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My Pilgrimage to Confederate Cemetery

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Ancestrally speaking, Daddy and Grandpa Valentine were both gravediggers in Lackawanna, New York, by Niagara Falls. Hence my feeling at home in a graveyard. Great place to study ancestry tombstones and history.

Yesterday’s pilgrimage to spend time with “real” White people, especially Veterans, was very inspiring and heartfelt and healing for both me and the Veterans. As I spent time with some Veterans who were crying, I cried with them, put my arm around them, held their hand, wept in their shoulder, hugged them, with meaning, real meaning, not artificiality.

As a widow of US Marine Purple Heart, he fought the Communists and lost. The Confederates fought the Union, and lost. Both losers are still mighty heroes, especially if you really studied these wars. Coming from the North (Chicago) now living in Missouri, it wasn’t likely I’d become involved in the secrets of the South and Civil War. I do know growing up in South Chicago, after the Civil Rights Act, all hell broke loose against the White Species who were brutalized, robbed, beaten, crippled, murdered by the non-Whites who fought for the territory and won. White Flight, Fear and Terror so deep and concealed there’s no words to describe it.

I saw a sign on the local cemetery, Memorial Day Ceremony. 10 a.m. I’m a widow, US Marine Purple Heart who suicided Chicago. Last words: No help for the White man. Outrageously abundant help for Blacks, Jews, Browns, Reds even a trillion $$ for Muslim wars and their rights! He died Memorial Day, May 30, 2004. Desperately, I went back to college to put him into Purple Heart Hall of Honor, but it meant breaking out of this pseudo-reality, and very painful for a woman. A good White woman.

I began writing for White Veteran’s rights. After all the treatment of Vietnam Veteran was atrocious. All the other races and even religions, Jews and Muslims living high off the hog, but the White man pulverized not just overseas but when he came back home. What the Viet Cong did to my husband was unforgivable. What the Black Panthers did not just to my husband, but poor parents in family of 15, my siblings the beatings, cripplings and robbings, the drugging of our young White Christian woman for their gangs and sex, and Mama would scream “Jewish Real Estate Block Busters.”

What they did to the Whites in South Chicago after Civil Rights Act, they must have done to the South after the Civil War and their entire treasury was robbed by Jew Judah P. Benjamin and taken overseas to Jew bankers. (Jews did same to my Poland their 1,000 year home: Constant war, fighting between Whites, lawlessness, poverty and worse starvation and slavery in history. It will be in upcoming autobiography.

When crusading for Veteran’s rights I used costumes as the queenofkaraoke.com eventually leading to a Confederate Flag for stage with Hank Williams Jr. Face and words “If the South would have won we’d have it made.”

Ah yes, then the Southern Belle Scarlett O’Hara gowns, 6, made with American hands for karaoke Vegas, Branson, Chicago, DC. Memphis.

Once I went from Vegas to California to a “No More Wars for Israel” conference. My car engine blew up on the way. But before I went I stopped at library and got audio book about Leadership and General Lee. Here’s link:


I used to perform sometimes with the Confederate Flag and music and once on stage in Vegas got up and said my song was dedicated to Elvis’ relatives, all Confederates. I worked hard to stop Charlottesville, VA from destroying a General Lee Statue ($350,000 cost) and a black man on the panel was deciding vote to bring down the great White leader. Who’d even dream of bringing down a Martin Luther King statue even though he threatened to burn down the USA if the Civil Rights Act didn’t pass.

I went to the cemetery before 10 and got some wonderful pictures.




Springfield, MO Cemetery

As I was backing up to take photo of tall monument of Confederate Leader, when I stopped I looked down and it said “Duncan,” name of deceased US Marine Purple Heart

Here’s my handsome Veteran. It was said he was so white he was institutionalized White as if he never was in the sun. Shows battle brigade.


Here’s statue in the Confederate Cemetery: Gen. Sterling Price, “Old Pap,” who was said to be very stern even beating his soldiers with a whip to keep them in shape. Mama beat Daddy as White Polish slaves for Jews to keep him working, sober, and good. Where many men turned to bums in South Chicago, Daddy led a decent life.

General Price is wearing his gun on his right and plainly dressed for a war hero. The battle in Springfield, MO was 1/2 Confederates South and 1/2 Union North. Hard to believe for pampered blacks’ rights they set white brother against white brother. White neighbor, against White neighbor! The battle was Wilson Creek.

Image result for Confederate statue Springfield MO cemetery

US Marine Color Guard

Deceased US Marine Purple Heart was patriotic and loved military. In 2004, had 21 gun salute, fellow Marines as pall bearers, Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery


I even heard sons of the Confederates speak of the South Treasury, which supported entire USA was hijacked (they didn’t know it was Jew Benjamin disguised as phone Chosen from the Bible). Also, no small observation. They shipped so many blacks to the USA capital, Washington DC, it’s now as if there is a foreign army ready to attack the minority Whites there should they ever realize how the minorities stole this country and the fact we have no such thing as “White Civil Rights.”

Springfield, MO Union Soldier's tombstones

There were Union tombstones from Civil War and Confederates. Springfield was dividing line. There’s a Battlefield Avenue.

I actually went in person to my Senator Roy Blunt to ask him to bring the Confederate Statue of General Lee to Springfield, not knowing there already was one. It makes me feel consoled and comforted to know on the anniversary of Veteran’s death that even though he lost against Jew and Chinese Communists in Vietnam, he was, is, and always will be a hero to me and this country. Ancestry back to Mayflower, 1620.

There was a big cannon which went off and I walked into cemetery behind them for I was asking questions as they assembled. I went right to the Confederates part and read the signs there. I talked to one Veteran who was a dignitary of sorts. He spoke of how he raised 3 good sons. Morals, Principles, Respect. (Something our Jews who control our media, hence our actions, don’t give us. Quite the opposite.) He talked of a Veteran and had tears in his eyes. So did I because I see how we lack this respect and high values. I held his hand in my and put my arm around him so he could talk. As he cried, I held his hand tighter and told him not to worry I’m with him 100%. I cried too. I needed this closure more than anything money could buy.

I sang along with the songs silently or whispered the words and knew most of them from the Marines, Air Force, Navy, Army songs, to Amazing Grace and “His truth is marching on.” I even danced in the cemetery lightly. After all, as I prayed to my husband’s memory I thought of him now in God’s heavenly angel armies. They won’t let me know in my crusade for justice in this country for our land, our Christianity, our White species, our ancestors, ourselves and our children. Beautiful prayers and speeches. Very heartfelt and so glad I could console the Veteran’s and they could console me.

From the book “Iron Curtain Over America:”

To the mighty company of American soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines whose graves are marked by white crosses far from hoe this book is dedicated with the solemn pledge that the Christian civilization of which they were the finest flower shall not die.

White Autopsies: “The American Legion” Magazine: The Truth about the Katyn Massacre” Also, hidden the White USA Katyn-type massacre in Korea

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Cut from autobiography:


In reading book, “The Iron Curtain Over America,” John Beatty I came across a chapter on “The Black Hood of Censorship.”

“Perhaps the grossest censorship was that which concealed the Roosevelt’s administration (Democrat Jew-led Communists, my words) maneuvering out people into World War II.”

“For a startling instance of the terrible fact of censorship and the part played by Major General Clayton Bissell, A.C. of S., G-2 (the Chief of Army Intelligence), Ambassador to Moscow W. Averell Harriman, and Mr. Elmer Davis, Director of the Office of War Information,” by Arthur Bliss Lane, former U.S. Ambassador to Poland, (The American Ambassador Magazine, February, 1952). There has been no official answer to Mr. Lane’s question:

“Who, at the very top levels of the United States Government, ordered the hiding of all intelligence reports unfavorable to the Soviets, and the dissemination only of lies and communist propaganda?”

“But the souls of 15,000 men still cry from beyond a pagan Soviet mass graveyard — and Americans have shaken hands even feasted, with the murderers. What has happened in, and to, our America that has made us “once world’s great people of international integrity, appeasers for so long a time, of pagan crimes and atheists criminals.”

“You are regulars of the U.S. and British armies,” the Germans said. Surely you must have an interest in what happened to officers of the Polish army.”‘

(Soviets) “Molotov in the Kremlin and Timoshenko – who had publicly pledged the Poles friendship and rescue from the Nazis was the man who commanded the invasion. They had issued the Order of the Day, that as of October 1939, Poland ceases to exist as an independent state.” See how 250,000 of the other top Polish officers were rounded up like cattle and made prisoners of the Kremlin and deported far into Russia.” (no one deports the Jews who founded, led and are Democratic Communists.)

Those killed were the very flowers of Polish intellectual and military patriotism. (As Americans celebrate Memorial Day tomorrow. 13 years after my own US Marine, Purple Heart’s suicide on May 30, Memorial Day, 2004. Last words, “No help for the White man in the USA.” It will be in our autobiography.

“Poland no longer exists and never will again.”

“It is an everlasting monument to all Polish people that, after five terrible months of communist indoctrination techniques (as Whites suffer from today) in these special camps, Beria had obtained only 20 of the officers as even quisling candidates.”

The Soviets commanded that no one Polish officer prison “Not one stone or one skeleton be left for the future.” In contrast, there was no death order by Germans (Hitler) of the Jews or any other nation. Our poor White Veterans misguided by Jews through the Democrat President Roosevelt, aided in the destruction of Europe, USA, White Species and White Christianity.

Some NKVD officers joked to the Poles they were being “freed.” How horrible, and how Jewish, to laugh at our deep suffering and misery. See my other blogs on “Katyn” and my recent pilgrimage to the Katyn Memorial Statue, Niles, Illinois by Chicago, and the wall of 96 of Poland top people mysteriously killed on airplane 70th anniversary of this massacre. Since the Poland President Kaczynski and his wife, Maria, were killed, the only one who gained by this was the Jews for a Jewess took over Poland as first lady!

“The Kremlin thought the saplings in the spring and summer of 1940 would grow quickly and that soon, behind their “iron curtains” (as China is under today so the Whites know nothing of what is going on there) there would be nothing visible at Katyn but the forest.”

It talks of the Polish government in exile in London had been trying to solve for three years the continuing mystery of what had happened to the Soviet-captured officers. For Three years Stalin, Molotov, and Vyshynsky (Stalin Jewess lover (wife?) Vyshynsky (Jew) (In Molotov Remembers — Conversations with Felix Chuev, Ivan R. Dee Inc. , 1993. it is stated on about page 300-325 that Molotov’s wife from 1921 until her death in 1970 was Jewish. She was accused of connections with a Zionist organization and with Golda Meier, who was then the Israeli ambassador to the Soviet Union.” fpp.co.uk) had lied to many diplomatic missions, including our own US Embassies. Stalin lied “I do not know where they are and do not detain them.”

More on my blog about Katyn and the Polish President in exile who was mysteriously killed (Jew fingerprints and names) on a plane when he was about to retrieve some information on Katyn massacre by Jew led Communists and blamed innocent German Nazis.

The German army fought it’s way into Smolensk, including the Katyn territory in August 1941. (Katyn Massacre April 10, 1940 when Russia occupied.)

The German radio announced discovery. Moscow radio went berserk with announcements the German Nazis did it. (Jews who control Europe and American media) picked up the information by the Soviets and spread the lies all over the world.

Page 53 mentions all the countries representatives who were called in my Germany as witnesses including the Red Cross.

(Note the cartoon below on page 53 of a radio announcer holding a white man down and his mouth covered with the words, “We interrupt this program to bring you a special news bulletin.” (Lies, historical lies for our schools and universities for Whites.)

The Red Cross (from what I understand Jewish) refused to attend since Russia didn’t. No one mentions the Jews in all this, just Russia (Whites) who also suffered horrendous losses under Jew controlled Communism.

It was understood that these bodies were assassinated. (I have pages on my blog and upcoming autobiography for me and my Veteran US Marine about Jews and European American assassinations of our leaders, Kings, Queens, Archdukes and officers in this case of the highest caliber.

The bodies were decomposed for 3 years and most unidentifiable showing these murders executed under Russian occupation not German. Germans brought in Polish soldiers to guard over Katyn. (At least someone had respect and concern: the National Socialists, Nazis as Jews named them as they named the Polish, my Veteran husband, Polish mother, my ancestors and folks, my descendants, “Dumb Polaks.”

Russia then put up a steel block and regained Katyn forest in 1943, permanently under their “Iron Curtain.”

Any report that came to America which incriminated Soviets was stamped “Top Secret.”

“I was appointed in 1945, to Warsaw, Poland, as United States Ambassador to the Polish Government which had as its nucleus a group of Russian trained Polish communists. I stayed there through the fraudulent elections of January 1947. I saw Poland betrayed. (As Jews had done in Poland 1025-1945, now here for all Americans.) I saw brave Poles, men and women, “liquidated” by the Kremlin. (And to think the Americans bombed the World War II camps and the #1 victim of casualties and suffering was not pampered Jews but twice as many Poles silenced until today. my words)

“With mounting wrath over the unpunished crime of Katyn and other communist atrocities, a number of Americans, after I left the Foreign Service, organized The American Committee for the Investigation of the Katyn Massacre. We wished to collect evidence others have tried to piece together clues and documentation, which others have tried to erase (as Jews until today and from at least 1025 have erased any single word about their massive and constant crimes against White (Christians) assemble still-living witnesses. We wanted, particularly, to get a too long secret intelligence report which one of the two US army officers who have been at Katyn was known to have delivered to the Pentagon. This was a major effort, and a long battle in Washington.

Shortly after he had been liberated as a German prisoner of war, on May 5, 1945, we knew that then Major Van Vliet, from the Germans had flown to Katyn and reported to general J Lawrence Collins, then Commanding General at Lepizig of the XII corps; we knew that General Collins had considered his eye-witness and photographic evidence so important, and so credible, that he had had Van Vliet flown from Europe to Washington “with all haste.”

(Can you imagine the Whites around the world having lost and suffered horrifically for Jew’s rights find out just 5 days after Hitler’s death, the Jews lied about the entire information and news blasted on the USA for the Jews’ illegal immigration into USA from my Poland their home for 1,000 years. They kept us in worst slavery in history and now rule the USA!!! It will be even worst for the Whites in USA for in Poland we had one race, one God, one religion, one culture, one language, one ethnicity and we couldn’t get them off our backs. Now in USA we are soon to be minority, damaged, soon to go extinct and all the other races and religions zooming ahead of us as we sink into Jew Quicksand.)

“We heard that Van Vliet was behind the closed doors of General Bissell’s private office a long time, alone wit the G-2 General. when he reappeared in the reception office, we learned, Van Vliet was flushed, seemed intensely but silently angry. He went as directed by Bissell with the General’s personal security stenographer across the corridor to a smaller office. there Van Vliet had dictated with his Katyn notes in front of him, a long report which the young woman typed in his presence. then he took the documents and his photographs back to Bissell’s office.

“General Bissell read the report carefully, then directed his secretary to stamp it “Top Secret” after having Van Vliet initial each page and sign it in his presence. (again many reports were sent from Poland to the Polish President in exile during war after Katyn Massacre. When he traveled by air to pick up report his plane mysteriously crashed and he was killed – silenced as Jews have silenced my Polish people from 1025 until today. Even my autobiography seems to be silenced since I’m getting such much hatred and violence and discouragement towards me and my life and uncovered ancestry truths. See my blog, bottom right search, for more on this.)

General Bissell: “You have furnished to the War Department,” the Bissell memo said, “a special report covering a certain part of your experience. Due to the nature of your report, and the possible “political” implications, it is directed that you neither mention nor discuss this matter with anyone. Your signature indicates you understand these instructions.” (silenced as the survivors of USS Liberty ship who Jews bombed the hell out of worse than Japs bombed Pearl Harbor June 8, 1967.)

“This was, indeed, a most unusual military order. Hundreds of vital intelligence reports had been given and filed in the Pentagon, with never such an accompanying order of personal “silence.” There was nothing in this report which any enemy could have used against us. By what authority — or because of what strange fear — did General Bissell, responsible for the collection, evaluation, and dissemination of military intelligence, order an army officer into permanent silence because of his information’s “possible political implications?” (In book Iron Curtain Over America, author speaks of President Roosevelt, and top Jew advisors, Democrats, promoting atheist, God-hating Communism not Whitehood or Christianity or even USA.)

We learned, in spite of Bissell’s “top secret “stamp a personal sales order to Van Vliet, that the report was unsmearable evidence against not only the Soviets (Jew Communists) but against Washington bureaucrats who had sabotaged the original Katyn facts, devalued the earlier reports . . .Major Van Vliet was, in 1945, a living witness against the communists whom no pro-communist, in the Pentagon or State Department, could smear or, happily, indoctrinate.

But to honest American journalists and historical researchers there was a continuing iron curtain in Washington. The American press took the Soviet story, the Kremlin’s propaganda lies against the Germans, or they obtained nothing.

“The Nuremberg trials, the Yalta and Potsdam conferences came and disappeared into history, with their consequences very lastingly with us.

Julius Epstein, Austrian anti-Communist Jew wrote about Katyn 1949. Suggested an American Committee for the investigation of the Katyn Massacre be formed. The Committee was formed with Epstein as its Executive Secretary, and subsequently his efforts resulted in a Congressional Investigating Committee, an action taken by unanimous vote of the House of Representatives, September 18, 1951.

In 1949, Congressman Dondero of Michigan wrote a formal letter to the Pentagon, demanding a copy of the Van Vliet report and the Katyn Photographs. (A long delayed reply was they were “classified,” and later “lost.”)

Only on May 11, 1950, had, we learned, been again ordered into personal “silence” by the Pentagon and, even more punitively, sent to Korea – out of reach of American Congress.

This 1950 Van Vliet memorandum is a most interesting document. No matter what pressure was put on him this United States Army officer stood uncompromisingly on his 1943 eye-witness fact. The body of each Polish officer, Van Vliet insisted, had been searched very carefully, examined by scientists, identified and reburied. “We followed our guide right down into each grave,” he wrote, “stepping on bodies that were piled like cord wood, face down usually to a depth of about five to seven bodies, covered with about five feet of earth . . . All bodies had a bullet hole in the head near the neck and the exit wound of the bullet being in the forehead or upper front part of the skull. German photographers were present and took both still and motion pictures of our party while we inspected the graves.

Colonel Van Vliet’s conclusions, repeated in 1950 as he had given them in 1945 to Major General Bissell, were:

“I hated the Germans. I did not want to believe them . . . I tried every way to convince myself that the Germans had done it.”

“I believe, Van Vliet repeated, “that the Russians did it. The rest of the group that visited the site stated to me that they believed that the Russians did it. (Russian Mikhail Gorbechov admitted after the fall of Communism, 73 years after Jews invaded Russia, destroyed their Christianity, turned them into barbaric drunks, that the Russians killed the 21,000 Polish Catholic Christian elite officers and intelligentsia.)

September 18, 1951, House of Representatives unanimously authorized a Select Committee of seven Congressmen, under Ray S. Madden, Legionnaire, of Indiana.  A second witness to the Katyn exhumations, Lt. Colonel Donald Stewart. A subpoena was quickly served on him, to prevent his being sent out of reach of the Congress.

In a hushed investigative committee room, before Congressmen among whose constituents are many of our six million patriotic Americans of Polish descent, Colonel Stewart, on October 11, 1951, added his eye-witness evidence for the record.

“The smell was pretty bad,” Colonel Stewart testified. He went down into a grave, walked across bodies packed tightly like cigars or sardines. There were a few men in that grave dressed in the black robes of Catholic priests . .  military Polish chaplains.”

This is the Katyn massacre story as we have dug it out of too long hidden evidence. Up to this writing (1952) the original Van Vliet report of 1945, and his photographic evidence, is still said, officially, to be missing from the files of the Pentagon and State Department.

3 Questions:

  1. Who, at the very top levels of the United States Government, ordered the hiding of all intelligence reports unfavorable to the Soviets, and the dissemination only of lies and communist propaganda?
  2. Who manipulated the techniques of the 1946 Nuremberg Trials, when the Van Vliet, Stewart, and other evidence was available, sot hat no Soviet crime or criminal was punished; so that the crime of Katyn, the greatest single mass execution of captives of the entire war, was never even mentioned in the tribunal’s verdict? The United States Congress had authorized our participation in these European trials for the purpose of trying and convicting all war criminals. (What’s really terrible is the Jews were behind the entire World War II, USA, England, Russia, and the Jews as usual got off scot-free. No one dare speak “for fear of the Jews,” as today in USA.)
  3. Who in the State Department had been acting as agent, or agents, of the Kremlin, or as amicus curiae of Soviet communism?

Poles throughout their (my ancestry) have been great friends of America and to Americans. When they crossed the Atlantic they have become patriotic American citizens. Two brave Poles – Kosciuszko and Pulaski – and many of their countrymen helped our young nation, against odds, to win our War of Independence. (This adds to my wealth of knowledge of Jews involvement in American Revolution to get White Americans 1787 to fight against the King of England. Jews destroyed White Kings and in its place set themselves up as Kings and Queens of the world. I first discovered then when I danced in Polish Constitution Day parade, Chicago, and realized Poland, what was a country of all White miserable slaves, had 1st Constitution after USA, 1791, and 1st in Europe. I knew at the beginning the Poles and Jews had a secret. I finally found out in 1025, 7 Jew banking families ruled all 7 Polish tribes. Kept us fighting in wars constantly for 1000 years. Starvation, bankrupted, addicted, war casualties. Jews then orchestrated Holocaust to move their entire population of Jews from “old” Europe, to new Superpower USA for Jews complete takeover. As they did to Poland.)

Let us not forget, either, that the hands of our (White USA) army officers, our military chaplains, our soldiers — when we found their cold bodies lying in blood on the communist-overrun Korean soil — were found to be tied behind their backs, just as the Polish army officers’ hands had been tied at Katyn; tied with the same kind of tricky knot the communists used for their Polish captives. Our officers, soldiers and military chaplains were shot through the backs of their heads and by Soviet made bullets! Between 6,000 and 8,000!

How different our present history might have been had the facts of Katyn been exposed to Americans and the free world by our officials in 1943 — before the Teheran sell-out to Stalin and Molotov; before Yalta and Potsdam and our other Washington blunders. THE END

(just a note from me . . . it’s odd but you’ll see on advertising below after end of this story is a Frenchy lady in lingerie surely put there to get the readers mind “off” this Katyn story and keep sexually enslaved by (Jew marketers and advertisers)


















Quote for Veterans and Memory of Deceased Suicided Veteran, Memorial Day

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My son’s father committed suicide on Memorial Day, May 30, 2004. His last words, “There’s no help for the White man in this country.” (you can search bottom right on this blog for “Purple Heart White Miracle.”)

From the book, Iron Curtain Over America by John Beaty his dedication:

To the mighty company of American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines whose graves are marked by ‘white’ crosses far from home this book is dedicated with the solemn pledge that the Christian civilization of which they were the finest flower shall not die.”

Nasty Jewess! Did Jews (ADL) Burn down Rock Star Frank Zappa’s Canadian Concert?

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It seems like Jews may have burned down the Frank Zappa Canadian concert in revenge for his song “Jewish Princess” song. Zappa would not bow down and repent when ADL said it was “Anti-Semitic.” You won’t believe wonderful Zappa’s words on this song exposing the Jewess fearlessly. God Bless him!

I found this info accidentally (perhaps Holy Spirit) about the Jews’ evil. Are they the ones who tried to kill me and actually beat and crippled me at the House of Blues. Note the drummer in the slide show is Jewish, Max. And oddly I didn’t know when someone took these pix they caught one of me turning to him in 2008 never dreaming in 2013 I’d be beaten. Only clue that day, in the cage where I left my luggage for 2nd costume, which was always empty, a drum stick! I’m told, Jews always leave a calling card. Just like Jew Owen, who conned my performance on Jenny Jones TV Show as Queen of Karaoke, turned it into American Idol. I wouldn’t even known it for I never had TV. But he called and told me he did and he got the “Idol” advertising account. They steal White ideas, turned them into gold, and black ball entertainers like me.

Perhaps the best blog I’ve done for defending myself against Jewess aggression as a good White woman.


From Wiki:

“The song is a humorous look at the Jewish-American princess stereotype which attracted attention from the Anti-Defamation League, to which Zappa denied an apology, arguing: “Unlike the unicorn, such creatures do exist — and deserve to be ‘commemorated’ with their own special opus”. In an interview with Spin magazine he was almost offended saying, “…as if to say there is no such thing as a Jewish Princess. Like I invented this?”

“Biographer Barry Miles claimed in his book, Frank Zappa (Atlantic Books of London, 2005), that the ADL asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to ban the record from being played on the air – a symbolic effort given that the song was not being played anyway. This led to the rumor that a legal action had been filed against Zappa, a charge he vehemently denied in a CNN interview on “The Freeman Report” show of October 26, 1981.[2] Zappa claimed that offensive songs such as this are why Sheik Yerbouti became one of his best selling albums of all time. Although it had little play in concert, it was included on Zappa’s theme collection Have I Offended Someone?[3][4]

(Autobiographically speaking, I sent an entire box to the FCC head about “Whites are Discriminated By Jewish Monopoly.” FCC head had Black secretary who surely shredded or burned it so our Whites in government never get the “White people’s Crisis Complaints.”) Note how Jews who run media “never played it.” We only digest the vomit Jews dish out as White descendants of Christians. I love the words Have I Offended Someone?

Just made hot off the press on my other website, queenofkaraoke.com, and put in pictures when I sang “Smoke on the Water” at House of Blues, Mandalay Bay, Vegas. See my other website for pix, song, and even Sun Times Clipping of when I dragged Brother Eddie away from noon TV, “Gunsmoke” to the burning and smoking holocaust upstairs apartment. We saved a 3 month old Polish White baby from this literal holocaust. I ran back to school with singed hair and Catholic school uniform which stunk! I loved school and nothing would stop me from learning and education and my spiritual progress with God. Best blog I ever did! See my new advanced slide show. I never dreamed it would lead me to another real life Jew crime expose. I feel like Agatha Christie solving a crime in her books. In my books the Jews are always the guilty parties.

Odd but the week I put this song and costume together for an autobiographical belting out my White blues on Friday, just a few days before, the Monte Carlo, upper floors in the sky, actually burned down!!! 2008. (Odd but when I checked for Las Vegas Fires there’s many of them. I knew they burned down New York homes, 9/11 World Trade Centers, City of Chicago twice, now Las Vegas. Just as Pyromaniacs to their list of mental derangement and crimes.

Here’s old 2008 YouTube showing the fire, the week I sang the song at House of Blues. Note in the chat: Who started the fire? THE JEWS! From “Kellogg”

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 10.52.08 AM

(The MGM Grand fire 2nd worse hotel fire history, 1980)

Zappa is totally free in this song. Odd but the Jewess’ deny sex to their husbands which is why Jew doctor raped and threatened me in his own words, “To protect his Jewess wife and kyke kids.”

“Jewish Princess”

I want a nasty little Jewish Princess
With long phony nails and a hairdo that rinses
A horny little Jewish Princess
With a garlic aroma that could level Tacoma
Lonely inside
Well, she can swallow my prideI want a hairy little Jewish Princess
With a brand new nose, who knows where it goes
I want a steamy little Jewish Princess
With over-worked gums, who squeaks when she cums
I don’t want no troll
I just want a Yemenite holeI want a darling little Jewish Princess
Who don’t know shit about cooking and is arrogant looking
A vicious little Jewish Princess
To specifically happen with a pee-pee that’s snapping
All up inside
I just want a princess to ride
Alright, back to the top… everybody twist!

I want a funky little Jewish Princess
A grinder; a bumper, with a pre-moistened dumper
A brazen little Jewish Princess
With titanic tits, and sand blasted zits
She can even be poor
So long as she does it with four on the floor

I want a dainty little Jewish Princess
With a couple of sisters who can raise a few blisters
A fragile little Jewish Princess
With Romanian thighs, who weasels ‘n’ lies
For two or three nights
Won’t someone send me a princess who bites
Won’t someone send me a princess who bites
Won’t someone send me a princess who bites
Won’t someone send me a princess who bites

Repeat: “Burn” by Whitesnake, Jewess is Devil Sperm, on this Memorial Day, 13th anniversary of suicided Veteran

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I’m going through my blog as I finish up autobiography for both my Vietnam Veteran, Purple Heart Hall of Honor, US Marine, who suicided May 30, 2004. Because of constant crusading, “He fought for me I’ll fight for him,” it wasn’t long before I heard on news headlines military would do a study of suicides of American wars. (400 years) They singled out Vietnam, 200,000 suicides all White men, as my husband’s last words, “There’s no help for the White man in this country.” I see clearly I’ve changed history. The Veterans are getting the respect they deserve, especially those who fought the Communists (Jews and Chinese who run our country today.)

I did the song “Shake my Tree” by Whitesnake, simply because it had “White” in it back in 2011.

World War I, II, Korean, Vietnam, even all the wars since 9/11 for the Jewess’ plot to get Whites to give up their lives for her and her offspring, also devil sperm!

It’s got to be a sad sad, Memorial Day, because for the first time the world knows more than ever World War II’s historical story is a Jewish lie or orchestration to get all the Jews  (all Jews are from my Poland) here in USA 1945. Think of the 100,000,000 White Christian men and women murdered, tortured, displaced, bombed so bad Germans melted in Dresden, and the soldiers, marines, air force and navy killed and worse the ones who returned home like husband pulverized. Since Vietnam was right after Civil Rights Act, again the government and churches pampered the Blacks and other races. Worse yet, the city of Chicago run by Jew blockbusters as Raum Emmanuel is mayor now, persecuted and prosecuted the White veterans. Throwing urine balloons on them, replacing their jobs with blacks and browns at the bottom, Jews, Yellow (Commies) and Hindus, and even Muslims for the top jobs.

Lyrics below. As I wrote a few days ago it was the Jewess who invented the atom bomb to have Jew Oppenheimer drop on two Catholic Christian Japanese cities in World War II even though Japan and Germany surrendered. I wouldn’t put it past the Jews of the World to drop more atom bombs if it ever came to exposing them. We can’t live in fear and terror anymore. We are a dying endangered species and worse than dying is living another 1,000 years as the most miserable slaves (White) in history since Jews and Poland 1025-1945.

More below from book “Iron Curtain Over America,” John Beatty and song “Shake my Tree” which I performed in Vegas in costumed karaoke with poster of Whitesnake.


Whitesnake Lyrics

(originally by Deep Purple)

The sky is red, I don’t understand,
past midnight I still see the land.
People are sayin’ the woman is damned,
she makes you burn with a wave of her hand.
The city’s a blaze, the town’s on fire.
The woman’s flames are reaching higher.
We were fools, we called her liar.
All I hear is “Burn!”

I didn’t believe she was devil’s sperm.
She said, “Curse you all, you’ll never learn!
When I leave there’s no return.”
The people laughed till she said, “Burn!”
Warning came, no one cared.
Earth was shakin’, we stood and stared.
When it came no one was spared.
Still I hear “Burn!”

You know we had no time,
we could not even try.
You know we had no time.

You know we had no time,
we could not even try.
You know we had no time.

The sky is red, I don’t understand,
it’s past midnight I still see the land.
People are sayin’ the woman is damned,
she makes you burn with a wave of her hand.
Warning came, no one cared.
Earth was shakin, we stood and stared.
When it came no one was spared.
Still I hear “Burn!”

Here’s White Snake: When I performed on the Strip in costume, it was electrifying! “Shake My Tree.”
I actually took a limb from one of my several organic fruit trees I planted in my urban homestead garden from 2004-2013. Sadly, I was beaten and crippled as I was about to go on stage in Vegas, and had to leave my orchard and 6 organic square food veggie raised beds I built. The Jewess gets put on pedestal for being evil, and for good I get beaten, humiliated, excluded, hated, blackballed, etc. Jew man gives Jewess and her devil sperm all she ever needs and she wants more. She already has the Supreme Court and the entire White Federal Reserve Bank and she still keeps torturing whites non-stop!!!!
Lyrics below:


Perhaps these lyrics could be sung by the Jew man to his Jewess High Priestess. Several Jew men told me of their dilemmas with the Jewess and kids. All this Veteran’s of White males which cost Jews only $.37 each for the dead ones, God only knows the astronomical figures for those who lived like deceased husband for 37 years. He told me to stay in Veteran’s Hospital cost $1/2 million. Tell the Jewess to loose up her pocketbook and pay up to the government, White species, and me for the damage she and her devil sperm have done to Poland and wars from 1025-1945, then here 1945 until today. Not only do they control the wars, as Jew Judah P. Benjamin conned unsuspecting White Southern President Jefferson Davis in Civil War for Black rights as the Secretary of War, but walked off with the entire Southern White treasury a tremendous amount of money!!!

His Jewess wife surely wrecks the Jew’s bed for she’s frigid and hateful. She only wants sex enough times to get pregnant to get Jew husbands fortune (stolen from Whites) for herself and her kids. Who would have suspected? And the first line could be my words “Now I don’t want to be your (White) slave/ You’re trying to drive me to an early grave.” And boy oh boy no one has suffered what I have for the White species even Christianity and “justice.” Jews and Muslims the other two religions can no longer rule over White Christian descendants, ever again.

When he sings “You’ve never been in love before,” I read on Jewess chat they no word for “love” in their language. They have enough curse words. Even Michael Savage, talk radio kingpin for White listeners, said the Jews in Congress talk in Yiddish and the Gentiles don’t even suspect or have words in English language which are so evil and mean!!

David Coverdale – Shake My Tree Lyrics

Now I don´t want to be your slave
You´re trying to drive me to an early grave
All I ever hear, is that you live an´ breathe for me
But, all you ever do, babe, is shake my tree

´Cos you keep on pushing, baby
Like you never, ever been in love before

I told you once an´ I told you twice
I ain´t no schoolboy you can sacrifice
You want my love an´ you want it now
You try to love me, baby, but you don´t know how

So you keep on pushing, baby
Like you never, ever been in love before

I need love an´ I need time
An´ a little bit of both, if you want to be a friend of mine
I don´t want no woman, drive me outta my head
An´ you´re the kind of girl, guaranteed to wreck my bed

Love is what you need
But, you cut down to the bone an´ make me bleed
I give you everything an´ still you cry
Ooh, mama, the price of loving you is way too high

But, you keep on talking, baby, I´ve heard it all before
Now I don´t want you hanging around, or kicking at my door

But, you keep on pushing, mama
Like you never, ever been in love before

I know love an´ I know shame
An´ I ain´t gonna get caught up in your game
It took a little time to make me see
I ain´t lookin´ for a woman like you to shake my tree

So keep on talking, baby, keep on hangin´ around
Everything you do to me, is sure to drag me down

An´ you keep on pushing, mama
Like you never, ever been in love before

Shake my tree

I don´t want to be your slave
You´re trying to drive me to an early grave
You keep on talking, no matter what you say
I´ve had enough of your kind of love, to last me all my days

So keep on pushing baby, I´ve heard it all before
I don´t want you hanging around, or kicking at my door

Now I don´t want your loving, baby, I can´t take it anymore
I don´t want you hanging around, kicking at my door
If I see your face again, I´ll give you what´s in store
But, you´ll keep on pushing, baby
´Cos you´ve never, ever been in love before

Jews in White Polish Christian Warsaw Government

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Just surfing for other material on the Pale Settlement of Jews in Europe I came across the map. Show capital of Poland, (as Sister Rose taught me to remember Poland reverse “War-Saw” to “Saw War.” Little did she know, it wasn’t just World War I and II, but 1,000 constant years under Jewish Reign of Terror over Poland.

Note Warsaw, has highest population of Jews in government. 18%. In USA in Senate alone 8% not counting all the other positions. Note on bottom left in “white” section is Daddy’s town of Galicia, Poland, very heavy Jew population which was rounded up for work camps in Germany with intentions for deportation (not death) of all Jews. Autobiographically speaking, Daddy’s and my ancestors go back to Galicia. I read Jews would starve to death 50,000 a year, then put on golden glittery robes and rob the White corpses!

White Species Pioneer, Canadian – Brian Ruhe

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Brian Ruhe has suffered being fired from his positions, black balled and forced hospitalization for his pro-White beliefs. He has over 1,000 videos and interviews. Also RedIce interview:

Jewish only version of World War II: Faked Nuremberg Trials

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Here’s from Green Beret, Joe Cortina, author of three volumes of “John 8:44 – Exposing the Sons of Satan” comments on another book about the Nuremberg Trials. Jews faked it from beginning to end, but what I didn’t know was so many other top dignitaries agreed. And all of World War II for Jew’s only rights to leave Poland en masse and now occupy and control USA. Not only was the Holocaust a Jew hoax but entire World War I and II! All the agony suffered by White Christians for Jew bankers is atrocious.

From Joe:

In the book “Doenitz at Nuremberg -a Reappraisal”

134  Allied admirals tesified that the trial was a disgrace to justice

114  generals
 6      Field marshalls
13    Chief justices 
And another 130 or so world famous personalities in entertainmant religion legal profession
ALSO the preface was written by President John F Kennedy.
Senator Howard Taft proclaimed the jew instigated criminal Nuremberg disgrace was a ‘ BLOT ON AMERICAN HISTORY!” 
May the greedy Godless treasonous actor Spencer Tracy rot in eternal hell for his role in legitimizing this outrage to civilized Godly mankind for his disgusting role as presented in a positive manner in the jew created film “Judgement at Nuremberg” . It was of course directed by the stinking Christ hating jew Stanley Kramer who portrayed the brave Germans as evil monsters – who did not START – OR CAUSE the war  and whose ONLY crime to protect their OWN homeland from murderous  atheist  England and communist Christ EVIL mocking Merka.
Jews are the ULTIMATE EVIL – Christ said so ( JOHN -8-44)  and I say so
“to hate EVIL is to  OBEY the lord”  Psalms 97-10

My Pilgrimage to Chicago Katyn Massacre by Communists Memorial, May 7, 2017

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I’ve written extensively on this blog about the Jew Communist led massacre against Polish White Catholic Christian Poles but blamed innocent Christian German National Socialists (Jew defamed with name Nazis to keep White Christians terrorized until today.) On an impulse, I drove to Chicago to dance in Polish parade as I’ve done a few times before 2004. And then I went to make a pilgrimage to the Katyn Memorial, Niles, St. Adalbert Cemetery. I didn’t know if I could even handle the grief, being a widow of a US Marine Purple Heart who suicided. Last words, “No help for White man in America.” Now, it’s changed, not then. I was at the forefront, and alone, which was tough, especially for a woman.

Although Russians purged many of the Jews from Russia around 1938, many went back. Henry Makow writes of Jews living in Israel who boasted of being responsible for Katyn, Jews selling off Poland for pennies on a dollar, and prophesy of Poland becoming extinct like the Red Indians of the USA. (although our Red Indians have been generously taken care of for 400 years when they could have chosen to work in plantations but insisted on preserving their “Identity” on our White expense. Not an agency alive preserving White species. https://www.henrymakow.com/a_warning_to_the_polish_nation_1.html

When I wrote for 7 years after Scottish-Polish American Veteran’s tragic life and suicide, I was terrified at studying National Socialists (Jew mind control named Nazis to terrify us with a single word.) And at one point, when about to give up, I found the DVD “Katyn.” My first discoveries were Germany was innocent in World War II and the victims of Jews who declared war on them, not the other way around. I read the Germans wanted to reverse Jewish damage, turning the Whites into homos and lesbians, the ruination of trying to breed healthy, not damaged white babies, something USA still has to contend with along with 10% of marriages and babies race-breaking. Jews still pure breeding or highest breeding.

Up until watching Katyn, I was writing of the horrible state Jews put Germans in, (Now Germans first of Whites to go extinct; never before such demographics reversed in history.) the Katyn movie, by Andrzej Wajda revealed (Jew) led Communists taken over in Russia were responsible for the 20,000 deaths, but blamed Germans. I added that to list of phony exhibits Nuremberg Trials: Shrunken heads, lamps made of Jew skin, mattresses made with Jew hair, Diary of Anne Frank who died of Typhus not German brutality, bars of Jewish fat turned into soap. All lies until today. The worse, it was my Polish people, not Jews, who were the victims of World War II whatever the figure was. Not what the Auschwitz plaque reads saying Jews lost most and Polish at the end of the list! Talk about Jewish nerve to bash the Polish who fed and housed them for 1,000 years.

Note the dates of 2009 which I placed with Amazon. then on April 10, 2010, four months after last DVD mailed, the airplane deaths of Poland’s top 96 dignitaries which represented the 20,000 who were killed. Even the White Polish President Lech Kaczynski, his wife, Maria. Odd but the only one who gained by this was the Jewess woman who took over Poland after crash.

Katyn Amazon 3

Katyn Amazon 1

You can find more on this blog: https://kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/2016/05/27/jew-communists-again-cover-up-katyn/

No one was interested when I sent except me. To kill off the best men, as one female author wrote about Katyn is “genocide” of a species.

Here’s pictures I snapped at Katyn. I couldn’t even bring my eyes to look at the memorial. It’s similar to one of the Virgin Mary called Pieta. Instead of the crucified by Jews body of Jesus, there’s a Polish Veteran. My husband’s mother was Polish. He was a Veteran driven to the brink in Vietnam, worse in Chicago. Veteran’s Hospital said if he hadn’t married me, he would have been dead within a year. Three years Jews terrorized not just Jesus, but his cousin, John the Baptizer, and 11 of his disciples. From Wiki:

Michaelangelo Rome Vatican

Germany 1375-1400

I think this one shows the most unbearable grief as a mother looks over the body of her son who only brought good in the world and for all his good, the world (Jews and their imps) returned only evil. Her hand on her heart is very effective as is her facial expression.)

Believe it or not, it’s from First Lady, Melania Trump’s country of origin, Slovenia, who expelled Jews three times.

Here’s my pictures for my closure of my ancestors at the Katyn Memorial in Niles (Chicago.) Not only is the entire World War II event covered up about the #1 victim which is Polish Christians not Jews the opposite or opposing religion, but also the massacre of 20,000 of my ancestor’s finest males.

What an agonizing true to life portrayal of the suffering for the Blessed Mother and deceased Polish officer at Katyn Massacre

Mother Mary looks down at Polish Veteran officer of highest rank, shot down like 20,000 other finest Polish males World War II, April 10, 1940, and Zionist controlled media blamed the Germans.

IMG_2081Mother Mary’s anguished face done by Polish sculptor who died in plane crash on 70th anniversary of Katyn, April 10, 2010.

Anguish of deceased Polish officer Veteran, one of 10,000 killed April 10, 1940.

Jew led Communists murdered 20,000 of Poland’s finest men. It’s called “genocide” of a Polish race according to female Polish author. Worse the Jews blamed the innocent Germans. You mean, the Nazis were innocent? Yes on many accounts.

Me at Katyn Monument. I too lost Polish husband Veteran to Communists in Vietnam. They shot his testicle off!

Husband suicided from Vietnam Communist War. Last words No help for the White Man. Both this Katyn tragedy and my husband’s death covered up.

Katyn Monument

I’m kissing the face of the dead Polish officer, who the Jew led Communists shot bullet to the back of his head.

Katyn Monument Niles bullet to the back of the brain by Jew led Communists

My pilgrimage to Niles, Illinois, by Chicago. I have written 40,000 pages of Jews enslavement and starvation of my Polish White ancestors since 1025-1945, and now those Jews are here.

Sister Faustina Rosary in hands of Polish Veteran

The Polish World War II Veteran officer at Katyn Monument Niles is shown with his hands tied behind his back after Jew led Communist Russians murdered 20,000 of Poland’s finest men but blamed innocent Germans.

Katyn Monument Niles Illinois

Note the rosary beads in the hands of the Polish Officer victim of Katyn Massacre by Polish-led Jews. See movie “Katyn.”

Sister Josephine at Katyn Memorial Niles Illinois

Sister Josephine holding hand of Blessed Mother and of the Polish officer whose hands are tied behind his back. How touching! We prayed and cried our hearts out on our Pilgrimage May 7, 2017.

Sister Josephine at Katyn Memorial, May 7, 2010

She’s mourning the memory of the 20,000 Polish Officers and finest Polish men (genocide) Katyn Massacre. April 10, 1940. Jew led Communists did it but blamed innocent Germans. My how my Polish people have suffered in silence even as movie “Katyn” in the interview part with Andrzej Wajda’s words “How was the entire nation of Poland silenced.

Sister Josephine holding rosary and crucifix of Jesus at Katyn Memorial Niles, Chicago

Note the rosary is entwined in the murdered Katyn Polish officer’s hands. Underneath is the rope which tied the officer’s hands and then Jew led Communists shot him in the head bullet to the brain.

Words on wall remembering 96 of Poland’s finest people who all killed suddenly April 10, 2010 in a plane crash at the Katyn Massacre site. When I translated the words on wall by Katyn Memorial Niles Chicago, the first time the Polish to English translation said commemorating the Katyn “Holocaust” now it says just Katyn crime. Yes, the Holocaust has been covered up by Jews as they covered up their Jew led massacre of 20,000 of Poland’s finest men. Odd but Poland not only gave them a home for 1,000 years, were their slaves and constant war body bags for their banks, but suffered worst slavery and starvation in history. Even during World War II I’m asking for debate on Holocaust for we have only Jew version and I protested the Washington DC Holocaust museum by myself, “Where the Polish Christian version of the Holocaust.”

Sister Josepehine’s daughter, Kimmie, told me about 15 years ago, she learned at Chicago college the Polish lost the most victims not the Jews. Even the number 6,000,000 is a total lie. Jews died but mostly from Allied bombing of railroads which enabled starvation for no food and no medicine for Typhus #1 killer of both World War I and II. Mama worked for Jews and she said as she scrubbed their homes, they were filthiest people on earth. She brought lice (which causes Typhus) home with the rags she cleaned Jew’s homes. Even a Jew invented Fels Naphta soap to get rid of lice!

Barbara Ann Kopaczewski Nowak at Katyn Memorial Wall of Mysterious Airplane crash

96 victim names of Polish dignitaries. Even President Lech Kaczynski and wife on plane. After all perished, it’s mighty strange a Jewish woman takes over Poland as First Lady

Sister Josephine (there were 15 in my family) at Katyn wall commemorating death of 96 of Poland's finest at Smolensk

President Lech Kaczynski and wife Maria were murdered at that site by mysterious plane crash. Only one to gain, Jewess who took over as First Lady of a Catholic Christian country. Even the last pope Benedict said the Jews must repent a few years ago. It reversed the Church’s stance since the Jews orchestrated the Holocaust and all Jews (who come from my Poland) magically emigrated to USA 1945, when there was a quote against them since 1921!

Tombstone right next to Katyn Memorial reads my last name

Sister Josephine at Katyn Memorial Niles Chicago

Both her daughter, Jolene, and I, are artists. The painting is inspirational by the White angel hovering over the old tombstones

Barbara Ann Kopaczewski Nowak at Katyn Memorial Foyer

See other posts of pictures at my pilgrimage to pay honor and respect to the deceased 20,000 murdered victims at Katyn Massacre.

Painting in foyer of Katyn Memorial and Wall in Niles Chicago

The grave diggers who had to bury bodies of the 20,000 Polish officers and elite of Poland murdered bullet to the back of the head by Jew led Communists. Jews also responsible for 1917 Russia Revolution which killed or starved 100,000,000 White Christians only.

Amazon History of “Katyn” DVD, 4 months before the tragic plane crash April 10, 2010

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I’ve written much about the prophecy like episode in my life. After studying 7 years of history revision of World War II (we only have Jew’s version) I finally came across a movie, “Katyn” by Andrzej Wajda. Finally! The truth about Poland’s suffering under Jew Communists (actually 1,000 years under Jews as worse slaves in history) had come out. Also, the Communists blamed the Germans now to be first to go extinct.

Here’s pictures of my history and you can see dates. No one would believe me, so I stopped in December. I was shocked 4 months later at the plane crash, where the only person who gained was the Jewess who replaced the Polish president’s wife, First Lady, Maria Kaczynski.

I ordered many Amazon copies of movie Katyn just months before the planecrash killing 96 of Poland's finest.

Here’s just two DVD’s of Katyn I sent out just months before the plane crash at Smolensk causing 96 dead of Poland’s finest. The Jew led Communists blamed the Germans for their massacre on April 10, 1940.

Katyn Amazon 2 copy

Katyn Amazon 3

Irene Glass (nee Irene Debowski) was born at Dachau camp. Jews lied and said gas chambers and today there’s a sign which affirms it never was for gas chambers. Her mother and father worked against the Communists with the German National Socialists. I read Germany would allow Poles to immigrate into Germany and after year had total citizenship. If Mama would have had the 12 babies in Germany she would have gotten highest medal in land, in South Chicago, where both Mama and Daddy worked for Jews, Jews treated my folks, Veteran husband and me worse than dirt! Sent many DVD's about controversial Movie "Katyn" about my Polish kin, 20,000 finest in World War II.

Katyn Amazon 6

Katyn, horror and genocide of Poland' finest men

My premonition just months before of the Katyn site 70th Commemoration of the massacre. Sent many Amazon DVD’s just months before Note date Oct. 19, 2009. Plane crashed April 10, 2010.

I bought a few for myself, rented one, and had people come over to watch the video several times.

The first step is to get the Truth out, the next step is to act on it for it seems those same Communists (Jew -led) who executed the 20,000 finest Polish men now rule USA and all White countries today: Media, TV, movies, book publishing (it’s why I can’t get agent, publisher, editor or literary agent) all White banking system, 80% of art, all of entertainment since 1927. And in Poland even back to the 1200 when the Jews also used our women for illicit sex, as Jew doctor raped me Chicago. Jews married 3 President’s daughters for highest breeding but preach and force race-breaking for Whites. Jews control retail, fashion, makeup, legal field, Supreme Court, radio, advertising, marketing, laws against Whites in our own country.