Ruby Ridge Vicki Weaver with Breastfeeding baby, Elishiba, Shot by Yellow Asian FBI, Elishiba means “God is her oath!”

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Same Asian FBI who shot Vicki Weaver at Ruby Ridge, the real target and political activist, not her husband Randy Weaver, also Asian shot Whites at Waco, Texas. (Since when do Jews, Yellows (Both Commies) have complete rule over White (Christians) such as Vicki’s baby was named Elishiba, “God is her oath!” Same name given to John the Baptizer’s mother, Elizabeth.

Vicki in a long white nightgown, pacing back and forth like the ghost of some ill-fated seaman’s widow.

Vicki Weaver the morning of August 21, 1992. Courtesy of Sara Weaver.

Son, Sammy, and dog shot dead also.

A U.S. Marshal at a roadblock down the mountain from the Weaver cabin. Courtesy of Dave Hunt.

Odd but I was in movie, Chicago, “US Marshals” Tommy Lee Jones. But I never dreamed I’d find this many years later in researching Vicki and Randy Weaver.

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