Baldur Von Schirach, Hitler Jugend, Hitler Youth. 27 posts on youtube

In Uncategorized on February 4, 2017 at 4:28 pm

Somehow I posted 28 comments but all were destroyed on Thomas Schmidt’s site. Not sure if malicious or YouTube feature which only allows one comment. If Jews destroyed; the power they use against me will turn on them and destroy themselves and each other. I’m sure in Israel they are eating each other up alive for they have to parasite someone. It’s odd but a nun posted several below me and talked how she was rejoicing for White German who tried to save White boys and girls from drinking, drugging, smoking (Jew incuded) she was glad he “repented” when he called Hitler a “monster.” Is that Christian to call other Christians monsters yet worship Jews, Blacks, Yellows, Muslims, Hindus, Browns, Reds, 1/2 breeds (Barach Hussein our White role model. No wonder race-breaking is all time high 10%.)

Here’s comments from yesterday which are gone off Internet today. But if you just want comments for this video see below:


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