Republican President Nixon, Evangelist Billy Graham: Jews domination of the MEDIA

In Uncategorized on March 31, 2017 at 4:25 pm

As you will read on other blogs today, Jews dominated media since 1897 when they took over New York Times, then made Associated Press (all news comes from what these Jews tell us, real or faked.) Then they’d buy up all the newspapers in the USA. Surely it was same in Poland for 1,000 years their secret empire of enslaving us White Poles, worst in history. Worse. Secret until today. More below is you like to read:


You can see why Jew Armand Hammer funded $2.5 million to bring Republican President Nixon down. In movie, Elvis Meets Nixon, Jews “mock” both Elvis and Nixon for being “paranoid, schizophrenic, dark, depressed, crazy” but Jews control the movies since 1927 after they stole White Thomas Alva Edison’s movie machine. It wasn’t funny two very intelligent White men with good hearts who wanted to do their best for the USA blasted and pulverized by Jews.

See also my analysis I sent to Federal Communications Commission, FCC. Note word “Communications.” ALL Communications by our White Race are only what Jews have pumped is like poisonous gases:It’s called “Compound Interest” and autobiographically speaking, Mama White slave for Jews with Daddy and her 12 babies in South Chicago, screamed to us, “Give it back to them (Jews) with compounded interest.” It’s a banking term Jews know all about.




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