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Why (White) Feminism means Genocide of “White Race.” Dr. William Luther Pier

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The Age of the Jews is coming to an end: the time for Clear White Thinkers is at hand

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At the end of video #2, Dr. William Luther Pierce ends with “The age of the Jews is coming to an end; the time for clear (White) thinkers is at hand.” My emphasis. We don’t want to transfer our White co-dependence from Jews onto Yellow Chinese, Hindus, Mexicans, Browns, or 1/2 breeds, (we saw what happened with a black Muslim president, Barach Hussein.)

As Dr. Pierce stated Whites must be self-reliant or reliant on each other. It was the same as the Mayflower pioneers, 1620. Divided up into tribes of 10. They had to rely and help one another and work hard. If the other tribes were lazy or partied with the other races (Red Indians) and didn’t have a crop or home built, the lazy ones couldn’t steal from the productive ones. Or each White man, woman, and child would be beaten for stealing from White Productive ones. But if “all” the White tribes would be productive, think of our future, bright, beautiful, buoyant, bountiful.

Dr. William Luther Pierce – Jewish Policy Against Iraq – JEW Mayor Raum Emmanuel #1 JEW

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I always figured there was #1 Jew. Seems Jew Raum Emmanuel is it.  Video says he was President Clintons top aid. Then Black Barach Husseins first choice Jew Emmanuel. Now King of Chicago. As I wrote before “Emmanuel” means “Messiah” so Jews claim he is our god not the. God the Creator of universe. I won’t worship them. Many Jews figured out Jew deceit.


Dr. William Luther Pierce – The Jewish Mob in America (Russian Israeli) Russian Revolution by Jews against White Russian Christians March 8, 1917-2017

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No Mention of Jews in President Trump’s Holocaust Message; Jew SPLC and ADL going nuts.

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As you know, I protested Holocaust Museum January 5 and 6. Once with megaphone. I had long talk with White Race director. “Save White Race.” “Jews lied about Holocaust.” “Where’s Polish Christian version of the Holocaust.” I was freezing so badly I didn’t stay out long. My hands became frostbitten and I was alone. Police challenged me about 7 times. Did they do same to traitor Madonna or Black Lives Matter or gay or feminists? All weapons against White male and Race and me.

Now it’s at the highest level. President Trump regards the “innocents” at the Holocaust. He doesn’t mention 6,000,000 of Jews. First time since World War II! Big win! Jews are not innocents but guilty of 1,000 years in my Poland – America monolithic proportions. My Polish 1,000 years victims of Jew crimes, banking, White slavery for men and women, and wars. Jews are not “innocent.” The ‘Gypsies’ in those camps are thieves and guilty. So it had to be my “innocent” Polish Slav’s or “Slaves” as Melania Trump comes from Solvenia also a Slav, Slave nation, can attest to. Although only Poland had to endure the torture and enslavement of Jews where most Jews come from.

So far my protest of L.A. Federal Reserve Bank addressed with his nomination of Rand Paul whose father protested Federal Reserve Bank. He’s building wall against Mexico. I protested 2007 against them in Vegas. Brother John pioneered pro-Life 1960s and treated terribly. Now Christianity’s #1 issue as is for Trump. (Hopefully healthy White babies to save our race.) President Trump attacked media (Jews) as I and many others have. Attacked Hillary I grew up just a few miles from her. He signed annulling Chinese Transatlantic Agreement. I wrote Veteran husband’s suicide result of Yellow Chinese and Jew Communists. His words on the battlefield, “We were never fighting Vietnam, but China. As  wrote you yesterday, 22 divisions of Chinese (16,500) against 1 division of US Marines, perhaps all White men.” Both China and Jews dangerous. Even Hindus who hide in background. It’s time for Whites to unite.


White Race Pioneer – Kevin Alfred Strom – National Vanguard Alliance, Dr. William Luther Pierce

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Just lately, when researching Dr. William Luther Pierce’s YouTubes, radio shows, and biography, did I find National Vanguard Alliance. A well-kept secret. Yet my soul burned with fire at the sounds of truth Dr. Pierce was speaking about, as if each word was so heavy with meaning and feeling I’d be afraid to miss a single word. Now Kevin Strom brings deceased Dr. William Luther Pierce’s words to life immortal. A writer never dies, but lives through their words. They never age. He not only has Dr. Pierce’s audio and videos in circulation (please tell 10 others) but also brings current events to our White Plight.

There’s a 24/7 radio station with Dr. Pierce’s radio shows, his comments, European American refreshing music.

I realize our White men have had difficulties, but considering what the Jew and Chinese yellows did to my deceased US Marine Veteran in Vietnam, and the horrendous treatment in South Chicago after the war, it’s ever more important to help our White men, have healthy White babies, and give our White boys 21 mentors. Mentoring our White boys will include segregation from other races and Jews, Muslims, but also from White girls. Our boys need to overcome the damage done to them by Jews and their imps not only through 1,000 years of war suffering as body-bags for bankers, but Jew laws put into effect by Jews in Poland from 1025-1945. My ancestry. Those Jews through Hollywood techniques managed to move their entire population from my Poland to the USA / Palestine to be falsely adored as “Chosen,” in Bible.

Where the Jews manufactured the USA into Jew-S-A having monopoly over our land, families, minds, bodies, bank accounts, Whites are left to meander through a sea of propaganda against us. Jews united into one solid whole but they did it at the expense of the White Race. When we see that, seek to turn it around and unite and progress not just as an individual but a sold team, Jews will weaken. The Jews’ strategy would be to go to the more prosperous country, but China massacred them about 1095 and Jews learned their lesson and never returned until the Jew Led Chinese Yellow Revolution 1949.




USS Liberty White Male victims of Jews’ war torture , 1967, 2008, 2017

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Click to see postcard handed me a few days ago by White Man Bruce Lockwood, only US Marine on the USS Liberty. It’s the same as the picture of front of  as booklet I picked up I believe at the Dr. David Duke’s European American conference 2008. Shut down by Black Christian groups. Even when the group tried to meet on private farm the state of Tennessee declared a State of Emergency because Black Barach Hussein elected 3 days before. Yet Dr. Duke’s radio shows were always non-violent even before the Black and Jew takeover of USA with Barach Hussein to take 100% control of the USA Whites.


I Met Only US Marine, Purple Heart, who Survived Jews torpoedes, 1967, covered up USS Liberty. Recently, Washington DC shut down his meeting.

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Autobiographically speaking, of all the astonishing things which happened to me during my 15 year White enlightenment period, meeting the only US Marine (White Race) who survived the bombings, torpedoes, lies of the Jews on June 8, 1967, is at the top.

I was waiting in line at Best Buy. The man in front was checking out. His jacket back had a huge patch: What are the odds I’d meet the only USS Liberty US Marine survivor on that ship. He was like my suicided husband, a US Marine, Purple Heart Hall of Honor. Note in picture patch the fact Jews bombed the radio room to destroy the radio communication. Jews have destroyed all communication between Whites since they took over (with Polish Jew slave money) TV, radio, books, schools, art, magazines, movies for at least century.) The vicious Jew pilot knew it was US ship because it circled it for a couple hours ahead of time. Jews are some of the smartest (evil) people in the world so they knew. They were in a 6 day war with Egypt and wanted US involvement as Jews did in World War II when Polish Jew promised British Prime Minister $$$$$$$$$.$$ if he brought USA into the war. All Jews come from my Poland since 1025 and they kept us in “constant” war without let up, whether from the East with Turks, Yellow Mongols who invented gun powder, Muslims who we face now, and Tatars, vicious warriors. Or from the European countries of Russia, Germany, France, Sweden. Think 1025-1945 and thanks to Jew contrived Holocaust, they illegally emigrated to USA and Palestine. Those Jews now rule USA as they did my poor anguished Polish White ancestors.img_1720

I was aware of the Jewish people of Israel attacking a defenseless white race USA ship June 8, 1967. June 8 is my brothers birthday. When I try to attend the “no more wars for Israel” conference in Irvine California, my engine blew up. It didn’t stop me so I rented a car. The meeting shut out by the Marriott hotel. Agree Orthodox Church gifted us with their hall. One of the speakers Phil Tourney of USS Liberty (You will note Jews and their imps always use a “slogan” type name for their colossal warlike attacks on White minds, bodies, pocketbooks, such as positioning a ship named “US Liberty” to blame Egyptians and get us into war during their 1960-1970 Jew Revolution against White Race and USA.

But even a year before, I was in 2006 college heroically and painfully studying the White Race (Hitler and Nazis all I could find) I found 5 videos accusing Jews of 9/11. “Stranger than fiction.” In addition, was one on the USS Liberty. Equally important, Jews loaded up a ship of their Jewish people on ship called “Patria,” to force Jews’ immigration into Palestine for their takeover and self-proclaimed lies of being “Chosen” in the Bible. Jew bombed and sunk it and Britain succumbed to pressure and let the 1600 Jews illegally stay in Palestine. The word “Patria” was given for “Patriotism” to gain White Race sympathy since we smartly had quotas against them. Think Jew marketing and advertising 9/11.


Like me, being elderly he was shy about picture especially in the middle of Best Buy store. Yet Jews did that to White elderly people making us nothing more than used up White slaves who they abuse in nursing homes, overdrug, cover up the beating and crippling they did to me in Las Vegas House of Blues (see my website here bottom right search on home page.) Jews adore their parents, Yellow god-hating Commies do, Brown Mexicans don’t have a word for “Senior” in their language. This way Jews can control the Whites from the sex which makes our White babies until our coffin made in China. I was told at the Baskow Agency (#1 Vegas) I would never make it because I’m over 25! Discrimination. Jew illusion hypnotizing White minds. The elders always guided the young, but now Jews want that 100% control since they destroyed White Parent’s influence. Jews build up young, tear White elderly down.



Also in 1967 the Jews again choosing a “advertising” name in their lawsuit, forced race-breaking called miscegenation. (Genation for genocide of Whites but Jews leave that part out with as few words even a single word as possible.)

“Anti-miscegenation laws were a part of American law since before the United States was established and remained so until ruled unconstitutional in 1967 by the U.S. Supreme Court in Loving v. Virginia.” Note how Jews lawyers and courts used Loving to break down pedigreed White Race while Israel only allows Jew race to marry Jew race (not religion.) “Loving” a very Christian word. Equally important, Jews use word “hate” the opposite to describe anyone who tells the truth about their crimes. Jews did the same with forcing school integration with Brown vs. Board of Education. Brown used to define all non-Whites, 92% of the world, now brainwashed by Jews against us. They deliberately find anyone with that name and put them up there. It’s not coincidence but mind manipulation of the worse sort . . . control the entire White Race with fear and terror such as “9/11.” It’s all Jewish illusion over White Race into forced race-breaking. The ship sent near Israel for this Hollywood Horror production for Jew news, was “USS Liberty.”

It was no coincidence that the two ships nearby were called “America” and “Saratoga.” This is all strategic mind altering strategies which underlies all of the Jewish races dangerous crimes against the white race. Is obvious the word America would have affected the entire white race population in America and even year. They were Liberty and US would have scared the Whites in USA as our “liberty” was being attacked. Surely White women would send their sons, husbands to fight the Egyptians who the Jews of Israel started war with. Jews first destroyed Egyptians Air Force in their 6-day war. (Again Jewish use of numerology against Whites as long as they realize their number system and word system no longer have any superstitious power over us. also it’s not a coincidence or numerology the last battle was 7, 7777. Jews use both numbers 6 and 7 to mean something such as their hoaxed 6,000,000.

Yes it was Polish Jew Haym Solomon who incited with $25,000,000.00 the American Revolution against the White King of England to destroy all Kings and Queens and put themselves into Democratic power. Peace of cake. They did same in my Poland.

The word Saratoga is shorthand for two battles that gave the coup de grace to the 1777 British invasion from Canada during the American Revolutionary War. After capturing Fort Ticonderoga with almost laughable ease, the British army, led by overconfident General John Burgoyne, crawled south at a tortoise pace, giving the rattled Americans time to regroup under Horatio Gates. To support him, General George Washington sent Benedict Arnold, his best infantry commander; Colonel Daniel Morgan and his crack regiment of Virginia riflemen; and two brigades of Continentals from the Hudson Highlands. They raised Gates’s strength to about sixty-five hundred men. Equally important was Colonel Thaddeus Kosciusko, the Polish engineer, who built excellent field fortifications on Bemis Heights overlooking the Hudson River.

US Marine Corp Chesty Puller on the Enemy taking our White women to breed

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As my deceased US Marine said, we were never fighting little Vietnam, we were fighting China. Perhaps 10 times the population as the White men of USA. Here’s a quote from “Chesty Puller” his idol. It seems there were more than 27+ divisions of Yellow Chinese compared to 1 US Marine division. As I said, Jew bankers and Chinese Yellow Communists pulverized those men in Vietnam not just killed or wounded them. Intentional takeover of USA to send the entire White Male population overseas so Jews could kill President Kennedy, leave nation grieved and open to anything his brother Edward Kennedy wanted “Civil Rights Act” and “Immigration Act,” to sig the 92% of the world’s non-White population on the White Race in USA. Also Jews bill forcing churches to race-break or else. Jew sexual revolution so they could get as many White women and boys as they wanted for their Jewess wives refuse them sex once they get their one or two Kyke Kids for inheritance and support. Jewess Gloria Steinem and Jewess company for her Feminism. The Mental Health bill so the Jews could affect the children growing up, especially White Boys, who now will have to have 21 mentors each to overcome intentional damage. Damage to the white man on battlefield, dambe to the White family “unprotected” back home.

“When the Marines were cut off behind enemy lines and the Army had written
the 1st Marine Division off as being lost because they were surrounded by 22
enemy divisions. The Marines made it out inflicting the highest casualty
ratio on an enemy in history and destroying 7 entire enemy divisions in the
process. An enemy division is 16500+ men while a Marine division is 12500 men.

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Autobiographically speaking, both Hitler and deceased husband were “Corporals” in the military. Both White Race & fought Jew Communists, lost, suicided.

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I just discovered on Dr. William Luther Pierce’s White Activist radio show Adolf Hitler was a Corporal in World War I. By the way, most Whites died from “Typhus” in  World War I as in World War II “not” a Jew faked Holocaust.  World War I was a Jew rigged war  to get guarantee they could rob Palestine for their faked Jew Bible “Chosen” status.I was told by a white Polish guard at one of the “work camps” not “death camps,” doctors (most doctors of Poland were Jews or taught by them) injected the Jews with Typhus. Did they do the same through vaccines injected into White males which were supposed to prevent it?

My husband was a also Corporal in the US Marines fighting the most ferocious battles in Vietnam. What made it so tragic is it was the first “Race War,” in recent history. Yellow Race 1.3 Billion against White males USA. As Adolf Hitler fought Jew Communists, lost, suicided, so did my husband in Vietnam driven over the brink. I crusaded and was beaten and crippled by Jews Las Vegas, 4 blacks came to kill me with loaded guns there, and nearly ran off road by car with burlap tied over license plates in Branson, Missouri. All because I wasn’t sure if I should believe husband’s last words, “There’s no help for the White men in this country.” I now have 40,000 pages of writing from the very innocent when I first began, to dynamic continuous truths which come to me daily.


Michael Miles Duncan Sr.

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Note the White dog.