Autobiographically speaking, both Hitler and deceased husband were “Corporals” in the military. Both White Race & fought Jew Communists, lost, suicided.

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I just discovered on Dr. William Luther Pierce’s White Activist radio show Adolf Hitler was a Corporal in World War I. By the way, most Whites died from “Typhus” in  World War I as in World War II “not” a Jew faked Holocaust.  World War I was a Jew rigged war  to get guarantee they could rob Palestine for their faked Jew Bible “Chosen” status.I was told by a white Polish guard at one of the “work camps” not “death camps,” doctors (most doctors of Poland were Jews or taught by them) injected the Jews with Typhus. Did they do the same through vaccines injected into White males which were supposed to prevent it?

My husband was a also Corporal in the US Marines fighting the most ferocious battles in Vietnam. What made it so tragic is it was the first “Race War,” in recent history. Yellow Race 1.3 Billion against White males USA. As Adolf Hitler fought Jew Communists, lost, suicided, so did my husband in Vietnam driven over the brink. I crusaded and was beaten and crippled by Jews Las Vegas, 4 blacks came to kill me with loaded guns there, and nearly ran off road by car with burlap tied over license plates in Branson, Missouri. All because I wasn’t sure if I should believe husband’s last words, “There’s no help for the White men in this country.” I now have 40,000 pages of writing from the very innocent when I first began, to dynamic continuous truths which come to me daily.


Michael Miles Duncan Sr.

Image result for adolf hitler world war i

Note the White dog.

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