“Insaturation” William Shockley denied Freedom of Speech, Missouri, where Churchill gave famous “Iron Curtain” speech: Black Angela Davis complete freedom in white places.

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I’ve been printing out a play, “The Game and the Candle” from Instauration magazine by Wilmot Robertson. Been working many hours yesterday and today. When I got to the August section of play, I couldn’t help but find articles as I scrolled I just had to read. I was shocked so many and they are on today’s blogs. But since the black, White, Jew, non-White persecution of Dr. William Shockley, (invented transistor & led to Silicon Valley, led to computer) I read this article about him. bottom of 14, beginning of 15. Hasn’t this Jewish “god” made our White people suffer enough? Poland 1000 years, now all the Jews are here and Palestine. The only thing White to look forward to, worse than genocide: the next 1,000 years as slaves for Jews, Muslims (both semites) (Yellow Commies, Browns, Blacks, Reds, Hindu’s with the dot on their forehead and 1/2 breeds, even dogs and cats. At some point, the Whites must develop a will to survive. This is too much for just the older whites to carry. Nor should we be paying welfare for all those other races and religions, which make us work around the clock!

See page 14 bottom, 15 beginning.

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