Finished Play “The Game and the Candle,” Instauration Magazine

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Finished reading, studying 29 installments of “The Game and the Candle,” in the pro-White/ Jew exposing magazine by Wilmot Robinson.

“Installments of a trilogy that might have been co-authored by a CIA defector and the ghost of Niccolo Machiavelli.” I already wrote several so just search bottom, right, for “Instauration.”

I’ve blogged about a few other observations. But what I concluded was it proved what my Grandpa Kopaczewski, Polish-Russian general wrote in front pages of bible as prophecy, what my Vietnam Veteran husband knew, and what my 40,000 pages of writing concluded. But it still as a surprise. It gives an underground idea of what really may be going on in government not what Jew controlled media incites us to respond to emotionally. Notes:

  • College fellows should believe facts, but have faith in just about everything but facts. Most faith, easiest, convenience.
  • I also wrote about assassinations and bringing down President Nixon
  • Talks of anti-Trust breaking up White business monopolies; yet no one attacks the Jew monopoly which our laws made by them doesn’t cover them and Whites don’t make laws to prosecute or deter Jews. Russia tried to affect laws; look what happened to them 1917: Jew Revolution against Russia, millions murdered, government treasury stolen, government, addicted Whites, highest crime rate today 100 years later!
  • Talks of Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and Sophia of Austria. World War I was to bring down all three empires: Austrian, Russian, British (and soon USA.)
  • Each installment starts with The Action So Far. It builds up gradually each week. The beginning states there’s the Old Man, Middle Western Oil Magnate to win 1912 Democrat presidential nominee. Conditions 1. Federal Reserve Bank, private, 2. Prohibition (Jews were exempt from it and able to gain illegal wealth plus buy up distilleries etc.) 3. Choose Secretary of State (as Hillary) is the “foreign” minister in dealing covertly with other nations. Our country’s dollar today built on “oil.” It mentions later the tycoons make the Arabs (Muslims?) small populations of surrounding countries all millionaires. Qatar. We pay for that in price of gas.
  • Mayor Gaynor, New York, assassination. Picture of exact bullet going in neck caught by Jew Joseph Pulitzer’s reporter, as a Jew Zapruder film was only one to catch the bullets going in to President Kennedy.
  • The underlying people behind the scenes doing the advising were the Communists. Jews are Communists.
  • It shows how government positions are bought and sold for benefits of New World Order. Contributions flowing in and (Jew) media monopoly sways minds of (White) American to their “emotions.”
  • The Reporter for the New York World admits Joe Pultizer wouldn’t like people to know how he runs his operation. He invented “yellow journalism,” which is sensational, and not truthful. Yet Whites respond as if these were happenings which just occurred and not planned or twisted.
  • We have now a White country who genuflects to minorities, 92% of the world.
  • It shows how the Jew Revolution against White Russia was wound tightly with the USA reality.
  • They talk about kicking a man in the groin to get what they want. Black hoodlum did that to my brother, Master’s Degree, who wanted to serve them. Destroyed him physically and mentally.
  • They warn a man his doctor was “Jewish.” Opens the thought to there could be something wrong here. (Autobiography, Poland, where all Jews come from 1025-1945, worse slavery in history, silenced, even until today.)
  • The set up of White Huey Long’s assassination. Title of his autobiography, “Every Man a King.” 1935. I guess there’s a power which doesn’t want White Kings. Yet growing up, oldest brother Bert the Polak, was definitely the “King” of the family of 12. All Kings over White countries were destroyed (and Queens.) England has only a Queen the King declined!!! It had to do with the Oil baron above. The Old Man’s oil empire was in the hands of his descendants is feuding with the US senator. Jews know to build up fortunes for Whites. The Whites don’t have a world-wide scope as in Poland, make rich Magnates (from year 1025), but then use explosives to bring down their castles, wars, suffering, and White slaves. Under Jew bankers. The Jews allow for Whites to build fortunes, but then take them away. Jews think in terms of hundreds of years ahead and use little effort to put out the few who make fires in attitudes today. A billionaire stopped to talk to me when I was on Rush Street Chicago. People think I’m a good listener and compassionate, which I am. He bought me a glass of wine (I only drank for a while in my life) and lamented he was a billionaire (White) and his only son, worthless, is set to inherit all his $$$. Like this play, the son will be guided by the dastardly people and squalor the fortune. This seeming White success then is short-lived but the others think in terms of centuries and it’s why Jews so careful about who they choose to breed with and force bad breeding or no breeding plans on Whites.
  • They plan the assassination while he’s at the State Capitol. By Jews. This way President Roosevelt in Wheelchair (White women sympathy which is what runs our government, race, religion and is suicidal for their thoughts and feelings manufactured by Jews in media.
  • There’s a publisher who is one of main characters and decides what is printed. (As Jews only decide today what books are published and that’s only one tentacle of their publishing and media monopoly.
  • Another condition before USA and Britain would align with Communist Russia (Jews) was to break with Franco of Spain. Like all these Middle Eastern Oil countries’ leaders are “Bad men.” Hitler, bad man. Christianity teaches us good and bad and love and hate. Then the enemy manipulates those or even reverses them to achieve their power and greed.
  • Jews can be identified for many have last names ending in “sky.” Polish royalty had names like Mama ending in “ski,” and Jews married into royalty or highest breeding while they teach us to breed to the lowest. It always keeps them powerful and strong over us.
  • Japan was induced in World War II to side with Hitler who they planned would lose. This way (Jew) Russia would get all of Europe and China would be given to (Jew-led Chinese Communists. They may be called capitalists today.)
  • Democrat Roosevelt approved Lend Lease Act where USA would give loans to Russian Communists which never had to be paid. Ailing after Jew won World War I, Germany, was in such bad shape a wheelbarrow full of money for an egg.
  • The talk is to destroy Germany first then England second. Even England admitted they lost the war for they were so indebted after World War II it ruined their country plus all the non-Whites filled up London so much a Muslim is mayor and rules over all Whites!!!
  • Harry Hopkins says: “Is Boris Stepanov like Oumansky? A God damned sadist!” I have written many times. Jews are the sadists and their imps, and we the masochists who enjoy terror, suffering, bombing, continuous unsolvable problems.
  • Publisher says, “George, no one is a weak candidate who’ll get the publicity we’ll give him. How on earth do your clients sell their soap or automobiles? Do they go out and ask what the public wants and then manufacture: You know damn well they don’t. They decide what’s convenient and profitable to manufacture and then they hire ad agencies (Jews mostly) to tell the public that’s the soap or car they’ve always longed for. It two weeks, they can’t remember a time they didn’t long for it. Candidates for presidency, cigarette lighters, nail polish, what’s the difference? It appeals to “sub-conscious” repetition rather than intellect, IQ, or reasoning as one would think. It’s why Whites can’t think today about saving themselves, race, descendants, ancestors, religion. Jews didn’t advertise it. We are waiting for them, such as Tea Party run by them, Ron Paul, etc.
  • Stepanov: “You are the Assistant Secretary?”
  • Dex: “Yes, but . . .
  • Stepanov: “And the Secretary is a Jew. He is a stupid Jew and you are a smart Jew. “
  • Whites of USA $$, gave free planes, war ships, war material, (Jew advertising of course) to Communists in Britain, Russia, China, Soviet Russia, nearly a trillion $ and none returned and none paid for. No sane person would agree paying for Communists to destroy us. As they said in the 1950’s . . . through drugs . . . and collapse from within. Krushchev.
  • Image result for BAnkers surround Karl Marx. St. Louis Dispatch(found this one next to it. Jews holocausting the White race, not Whits holocausting Jews. Even today White male Christians threaten me instead of helping me saying if I don’t forgive Jew doctor who raped me I will burn in hell forever. Not only did doctor threaten me, but my own brother. A friend also said if I don’t worship the Jews as the Chosen I will burn in hell. You know, a dog or cat shouldn’t be treated and scared and terrorized like that. Since we live by “sub-conscious” and Christians teach God punishes (only Whites though) with burning in hell forever. Autobiography example: 1500. If any White Pole did his money business with anyone but a Jew that person will burn in hell forever. Jews have been the worse gangs, revolutionaries, murderers, rapists, robbing not just $5 as from my purse, but entire US treasury and Federal Reserve Bank. Image result for BAnkers surround Karl Marx. St. Louis Dispatch
  • The secret Commies hired a Jew owned New York World crooked reporter – highest paid. We Whites pay for trash and call trash what Jews haven’t sold us.h them openly siding with Russia against Germany who wanted only to save German race, not imperialistic world.
  • Perfect soldier: Someone who can’t think. If Jews are in military, they lead, sometimes our troops to planned death. Pulverization White male. It’s why Jew song “Nightmare on Elm Street” sings “You’ve got the body, I’ve got the brains. ” Jew brains, White body. It’s why Jews kept my Polish people as beasts illiterate, worse suffering in history. It was our only reality. It’s why Jews fill USA and Europe with non-White bodies who will do whatever they say. Muslims Europe, Blacks, Browns and all the other races, USA. We just do what we’re told. Image result for perfect soldier no head
  • Oumansky: (Jew) “Yes, yes, my dear Colonel, be angry. It please me. You Americans understand so little about the art of governing men (it’s why they put politicians who govern us, since we apparently can’t. At least in this point of time.) A Russian peasant is better at it. He beats his dog, his wife, everything that serves him because beatings produce good service while kindness only produces arguments and the hope of increased kindness. Do not expect kindness from me.”
  • Oumansky (Jew) “You are to have the American battlefleet concentrated at Pearl Harbor. (the ships were sent there so there could be a catastrophe to get into war with Japan.
  • Oumansky (Jew) It may possibly be the actual Soviet (Jew) Masterplan. I’m sure our people desire to help Mr. Roosevelt enter the war as soon as he can. It is necessary also that the fleet maintain spying eyes all the air of peacetime. There should be no air cover or constant battle alert.
  • Agent: (to the clerk) “Make it to Molotov.” He was Jew led Russian Communist who was aware the Russians committed the butchery of 20,000 of Poland’s finest men and covered up. He also knew of Jew Kaganovich who headed the purge of 10,000,000 Ukrainians.
  • Litvinov: (In a long monologue to USA Chief of Staff. “They would give you quick command of the of the seacoast of China we, who pioneered all the way across Siberia and Gobi would be nowhere. (Today, I understand Chinese shipping industry is the best in the world and fastest. Good quality. They need those ships to send all their items to the USA and around the world. One can assume then, if a war with China, as we had as a tease in Vietnam, China rules the oceans, hence the world, physically. Jews mentally and financially.)
  • Part 2 states the State Department (USA) official is well dressed to the point of effeminacy. (My deceased Veteran said not only “No Help for the White Male,” but he wanted his “manhood.” Our White men know it but can’t speak up like the Jew idol, John Wayne type.
  • Warheads today: Israel 80, (that means 300) Pakistan, India, North Korea, Russia, France, UK, USA.
  • Communist to Official: “Enjoy your joke. Our official demand is that you immediately begin changing the personnel in the Far East Division (1942) particularly China Desk.” (So the idea of having Russian Communists win Europe and World War II, Whites losing hundred million people, and then prepare for the Jewish Revolution against China to make it also Communist, which they are today, and Iron Curtain on them. No Christians allowed. Destroyed 450 churches in one Chinese city alone. Whites and Jews just drool over getting a China business account even if they have to sell their soul to the devil. White USA is saturated and not having kids so no money or power or laws are directed towards us. We are already dead.) I reasoned this out through Veteran’s words on the war which I not only listened to but remembered. “We were fighting the largest country in the world, Communist China, not the little country of Vietnam.” And probably the worse torture in history for it was a racial war. In Europe, our wars were within White race. Now it was the Yellow Race (Jew Race and $$) against White race. It’s when Jews and their imps had a mental and psychological warfare against formerly White USA.
  • Oumansky: (Jew Commie) “What are you talking about?”
  • Communist: “This. (He pulls out a piece of paper.) It’s the sworn deposition of the porter on train #106, Washington to New York. It swears to the receipt of money from a man as an inducement to commit an act of homosexual intercourse. It deposes that the act was committed and it identifies the man as you.” (Jews did the same to President McKinley with framed love letters in affair, as Jew Monica Lewinsky seduced President Clinton, saved the “evidence” as Jews who run legal field as well, know they have to have for their wicked and evil schemes.
  • They mention Jew Morgenthau Plan which said not only to punish Germany (worse than they did after World War I. Odd but Whites want to punish me often, but are too cowardice to stand up to a Jewess or Jew. They never get punished but rewarded. It’s their “religion” and we obey their “religion.” Morgenthau Jew last to see President Roosevelt alive right before World War II end. Same with Hitler. Both leaders died within 2 weeks of each other. Planned against Whites. It’s why Jews stay in background. No one is devising these horrendous schemes and Christians and Whites not capable.
  • Dex: “The German masses have been corrupted by Hitler. (Survival of White Species) They’ll need a long period of re-education.” One can only wonder where the White Species would be without all the damage done us through mind techniques and physical addictions intentionally put on us. I watched a Polish youtube about the official Coronation of Jesus Christ as King of Poland who rules. (not Muslims or Jews or Yellows or blacks like Barach Hussein ruled Whites.) During a prayer they asked God to help heal Polish people’s addictions. Did they start before 1025, when Jew bankers ruled us for 1,000 years? Jews don’t drink and their babies not damaged for all that time.
  • On same page as play:
  • There would have been no War between the States. Those who are conscious of belonging to the same race do not fight each other to the death for the benefit of an alien race. Having escaped mutual slaughter, the American Majority would today be of much higher genetic quality and would represent a substantially larger portion of the population.
  • Thee wold have been no World War I. Race-conscious Norther Europeans and their descendants overseas would have devoted their energies to more constructive pursuits than raging nationalism, whose final accomplishment is the drying up of gene pools.
  • Without World War I there wold have been no world War II . . . no Russian hegemony over Europe (now Jewish) . . . no disintegration of the British Empire . . . no partition of Germany . . . no dispossession of the Palestinians . . . no Israel.
  • Unaided by the cultural and racial degeneracy provided by two World Wars and countless revolutions, (Jews) Marx, Freud and Boas and their infantile notions would have been laughed out of the social sciences. Modern liberalism would be recognized for what it is — a political, economic and social expression of envy.
  • Instead of belonging to the United Nations, (1200 Jews out of 1800 when I first discovered it. They probably adjusted that quickly which is child’s play to deceive Whites.) Northern Europeans would have long ago formed a racial federation, not to advance the interests of nationalism, socialism, capitalism, and equalitarianism, but solely to advance the interests of Norther Europeans in Europe and elsewhere. (according to Wilmot Robinson’s book, “The Dispossessed Majority” Polish, like me, categorized with the highest Whites.
  • With their unlimited energy and genius freed from the genocial threat of age-old natinalistic rivalries and the forced subsidizing of beggar and parsitical races in their midst, Northern Europeans would have developed a technology that woul d have stopped environmental pollution in its tracks and provided adequate goods, services, food and housing for every deserving kinsman.
  • The immeasurable progress of culture and civilization would have lifted the morale and spiritual capabilities of the race to such a level that Shakespeare, Mozart and Praxiteles would have been reduced to the status of minor artists.
  • Eugenic programs would have raised the average European IQ to 125, with a 25-year-program in force to raise it to 140 by the turn of the century. See chart for IQ with Whites 5th highest. We could and should be first especially since the USA dishes out the time and money to elevate the other races at our expense. https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/23875
  • In the year 2000, under the watchful eyes of expert geneticists, a special group of isolated Majority members, already possessing several important and beneficial mutations in regard to mental and physical stamina, would be busy breeding the first generation of potential supermen.
  • The grand adventure of evolution would again be in full swing.
  • Back to play. They are considering Eisenhower as President. The Jew General who ruled over 1.5 million White Germans treated as terribly as possible and murdered at orders of Jew Morgenthau, and Eisenhower (his yearbook says a Swedish Jew) executed it. When I lived in skyscraper, woman two doors down, Freddie, was Eisenhower’s interpreter for World War II. Yes, Jews had and have “power” and use their IQ to elevate themselves and each other into royalty or sainthood for Whites to worship.
  • I discovered Jewess Lowey, $41,000,000, who heads the anti-Semite bill, (Semites are 1 billion Muslims, ISIS, and Jews. It threatened and punishes only White (Christians.) Europe has prisons of Whites who did nothing but debate the Jewish only version of the Holocaust. Jewess Lowery, or rather Princess Lowey, since we Polish always treated them as royalty, JAPP< Jewess American Princess on a Pedestal, but she is head of the Budget Committee for the entire 435 House of Reps. And she knows her seniority being 70 and her power. This dialogue talks of Budget committees in the play.
  • Dex: “First how about the money? Control of jobs is fine, but unless we have a finger in the spending of the Government’s money we can be outmaneuvered.”
  • Leon: “This isn’t just a show of professionalism from the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury?”
  • Dex: “No, indeed it is not. Ever since Roosevelt transferred the Bureau of the Budget away from the Treasury and put it directly under the White Hose, I’ve felt a distinct loss of control. Of course, no one can stop Congress appropriating money for offensive war weapons and spy hunts and all the other things the fascists forces want to do, but if you control the Bureau of the Budget at least you can prevent an executive department from asking for funds for such purposes, and often that’s half the battle. At worse, its a great help.
  • Leon: “You want him to agree that we can name the Budget Director?
  • Dex: Well, I’ve got more than you’ll take the time to hear, but there’s one overwhelming one. China. What will Truman agree to do out there?” The US Communists want to send arms for the Chinese Revolution and not hurt China in any way under Mao Tse Tung. I saw the head of China visit here. It’s a scam. They put in a man who looks like Buddha and has this round smiling face. Why don’t they make him look like Hitler or Saddam Hussein before they hung him for all 7 billion earth inhabitants to watch him die even hear his neck crack. That’s Jewish sadism at its worse. And we White masochists get a steady diet of it. He never had weapons of mass destruction. I don’t believe anything about the Middle East, since they lied about something so horrific as World War II, Jewish liars and gullible White Worshipers. Even Hitler. I would have doubted that but little Mary Baker Eddy of Christian Science said the papers were lying about her constantly and finally at 87 attacked her to shut her church down, get control of her fortune as a spiritual healer and teacher, (she was richest woman in USA for the medical was in shambles and spiritual healing saved lives.)
  • (This one is hilarious. It’s what I face or anyone pro-White. I write and talk continuously, “How can I or anyone solve a problem if one can’t talk about it objectively: Race, Jews, blacks, Yellows, Reds, Hindu Indians, oh we get plenty of talk about the “Semites” 24/7: Jews and Muslims. Worship the Jews and feel sorry for their persecution. Yet hide the fact, the Jews persecuted my Polish people, parents, Veteran and me for 1,000 years. That’s hate crime against me and they should be brought to justice for their evil.)
  • Harry Hopkins (mad) You mean I’m supposed to settle a problem that no one will explain to me?”
  • They discuss my Poland a land of White people used as beasts not sons and daughters of God for 1,000 years.
  • Harry Hopkins: “If we propose Anglo-American occupation of Poland and East Prussia, would you expect the Russian (Communist Jews) to like it?” It was like Poland didn’t even exist. Someday, it will be USA. All the signs of Poland are now here in USA. I see it everywhere, every day, and I don’t even have TV, radio, movies, magazines, nor do I want them. I have my own thoughts now, not the Jewish mind.
  • Harry Hopkins “So our side as really been playing the power game, while feeble intellects like mine and Roosevelt’s operate under the delusion that something different and better is going on.”
  • Chief of Staff  “You’ll have to make your own interpretation of events. All I know is that the Russians (Communists then, not now) are able to act and the British are only able to talk.” Whites can’t even act for their own benefit. Scared to death. How did the Jews finally kill us: scared us to death.
  • Most important words of all from the Action So Far: “A few years later, with victory in World War II in sight, Dex and his clique work to give Europe to the Russians and China to the Chinese Communists. (Worse the Jews gave the USA to the Communists who said in 1957, “We will bury you from within your own country! my memoirs.)
  • Phil: I’m alluding to the Manhattan project. That’s the atomic bomb isn’t it? (Jew Oppenheimer was just one on a team of German Nazi scientists, but his signature and fame goes on the signature of document as person who dropped both bombs on Catholic Cities of Nagasaki, and Hiroshima, Japan. I think Dresden, Germany was also Catholic. Manhattan is Jew New York, New Jerusalem. Judging by all the wealth, fame, happiness and joy Jews reap one gets to think they are “Chosen,” but not by God but Lucifer and the White Christians. Jews are nothing without White Christians of USA and world as they were nothing without my Polish slaves as beasts for 1,000 years.
  • Dex Sorry, I didn’t know you held grudges forever. Anyway, the Ambassador is looking forward to having a quiet word with you, before everyone drowns in the vodka. It was Jews who turned Russians into drunks for even the Czar (who they assassinated, two of them) tried to put laws into effect to stop Jews from promoting booze to get their people drunk.) Even Grandma from Poland/Russia distilled vodka (I think green) in the bathtub during Prohibition for Grandpa, Polish Russian general’s wounds. Jews also brought booze which was forbidden by White Pilgrims in 1620 into Rhode Island, 22 distilleries of rum, to give to wealthiest in the world black African kings to buy black workers with IQ of 60. Ask President Trump if he would allow that in his businesses today? Especially since all the Blacks of Haiti massacred the entire White French population of wealthy barons and aristocrats. I wonder if that is why Baron Trump is named Baron. After European Baron or Oil Baron, as our country’s dollar and life is dependent on . . . foreign oil.
  • Gromyko (Russian Communist) But it is always stirring to see those democratic masses surging forward victoriously despite the murderous hirelings of Czarism.
  • Chief of State: I always understood that it was Karensky (Jew) who overthrew the Czar and the Soviet government only arranged for his murder after he became a private citizen. (A Free Mason working with Jews as did General and President George Washington with Polish Jew money for American Revolution against White British King George. (Haym Solomon. Huge statue of him in front of Christian Science church, downtown Chicago across the street.) It’s also beneath Chicago Trump Towers. Image result for haym solomon statue
  • Gromyko Perhaps we owe more to Oumansky (Jew) than we thought.
  • Chief of Staff That sniveling shyster.(Jew)
  • Gromyko Of course, as we agreed at Yalta, Japan will surrender Manchuria to s. But you must allow us to occupy North Korea down to the 38th parallel. That you remember, was the effective Russian boundary before the war of 1905. We like to recover what the Czar (Christian White) lost. Perhaps you can accomplish our objective by special orders to your field commanders.
  • Chief of Staff And you think I can incorporate your desires in the Japanese surrender? (It now makes sense why the USA warred in Korean war for the Communists not only took North Korea boundary, but wanted South Korea. I think South Korea is like one of the richest nations in the world today. Not Jewish debt which is what all Whites have today, even our White babies born with at least a $100,000 worth of debt taxes they will have to pay for when they grow up. As the other races float around happy, rich, healthy, united. Wish I could say the same.
  • Gromyko (then turns on fellow Jew Russian Communist) You can kill Constantine Oumansky.
  • Anya (Gromyko’s wife) I do not think the beautiful American women would take him to bed with them. They do not look to me like the bed-going kind.
  • Stepanov Does all the hair doing and painting and whatever they do allow them to be better in bed? (I’ve read 29 books on sex, DVD’s, 2 class courses. Jews offer White males 1000 different men to have insane sex, yet I offer 1,000 different ways to have sex with one woman. But no one is at that point so I gave up looking for that one man. Not only that, Mama had 12 babies, so she was hot and not frigid, to add that to my intelligent and fun sex. Perhaps in the next life. Sex is sacred. At least Mama and Daddy thought so otherwise I wouldn’t be here. 10th pregnancy. Exhausted sex for her I imagine consider she had to work full time and breastfeed.) You have been here many years Boris Alexandrovitch. They make love always in the dark, no? So what diffirence does all the cosmetics make? If I were a man, I would study the curve of the hips, not the shading of their eyebrows. Winking plays a small role in love making.
  • Harry said he promised real elections for Poland, since World War II started because of a promise by England to protect Poland, and then afterward grant Poland elections. Since they slapped an Iron Curtain on Poland for 44 years, that’s no consolation. Jews were the only winners of World War II; White (Christians) big losers.
  • Harry I have two books in mind. that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. He says he has much confidential material. He’s one of the US officials murdered later as another one who had too much information.
  • Leon You’ve been complaining that the arms I got through to (Yellow) Chinese Communists aren’t really helping. (We were on the side of Communists as we are today with all the Chinese goods and their surplus of money, and we produce little and are drowning in debt.)
  • Leon All the liberals know the UnAmerican Activities Committee is stupid, dangerous and useless, right? If the Committee accuses Hiss of something the mere accusation is a testament of good character.
  • They speak of Carlo Tresca, news editor, labor, Communist, and Mafia labor movement. They tried to assassinate him once by a speeding car. I don’t know if someone wanted to kill me in DC, but at Christmas, DC was empty. When I sent to cross the street, a speeding car on the empty street would have hit me if son with dog didn’t turn around and scream my name to dive backward.
  • Publisher The attempt to save American from the endless threat of a hostile and hungry Asia.
  • Refering to Harry Hopkins who they murder:
  • Publisher I think he is the most dangerous single man in the Soviet (Jew Communist) cause in North America, probably in the world!!!
  • Publisher Harry, incidentally, has an enormous quantity of papers, memoirs, carbons of notes and state documents. Unbelievable material.
  • Stepanov: Possibly dangerous, you think?
  • Publisher Crude documents in untrained hands are always conducive to misunderstanding.
  • Stepanov I see you are telling me I should do something about his documents. but I cannot destroy them. Perhaps I should find the suitable editor. This is not my field. You are the man who knows about publishing. They wanted a “safe” editor. Any editor for me would be a miracle for my autobiography; constant rejections, worse, perhaps banning.
  • Stepanov I want a poison that will create in the mind of the attending physician the conviction of ulcers. (but that’s impossible.) Yet I read Stalin was terrified his doctors (Jews) were going to poison him. https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/24003
  • (Harry Hopkins is sent to Bethesda Naval Hospital. He was drugged to get there. He thinks he’s going home.
  • Harry (looking at the pills) To tell the truth, nurse, I feel perfectly well now and all I want to do is go home and get back to work. I’m dawdling because I’m depressed by a premonition. Did you know Lincoln had a premonition (of his death) before he went to the theater. And Huey Long had a premonition. He made a detailed speech in the Senate about it, just a day or so before that doctor fellow killed him. It was a curious speech because Long couldn’t have known he was going to be killed. It was all a vague plot that he couldn’t make clear.
  • Forrestal One hundred and one separate little cliques, each interested in one job for some minor little favor a particular guy has promised to do for them, provided he is paid off in addition to the job.
  • Publisher What if you were charged with being a Communist?
  • Leon I should deny it, not only with a serene conscience, but with relaxed nerves. (Jews have relaxed nerves living in USA Kingdom of Heaven, as do Blacks no self-esteem problems, and Brown Mex’s and their sex’s and kids, 2nd happiest people in the world. Can Whites say that? If so, wait until you’ve been enslaved for 1,000 years as my Polish people and me in Poland-USA.
  • Leon Senatos and House of Representatives aren’t generally men of much courage. Otherwise they wouldn’t have to give away so much to get nominated. It’s all right to act brave and even reckless in an election but getting nominated depends on making the right promises and being properly (White) servile to the (Jew) right people.
  • (Stepanov to Sarah) You are not too bad looking – – for a Jewess.
  • Marshall What’s the matter with Acheson?
  • Leon Chiefly his arrogant personal manners which aren’t too well liked in the Senate. Also he is known to have made a large amount of money representing the Communist government of Poland. (It was Poland, the Polish Pope John Paul, and Lech Walesa, labor organization who brought down Communism for the entire world. (But then it hit China and South America, etc.
  • Leon it’s not difficult to work up newspaper columns that can be very injurious. They need not be true in every minute detail, especially when they are about proto-fascists and anti-Semites. (Lies about people who tell the truth about the Jews and their crimes.
  • The Publisher is at the flop house of an alcoholic reporter. (I read most White writers are addicted. I think they have to bend themselves to fit in a mold which Jews made and have fit in for 1000 years or more.) The Publisher wants the reporter to do a crooked news piece.
  • Stepanov I agree. So I have decided we will make the Secretary very sick. Very morbid. Most depressed. Already he shows signs of mental unbalance. He believes agents of the (Jew) Soviet government conspire against him. He tells people so. Psychiatric experts agree that is an infallible symptom of paranoia. They will make such a diagnosis without hesitation. Only a little more distress and it would be proper to confine him to a good hospital. what one would be more logical than the Naval Hospital at Bethesda? For a former Secretary of the Navy? At Bethesda we will have loyal competent cadres to continue proper medication with depressant drugs. Then we shall have time to see what is wise to do next . . . I do not see how we are to administer the first medication to the Secretary. I do not know of anyone I could send to the Secretary with a small pill and expect him to take it.
  • (October & November 1977 of Instauration goes into detail about how they were killed Secretary of Navy, Forrestal. I think I have it on my blog recently.
  • Stepanov to Anya: Do not act like an American woman. Full of ignorant (or Jew media) opinions.
  • Stepanov to Gromyko: I hear you have a mistress a woman doctor — an American Jewess. It’s not fitting for a man of your rank to have such a woman as his mistress. (ask Bill Clinton.)
  • The Communists talk about blockading free China (and then helping Communist China. #1 manufacturing super-power today.)
  • Stepanov: So by dying as the victims of a shameless capitalist and anti-Semitic plot, they will do much more good. It will be most good for the Jew. It will calm their nerves.
  • Leon: Calms their nerves. It has them in an uproar. They know how the Soviet Union treats the Jews so they are troubled. Now comes the Rosenberg case to put their conscience again at ease. How can the Soviet government really be enemies of the Jews if the (Jew) Rosenbergs (who passed the atom bomb USA secrets to Russia and were executed) so gladly die for it? You see? also, if the American government is willing to kill the Rosenbergs, it is proof it must be much more anti-Semetic than Russia. You see? A calming experience. And when the Rosenbergs are dead, all can go smoothly as before. Together with the Jews we will work for peace and world democracy and for the UN. (when I sent my co-signed Complaint against the US for genocide of (White) European American Christians, the UN was 1200 of 1800 Jews! Terry Graham made that complaint because President Clinton laughed and got the young (White) college audience to laugh their heads off at the death of the White Species! Good for Graham!) These things will be important and to accomplish them, everyone, including Jews, must have calmness and confidence in the peace-loving, anti-racist Soviet Union. (Now Russia is free and we have Soviet China.
  • The play mentions several times the burning of the Normadie. Here’s from google.books which shows the White Italian Mafia linked to Jew Meyer Lansky, Murder, Inc. #1 syndicate criminals in all of the USA.
  • Image result for burning of uss normandie
  • https://books.google.com/books?id=jgCpxTpPCPcC&pg=PA334&lpg=PA334&dq=%22burning+the+Normandie%22&source=bl&ots=REQQg6Y5lk&sig=ovCzobMSkFLpVCIcytlvJQjED8k&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi6nOrP-6zTAhWD64MKHftNDNMQ6AEIKDAA#v=onepage&q=%22burning%20the%20Normandie%22&f=false
  • They mention the world Communist empire’s headquarters is my town of Chicago. But this is a play on facts.



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