The Age of the Jews is coming to an end: the time for Clear White Thinkers is at hand

In Uncategorized on January 31, 2017 at 9:20 pm

At the end of video #2, Dr. William Luther Pierce ends with “The age of the Jews is coming to an end; the time for clear (White) thinkers is at hand.” My emphasis. We don’t want to transfer our White co-dependence from Jews onto Yellow Chinese, Hindus, Mexicans, Browns, or 1/2 breeds, (we saw what happened with a black Muslim president, Barach Hussein.)

As Dr. Pierce stated Whites must be self-reliant or reliant on each other. It was the same as the Mayflower pioneers, 1620. Divided up into tribes of 10. They had to rely and help one another and work hard. If the other tribes were lazy or partied with the other races (Red Indians) and didn’t have a crop or home built, the lazy ones couldn’t steal from the productive ones. Or each White man, woman, and child would be beaten for stealing from White Productive ones. But if “all” the White tribes would be productive, think of our future, bright, beautiful, buoyant, bountiful.

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