Jew “Beastie Boys” the True Beasts against White Species

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During divorce, husband and his voo doo practicing 17 year old tried to take my sons away from me through Jewish court system against White couples and families, even though I was a superb sacrificing Mom. Even Veteran’s hospital said he would have been dead within a year hadn’t he met me. And coming from a Polish-American slave family, I too, needed him.

I’ve rarely seen my eldest son since 1985. It stands out in my mind for it was the only thing he asked me to do when he was about 17: Take him to a “Beastie Boy” concert near Chicago. I later found out those foul bastards are Jewish. Whatever beset my son since them I can blame on the Jews and their hypnotic influence on our white unsuspecting males. Bad enough Communist banker Jews and Yellow Chinese Communists pulverized my husband in Vietnam, they destroyed my son’s ability (top 1 1/2% in USA IQ.) I’ll write notes first and vicious genocidal video against Whites especially White Christians raised with values below.

  • Video begins: mother and father who should be respected are defied. I learned this song at House of Blues karaoke, sang it, but never “understood” the genocidal words until much later .”All entertainment is Jewish and evil. But what’s worse the Jews controlled entertainment against Poles who housed their criminal butts for 1,000 years!
  • Jew beasts “Beastie Boys” have party. When I analyzed “Streetcar Named Desire” on this website, Jew and Homosexual writer made the star, Marlon Brando, who portrayed a White Polish American Veteran as a “beast.” Even Brando, White, said he could never talk about that role it was so putrid his entire life. The Jews made the Polish Veteran literally I read a “beast,” we we were for them 1,000 years and now in USA.
  • In background, as Beastie Boys sits on couch, a painting distorted of a White person.
  • The motive is to get White boys especially to degenerate, don’t study (Jew’s competition) and party 24/7.
  • At :36 I give you your Jewish devil idols.
  • At :48 filthy Jew spits his hockers on a White male. (In back are Jew symbolic pictures. They have genocided us in plain view and we have nearly 100 years of their movies, books, advertisements, plays, radio to prosecute them.
  • At :50 a boy steals something White. Looks like white rat which Jews have experimented on Whites like.
  • Jew sits down next to nerd and pushes White girl away. (Homosexual suggestions?)
  • He grabs the other boy (White) “You wake up late for school and you don’t want to go.” Since the mind doesn’t know if this is fun or real the White boy gets message not to like or go to school. Genocide of Jew’s competition
  • He pushes White boy off and grabs a white woman with reddish hair to make out after he destroyed the white boy.
  • His Tee Shirt which is a Jewish protest sign says “Stuyvesant Leader.” Peter Stuyvesant wanted to ban all Jews in USA. 1650. Same year Jews also emigrated to Barbados to bring tobacco against the wishes of the Puritan Whites who wanted to leave all the poor White’s addiction habits under Jews behind in Europe and make USA paradise. All suffering since then for addictions belongs on blood of Jews and their children as they requested in New Testament at White Pilates’ interview of Jesus who was executed by Jews.
  • Jews have screwed the hell out of our American White woman and I have 10 witnesses plus Jew PhD rape of me 1968.
  • At 1:10 the evil Jew with leather jacket as Jew “Fonz” in Happy Days (misery days for White parents and lost of respect for us since the 1950’s) No other race or religion has undergone this genocide, matricide or fratricide, killing White mother and father.) Jew burns magazine “Popular Science.” Intentionally, Jews will single handed destroy our White male’s ability to do math and science especially advanced, while Jews and all other races take top salaries and positions and leave us dumbed down. Perhaps now you see how and why Jews named and defamed my Polish people with “dumb Polak” jokes. While Jews trained us like White seals to clap and worship genius Jews like faked Einstein considered smartest person who ever lived. He stole inventions as the did White Thomas Alva Edison’s movie machine.
  • On cover of “Popular Science” title Combo bed study. Jews got our white boys to think about sex every 8 seconds. That’s really mind control to the nth degree!
  • The Sheet is black meaning black sex is better; which is stupid. Jews are stupid.
  • Jew boys teach our Whites to ditch classes and no homework. Yellow students stay up to 1 a.m. in the morning to study. Once when I went to take younger son to Lake Forest College where Chicago Bears train, the director for interview took us to see building where some of the boys shared room. A quart of 1/2 drunk whiskey bottle was at the drunken student’s bedside who was passed out. Meaning it was a “Party School.” I advised my son not to go there and thank God he rejected Lake Forest’s Football scholarship.
  • the White woman lays her head on the Jew man’s shoulder for he’s so nice and rich and her White male is drunken, broke, intentionally pulverized.
  • At 1:14 as woman above is idolizing Jew male he looks at the woman’s ass with “white” skirt. Anal sex. Jews are anal in every sense of the word. The basest of all humans.
  • “Your Teacher teaches class like he’s some kind of jerk.” Our professors today are so hateful against Whites and my essays and emails about attending Las Vegas colleges will attest to this Mental Institution to brainwash takeover of White country, $$4, race, White Christianity, all our belongings, children.
  • 1:19 Jew jumps on top of White woman for sex. Jews got away with this in Poland since 1025-1945, here since then, and Russia and Germany during their short stay. Both Germany and Russia had laws to stop Jewish genocide of their women. Jews destroyed boy KKK and Nazis: 1944-1945, last Whites to protect White women and children, when all other races have that right.
  • the Jew boys scream “You gotta fight for your right to party.” They are so obnoxious and so low class I hope I don’t vomit my lunch as I try to finish this.
  • At 1:33 Jew drugs the punch with the “Spanish Fly” which I wrote on blog how the Mexicans used that to take advantage of Sister Rose, even to marry an illegal who tried to kill her so he could bring Hope Prado and her 5 kids from Mex to USA. Man from Holland (High Jew population) drugged and raped me about year 2000. I went to HIV Chicago clinic so they have records. They didn’t do anything about it. I did watch 2 hours of STD’s video horrors, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, so when I tried to heal myself through reading and not hating men which is the usual route after rape, I learned using rubbers. Although did very little experimental because White males which is what I tried to only attract at American Singles didn’t want to use rubbers if sex came up. I then again became celibate but would advocate good intelligent and loving sex for White male and female (how can we have White babies?) Note also Jew is spiking drinks for Whites and a black prostitute is ready to service sexually any Whites for $$$ and degradation.
  • Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 1.43.39 PM
  • At 1:35 Jew shows necklace which looks like VW for German Volkswagon. We know how badly Jews pulverized them our smartest people; Polish second. German White species first to go extinct (genocided.)
  • 1:37 blonde male comes in. Tatoo on arm might mean something since I was background actress for Holzer and Ridge Chicago movie agents.
  • 1:38 the Blonde sure enough bashes his own head with a can of beer. Jews hypnotic mind influence.
  • NO one bashed the Jews even for all their crimes the worst in humanity.
  • 1:40 White male and female wears jeans. Why? Jews bought Levi Strauss jeans about 1900 and we’ve been wearing whatever Jews decide the whites (their slaves) should wear and pay for endlessly. We have no White mind.
  • Again, Jew’s not looking at the White woman but her butt for anal not heterosexual.
  • Jews are only ones in world who know about cameras, shots, movies, since they stole White man’s invention before 1927. All movies since then are Jewish. Our White people can’t even begin to operate Hollywood but we must start soon. We must fulfill Thomas Alva Edison’s search for justice and prosecute the Jews for their theft and deceit against host race, country, religion.
  • “that hypocrite smokes two packs a day.” Why? Jew tobacco and black slave trade Barbados against Whites since 1650. If son smokes, Jews will have to pay reparations.
  • Plus for all the White lives not just who died from tobacco but my Veteran husband who lived the suffering since the war. Horrible, horrible suffering Jews know nothing about but how to inflict like an evil serpent god.
  • At 1:43 half naked man enters door. Homosexuality.
  • the view of the White blonde gal shows her bottom of short dress underneath for the Jew camera.
  • But her white jacket looks like a man from the back like Billy Idol.
  • Five White girls rape the Jew guy nerd or white man in bathroom.
  • 1:52 Jew forces booze down the throat of White man. Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 2.02.22 PM
  • Whatever alcoholism my son suffered will be on the blood of the Jew male, female, child, as my suicided Veteran’s death.
  • Table has two big bags of White stuff: Cocaine or their drugs which Jews are kingpins. Yes whatever drugs my boys have suffered Jews will suffer for with compounded interest as Mama said.
  • the Jew screams “Your Mom threw away your best porno mag.” Jews run the porn industry the #1 in USA. Against Whites for as White men have sex masturbating in front of screen or read magazines with paper dolls, Jews are screwing the hell out of White women and men, boys, girls under 3 as is legal in their Satanic Talmud book.
  • 2:15 devilish red picture on wall (red Communism?) and the Jews have pies in their hands. We know the rest I’m sure. Let’s see how they further pulverize their host White males and females as in Poland. On right side of wall is a White boy looking at newspaper. Again, Jews stole New York Times about late 1800’s from unsuspecting White American Protestant Heterosexual Male owner. Jews still own today and rule “all” world through that Jew News.
  • 2:16. With full force the Jew crashes a White whippped cream pie at hair and face of tall White male.
  • Jews call this entertainment and comedy. Do you? Who smashes pies in all their faces on TV, radio, movies, ads, while they work, while they screw the hell out of our White women. In bible, Phinehas would have a sharp javelin through the private parts of the race-breaking couple
  • 2: 25 the Jew boy pushed White smart boy to the ground and then with his leg and foot keeps slamming the White boy’s face into the pie for the entire world, over 31,000,000 hits to pulverize ego, esteem, identity, mind, body and spirit of the Whtie male.
  • 2:25 Jew boy on left his necklace “VW” for German VolksWagon, lays on floor to make the Jew meaning connection of who this horrible act is aimed for. Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 2.13.35 PM
  • Are all the whites laughing as they go to White prisons, white graves, white courts?
  • the Jew boys foot is stomped on the White smart nerd’s back while the White man’s face is buried in white cream. I give you Jew entertainment USA since 1927, Poland since 1025.
  • Looks like a White Transvestite, another Jew victim out of our gene pool, who gets a pie in the face. Has any Jewess or Kyke Kid got one recently? I mean just for a fun music video. Just make same video just reverse roles and do it twice as bad to them or they won’t learn lesson. If I’m wrong, let’s debate.
  • Note red monster picture behind the blonde transvestite.
  • White guy laughing. Takes off black patch and reverses to White.
  • 2:37 white nerd has clothes ripped up. Jews control fashion industry.
  • 2:45 Jews use a poor White dog and scream “I’ll kick you out of my home if you don’t cut that hair.” Who kicks the Jews out of all American homes, our homeland?
  • 2:46 mexican brown woman then pushes White woman’s face in pie. By 2042, Whites will be majority, the brown Mexican slavewoman for Jews will be majority according to Census. I worked there 2000.
  • The guy with the red lipstick marks and ripped up white shirt gets Jew violence in the White face. (I still don’t like White men with beards.) Let the white skin show.
  • 2:45 stereo smoking up a storm. Yes, all music we’ve heard has been Jewish who control entertainment as John Lennon Beatles stated: to be part of any form of entertainment is to be part of Jewish “religion.” Satanic cult.
  • 2:52 lyrics “Your mom busted in and said ‘what’s that noise?’ ” But it’s a white man.
  • Again, the white man with long hair like a rock star, gets Jewish pie in the face and hair again. Jews used all our White rock heroes, who were talented but for their own Jew purse. Jews made “idols,” like the ones brought down in Bible Baal worshipers. I read Jews use a single idol like a carrot to lure a horse so the other millions of Whites either won’t entertain, as the Jews as Coles School bullied my sister so badly in 8th grade she quit school forever, or will work for free as me queenofkaraoke.com, or will give jews all the perverted sex their sadistic passions desire, or work for as little as possible and allow Jews to control entire industry hence the White species.
  • 3:04 Black with policeman from England hat takes down Red Monster, and blonde transvestite gets all drugged up on Spanish Fly spiked punch. No wonder our boys and girls can’t read or write or compete or get best paying wholesome jobs. Our wholesomeness has been destroyed.
  • 3:11 Jew takes sledge hammer to smash TV. They know and aren’t stupid and don’t even watch Jew tv or news. Mama took something to smash our TV when Daddy came home from work and I sat along side of him. It went up in smoke as this did. She then beat him up bloody. We were slaves for Jews. Blacks had it like kings and queens who Whites worship today also.
  • As Jew sledgehammers TV the pounds of White cocaine are in bottom of screen. TV, is just one of the 24/7 Jew addictions for Whites.
  • As I said, Jews in Poland even since 1025, got us Polish Whites to fight one another. It still is like that today. Note the Jews just slither out of whites like black snakes.  Untouched, unhurt, laughing all the way to the bank and using our white sons and daughters as objects of their hatred. And whites have no recourse.
  • Sadly, our children, who Jews turned against us, are all laughing and supporting Jews and other races and not us.
  • Jews don’t get drunk, not addicted to heroine or meth, no smoking, all the free white sex they want from White Christian descendants, no gambling, no porn, no homos or lesbians but turn out kids and use us for bi-sexuality. No Tobacco. As many of the other races are free but we addicted for at least 600 years if not longer.
  • The White mother with white coat and white pearls comes into White mess. (If you see this blog for “Streetcar Named Desire” you see how Jew and Homo used “Blanch Dubois” both meaning White, as symbols for their bashing White species.
  • 3:46 White smart nerd is lying on floor. Drunken on drugs, booze, oversexed, and a white painting over his head.  Painting yet to be identified. White cocaine in pound bags on floor and other white nerd boy hiding behind chair also on floor.
  • They smash White mother in face. No wonder our kids have no respect for White mothers and we worship black mothers (Mrs. Barach Hussein) Jewess mothers, like Yellen and Lowey, and brown mothers who now raise our White children but despise our children. Browns do anything for their takeover with Jews of USA.





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