How Black men and laugh, mock and hate President Trump and young White man, Chicago all on Jew Facebook

In Uncategorized on March 10, 2017 at 1:24 am

Facebook, youtube, Twitter owned by Jews shut down Whites who dare not kneel to them as their White slaves as my Polish had to for 1,000 years. Jews faked Holocaust and are now are here in USA.

Yet Blacks laugh, get high, and then insult Donal Trump and torture a White young man with disability. And to think we thought the Blacks were so poor and disabled and we helped them for 400 years! Even had one Barach Hussein rule over Whites to finish pulverizing us off.

Blacks have no self-esteem problem. Studies show USA Brown Mexicans second happiest in the world. Jews 40% of billionaires. I saw a clip where 2 Jewess’ in nursing home were laughing so hard and in such ecstasy one said to the others, “We’re both 99 but I wish we could live another 99 years we’ve had it so good in the USA.”

I found this on nationalvanguard.org



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