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White Species Pioneer, British – British National Party Leader, Nick Griffin, Expelled, Fleeing Country

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Nick Griffin expelled in England for standing up for White Civil Rights. Perhaps the British realize the danger they have been in since World War I, II, where they fought for Jew’s rights to emigrate from my Poland (and other countries Jews went to) and not for their own country, continent, and White people.


White Species Pioneer – Carlos Mattogno, Italy, “The Myth of the Extermination of the Jews”

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Jew & Imps Final Destruction of White Species is “Now:” Communication Media

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If I wasn’t working on this consciously and some one told me this info I wouldn’t believe it’s possible humans, (Jews and their imps) have so much power.

Just since I’ve gotten more involved in trying to get a pulse on the White Species, Media, USA, World, I’ve heard of  overwhelming shut downs of our pro-Whites who I’m going to put in Chapter 23. It’s also the murder of freedom of speech. Jews already got what they wanted total control using their freedom of speech, protests, takeover of White man’s businesses, raping their women and boys freely through their style of sexual revolution, (genocide of White species no, deformed, drugged or dead white babies, abortion.) Our banks, government, all media.

There’s just a handful of White people even a child, and Jews mercilessly destroyed or murdered their youtubes, audio, websites as mine hacked and many others.

Here’s just a list and there’s certainly more.

  1. Dr. William Luther Pierce – Internet shut down deceased White physicist 308 audios..
  2. Dr. David Duke, House of Representatives, Jew Youtube first banned videos but put them back on. Now again, the European Union shut down all his European videos.
  3. Jim, Joe Rizoli, Diane King, Cable Access TV show shut down, Farmington, Massachusettes
  4. Evalion’s (a child) Jew Youtube shut down channel, so far twice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glMYifYo04c
  5. Evil Israeli Jew Rabbis forced Amazon which never banned a book for I was going to self-publish with them, at least 70 books regarding Jew only version o Holocaust.
  6. Jew PayPal shut down “The Barnes Review” newspaper’s account so no one can pay for their subscription.
  7. Andrew Carrington Hitchcock’s book, Synagogue of Satan, banned & received letter from Talkshoe radio his audio radio shows might be banned following the lead role of Jew Facebook & Twitter. (I was banned on both!)
  8. Talkshoe radio where all my 1-2 hour interview radio shows sent letters to those who had “controversial (but true)” broadcasts they may be shut down
  9. Tex Marrs book banned on Amazon.
  10. German Rudolf’s 70 books banned Amazon.
  11. Ursula Haverbeck, Germany, 87, 11 month prison sentence.
  12. Vincent Reynaurd arrested fled France,confiscated equipment and hundreds of books.
  13. Robert Faurrison prison,
  14. Horst Mahler prison 12 years, when set free, arrested again and fled,
  15. Simon Sheppard, England, arrested and imprisoned both England and USA for booklet challenging Jew only version of “Diary of Anne Frank,” as if she were modern day saint.
  16. Henrik Hollappa, Finland fled to USA for saying the black immigrants raping White Finnish women,
  17. Ernst Zundel, 7 years solitary confinement for saying 6,000,000 number incorrect, not denying Holocaust, (the fact is Polish Catholic Christians were the #1 victim no matter what version we accept, it’s silenced is scary. Jews called Poland home from 1025-1945, their entire population transferred from Poland to USA as a result of Jew Holocaust story. No Christian version of Holocaust)
  18. Sylvia Stolz, attorney for Ernst Zundel,  3 years prison Germany,
  19. Polish WordPress blog   justice4poland   hacked so bad she can barely blog, (All Jews come from Poland 1025-1945, now all here. Israeli Jews are from Russia who migrated from Poland and the worse of the criminal Jews,)
  20. Barbara Ann Nowak my autobiography banned and not even published for Jews totally run book publishing from New York paradise for Jews — all publishers — agents — editors — advertising – marketing. Suffering 2 death attempts, beaten and crippled in front of 300 people, car engine blew up, harassed by Jew employers, blackballed.
  21. Don Black, Stormfront.org, assassination attempt
  22. Michael Collins Piper, dead “Final Judgment” book showing Jew involvement in President Kennedy’s death.
  23. Joerg Haider, Austria, dead car accident, several death attempts, beating, crippling on my life, robberies on my life,
  24. Michael Duncan, deceased suicided Vietnam Veteran husband’s handwritten autobiographies stolen, one when thief smashed my car window while we attended church — his last words “No Help for the White Man” and “They don’t want this out!”
  25. Edgar Steele, bomb put on car Edgar Steele’s wife.  He was attorney for Whites,  Jew Comedian Bill Mauer’s cousin involved. Died in prison & nobody new whereabouts.
  26. Lech Kaczynski, wife Maria, Polish President and First Lady,  died in mysterious plane crash with 94 highest of Poland at commencement at Katyn massacre by Commie led Jews. Jewess takes over as First Lady.
  27. Brad Love, Canadian – Jailed, arrested again
  28. Terry Tremaine, Canadian – fired, court assaults
  29. Paul Fromm, Canadian – Against Illegal Immigration, banned from USA.
  30. Andrew Chetwynd, England, forced mental hospital and drugging
  31. Alfred & Monica Schaefer, Germany, police confiscated all equipment, fired
  32. Arthur Butz, Author, Alma Mater defamed
  33. Arthur Topham, arrested, curfew, kicked off Internet
  34. Bill White 17 years prison
  35. Bradley Smith wrongly jailed 20 years
  36. Brian Ruhe, Canadian unjustly sent to mental hospital, fired 8 jobs
  37. Carlo Mattogno, Italian Author (disappeared from blog, will re-do)
  38. Many, Many more. Working on complete list for Chapter 23 of Autobiography.

“Trump Sends FBI to Israel, Arrests Jew Terrorists,” & 2,000 years of Expelling Jews!

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Below these screen shots I took is phenomenal youtube. Add to this list, my Bydgosz, Poland expelled Jews, Melania Trump’s Slovenia expelled them 3 times including burning down villages. Also, add 1968 Poland expelled them again. At one point Poland executed 1/3 of the Jew population! Jew Expel 1

Jew Expel 2

Jew Expel 3

Jew Expel 4

Jew Expel 5

Jew Expel 6

Jew Expel 7

Jew Expel 8

Jew Expel 9

Jew Expel 11

Jew Expel 12

Jew Expel 13




Author Charles Bukowski “Life: Do It!”

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I was looking up Ezra Pound to put on my White Race Pioneer chapters when the side bar shows name “Bukowski.” Having read book “Poland” by James Mitchener, the name “Bukowski” came up over and over again. A female who inherited fortune and had 19 castles. Poland was the only country in the world with all slaves, and White at that. Jew bankers and a few rich Magnates at the top. But their wealth was an illusion, but no sooner the castles were built, the bankers found enemies either on Poland’s east or west side to war with them and blow up the castles.

Here’s Charles Bukowski, German-Polish and anyone who has had anything to do with pro-White or exposing Jews know the torture which goes along with it.


White Species Pioneer – Johnny Rocker, Baseball Star

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Odd but Jews defamed my White Polish people with their name of “Dumb Polak” and turned the world against them and me. I just tell anyone I study my Polish ancestry and the person always is ready to tell me a “dumb Polak” joke. It hurts. Jews also named blonde White women “dumb blondes.” That makes their Jewess with black hair a JAPP, Jewess American Princess on a Pedestal. If anyone dares not genuflect to the Jews, they will send their 1,000 groups after that single person. For they know they nearly got 100% of the entire world believing their Chosen people lies, Holocaust exaggerations, lies, false evidence and testimony at trials, all because they wanted all their Jewish people to emigrate out of Old Europe and into New United States where all the $$$ was.


Here’s an article about a baseball hero from the Atlanta Braves who dared say out loud what many Americans were thinking. They don’t want illegals, nor gays getting their young boys drugged and addicted to homosexuality and not be heterosexual and have White children. Just another Jew genocide tool plus a bigger and more eager male sex partner for the Jews who alternate between “dumb blondes” of Hollywood (as Jews defamed them and my people “dumb Polaks”) and White males addicted to homosexuality. Odd before World War II, the Germans, Christians, our smartest, tried to stop the Jews who were destroying their country with gays and lezzies. The Germans sent the gays and lezzies re-education camps. Just because a collective tribe called “the Jews” say it’s against the law to resist thinking gays and lezzies are abnormal, does that mean we have to “believe” it as part of the 24/7 Jew religion we worship?

If Jews put mines around Israel to keep out non-race Jews, that’s ok. Johnny rocker criticized Jew New York flooded with the 92% non-Whites of the world, they attack him. Odd but if left as is, the 92% of the world will take over America. Jews have never been stopped, not even in Germany.

In this article, Jews turned the tables on the White Christians who tried to resist them and make Johnny Rocker go for psychiatric help. That is, if he wants to ever play again in a Jew controlled USA, be filmed by Jew media, and Jew controlled.

This article knocks this White man down for saying things that are true for “Survival of the White Race even America.” The USA and Survivor punish him. (Jews know clearly the White Race isn’t surviving and we have nothing, even our instincts are gone, to resist their genocide. Poland couldn’t do it 1,000 years ago, now they are here.) Odd but the last sentence talks of another “Survivor,” for White Race, Jorg Haider, who won the Austrian party for government, being pro-White survival. But this article was before he was found dead in a car crash the day he won his office.

“John Rocker Is the Latest Hero for the Web’s Far-Right

John Rocker, the Atlanta Braves’ relief pitcher whose opinions about New York and its citizenry has earned him a monthlong suspension from baseball, may seem to be one of the sporting world’s great villains. But if baseball’s commissioner, Bud Selig, really believes that Mr. Rocker’s comments “offended practically every element of society,” he doesn’t know his audience. In fact, Mr. Rocker has become a hero to thousands of non-New Yorkers who have made him a digital poster boy for on-line racists, bigots and New York-haters.

For example, at Stormfront.org, the Web’s largest and oldest white supremacist organization (now there’s a claim to fame!), chat rooms are buzzing with hundreds of tributes to Mr. Rocker, who made news in December by castigating New York’s gays, immigrants and single mothers. One chat room participant wrote a poem entitled “Off Your Rocker?” The poem’s sentiments can be summed up in four lines: “So you think that the country’s becoming/ A little bit over-exotic./ If you were a baseball player,/ They’d suspect that you were psychotic.” Not the sort of writing they teach in graduate school, although it does make its point clear.

Another participant in the chat session said that “what the Jews and liberals fear the most, they fear the truth … What ‘we’ need to do is support John Rocker …” The on-line magazine American Renaissance , which features a picture of the pitcher, warns that “the Rocker story is one more reminder that white Americans aren’t even allowed to have their own perspective anymore. It’s no longer permissible even to be provincial … No room in this world for cracker boys.”

Thenthere’sIlovewhitefolks.com, which features an anonymous article entitled “Here’s to John Rocker.” “The witch hunt is on, and I expect to see John Rocker either crawling on his hands and knees in apology soon, or be run out of baseball,” the article reads. “That is what happens in our country today if you do not worship at the altar of diversity. You can do drugs, rape women or any other sort of thing you want, and still play pro sports, but you can never, ever, disparage the sacred pseudo-religion of Diversity.”

The Web site for the Council of Conservative Citizens (cofcc.org)-a St. Louis-based white supremacist organization-directs readers to “The John Rocker Page,” where the relief pitcher’s saga is recounted under the headlines “Enter, the Grand Inquisitors,” and “To the Gulag, Go!” A pro-Rocker screed charges that in “this emerging New World (just as in the Soviet world of old), the powers that be have given notice that henceforth dissidents will be dealt with by psychiatric means.”

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Mr. Rocker’s troubles started when he insulted New York Mets fans during the National League Championship Series last October. Then he elaborated on his views of New Yorkers to a Sports Illustrated reporter during the off-season. “The biggest thing I don’t like about New York are the foreigners … How the hell did they get in this country?” he said.

Mr. Rocker went on to call one teammate a “fat monkey” and to complain about riding the No. 7 train with “some kid with purple hair next to some queer with AIDS … and some 20-year old mom with four kids. It’s depressing.” The reaction was swift, and Mr. Rocker was ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation. Members of the rock band Twisted Sister, whose song, “I Wanna Rock,” introduced Mr. Rocker’s appearances at home games, denounced the pitcher. Then, on Jan. 31, Major League Baseball passed sentence on Mr. Rocker with the suspension and a fine.

Both Mr. Rocker and Braves owner Ted Turner declined to comment on the pitcher’s popularity among hate groups. But his supporters are not nearly as reluctant to speak out. David Duke, ex-Ku Klux Klansman, onetime Presidential candidate and recently named president of National Organization for European-American Rights, told The Observer that Mr. Rocker “expressed an opinion and I think that opinion is shared by many millions of Americans, and that opinion is more prevalent than the media would let us believe.” Stormfront.org director Don Black said in an interview that Mr. Rocker “pretty much said what most people feel. He was asked about New York, and most people, when they look and see what’s happened to their country and the cities, they become a little angry. He’s no different than anyone else. It’s unfortunate that they can’t express their true feelings.”

Of Mr. Rocker’s decision to recant his statements, Mr. Black said, “He wants to stay in baseball. Obviously, it would have been better if he had stood his ground.”

That opinion seems to be shared among some of those who agreed with Mr. Rocker’s remarks. William Pierce, leader of the National Alliance, a West Virginia-based anti-Semitic organization and author of The Turner Diaries , a fictional account of a race war, which inspired Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, recently said that he saw “nothing heroic about John Rocker.”

“He simply blurted out what he was thinking and then began groveling and apologizing as soon as the Jews jumped on him for it,” Mr. Pierce said. “If, when the media began demanding an apology, he had told them loudly and publicly, ‘Up the chimney, Jew boys!’ I would consider him a hero. Of course, if he had acted heroically, he would have lost his very lucrative employment instantly. Big business and the media have no use for heroism. It scares them.”

Matthew Hale, who serves as “Pontifex Maximus” of the World Church of the Creator, which he runs out of his mother’s house in Chicago, said, “We’re disappointed that he didn’t show the resolve to stand by his statements but sending someone to a psychological exam because of their point of view is wrong.”

By turning Mr. Rocker’s opinions into evidence of a medical condition, Major League Baseball opened itself up to the obvious criticism that Mr. Rocker has been dispatched to the equivalent of a re-education camp. Suddenly, bigots and haters can claim to be First Amendment heroes. And suddenly John Rocker, of all people, is a martyr. And Mr. Turner will now be able to welcome back his star pitcher in May, announcing to the world that Mr. Rocker has been cured of his malady.

In which case his supporters may have to discard him in favor of a new hero. There’s a politician in Austria who has been making news lately, although it’s not certain whether the Freedom Party’s Jörg Haider has ever taken the Flushing line to Queens.

John Rocker Is the Latest Hero for the Web’s Far-Right

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Since Jews run TV this was a set up against him. Not only is the black woman strong as they always appear (In business they can make twice as much as White woman with same qualifications. Laws give preference and make the black woman even stronger. Africa is already a society which has Matriarchal, or Women ruling, and we make us Whites weaker and them stronger. Even the White woman with the big lips (Whites try to look like Blacks with their lips, hair, singing, dancing.

White Species Pioneer – Ezra Pound, Genius, Arrested for Truth – Treason, Caged like White Animal, Broken Down

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I’d like to be a genius and wish it for all Whites! Of the 4 top races: Jews from my Poland smartest, Yellows second, Hindus third, and bottom is Whites. It’s time we define new education not anti-White education we have today, and then implement it 24/7. It may take 1,000 years, but today is a good day to start.

Following his arrest in May 1945, he was taken to the United States Army Disciplinary Training Center, north of Pisa, where he suffered three torturous weeks in a six-foot-square outdoor steel cage with a concrete floor. Apart from the solid roof, the cage offered no protection from the elements and Pound was exposed to blazing heat during the day, with floodlights illuminating his cage at night. After two and a half weeks he, reportedly, began to break under the strain. He was punished for “freedom of speech and truth” sent to mental hospital and transferred to St. Elizabeth’s mental hospital for 12 years, Washington DC.

“In 1954, Ernest Hemingway said it was a good year to release poets.”

Autobiographically speaking, Sister Mary wrote a box full of original long uplifting poetry, which she read on the air for 10 years on Jew Eddie Schwartz’ radio show. He seduced her after a radio gathering. (See below how he writes of intimacy with the nursing home nurses. Jews think it a big joke to rape or seduce White women as in my Poland 1251 and Germany after Jews took over Germany, World War I.) Sister’s Italian husband found out and took loaded gun to Jew’s head. But Jew “outsmarted” him and bribed him with one free year of advertising on radio station for his Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria. Tony broke and accepted. Soon after the “free” commercials, two men bought in to the restaurant, but only did it to “oust” my brother-in-law from his own business since they had 2/3 ownership. Remember an old saying “For everything White man’s business there are 2 Jews to steal it from him.”

How it affected my White sister, mental hospital, like Ezra Pound, 5 times, shock treatments, while the Jews laugh all the way to the bank.

Here’s clip on Eddie Schwartz, Jew, and his cruel obsession with non-Jew women:

“From a bed in a second-floor room of Ballard Nursing Home in Des Plaines, Ed Schwartz-a.k.a. Chicago Ed, the former king of late-night radio-announces visitors as if they were guests on his old show. His delivery is slow, breathless, and squeaky, a Schwartz trademark. “I have here, standing before me, two nurses,” Schwartz pronounces. And a while later: “And now, my physical therapist, is standing in my doorway, with a smile.”


photograph Ezra Pound writing on toilet paper suggests started to write in Steel Cage like a White man in the zoo not watching the animals but in it for the 92% of the world’s non-Whites to see as we become an endangered species. Next time, extinction. Placed in Natural History Museum, along with Pro-Magnon Man, Neatherderthal, White Man/Woman.

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“You let in the Jew and the Jew rotted your empire, and you yourselves out-jewed the Jew. Your allies in your victimized holdings are the bunyah, you stand for NOTHING but usury.

— Pound radio broadcast, 15 March 1942” Wikipedia

complicit peers.

On Jews and their imps, usury. Read at Harvard.

“He wrote in The Japan Times that “Democracy is now currently defined in Europe as a ‘country run by Jews,'” and told Oswald Mosley’s newspaper that the English were a slave race governed since Waterloo by the Rothschilds.

(As I protested Jew only Holocaust museum, which excludes #1 victim,  my Polish, I did it as a sense of responsibility towards Whites, Christian version of Holocaust, revised version, and the USA who pays for it.) He traveled to Washington, D.C. where he met senators and congressmen. His daughter, Mary, said that he had acted out of a sense of responsibility, rather than megalomania; he was offered no encouragement, and was left feeling depressed and frustrated.[106]

In June 1939 he received an honorary doctorate from Hamilton College, and a week later returned to Italy from the States and began writing antisemitic material for Italian newspapers. He wrote to James Laughlin that Roosevelt represented Jewry, and signed the letter with “Heil Hitler“.

(Autobiographically speaking, my White Poland, where all Jews come from, worse slave race in history 1025-1945, now those Jews are here in USA.)

On Jewish usury, which even Jesus Christ whipped them out of the temple for, and was banned in Christian countries. Now rules White Race, USA, all White Countries and probably World.

Image result for ezra pound quote usury

Pound wrote by British fascist, also on my White Race Pioneer list, Sir Oswald Mosley.

My autobiography is deep. I had to dig, dig, dig above the superficial reality created and branded on Whites by Jews, and relive my horrible past as a White Polish-American slave for Jews. Nothing less than the 40,000 pages of writing could have made me “understand” and attempt to “write a deep book.” Yet hard to convey since all we know are Jewish books, for they ban or burn any others. Even the thought of it.

Ezra Pound arrested for treason in Italy blaming US involvement in World War II and blaming Jew for creating war (White Veterans) and Jew usury. All these Whites suffered horrendously for “Jew rights” to move their entire population from their 1,000 year home to USA.

Jew Wiki (figures could be higher: “Over 16.5 million men and women served in the armed forces during World War II, of whom 291,557 died in battle, 113,842 died from other causes, and 670,846 were wounded.”

Image result for ezra pound quotes

Poland waited for someone to set the free: Adolf Hitler and Nazis. All Jews come from my Poland and they were moved en masse to USA. Are the Whites waiting for someone to “free them?”

Image result for ezra pound quotes

I’d like to be a genius. My autobiography and other website says where the ordinary impersonator saw one character and bought costume, I saw and exhibited 258 with self-made costumes, used to entertain consciously, what I saw was a dying White race.

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When one is different, one is surrounded by people who generally oppose him, whether silently which I feel sometimes, or directly. The mind the White Species has is that which Jews molded 24/7 through media. Since I never had it, it seems there’s no possible communication. I can’t understand this reality nor can it understand me. And that’s ok.


Autobiographically speaking, my Vietnam Veteran Purple Heart, fought the Communist Jews and Communist Chinese in bloody battle of Vietnam. It destroyed him in suicide. Jews took over the USA while they moved the entire White male population to Vietnam to be pulverized, and did the same to the Veterans when they came back home. It was done to have Jew Revolution against White Europe and USA and gain total control of us as they destroy us 24/7.


Autobiographically speaking, I’ve written much on the Federal Reserve Bank since I worked there 1966 and is run today by Jewess Janet Yellen. Just think, if Whites developed their own, it’s a far stretch, but perhaps I could be running the Federal Reserve.

“In 1949 Pound’s wife, Dorothy, introduced him to Eustace Mullins, who was then working at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. They soon became friends, with Mullins being a regular visitor to St. Elizabeths. It was during this period that Pound asked Mullins to research the Federal Reserve at the Library of Congress. Initially, the project held little interest for Mullins, but he quickly realised the importance of his research. Pound encouraged Mullins to “work on it as a detective story”, the results of which were published in 1952, entitled Mullins on the Federal Reserve, and later retitled The Secrets of the Federal Reserve.”

From his friend, Eustace Mullins. White Species or USA people never received the benefits of this bank:

Image result for ezra pound federal reserve bank

(National Vanguard) In New History of the Jews (1968) Mullins writes about Byzantium and the conclusions Pound drew from the relationship between the Byzantines and the Jews:

Throughout the history of Byzantium, as it was known, by imperial edict, no Jew was allowed to hold any post in the Empire, nor was he allowed to educate the young. The Byzantine Empire finally fell to the Turks after twelve centuries of prosperity, and the Jews have attempted to wipe out all traces of its history.

Yet its edicts against the Jews were not cruel; in fact, the Jews lived unmolested and prosperously in the empire throughout its history, but here alone the vicious cycle of host and parasite did not take place. It was a Christian civilization, and the Jews were not able to exercise any influence. Nor did the Orthodox priests bewilder their congregations with any vicious lies about Christ being a Jew. No wonder the Jews want to eradicate the memory of such a culture. It was Ezra Pound who launched upon a study of Byzantine civilization, and who reminded the world of this happily non-Jewish land. From the Byzantines, Pound derived his no-violent formula for controlling the Jews. “The answer to the Jewish problem is simple,” he said. “Keep them out of banking, out of education, out of government.”

Jew News 1. Any Confederate (White) statues of leaders destroyed; 2. FBI arrested Jew teen 2000 Threats against own Jews!

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Accidentally I put Harrison, Arkansas show to sell some easy gardening equipment since I moved. How I even heard this is unthinkable and not possible with human odds. Oh well. I studied how the White KKK formed as sheriffs to protect White women and children after Jews in the South tortured the Whites, confiscating land (like Scarlett O’Hara, Gone with the Wind, nearly lost hers. Plus Jews starting with Judah P Benjamen was responsible for Civil War under White President Davis a pawn, and Jew Benjamen took the entire and most rich US treasury to his Jews in Europe.) The Jews were putting blacks in all aspects of govenment (as I wrote) and was a mess. The KKK had to take charge just as the French and Germans drove the Jews out of their land into Poland, 1096, over the heads of French and German church (Catholic) and government. Same should have been done after Jew Rabbi drafted 1965 USA Civil Rights Act. The horrors the White men, including US Marine, Purple Heart, who suicided after 1966-1967 being in Vietnam (China war) all before and after that law, were horrendous. Since we Whites have been kept intentionally dumber than Jews (Polish) smartest, Yellow Chinese, then Hindus, then Whites at the bottom. We can’t even talk of the Browns and Blacks because we jump closer and closer to them and further away from the smartest as I’ve shown tables on blog

I never listened to station but knew Harrison and area home to the KKK, which were defamed and annihilated by Jews. As Jews named them “Beverly ‘Hillbillies” and kept them at a lower IQ level, Jews did same with Dumb Polaks until today. On blog, I wrote about this including fact, Jew who made the show on the Southern whites deliberately pulverized them for Jews used Jew Jethro Bodaine character as the really dumb white who only was in 6th grade or something like that. And we were all taugh to laugh at hillbillies . .  . like Elvis who the Jews recently bought, lock, stock and barrel. Max Baer, Jethro’s, father was the one who beat the Nazi boxing champion in the Olympics. In other words, Jews man defeated the White Nazi man and won. It was only first of th entire 1936-1945 hate against Whites in Europe and Germany!
The News headlines talked first of a new ordinance or something which is going to shut down all things relating to the Confederacy because it hurts them and want them to get over it. Really! Do the Jews think we are that dumb? I would assume these meetings even in Springfield, about sons of the Confederates, etc. will be stopped. What happened to Poland is here. History does not have to repeat itself. We “believe” it does. Why don’t them remove the Haym Jew dumb Polak Solomon from Chicago prime location who emigrated from Poland with Polish slavery $25 million 1770’s to incite and fund the American Revolutionary War pitting White brothers and families against our White Brothers across the ocean for “Jew’s” to become our royalty, kings and queens, as we fought to be released from British control.
The news right after on CBS news, talked of how a Jewish teen, with dual citizenship in USA and Israel, arrested for extortion and faked Anti-Semetic propaganda! I was happy though it said the FBI worked with Jewish Israel to trace it down! Our FBI knows! Our FBI knows!
Jew teen responsible for 2,000! It’s not a coincidence the Jew CBS is mocking poor Whites of the South by putting these back to back on news. They tell us their evil and wicked, but take down White famous leaders and “idols” in the same 2 minutes!

Polish Jew Haym Solomon Incited US Revolutionary War against our White Brothers in Britain

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I’ve written on this blog about Haym Solomon funding $25 million for the Revolutionary War of White America fighting White Britain Brothers to the death. Freedom? No, slavery to Jews. Since then USA been at war constantly from 1776-2017, except for 5 years!!!! White Bodbags for Jews as USA Marine Purple Heart Suicided Husband.

Salomon, Haym (bust) - NARA - 532941.jpg

We then were in debt and war every year since 1776 until today except for five years! No wonder our White people are so broken down and in debt as a nation and individually! This is treason on the Jews part! (see blog search right bottom Haym Solomon.) Jews have direct DNA to Blacks which accounts for why they genocide Whites so their black kin survive. Well, if Whites are smart, they’d send both back to Africa in a humane way. to “help” Africans because we (White) Christians “feel sorry” for them. No, we must feel sorry for ourselves and each other. Even the European Nordic countries who seem to have it so good pale in comparison (pun intended) to the smarter and richer Israel, (even  more babies for Jews and we support them as we do black and brown babies but hate White babies or breed sickly inferior ones) pale in comparison to China, and even India (who are smarter once here, having 162 babies each!!! Blacks of Africa 15. Whites 1.6 and declining, drugged, dying, degenerated. The other’s economies are skyrocketing. Whites have Jew debt.

Just found “The Dispossessed Majority” page 195.

“Although minorities generally supported the British or were neutral in the War of Independence, a reading of recently published school and college texts would indicate that without the minority assistance Americans might now be swearing alliance to Queen Elizabeth. (We fought against our White British King and brothers, and lost because we gave control to the Jews . . . bit by bit. Since they are 10 points higher in IQ and we brainwashed to accept anything they say or do, we are at an extreme disadvantage.)

“Crispus Attucks has become such an important figure in American history of colonial times gives him more space than GEORGE WASHINGTON. (Polish Jew rich from White slavery money) a Polish-born commission merchant, has been awarded an article in the Encyclopedia Brittanica, although this ‘minority’ Revolutionary War “hero” was more than once welcomed behind British lines. (Jews were working “both” sides of the war and as my blog discovered and repeats, Jews use as bodybags 1776-until today; Jews pulling strings on both sides and Whites (Christians even who should be loving one another as Jesus instead hate each other so much they kill, maim, destroy, breakdown, pulverize, bankrupt one another, while the other races don’t.)

Jews the Spy Kings and Queens of the World, USA, against White Race

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I’m going to get back to my book. Will be brief. On “Fake News Now,” Eurofolkradio.com, they said the biggest spy ring in history: Jews right before 9/11. All arrested but all released. I’ve written of Jew Jonathan Pollard, worse spy against USA in our history, pardoned by Black Barach Hussein after I wrote about him on my blog. The Jew couple, Rosenbergs, electrocuted for passing documents of the atom bomb invention to Communist Jews in Russia. They probably got them directly from Jew Oppenheimer whose signature is the only one on dropping the atom bomb on two Catholic cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki World War II.

My research and memory, (my short term memory not good but long term remembers my family’s past quite vividly) recalls clearly the first major spy was White Race Benedict Arnold. His name is defamed until today as the 1st USA spy. Yet the “Master” Jew he worked for was a Jew from Canada . . . who . . . got off Scot free. If Christians knew they could prosecute the devil for the sins of the Christians why don’t they prosecute the Jews?


Why aren’t Jews prosecuted and persecuted for “hate” crimes as Germany and other countries fill up their prisons with the Whites who are brave enough to expose and tell the truth about the Jews?

Jews underground Mafia and Israeli Mafia worse in “World History,” not just USA and now we have to judge the Jews for world-wide crime spied on us such as Amdocs of Israel. All the phone calls the top industrial countries make are recorded and printed by Jews of Israel. We not only give them billion$ and trillion$ for welfare in a Holocaust which never happened they way they lied about (Where the Polish Christian version of the Hollywood version Holocaust and it completely destroys their lies? and I hope my White Polish come forward as Christians with the truth and the rest of the world “believes” them. Jews labeled us even me in our subconscious to forever think of Poles as “dumb Polaks.” All the reasoning, writing and speaking I do can’t change that unless Whites get control of the Media, which Jews stole almost a century ago. Polish have been hypnotized for a millennium by Jews.

Even the supposed spying conducted by framed White Republican Nixon and his Plumbers, was formulated and funded by the son of Jew who fomented the Revolution, 1917, against White Russian (Christians,) Armand Hammer. $2.5 million.

Check out more spies. And since spies hide in the background and Jews can now pay other races to spy, this is just a drop in the bucket.

We also have to know Jews got in right away with the computer and internet. Whites do the inventing, Jews the stealing and spying to get our copyrights, inventions. Today we have to watch because our Whites can’t invent anymore. All laws against us, but was same in Poland. Who spied on my computer where even Best Buy techs said the spying footprints on my computer worse they ever saw. They had to kill my computer (Yes Jews murder computers also) in order for me to write.

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I met the Russian Mafia once in Chicago and they asked to “buy me a drink.” They had buckets of champagne. I said no. I didn’t know the “Russian” Mafia were Jews connected to Israeli Mafia.

Look up “Jew spies” google.com/images