Amazon History of “Katyn” DVD, 4 months before the tragic plane crash April 10, 2010

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I’ve written much about the prophecy like episode in my life. After studying 7 years of history revision of World War II (we only have Jew’s version) I finally came across a movie, “Katyn” by Andrzej Wajda. Finally! The truth about Poland’s suffering under Jew Communists (actually 1,000 years under Jews as worse slaves in history) had come out. Also, the Communists blamed the Germans now to be first to go extinct.

Here’s pictures of my history and you can see dates. No one would believe me, so I stopped in December. I was shocked 4 months later at the plane crash, where the only person who gained was the Jewess who replaced the Polish president’s wife, First Lady, Maria Kaczynski.

I ordered many Amazon copies of movie Katyn just months before the planecrash killing 96 of Poland's finest.

Here’s just two DVD’s of Katyn I sent out just months before the plane crash at Smolensk causing 96 dead of Poland’s finest. The Jew led Communists blamed the Germans for their massacre on April 10, 1940.

Katyn Amazon 2 copy

Katyn Amazon 3

Irene Glass (nee Irene Debowski) was born at Dachau camp. Jews lied and said gas chambers and today there’s a sign which affirms it never was for gas chambers. Her mother and father worked against the Communists with the German National Socialists. I read Germany would allow Poles to immigrate into Germany and after year had total citizenship. If Mama would have had the 12 babies in Germany she would have gotten highest medal in land, in South Chicago, where both Mama and Daddy worked for Jews, Jews treated my folks, Veteran husband and me worse than dirt! Sent many DVD's about controversial Movie "Katyn" about my Polish kin, 20,000 finest in World War II.

Katyn Amazon 6

Katyn, horror and genocide of Poland' finest men

My premonition just months before of the Katyn site 70th Commemoration of the massacre. Sent many Amazon DVD’s just months before Note date Oct. 19, 2009. Plane crashed April 10, 2010.

I bought a few for myself, rented one, and had people come over to watch the video several times.

The first step is to get the Truth out, the next step is to act on it for it seems those same Communists (Jew -led) who executed the 20,000 finest Polish men now rule USA and all White countries today: Media, TV, movies, book publishing (it’s why I can’t get agent, publisher, editor or literary agent) all White banking system, 80% of art, all of entertainment since 1927. And in Poland even back to the 1200 when the Jews also used our women for illicit sex, as Jew doctor raped me Chicago. Jews married 3 President’s daughters for highest breeding but preach and force race-breaking for Whites. Jews control retail, fashion, makeup, legal field, Supreme Court, radio, advertising, marketing, laws against Whites in our own country.

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