Miserable Rich Jewess heir to #1 movie of South: Gone With the Wind

In Uncategorized on February 27, 2017 at 5:18 pm

This is from a former blog of mine: Jews can play tricks as they did with the mixed up winner, I can pull out my card tricks.

I can’t help but laugh out loud but you can see from Jew David Selznick, (#1 movie Gone with the Wind who drove the White star to a nervous breakdown, Vivien Leigh,)  and his Jewe$$ wife, she is so bored, miserable, talk about anxiety, hope they have Xanax for her as she awaits her billions for doing nothing but being a hysterical selfish witch. Look at her expression. Typical Jewess Princess on a Pedestal. I mean she doesn’t even try to conceal her misery.  And he “adores” her and all his crimes are mainly for her and to get free sex his entire life from White women and boys.

Oh yes, one more thing. While she was on the set of Gone with the Wind, she became so angry, when she went back to her room, she barricaded the doors with heavy furniture so her Jew husband couldn’t get in! Jews don’t love each other. It is a duet of hatred to accomplish the death of the white male. This picture says a thousand words into their behavior then and now and always will be.

This picture captures her arrogance in being co-conspirator of the Death of the White male and USA.

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