars Princess (on a Pedestal)

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Jew bought White Race Walt Disney films bought Lucasfilm for all the (Jew) rights taken away from White Rights, as Jews bought Disney after they bankrupted him once.

The star of Star Wars Carrie Fisher was Princess Leah. Certainly she served as a dig against the White Race for all people who grew up near Jew neighborhoods know the phrase, “Jewess Princess on a Pedestal.” Which means, the White Race are groveling in the dirt slaving away for all Jew enterprises.

Carrie Fisher is daughter of Jew singer Eddie Fisher who married White Raced Debbie Reynolds. Jews always robbing or raping White women also robbed famous actress Elizabeth Taylor and married her and converted her to become a Jew. Certainly, they made a bundle on both women as White actresses for Jewish man, Jewess and Kyke Kids. But they marry them to get even more money perhaps in their wills or estates as they did with Marilyn Monroe.

Carrie Fisher married Jew Paul Simon of Simon and Garfunkel. Music which hypnotized White Race people, even me. In book, “Poland” by James Mitchener, he rarely talks of Jews; odd because they were 15% of population and controlled in through war, White Polish slavery, and starvation. Mitchener only says of Jews “they were musicians” 5 times. So Whites were already conditioned for 1,000 years until all the Jews came to USA through my Poland, to only appreciate Jew music and Jew entertainment of which they control 100% of both.

I reasoned out the Jews did the Star Wars movie especially “The Empire Strikes Back.” What it really means is the Jewish empire (of Poland and USA takeover) Strikes Back at the White Race. White men, their straightjacketed business competitor.

Kernshner = Jew

Kasdan = Jew

20th Century Fox – William Fox – parents German Jews (Jew Empire Strikes Back through USA?)

Of the other names, I don’t know how many homosexuals, but it’s common knowledge White women who wanted to work in Jew controlled Hollywood had to give Jews all the sex they wanted and desired. Not just for sexual satisfaction but another tool to use their own White woman against the White male. I’m perhaps the only one who speaks out on this.

Original trilogy
Episode IV –
A New Hope
May 25, 1977 George Lucas Gary Kurtz 20th Century Fox 121 minutes[14] Theatrical release

Director cuts:

1997 VHS

2004 DVD

2011 Blu-ray

Episode V –
The Empire Strikes Back
May 21, 1980 Irvin Kershner George Lucas, Leigh Brackett & Lawrence Kasdan 20th Century Fox[a] 124 minutes[15]
Episode VI –
Return of the Jedi
May 25, 1983 Richard Marquand George Lucas & Lawrence Kasdan Howard Kazanjian 131 minutes[16]


White Race Pioneer – Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer

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I especially like the article of exposing the cult religion of adoring Jewess Anne Frank.

He makes an interesting note. As I have written before, there is a World War III going on in the White Race, and it is the “White woman” who must change. My entire life I’ve been victimized by them and moved from Chicago, then Vegas, Branson, and now Springfield, Missouri because of the bad treatment of White women.

I’m a good White woman; even the perfect Hitler woman as he wanted to save the White Race species. So was Mama, other of 12, a White Race Polish-American slave for Jews. As Jewish people have turned the White Polish female against the White Polish male (Mama beat Daddy) now Jews have turned the White American female against male in so many, many ways. 40,000 written pages I’ve done.

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Finally, the Truth about the Jewess Anne Frank Diary Hoax

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Daily Stormer
December 26, 2016

No one cares about Anne Frank and her masturbation fantasy journal written by her pervert father anymore.

In fact, people are bloody angry about this nonsense.

JP Updates:

A pre-school in Montreuil, Paris named for Anne Frank was vandalized over the weekend with swastikas and other anti-Semitic and anti-Roma graffiti. According to Haaretz, the graffiti included the message “exterminate all the dirty Jews and the Roma.” French officials have vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice.

On Twitter, French education minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem described the inscriptions as “despicable” and said the vandalism “will not remain unpunished.”

On her Facebook page, Juliette Timsit, a former principal at the school, shared photos of the graffiti and expressed deep sadness over the vandalism.

“I woke up to see this on my beautiful little quiet school in my beautiful quiet neighborhood,” Timsit wrote. “I’m crying this morning.”

Everyone hates this story about this Jewish liar who was not even gassed – she died of typhus.

No one was ever gassed.

They are vandalizing this girl all of the world.

Even the Japs are pissed off about this stupid hoax.


White Race Pioneer – Mike King

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The Bad War, not the Good War: World War II

The White Race “Night Before Christmas”

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‘Twas the night before Future Christmas
When all through the land
Not a Commie-Pinko is stirring
The Reds had been banned
Central Banking abolished
Gold and silver restored
Wall Street is tamed
Their ox has been gored
Taxes are light
With budgets in balance
Freed of debt slavery
Folks discover their talents
Hollywood is wholesome
Filth and porn no more
Kim Kardashian is history
That dirty little whore
The culture is reborn
The end of modern art
Rockwell and Rembrandt
Replace Picasso, that fart
America is at peace
To the Zionists dismay
No more wars for Israel
Hip Hip. Hooray!
The press is now free
Of lies and omissions
Conspiracies are exposed
Not concealed by commissions
Jobs are plentiful
The middle class booms
Welfare cheats face reality
And forced to push brooms
The border is sealed
Illegals denied entry
Problem solved
It was so elementary
Traditional morality
Now back in fashion
As trannies and queers
Conceal their dark passion
The crime rate has plummeted
As all citizens are armed
All those dead Trayvon Martins
Made the criminals alarmed
Justice has been served
With Obama and Bush in jail
Predator Drones and Smart Bombs
Got them arrested without bail
Academia is cleansed
Of false science and history
The truth of our past
Is no longer a mystery
The Fuhrer’s great name
We did restore
No longer to blame
We admire him more
A girl is a girl
And a boy is a boy
Families are happy
Homes full of joy
If this kind of world
Sounds appealing to you
Then support TomatoBubble
Because we want it too!
By Mike King