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White Species Pioneers – Websites

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Keeping the White Species Pedigreed

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If humans, who we believe are the highest forms of creation, keep our animals pedigreed, Nature keeps them pedigreed, how did Jews force us to race-break?

These are our last days. We don’t need any more material goods. We don’t need another religion, business, website. We all must come together as one. There’s 24 hours a day. Think if we could muster that energy towards our collective and personal development and survival with whatever avenue to choose, but to keep it pure. It’s not a “sin” or “illegal.” Remember the Jews infiltrated the church, royalty, government in France and Germany by 1095. It was so horrendous for them, the White men got on horses and drove them out. The Jews who fled to China, massacred. Yellow China doesn’t mess around with a 13,000 foot wall.

But my White Polish people, who already were being ruled by 7 Jewish banking families from 1025, immediately took them in. We were worse slaves in history of any color. As we were kept in war for 1,000 years for these Jewish bankers, the blacks in the USA had it made. No wars, best food, sunshine, disciplined to correct behavior instead of being left to cannibalize, wonderful homemade clothes and homes. Treated royally since the Southerners paid Jews $2,000 for each one (by today’s market) and Jews bought them for $20. You can see why Jews flooded the USA with Blacks. A mistake we are forced to live with. Walmart doesn’t keep their employees for 400 years, and put them at the top of their corporation.

General Robert E. Lee

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I found this on stormfront.org. They posted it was an unscripted response from those on the set. It’s very moving and brought me to tears as if the statue in Charlottesville came to life for us to see. My husband fought the Jewish led Communists with their Chinese soldiers, but lost. Is he less a war hero because of it. Is General Robert E. Lee who defended the South any less of a war hero. The Civil War had nothing to do with the South’s hatred of blacks or abuse of them. Many blacks served with the South. The White men treated them like kings and queens as you can see in movie “Gone with the Wind” where the black maid actually runs the mansion as does the black man the house and grounds. They weren’t abused. Now let’s compare that with Jewish Bankers who enslaved my people for 1000 years the worst in history. Silenced. Blacks have to move over and be silenced because my story is coming out.


Poor White Babies, Now the Minority

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All Laws against our poor White babies, and all the Huge Debt hung around their necks. Here’s a Pew Social Trend Report. I knew this years ago, since autobiographically speaking I worked for the US Census 2000. 2042 is the exact time predicted. Plus our people have been intentionally damaged. Hitler said in 1933, it would take 1,000 years to reverse it. Perhaps it will take 2,000 now. But be glad you know it. Knowing it is the cure at least for you. If others never get it, we’ve done our share. No More White Guilt: No More Right Guilt!


Racist Black Booker T. Washington Monument and Park in Charlottesville, VA, not shut down , but White General Lee Statue will be destroyed

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It’s ok to lift Blacks up and call it “a Race,” but Whites can’t lift themselves up by the Unite The Right Rally.

Charlottesville, Virginia, the site of the White protest the Jewish Mayor shut down, and worse allowed so much violence against the White men and women trying to unite before our Race is fully damaged, enslaved and finally genocided. The protest was to stop the $700,000 (White) tax payer money to destroy the statue of White General Robert E. Lee from the Civil War. Since we know the Civil War’s treasury was robbed from the White Southerners by Jewish Judah P. Benjamin, the South is the White victim as was the White North. All wars are Jew wars as in my Poland for 1,000 years where they all come from.

Many Whites were seriously injured, see other posts today. But why would they shut down and destroy the White statue and even rename the park “Emancipation Park.” Emancipation from whom? White evil men as Jews assert. My Polish people were the worse slaves in history (silenced) for 1,000 years 1025-1945, Christian slaves for Jews, and I can’t even write about demanding “Emancipation from Jewish slave-masters.”

The City of Charlottesville, the Antifa, Black Lives Matter, but “White Lives Don’t Matter,” attacked the White men who are finally trying to resurrect themselves from the intentional damage done to them for centuries.

Since the park was meant as a “racist” park for “colored children,” perhaps it needs to be shut down and removed as the City Council demands to remove one of our White heroes. The Jewish and Black led City Council wants to remove.

Here’s quotes by President Jackson:

Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in.
 One man with courage makes a majority.
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Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy led the charge to remove the Lee statue, saying it would make the park more inclusive. Photo Ézé Amos

Bellamy says the reaction he’s gotten has been “overwhelmingly, extremely supportive,” with people thanking him for his courage.

Here’s monument and park for Black Book T. Washington which is a racist park. The Blacks are dying off or damaged from USA wars as well as Poland and Europe for Jew bankers. We’ve coddled them as pets for 400 years. No company would ever do such a thing after their workers (Jews named slaves and Jews brought them here not Whites whose only error was to buy them from shady Jews) after their workers were retired, especially for 400 years and leave the people who helped them to get attacked in Charlottesville, VA, park, shut down, prohibited to speak.

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“Unite the Right” Rally: Charlottesville, VA. Jewish Mayor Signer’s book to “Protect Freedom of Speech, Assembly,” Denied “Bill of Rights” to Whites

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Although Jewish Mayor Signer of Charlottesville who shut down the White Rally and denied our White protestors, the right to speak and assemble, Signer wrote a book on White President James Madison, who is singled out as the most powerful man to craft and ratify the Bill of Rights to the Constitution. In the First Amendment, White Madison demands freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. Yet the Mayor denied the Unite the Right Rally protestors their (White) Rights and shut them down. With his Jewish power got the governor to declare a State of Emergency. He’s also one of the most critical people of President Trump. Our president should know “blood is thicker than water,” and take the White side, not the Jew and Black side which has gone on for 400 years.

A review on Jew Mayor Signer’s book:

“James Madison would be called a “flip – flopper” in today’s political climate. Thank God he changed his mind and concluded that adding a “Bill of Rights” to the constitution was not just good politics but necessary policy. This is just one of the wonderful aspects of James Madison’s life that (Jewish Mayor) Michael Signer captures so well in this important biography. Our nation owes huge debts to Madison, and today’s civic leaders owes huge debts (we’re all indebted to Jew bankers) to Signer for reminding us why.” Tim Kaine, former Virginia Governor and current U.S. Senator.

Here’s an excerpt from my upcoming autobiography, Saving the White Endangered Species.” It shows how our White Rights have been denied and below a bit on James Madison.

“My USA Constitution First Amendment analysis shows how my list of White people who I will identify soon, more to be researched, and I, were denied our White rights:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


It seems the Jews who affected our Constitution, 1787, wanted to make sure their religion could rule the USA, as in Poland. Not by usual means of ministers and churches, but Jew media and monopolies. It’s our religion. Whites can’t claim religious freedom for Whites.

Freedom of Speech

No White is allowed to freely discuss, debate, criticize or speak openly about saving the endangered white species or exposing the Jews. Many lectures shut down. President George Washington: “If the Freedom of Speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”


Jews began to control news publishing since late 1800’s. Then books, comics, text book publishing, now vital parts of the Internet. They print our endless funny money, called usury and Jewess Janet Yellen heads the Federal Reserve Bank which prints it. Jew media blackout.


Pro-White and / or Jew exposé meetings were shut down in California, Chicago, Memphis, until I stopped attending I was so scared!

Redress of Grievances

I called all 535 House of Representatives and Senators to oppose the Jewess Lowey’s, Anti-Semite bill HR 672 (she’s worth $41,000,000 and who is senior control of the House of Representatives’ bank,) They passed it anyway, and instead of using the normal method by taking a count, they simply did a yeah – nay voice vote. Who yelled the loudest! It’s the anti-White or anti-Christ bill.”

“On June 8, 1789, James Madison addressed the House of Representatives and introduced a proposed Bill of Rights to the Constitution. More than three months later, Congress would finally agree on a final list of Rights to present to the states.

James_Madisonnew640Some of Madison’s opening list of amendments didn’t make the final cut in September. The House agreed on a version of the Bill of Rights that had 17 amendments, and later, the Senate consolidated the list to 12 amendments. In the end, the states approved 10 of the 12 amendments in December 1791.



Mayor Signer shut down the Charlottesville protest at 11:06 Saturday, August 12, 2017. The Whites had a permit and should have been supported and helped considering there’s absolutely no White unity and certainly no White Civil Rights in our own country. The Black Vice-Mayor helped, and the newly elected Black Chief of Police intimidated the White men, unarmed, no uniforms, no huge taxed salaries. What the citizens of Charlottesville don’t realize, is if we don’t turn over this genocide against the White species, it’s our death. It’s a matter of life and death.

Although the Whites had a permit, the counter protestors didn’t. The counter protestors threw feces, urine, sperm in rubbers, used bloody tampons, and worse mace in the face and eyes of peaceful White men looking forward to speeches by Dr. David Duke, Richard Spencer, (attacked with mace see today’s post) and a man nick-named Baked Alaska, whose eyes were burning so badly, he had to be hospitalized in agony.

Here’s two videos on Richard and Baked: The second one isn’t clear because those who hate Whites sprayed mace on his camera.

It would be like a White person having a home, his ancestors and he may have worked for it since 1620, Mayflower, as my husband. It was set up to be a White country and especially to leave behind all the crime which Jews and their imps induced on England as Jews did to my Poland for 1,000 years. And then the government (run by Jew laws and banks) then forces blacks in my living room, Jews in my bedroom, Brown Mexicans in my kitchen, 1/2 breeds in my basement, Hindus in my laundry room, and Yellow Chinese in my garage. And I have to pay for them to bring them up to replace me in my own home, workplace, church, school, etc. The saying A Man’s Home is his castle are the truest words spoken. No one would invade a man’s castle, but this  is what happened to the USA.

I’ve been following all I can in this protest to Unite the Right and save the White hero, General Robert E. Lee’s statue in Charlottesville, VA. White heroes, are those who attended the rally with a huge White turnout.

The Leftists, Antifa, Blacks Live Matter, and others threw urine balloons, feces, rubbers filled with sperm, bottles of frozen water, anything they could diabolically think of to incite the Whites to violence. But then Jew led Communists, as the Left are, also did that to start the Revolution against White Christian Russia which led to 100,000,000 White Christian only deaths. I hope the Jews and their imps don’t do that to the USA.

But the Jewish Mayor Signer shut down the White people, who for the first time ever united in recent history. All laws, money, action, time, even World War I, II, Vietnam war, Korean war, Muslim wars for non-White and non-Christian Rights.

Just as in my Poland, the Jew’s objective: Punish or pulverize the White male in his own country. And then rule over us as White slaves. The Pulverized White male is resurrected.



White Species Pioneer – Richard Spencer, National Policy Institute

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The Hungarian government arrested Richard Spencer there.

He was to speak at the Unite the Right rally but was shut down by Jewish Mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia. The newly elected Black Vice Mayor sent the police with complete riot gear and shields to push, kick and threaten arrest and prison to the White males and females. He was assaulted by riot police, Antifa, and again by police. Obviously, they will try everything from allowing the truth about the genocide of the White Race to come out.


9/11 and Jews

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When I first began studying in an English 101 and Creative Writing class after husband, Veteran’s, suicide, I was strengthened to find answers to his last words, “There’s no help for the White man in this country.” I got books out from the Vegas college library. Not knowing how to study “White Race,” I asked for Hitler. I’ve never had a nervous breakdown, but if I were going to, it was then. It’s so utterly shattering for a woman to study this, especially a kind, sweet one as myself.

When I found HitlerJugend, Hitler Youth, Michael Kater, I began to realize the National Socialists were about saving our White youth, terribly damaged by the Jewish takeover after World War I. And of course, the Swastika is about having white babies or fertility. The Jew faked media convinced us to “hate” that symbol, when in fact, we end up hating ourselves and our ability to be fertile, have healthy White babies, or merely support the idea it’s healthy not evil for us to stay alive as a race.

I began to suspect the Jews who I thought were geniuses, good with money, practically gods as doctors etc. I put in 9/11 and Jews in 2005. I found 5 videos, 9/11 Truth Stranger than Fiction, and also one on USS Liberty. Since then I believed the Jews were involved. Since we all belong to the Jewish religion, it’s what we “believe,” and we only believe, know, think, and feel what they want us to. When I found out building 7 was never hit, my old reality evaporated. Because the “group think” of the entire world believed the ridiculous story of the Jew media.

I went to an Architects and Engineers/ 9/11 meeting, and it all made sense with the bombing of thermite. (I’m not professional just talking in a mother’s language.) Until . . . in the middle of the hour video, was inserted a terrorized warning, “We better do something about the truth in 9/11 or we will end up like the “poor” Jews in the Holocaust.” Jews usually sandwich their code brainwashing statement. Not at beginning or end from the 139 episodes of I Dream of Jeannie I watched as my own research and writing test. (Jews)

In other words, anyone in the world could be guilty . . . except . . . the poor Jews! What mind control. And Dr. Judy Wood states how the AE 9/11 group was put together after people start suspecting but then (my words, Jews and their imps,) it was “steered” to keep away from real thinking. I was gung ho for the Tea Party, having hope. Until I went to Chicago in Wonder Woman costume, (patriotic Red/White/Blue.) A man who was running for office asked for a free pix for his campaign. I agreed. He gave me his card; he was Jewish. The band came up to me and a guitarist who had Lithuanian ancestry told me his last name, since I often ask people’s country of origin. He volunteered his name. Since it ended in “ski” or “sky” I asked him which. I know from being Polish-American slave for Jews for 1,000 years in my heritage and worse my life, the “ski” is Polish Christian royalty, “sky” is Jewish who married into royalty. He admitted he was Jewish and was shocked anyone asked him that without genuflecting.

It got worse. The first two speakers leading the White audience were those two Jewish men. I walked out. My mind is so free not having Jew TV, radio, magazines, books, not many friends, mostly work and slavery, and I don’t want them in my mind now, unless to expose them. No one on earth can make that connection: Where did the Jews come from before all the Polish Jews, (most of the Jews) come from before 1945. It was Poland 1025-1945. Jews surely were doing the same crimes, tricks, deceit, lies, reduced us to worse slavery in history.

Since Jew Oppenheimer invented atom bomb, another Jew invented Hydrogen Bomb, and the Chinese were had of NASA, (both Communists) they could indeed have invented a weapon such as this video shows since 1945. This is astronomical in proportion. It took a while before I could register, 3 skyscrapers can’t fall with 2 planes if the blame the planes. Autobiographically, I lived in a Chicago skyscraper on the 36th floor. Before I moved in 1993, I asked the real estate agent. What if a plane hit? He said skyscrapers are built to “sway” and are not rigid as a home. A sway would absorb the shock and wouldn’t affect the rest of the building.

It’s no wonder our government passes every law the Jews and the non-Whites want. Look what they “believe” about 9/11 and never questioned it. If I wouldn’t stand for such deceit in my home, how could I stand for it in my home country of America?

This doesn’t mention the “Jews” but at one point when they talk of how Wiki banned one of her supporters, he suggests a search with her name “Dr. Judy Wood,” 9/11, but then goes into searching “Holocaust,” “Jews” “Zionism,” which seems like an implication. (At 48:47 in YouTube.)

Jews are destructive. I’ve written about their assassinations, revolutions, wars, pushing drugs on us, inventing bombs, atom and hydrogen, it seems almost certain if there is an “energy” like this, they either invented it, steered it, or were involved.


I heard of Dr. Judy Wood before, but found this new video. It makes sense.

The Jewish role in the Porn Industry

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A woman’s womb is sacred.

Charlottesville, VA: Jew Mayor, Black Vice Mayor, stopped White Freedom to Assemble; 3 dead, many Whites injured

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I’ll put another 3 hour link on of live on the spot interviews. The White protest was legal with a permit. The Jewish mayor of Charlottesville, VA, Vice-Mayor, black, and a newly elected in April, Black chief of police.

The Jew and Black denied the permit, but a judge over-ruled them on “Freedom to assemble” for the preservation of War hero, White General Lee. A large part of the White group actually prayed to God for help before and even before their meal. Their attentions who were honest and brave.

In my writings, it is the Jew who is the inciter of Revolutions, (French, American, Russian.) But all faked media even tells the President it was “White Supremacists,” who were the trouble-makers.

Many of the Whites were injured, and it was not suspected. Sprayed with mace, fire bombs, urine balloons and feces at the Whites. Bashed with police batons. The Black and Jew led police allowed all this violence against a protest complete with non-violent speakers and group.