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Part 3 Hitler Youth

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First book found in my search for my White identity after husband Veteran tragic death who fought the Communists, Jews and Yellow Communists, in Vietnam. Book was Hitler Youth, Hitler Jugend, Michael Kater.  Found at Las Vegas college library, 2006. I see Hitler from a good White woman’s eyes. See video below.

If we are to save the White Species, we have to have White sex. Good White sex. I could write a book on sex instead of the Pro-White; Jew expose. Celibate to Rapes, could really be the story of my life. I really have had much. I took sex lessons after a man from Holland (Huge Jew population and control) raped downtown Chicago. I thought for sure I had sex one time and I had AIDS. I’ll go more into detail second book. Went to AIDS center Chicago. They didn’t do anything. Rape of White women is “Normal,” as the 37,462 Blacks who rape White women. Rape traumatizes the woman, can make her sterile. The Sexually Transmitted diseases can make the couple sterile. A simple yeast infection for male or female, sterile. A woman can get cancer if a man had sex with a woman who had cancer cells. He carries them home and then has sex and Voila! Cancer. I decided I needed to learn about sex. This “taboo” (Jew placed) frightened me. Took 2 lessons: Discovery Center, Chicago, Sensuality and Sexuality. Respectable place which taught all kinds of lessons like kayaking. Teacher told me to read books to understand more. I read 29 books, including 2 DVD’s just on kissing. One book just on hugging. I stayed away from anything too bizarre because intelligence is my goal. Where a homo has sex 1,000 ways, I’d give a man sex, (one good man) 1,000 different ways. I can’t have animal sex again. I need someone to read books, study, understand himself, and myself. We can’t have babies with White sex. Jews plagued out minds so our men think of sex every 8 seconds. While our men go on computers for porn, Jews are screwing our White women to demean us: Shiksas, White Christian Shiksas. I would say “all” the German girls raped pre-World War II, were White Catholic or Protestant Christian women. Where were the churches? Why did the desperate government and school teachers have to take over? I experimented just a bit to know as the books say, one night stands are not happy. Black sex is terrible for the White women who strayed, under Jewish media pressure with their 24/7 Black male idols. Even in my day, the Motown Black group: The Temptations. Why? To Tempt, as in the garden of Eden with the apple. I only hope Mama enjoyed the sex she had with Daddy. Sex was sort of natural. We didn’t have doors on our bedrooms, in our shack of a house. Mama thought nothing of having sex on the laundry spread out in the basement. With Grandma’s 14, Mama’s 12, only my 2, I would think I’m a natural. I do know I wouldn’t want to be obsessed with it. (5 Languages of Love) says when a couple meets, the first year and a half they are obsessed. Their feelings for sex are 24/7. But thank goodness, that feelings go away. People can’t “think” straight and our country would go down the drain. We need to address this so our future Whites enjoy sex, but not obsessed. Will go more into detail, next book. I read in book, I think “Hitler’s Children” where the girls and boys could have sex as young as 13. There was once 100 couples having sex outdoors in park. They could use rubbers so it was more about bringing them together. One 14 year old girl went to government for all-White help. The interviewer asked her who the father was. She said she had 13 boys in the last month. At 13 or 14, strong eggs, uterine, stomach and hip muscles to carry baby, and less pain. I had home-birthing without drugs at 35, and it was really bad since I had back labor for 10 hours the worse possible. I don’t regret it. It felt like a grenade went off inside my womb and when my son came out, the pull was so strong, I felt my eyeballs came out of my vagina with him. One benefit. When I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, my face glowed and didn’t have any wrinkles. I’ve always had certain lines on my face: Gone!

  • 1:07:16. I met a woman at church whose father served in WWII, specifically Germany. She said her father came back and wanted to marry. But he went around looking for a woman for highest breeding. She clearly was. Not just beautiful, but a good heart, generous, and thoughtful. Which man in our entire White species chose a woman for breeding?
  • Give your “Best to your people and they will be their best.” Without a doubt, I have given my very best, and for free, as seen on my website, queenofkaraoke.com, my marriage, sons, school, family, friends, church, art, food, music, writing, entertaining, TV, radio, Internet, movies, computers, and  White Civil Rights Activist. Received very little in return.
  • Sub-human Jews: international crooks. (My Poland too, 1025-1945, now USA 1945-present.
  • Democracies (US) were supplied with pickpockets, pimps, drug dealers, slave traders, international bank crooks and hack journalists. (We have Jews like that plus Blacks and Browns. Our White babies have no chance in America or Europe. South America is not an option.
  • BDM: “You’re nothing but a Jewish bitch.” I have 1,000 years to prove it. JAPP, Jewess American Princess on a Pedestal. I was on Sencha’s radio show, and she was born in DC, and their women knew the same thing. If Jewess is on a pedestal, we worship her grovelling at her feet.
  • Gypsies in the camps. Cher does a song “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.” I know a lady who went to Europe, waited for the bus. Laid on the bench for a nap. Someone went up to her in broad daylight, Cut off her fanny pack and stole everything.When Whites bring in Muslims, I think, “Don’t we have enough problems? Why be a do gooder to other races and leave our Whites to suffer. Our ancestors from Mayflower was going to make USA, Kingdom of heaven. No drinking, drugging, smoking, stealing, fighting, not even mixing with the Indians who were a distraction. Now the USA is as in Poland, what they call “Kingdom of Heaven.” Dungeons of Hell for my family and Veteran.
  • White Gypsies: Hard to believe, the Jewish rapists, first ones deported from Germany to the USA. Then we got all the Gypsies. Homosexuals. Is that what our poor White Veterans fought for? Get the trash from around the world. Brother Bert the Polak, said when Miami took in all the “boat people” they were the Black scum from Haiti, who cleaned out their prisons and mental hospitals. (good for warriors) Hitler had to create a Germany free from riff raff, so any White male or female was free to choose from their own Race, and the best. Stories on YouTube
  • Here’s Dr. Eisenstein, Jew. When I went to him with husband, his office was a closet practically. Now 5 clinics and around the world. But again, I suffered because I took a different route. The government inspector, (as if my baby was a piece of meat) was irritated with me because she said the “Government doesn’t like home births.” And filled me with all kinds of fears. The baby was rated 10-10-10, 10 pounds as high as could be. What I didn’t like, is he took Polaroid pictures of my Vagina. Whites should deliver our own babies. Not Jewish doctors. We are all sitting around for Jews to tell us what to do next or how to feel, think talk. But I’m grateful I got my dream to have my son at home. Image result for Chicago Dr. Eisenstein
  • 1940: deportations being. Jews had it all planned. The Deportations to bring entire Jewish Population, mostly from my Poland, to move their Secret Empire here. If Jews and our Whites shut us down, our White Race has no help. If anything happens to me no one can make the Poland-USA connection. From Jew books, or brainwashed people, perhaps, but not from someone who fearlessly stands up to the Jews from ancestry and autobiography.
  • Interesting: BDM teens working in factories. Cooperation.
  • German camps. No gas chambers of killings in Germany. Dachau sign even shows “no gas chamber” because hysterical Veterans and Jews news were lying about gas chambers there.
  • Jewess whines she was hit on the head. Well, no one hit them their entire life for their crimes, “Patria ship,” “USS Liberty,” “Poland 1,000 years slavery” “9/11” worse spies in USA history, worse gang, Meyer Lansky Murder Inc. Purple Gang, Stern Gang, The crimes against Germany, bank fraud, rapes, revolutions. And that’s why the Jews smile constantly. Our suffering is a big joke. I was beaten so many times and Daddy for nothing. Mine came from many sources: Nuns because I couldn’t do math problem on the board. I missed too much school: No shoes in freezing Chicago winters. Failed first grade. Nun hit me 6th grade because I talked back to my mother. Brother beat me in my stomach unconscious. Another brother slapped. Friend from Dachau beat me up for initiation to White girls gang to fight for Blacks and Browns against the Whites in our neighborhood. Polish boyfriend, Irish boyfriend, husband Crisis Center Battered Wives, family, 2nd husband, Patton, attempted strangulation, beaten in Vegas and crippled. What does this Jewish bitch have to whine about. And I’m a good woman, just terrified because these were all White people. I asked for asylum. And no one knows more than I do how badly the Whites need to be saved.
  • 1:19 – Women to tend men’s wounds. Movie “Gone with the Wind” shows Scarlett O’Hara leave the plantation to tend men’s wounds. I tended my husband’s wound, addictions, screaming nightmares, addictions. Women distilled the booze for the White men who wounded. Grandma: Russian bathtub Vodka for Grandpa, Polish Russian War General. In the South, after Civil War: Moonshine. Jews have been free of wars: No damage Not even the blacks who had the USA as Kingdom of Heaven for 400 years. If they were drunk they were beaten and hence no damage.
  • White German women joined the battlefields with their White males. Before the Bible was written, our ancestors had a “partnership” not a Matriarchal Society, as Black African women have. Barach Hussen was never the President. Michelle was. She mentored him at Chicago Sidley Austen, Legal Firm. While they were grooming him for President, my husband, Veteran, was directly below, in a sub street called Wacker Drive, lower, homeless with the dumpsters like road kill. Ancestry back to Mayflower, 1620.
  • I think the worse thing for the German women, educated to their highest about pure-raced character breeding was the Russians going into Berlin, raping  the women and boys. I don’t remember the Jew’s name who led this from Russia. The Jews got into Russia, when they lived on Poland’s borders, incited a war with Russia, Russia won, and took Poland’s land where all the Jews were. For 200 years, they lived there as Alexandr Solzenytsn’s books reveals. But the Jews brought in their distilleries, bottles they invented, marketing and advertising. The first Czar tried to curb then and forbade them out of the liquor industry. Jews killed him. Jews Revolted and over: 1917. Communism. Anti-Semitism punishable by death. It’s how Jews get their way like spoiled, spoiled brats. They again brought the booze in. Why? Made Russians barbaric. My mother was a mad woman on booze. Never offer me liquor or drugs. One Jew was responsible for training the Russian men going into Germany (got them drunk) to rape as many women as possible. But these tender German women only knew to prosecute Jew rapists, keep their race pure, be faithful to husband and family. It must have blown their German female minds.
  • I used to sing and dance in costume at the Bavarian, Hofenbraus House, Las Vegas. there’s one in Germany too.
  • Elvis as Veteran: German song, “Wooden Heart.” Note the White red headed woman rolls her eyes in disgust when Elvis sings. It’s a really cute video . . . at the end a puppet takes a stick and knocks Elvis over the head . . . like at Charlottesville, VA. Jewish media as they “laugh” at our humiliation.        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hlbu6SsjlSE
  • Heinrich Himmler – Mother’s Homes – Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 1.37.27 PM
  • The German women who wanted babies went to mate with the big blonde studs and came back with a baby. You know, I might be crazy, but that sounds like a healthy idea. You know, White women fantasize about Black men, now that’s crazy. But being in a Mother’s home with a White German stud, now that’s my kind of fantasy, LOL! It’s only fantasy.
  • 1:28 shows a row of White Baby buggies. DC Holocaust Museum showed it as if the Museum was a German Horror Film. I used to take my son for walks in a White old-fashioned baby buggy, second hand, for we never had money problems #1 cause of divorce, too much; too little. I totally lived “under” our means. Buggy
  • It’s like this entire movie is my life or Mama’s. Hadn’t my life became unglued after husband’s death, all this would have gone to my grave.
  • Comic Relief. Actresses encompass all emotions. I’m lucky I saw this video before I went to the Holocaust Museum to picket the curator, guards, museum. I actually wondered, as this young man, what about the shoes at Auschwitz, Poland? How do they know if they are Jews or Christian Catholic White Polish, especially since we were in the camps, 6 years and Jews a mere 2 years. I was going to take a couple shoes out and ask the tour director if this a Jewish show or Catholic? How do you know? Are these from the nearest Goodwill Store in Black DC? They could be old Black shoes. What a way to scare our young white men to tears. But that’s common. Enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06Ggsgsh_kc
  • No one terrorizes of threatens Jew or Jewess. They make laws to convenience them or their crimes “legal.” Anti-Semite bill HR 672, line 4.
  • 1:29 Jew led Red Communist Russian Army bent on revenge. Odd but Jew Commies were going to take off with wars right across Europe, 1917, and take Europe by force. Poland stopped them. I guess that’s why Jews devised the Holocaust scheme and just move all the Jews from Poland to USA.
  • At 1:29 when the woman walking down the road looks into camera and then buries her head in her hands, it’s how I felt after Jew raped me. A crazed drugged up soldier, pumped up against Whites, is horrible, but the unsuspecting “good” Jewish doctor, it’s like a ton of bricks crashing on one’s head and body.
  • As the girls cry 1:31, can you imagine all the years study of an all White Country with pure-breeding, German male and female united, Jewish crimes gone, and then splatter the German cities with Drugged up, vicious Communists, to rape them?
  • 1:31 Adolf Hitler committed suicide April 30. President Roosevelt dies in a secret isolated cabin April 12, 1945. Sorry Jews and their imps. It’s not mathematically possible. The top two leaders dead in strange ways 18 days apart? Jews didn’t need the “wheelchair” image anymore to get whites to “feel sorry,” for Jew’s rights. They would have the skinny, bald-headed, naked bodies for Jew’s newsreels, newspapers, world wide blanketing of their plight. Lies, but it worked. Jew Morgenthau, President Roosevelt’s top advisor to see him in that secluded cabin.
  • Hitler fought Communism to his last breath. My husband fought Communism and lost. Jew and Jewess won. How did we fall prey to them?
  • 1:32 Supposedly Jew dead bodies. Once Dr. Duke said the Jews used that to “shock” us since no one ever saw dead bodies before. From what I understand, “we” bombed the German railroads: no food, no medicine for Typhus. Deaths. I know a man whose friend opened the camps and he said it was my Polish people who had to rebuild the railroad to get food in. Not the Jews because they wouldn’t work. My people were underfed too and moreso.
  • 1:32 the Almighty Christian guilt trip. Jews have committed all these crimes. Never once have they shown, guilt, remorse, sorrow. No feelings.
  • It’s like me for doing all the things like the Hitler women and then get gas lighted, fired, black-balled, alienated, beaten and crippled, and nearly killed 3 times in recent years. For all my good? Do people want the USA to be Evil Empire? and reward the Evil Jewess who does nothing but deceive and manipulate her husband and us. Supreme Court Image result for evil jewess
  • 1:33 lies about lampshades from Jew’s skins. (It’s just another Jewish Hollywood movie passing for real. Nuremberg Trials. Not one Jew was arrested for falsifying evidence in a court of law including Americans. We died right then and there as a country. Our Christian country with White values shifted to a Jewish country with Talmudic Jewish occupation.
  • BDM wasn’t abused, all our White children’s education and values since 1939, Jewish lies branded like a hot iron on our little brains, even from the womb, through our parents. Not mine though.
  • 1:38 Special schools for children of laborers (as Daddy) who couldn’t afford education. Brother Nicky failed because he didn’t have tuition. Brother Eddie, doing child labor at Kelly’s bar restocking the shelves, got the money to pay to get Nicky back to his right class. In a large White family, if there was a specially talented one, they would get the best welfare. Here the USA put up obstacle after obstacle to tear me down. Like a racquetball court waiting for the next ball to come out of nowhere and hit me.
  • Our White boys will now have to have 21 mentors or USA will be third world country.
  • Germany was not perfect; they tried. Christians lost; Jews and Muslims, Chinese, Blacks, Browns, White: look at the USA today.
  • 1:39. The Elite. I worked for company Chicago, top caterer. Temps sending him all blacks and browns. His company faced bankruptcy. Hired me to hire all whites and no homos since the homos ruined his life. He wanted an “all Elite force” and was going to groom the new tuxedoed waiters and waitresses with superior training and attitude.
  • 1933: Jews had Mansions. Odd but they were only in Germany, 70 years, and rose to the very top in the most important fields. But in 1,000 years in Poland, no real resistance.
  • I wanted a German National Socialist Costume for karaoke, (Nazi defamed name by Jews to terrorize superstitious Whites.) A man in karaoke at Dino’s in Vegas, sang “Springtime for Hitler in Germany.” It was a Jewish spoof mocking the White Catholic and Protestant Germans of World War II. In the movie, at :26, a White girl lifts the skirt and looks at the private parts of another White woman. Lesbianism. Hitler said the worse enemy of Germany was the Lesbian. Made so by Jews. The original movie came out in 1968. I saw few movies in my life. I met a Hungarian refugee from the Jewish Revolution against Hungary, 1956. He was able to escape with family to Chicago. He took me to see this movie. It made so sense until 2010 or so in Vegas when I saw the play and was enlightened. Two Jew “Producers.” His name was Joe Fekete. (meaning Black) When I met him he was broken down. He bought his blonde wife a beauty shop. He came home from Chicago Police Department at lunch to find her in bed with another woman who left him and her very blonde son. I met him dancing at one of the lounges. When he came to pick me up for a date, he saw how many Chicago Police reports my address and family had. He told me the worse in all of Chicago land. He told me after the Civil Rights Act, a lounge called for police help. A race riot. Jews empowered the Blacks since NAACP and this was the next stage, not just to annihilate the White male species moved overseas for war in Vietnam with China, but with the Civil Rights Act, to pulverize any man or business who didn’t comply with Jew laws. In Bavaria, 1300’s, Jews were expelled for “Civil Rights:” All rights for Jews none for the host country. Now it’s worse because Jews stretched their 1.8% control to 92% of the world, non-White. The Blacks ran to the Jewish lawyers all prepared with the Civil Rights laws they put in. Good ways to extract money from businesses such as the lounge’s insurance. Blacks would get a small cut or drugs and Jews would get the most at the top. The Chicago police department fired him for excessive force. He was so pulverized to white ash, he fled Chicago to C’oeur d’ Alene Idaho. When I saw this film, I was astonished at the bravado Jews had in bashing the White Germans, mocking the women and German White Christian soldiers who fought so hard.  The idea of Whites having a Master Race or achieving our highest as an entire race, is absurd and ridiculous as the New York Jewish editors and publishers are telling me about my autobiography. Even Whites. Yes when I watch this, Jews are in the driver’s seat. Not driving us around but running over us at 180 mph. Jewish shock treatments against Whites. “Springtime for Hitler and Germany, Winter for Poland and France, also destroyed racially.” There are Swastika’s (emblem of White fertility and babies) on nipples at 2:42. Another jab at us because we were forced to stop using our breasts for milk and buy dreaded Nestle’s products: Baby formula (when I began writing) sugar followed by 22 drugs. I looked recently they changed to powdered milk followed by drugs. I wanted to do the song in karaoke, just to counter protest, to no one by myself, that they didn’t get away with it. When the White audience runs out, the two Jew producers say, “Let’s get out of here before they kill us.” They push us to the limits that hard and they know they do. Jews repeat themselves. Used the same technique in first ever talkie, “The Jazz Singer” where Jew son of a Jew synagogue cantor, paints his face black, and sings in front of a White shocked audience who then begins to walk out. Jews don’t care. They wait. They know they will win over us anything they push, even drug pushers. We sent all our boys, fathers, uncles, cousins, husbands, sons, over to war in Europe so Jews could take over, control all entertainment, sell us a ticket for $$, and mock us. Every movie, play, radio show, TV, show, had these messages which is why we can’t win over our people. They put in a homosexual as Hitler to double the salt in our wounds. As a mother I have rights to protect my son from Homos, not giving Homos to rape and prey on our White offspring. USA is not fit for White children at this point with ll all the world and laws against us as Jews did in Poland, Germany, Russia. The Jews may not get the last laugh if we ever implement some of Hitler’s ideas. All the Jews in the world can’t keep hiding the Truth about WWII. The Jews also put on a play outdoors by the mountains with the KKK but a more serious one. I thought if they can do it so can I as a female KKK and Nazi. They can shock so can I. Mama said, “Give it back to them with compounded interest. They understand that.” Don Black who was KKK for a short time, was on the Jew Time Warner Jenny Jones Show same year they asked me, when I was working to hire all Whites and even dated a young White head banging White Supremacist once.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlQfW9oK1G4
  • 1:50: Math problem, how long does it take to drop a bomb on Warsaw, (capital) of Poland? What they don’t tell you is Hitler had strict orders not to bomb Warsaw. He was going to make it a model state (after 1,000 years of Jewish occupation and rule.) Finally freedom from Jews. But Hitler suddenly came down with a rare “jungle disease.” Don’t forget when he was in the Bunker, 80 feet below, his only constant companion, doctor to the Jewish entertainers, Morell. Surely he injected him and then carried out orders to bomb Warsaw, while Hitler was incapacitated. Also, how did Hitler suffer an assassination underground bunker, which killed one? The bombing of Warsaw as if it happened to DC, would destroy all of the Jews laws, letters, the money they sucked out of Poland. All evidence destroyed. What a perfect crime. But aren’t they all?
  • 1:49. Who belongs in the Jew’s mansion of today? Our White damaged boys or the criminal deceitful Jews?
  • Wow! England and Germany exchanged students for England had elite schools also. It must be where the Chicago caterer I worked for in Human Resources, must have gotten the idea of an “Elite” tuxedoed, well-trained, White staff (no homos or lezzies) the best in the world. Jews may say it’s a “sin” but I don’t worship Jews. To me, God doesn’t say it’s a sin, man does. The Jewish man. Like the ones who abused me or turned my White male partner against me in the USA? Wasn’t like that in Germany?
  • The new school: relaxed and elegant. I think that would describe what the caterer wanted to achieve in his training of a White staff. The best he and I could give Chicago, the Rich Chicago Elite, Not the worse which the temp agency sent us.
  • 1:57: large Swastika and speaker says “Racial purity.” That’s all the Nazis were about. President Trump is German and surely had Nazi relatives. I wrote on my blog, Pope Benedict was trained by Hitler Youth, and the next thing I knew for the first time in 1400 years a current pope stepped down! Jews read my blogs and move history in the wrong direction. They must have 100% to keep us this empire.
  • 1:59: Julius Streicher. I’ll put below from Chapter 23 draft, how Jews and Black USA soldiers tortured him “to get even,” for wanting a pure White race, healthy, character, elite. Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 3.44.56 PM
  • Chapte 23: Julius Streicher, German. Tortured by USA Jews and Blacks in his jail cell with sign they put on him “”Julius Streicher, “King of the Jews.” He later was hung by Jews’ Nuremberg Court not for war fighting but for writing and speaking as I have done: “Streicher, let me give you some advice. I work in a Jewish bank. I have learned to be silent at times when my German heart gladly would have spoke. The Jews are few in number but great in the economic and political power they have achieved, and their power is dangerous. You, my dear Streicher, are still young and cocky, and don’t mince words. But never forget what I am telling you: the Jews have great power, and that power is dangerous, very dangerous.” “Do you really think the Rothschilds, Mendelsohns, Bleichroders, Warburgs, and Cohns worry about your poverty? As long as these blood brothers are our leaders, and as long as your party officials are Jewish lackeys, you will be no threat to the big money men. As long as you yourself do not lead the way, and as long as the black shadow of foreign blood is behind you, you will be betrayed and deceived. The black shadow cares for itself, not for you.”    “a racially pure people, conscious of its blood, can never be enslaved by the Jews. It (Jewry) will only be the master of the mixed races.” “Streicher said that people were very careful about the breeding of their thoroughbred horses, cattle and dogs and should likewise insure that their offspring mate with superior stock. He held that there is a Jewish conspiracy to poison the blood of the superior races with inferior stock. This is also why the Jews favor abortion because it reduces the White population. (Bear in mind that he said this in the 1930s.)”
  • Right now all the other races are pure and the Master Race(s) especially Jews who are mentally conscious of it while trying to pollute or destroy ours.
  • 1:59: Again we don’t know if they were teaching “hate.” But Jews “hate” us and it’s “good.” Sanctioned as if we don’t obey our Jewish G-d it’s blasphemy. Shows Jesus’ whip, which is why Jews have to destroy Jesus, replace with statues, flags,  of Karl Marx, Lennon, Stalin, as was at Charlottesville, but not a peep.
  • I have that book analyzed for children on my site.
  • 2:00 All Teachers put under party control. Now all teachers, books, major universities, curriculum, under Jewish control. Not a word can be said or even thought against Jews. Our own Whites would do the fighting they are so perfectly programmed. It was the Teachers, as in my Sauk Village, Illinois school where brothers taught English and son went, who suffered with all the chaos, drinking drugging, fighting, smoking, unable to teach, German Shepherds patrolling the corridors for drugs. The German teachers brought in the National Socialists. What would they do now if they saw our lowest out of 31 industrialized countries, school system. Jews want us dumbed down like Poland. Easy to control and good for bodybags and slaves.
  • 2:01 “Do you know what a bastard is?” Jews left a ton of bastards behind in Germany. The teachers worked with the government to teach the White Christian German girls not to be afraid anymore but speak up when the Jews preyed on them. The girls were I think 6-12. They were taught to run for police reports and explained what the Jewish (Satanic) behavior was about sexually. The girls got together so many reports, they made a mass exodus of Jewish rapists. The rich Jews and their families who wanted mass emigration to being to the USA anyway. We fell like putty in their Jewish greasy hands. When the doctor raped and ejaculated in me, he could have left a bastard baby in a large Polish family who couldn’t afford me. Having babies was for God, from the rightful Mother and Father. Not in USA. Treated like dirt.
  • All I know is that I had cataracts for a long time and could have gone blind. I’m glad I waited until I moved here. The nuns agreed to buy a very expensive machine from Germany, only a few in the world at the time, which makes cataract removal perfect, leaving no cloudiness behind. They made the hospital agree that “all” people could afford this expensive treatment otherwise they wouldn’t collect for it. It’s how I was able to get my eyes done. So the Germans studying eyes isn’t the end of the world if one gets a surgery.
  • I’m sure the studies they did was for pedigreed dogs too.
  • THE MASTER RACE WOULDN’T KILL THE JEWS. THEY WERE GENTLEMANLY. (as was the staff going to become at the catering company I worked to hire Whites for helped train.) DOESN’T FIT THE PICTURE AT ALL.  2:03
  • Pictures: 2:04. We had a wall of pictures of the employees I hired, and the owner could pick who he considered the best workers and best demeanor. Every White company should do that. If our Whites are too damaged, let’s get the healing process going and not wait around for the Jews or their media to tell us when and how to do it. The answer is already within us.
  • 2:04 They were taken to a Polish town. There is a skinny boy there. My niece told me she went to India for her graduation trip. The parents chop off the limbs to get Whites to tip them and “feel sorry” for them. My nephew (straight A’s living in Poland and rejected his American citizenship due to bad work, or no work) said “India” is the dark horse for a mass empire. He has Jewish friends so doesn’t suspect them. If India becomes an empire, Jews will be there.
  • “One reason we were put on this earth was to help people weaker than ourselves.” Why didn’t anyone help my family, Veteran, or me? Why split up all around the world or USA to help all the other races.
  • 2:06 Shrunken heads. I’m told that evidence was thrown out and they were Africans who do shrink heads.
  • When you see the “skinny bodies, naked with shaved heads,” Remember Jews starved to death 50,000 a year of my Polish ancestors where Daddy is from, Galicia, and after the streets were littered with our dead bodies, they put on golden glittery robes as if in some kind of religious Luciferian ritual and robbed the corpses.
  • I wouldn’t agree with taking God out of a country. I wrote Christianity was allowed, there’s a book about Pope Pius and Hitler. If Christianity was terribly splintered and fighting then that needed to be rectified and now we’re divided into 41,000 denominations and more starting every day. That’s not God. That fear of each other. In my study, Hitler mentions God many times. He says he doing the work of the Almighty, (which means actually breasted one so it’s a female noun) who has saved him from so many assassinations to do His / Her work.
  • There was a war going on between the Left Communists (Jews and their imps) and the Right National Socialists. The Left Communists won! As in our country.
  • Quotes by Hitler on Saving White Catholic and Protestant Christianity from the Jews Communist who already proved how many they killed in Russia, Ukraine, Poland: Image result for hitler quote christianImage result for hitler quote christian
  • (I’ll type out if you can’t small read. “My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter. It points me to the man who once in loneliness, surrounded only by a few followers, recognize these Jews for what they were and summoned men to fight against them and who, God’s truth! Was greatest not as a sufferer but as a fighter. In boundless love as a Christian and as a man I read through the passage which tells us how the Lord at last rose in his might and seized the scourge to drive out of the temple the brood of vipers and adder’s. How terrific was his fight for the world against the Jewish poison. Today, after 2000 years, with deepest emotions I recognize more profoundly than ever before in the fact that it was for this that he had to shed his blood upon the cross. As a Christian I have no allow myself to be cheated but I has a duty to be a fighter for truth and justice. And if there is anything which could demonstrate that we are acting rightly it is the distress that daily grows. For as a Christian I have also a duty to my own people. When I go out in the morning and see these men standing in their queues and look into their pinched faces, then I believe I would be no Christian, but a very devil if I felt no pity for them, if I did not, as did our Lord 2000 years ago, turn against those by whom today this poor people is plundered and exploited. Adolf Hitler
  • Image result for hitler quote christian
  • The schools taught to honor their White war heroes against Communist Jews and
    Chinese, in the Jew S A treated like road kill and blasted by the population against Veterans since 1968. I changed history, but it’s been a long 15 years.





Separation of Religion and State: James Madison / Hitler

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What’s really odd is from what I read, Rabbi in a synagogue drafted the Civil Rights Act, and passed 1965. But we have a separation of religion and state. That means the “Jewish religion,” too. All laws only against Whites (as Jews did to Poland) and all laws “for” Jews like the anti-Semite law. That’s a Religious Law in the first degree! They’ve destroyed Christianity and left Whites to fumble around in chaos waiting for our next move from them, somehow. It’s not going to happen.

To show you how Christian Hitler was this quote says as a leader, he will fulfill his tasks swearing only his fidelity to God, (what I considered my highest or Supreme) (not worshiping Jews). He adds the values we’ve learned such as collective morality, family (not Jew’s schools) the nucleus of our Volk. The only reason the USA got that alliance, was to break the Christian religion from having an effect on the government. A Jew comes from Israel and get 29 standing ovations! Israel is a religious state!

Image result for hitler quote christian

Part 2: Hitler Youth – Hitler Jugend: to Save White Christian Children taken over in Germany by Jews

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  • Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 5.22.58 AM.png
  • Continues 1:01:43
  • Note the way Hitler kisses the mother’s hand. No wonder they melted. What respect!
  • I was the perfect Hitler woman. Breastfeeding, married to a Veteran corporal, US Marine, decorated Purple Heart Hall of Honor, fought the Communists (Jews and Chinese) who killed 100,000,000 White Christians, lost, suicided, had one testicle. My husband’s was shot off, it’s how he got the medal for shedding his blood. Hitler’s only one testicle might be a rumor about him. I saved my Veteran’s life according to the VA hospital before he died at age 59. In the German “Mother’s Homes,” the officers would be chocolates, flowers, and had breastfeeding contests for the most milk. (Only perfect food for humans. I nursed 3 1/2 years solitary confinement. Hospital gave me a black baby my mistake after birth, doctor threw me out of his office for still nursing at 5 1/2 months. Average female human nursed: 7 years.) I pioneered organics. Hitler wanted the girls to work on vegetable gardens. Both for hard work, strong embryos, and healthy veggies. I eat meat for the iron, B12, etc. Both mostly fruits and veggies after that. Pretty much fresh but I’m not obsessive.
  • Main role to bear children. Many accepted. Not all. Germany didn’t need Jewess Gloria Steinem’s Feminism, Female Judaism- Communism. German White Christian woman could become doctors, pilots, whatever they wanted for the most part.
  • Note around 1:00:00 there’s two Jewish women who are testifying. Perhaps all those they interviewed were Jewish.
  • Mother’s cross: Mama would have gotten gold for more than 8 White babies. Jew USA, as slave for Jews, treated worse than scum. 1:02:36 picture youtube
  • Here’s picture of Mama, mother of 12 babies, worked full time during World War II, like the Rosie the Rivetor, perhaps making bullets at Mall Tool, also sending VMails to the Veterans, I think at Eastman Kodak Camera, then for rich Jewish women raising their kids and cleaning their filthy homes with rags she brought home filled with lice (Typhus which killed most in the camps and why they shaved Jewish heads. I had them too but too poor for $.25 bar of Fels Naptha soap invented by a Jew.) She took care of Grandpa for 10 years who lived with us. After his death, Mama’s sister swindled her out of the home which Grandpa left us in will. She got grandpa to change his will probably with a bottle of vodka and leave the house to her. It left our big family technically homeless. Mama made things from scratch (if) we had money and healthy. (if) we weren’t starving. If we had money she always fed anyone who came to our run down apartment of 2 bedrooms. Also would send them home with homemade sweet bread with golden raisins. They did nothing for Mama in return. It was how much she could give; she gave from her heart. She end up beating Daddy. Domestic violence set in. Poverty #1 suffering but no one looked at White poverty. Just the blacks, browns, poor (richest people on earth) Jews, even dogs and cats. One day Mama and Daddy fought each other. Fist fights. Mama was pregnant. And a tough fighter. Daddy pulled Mama’s hair to the ground. Mama got up to punch him. He kicked her in her pregnant stomach and killed their baby. Sirens. ER. Police must have said they would arrest Daddy for murder if he ever beat her again. He never hit her again; Mama continued to beat Daddy until I grew up and had to call the police on her. She never spoke to me again. It took all this writing to know “What really happened?” I had to relive my entire life. Mama a beaten down, broken, driven over the edge, White woman. In Africa, the women beat their men, because they wont’ work. Mama beat Daddy but he worked 6 days a week gone 12 hours a day, slave for Jews. Why did she beat him? “Stand up to the Jews, you coward?” Jew at Fawcett Book Publishing, (Jewish Superman Comic books) paid Daddy 40 cents an hour when I was born. Never a raise for 30 years. Treated him badly, over worked him. Daddy was the “Man with the Golden Hands” a Polish expression for a man who could do anything. I think my husband was like that too. I’m Daddy’s sperm, humanly, something of sacred value in Germany. Treated like White European trash here. Mama CoffinScreen Shot 2017-08-28 at 6.54.16 AM
  • Sex: Pure for marriage. USA had that until Jew Sex Revolution 1960-1970, so they could get as many pure White Christian girls and boys as possible. “Keep your Blood Pure: It comes a long way and every body’s blood flows in it.”
  • 1:05:57 Sexy movements, nudes, by Hitler’s favorite director. My art Teacher, autobiographically speaking,  who was taught at Harvard, Sweden, was Claire Wiest, Christian Scientist, who was a teacher,  who taught life drawing, nude males and females. I bought one of her paintings of a 6’6″ male, Byron. She gifted me with the other two. She couldn’t take them out at the fairs. Odd but a female nude painting could get $1,000,000 a nude made nothing hardly. Men need to love their bodies and treat them like the sacred temples there are. Jews smashed our White male image down in Poland, Germany, Russia, now USA. I was a nude model, Art Institute of Las Vegas. If we had an all White country, as Germany was the first and only, and I mean really destroyed and pulverized to ash, our smartest, we wouldn’t have all the taboos we have today. Jews keep them taboo so they could man ton$ on sex pornography, while they screw our women behind the white man’s back.
  • Blonde Hair and Blue eyes: Well, perhaps those with that hair and eyes could pick up the cross of saving the White species. I had beautiful blue contacts. But God made my eyes and me and however He made me is sacred. I’m not jealous. Jews bashed our White blondes with “Dumb Blonde” in their Hollywood monopolized movies. Defamed me: “Dumb Polak.” Does the “anti-Defamation” league know about this? They should. They should also shut their mouth from now and for eternity. I personally wouldn’t go through all my work just to save blonde and blue eyed. They should be carrying the brunt of this load and treat me like an equal. Instead Sweden worships Blacks, Muslims, Norway, etc. Their height of ecstacy: Blacks singing blues. I’m a White Blues singer from Chicago, a Blues Town. No German ever complimented me on my heartfelt performances as I belted my songs out Vegas, Chicago. Anyway, we’ve got a lot to work on. And what brings us together, not separates. But I think what it meant for breeding was to breed your best and highest, not blacks, browns, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, 1/2 breeds.
  • Polish are listed with the highest Whites. But that would mean others are lowest, and I’d like to see the entire White species survive. Make it unattractive to walk about with a 1/2 breed. They do that to assault our eyes, and it works. When the Nazi soldiers entered France to take over and save them from themselves, the pure race taught German soldiers nearly died. Not from bullets for France didn’t resist. The German soldiers saw White women, French, noted to be sexy, sitting with black men in outdoor cafes. Germans knew clearly the French needed help desperately.
  • I’m laughing out loud, because I totally lived my life like this movie. Here’s a clip from movie about the breeding of dog’s features when pedigreed. I first raised 39 mutt puppies. Male was mutt. I wanted one pedigreed litter, 1975. Von Sherpa Nassau. I didn’t know but his puppies sent in cages around the world were worth $10,000. I got $50 from breeder because I wasn’t professional. Queenie had 13 and was my friend. My Nanny. I had to give up family because of domestic violence. Husband’s friends into heroin, cocaine, stopped their calls. One of the saddest moments of my life, when my husband descended into degeneracy (a white woman who practiced Black Voodoo stole him from me and the boys. She wouldn’t have wanted him when I found him. She told me she stole him. I made him a Prince Charming plus I totally gave him his manhood. One day, he came home from work, and went to take the dog out the back. There were about 10 steps. Queenie was old. 14 1/2. Most last 9 yrs. My husband was drinking his Scotch. Even Dr. Duke’s mother was alcoholic. Queenie couldn’t make it down the steps in a hurry so with all his might he kicked her down the stairs. I still hear her screams. No one can tell me what it’s like to be a “widow” of a US Marine, and what extreme love it took to forgive him and search for the truth. I ran down and lifted her 90 pound body up the stairs I was so delirious. She immediately began to poop and pee on the floor. I took her to Vet the next day. He said there was nothing he could do and killed her. I’ll put Queenie’s picture up, the German clip picture from Youtube about pedigreed dogs, pedigreed humans. How could dogs and horses have more rights than God’s highest ideas in His creation. Jews made us the lowest like the beasts of my Poland, my parents, and me. I wept on stage when I did Elvis’ “Ol Shep” the #1 song (White) men cry to. Elvis too had to murder his dog when she got old. Although my dog was killed out of anger. But I’m a victim too. Just as Hitler said his worst problem was not the Jews, but the White German male and female who hated each other. Sound like the USA today? World War III? He added the Germans love their cats and dogs more than each other. It’s true. When I went to have my cats Daddy and Mama put to sleep in Vegas. I was so sick after the beating I couldn’t care for myself let alone the animals and couldn’t move to Branson with them. I took them to Humane Society. I saw women going absolutely hysterical. Worse than I’ve ever seen at a funeral of parents, spouses, loved ones. I’m the same. I cry every time I think of her death. But no one but me cried at Mama and Daddy’s funeral. Brother Eddie. CoStar in plays here, Rick. Have the Whites lost their heart and soul. Are we Jewish now completely? Also song “Ol Shep.”Here’s pix of the monument of the murdered Katyn Massacre Polish Soldier. Will the Jews and the left take that monument down? After all they are Communists and Communists killed them as they did my husband before they nearly drove him mad. I’m so angry I can’t stand it anymore. The pain is so deep. We cover our pain and bury it so low with Jewish distraction. But I feel alive when I write.I kiss the bullet wound on the statue. One bullet to the back of the brain. I can’t even write, I’m trying to hold the flood of tears back like the waters of the Niagara Falls. I try to be strong as possible and I weep not for myself but this nation and White Race, Christianity, and God whom Jews destroyed or distorted so they could be G-d as they call it.See more on my website bottom right search, Katyn.I can barely type at times like this I just weep and short out my keyboard with my tears. I had no human friends. Just Queenie. Here’s me in my organic, breastfeeding, homebirthing, no circumcision, saving Veteran stage. His tee shirt I made up “Master” mine “Slave.” God sent him and he saved me too. 3 meals a day made him my Savior since I grew up starving. Never a fight in 16 years. Here’s a country song “Mother,” which I never heard. When the courts tried to take my kids from me because I didn’t give them vaccines, I nearly lost my mind. No one knows how deeply the White male needs help, white female, children, USA and Christianity, infiltrated by Jews. Hank Snow’s song:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgMzamBkMlU
    Me, Queenie, Mikey, Paul

    Katyn Monument

    I’m kissing the face of the dead Polish officer, who the Jew led Communists shot bullet to the back of his head.

    Katyn Monument Niles bullet to the back of the brain by Jew led Communists

    My pilgrimage to Niles, Illinois, by Chicago. I have written 40,000 pages of Jews enslavement and starvation of my Polish White ancestors since 1025-1945, and now those Jews are here.

    Anguish of deceased Polish officer Veteran, one of 10,000 killed April 10, 1940.

    Jew led Communists murdered 20,000 of Poland’s finest men. It’s called “genocide” of a Polish race according to female Polish author. Worse the Jews blamed the innocent Germans. You mean, the Nazis were innocent? Yes on many accounts.

    Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 7.16.47 AM

  • It talks of Ancestry Study. I began studying ancestry 2001. No one cares in family. I made up albums of pix, death certificates, marriage certificates, birth, Census papers, 1910, 1915, 1920, 1930, 1940. All garbaged. But then Jews turned Polish families against one another 1025-1945. Who turned the Jewish families to garbage, the garbage we worship?
  • 1:07:15 Talks of importance of a spouse. Sacred.
  • White men always overlooked me. Never a date or a dinner. Plus I went out there, dancing, singing, dating services, free dinners for them, newspaper ads, online, classes, work. No dates. Well, mainly in Chicago.

Part 1: Hitler Youth – Hitler Jugend: to Save White Christian Children taken over in Germany by Jews – GRAPHIC PIX

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The first book I found was at college library after Veteran husband’s suicide. My entire reality shattered and I wept while driving to school for I knew I was entering the worse possible taboo for whites: Hitler and the Nazis. It’s why our people can’t “get it,” especially women devoted to Jewish men and other races. It’s said to save our species, the “women” must change. They’ve been damaged and don’t know. I have to believe there’s an instinct to survive.

I’m not saying in this blog, everything Germany wanted to do was correct. Jews make people like a God such as their latest fad “idol” or a devil, such as Trump, ISIS, Nazi, Al Queda, Serial Killer. Constant terror keeps us unbalanced even mad. The entire 92% of the world, non-whites don’t have this.

I don’t go along with measuring heads for breeding etc. I do go along with breeding young, breastfeeding, and healthy lifestyle. Hitler’s only constant companion who was involved in every Hitler action and thought was his doctor. I don’t go to doctors unless emergency. I think in our perfect state we are already well and healthy. I wouldn’t want to “add” to our Jew medical of today, since it “encourages” more disease. And I believe, since Hitler’s doctor, Morell, his constant companion was doctor to Jewish entertainers, this medical obsession, was not from Hitler, but from the doctor to the Jews.

I’ll paste the movie below, but perhaps print out my notes and pause to see what I’ve learned. Otherwise, you’ll get this “creepy video,” with the man’s scary voice like Dracula, and pictures which point to having healthy White babies, men, and women is “EVIL.” Only the other races can have that. Not Whites. It’s so absurd and bizarre one can’t even get angry at it but shake the dust off our feet and go ahead. If you can copy and paste below, follow along with the movie. Thx! I’ll try to cut sentences as short as possible.


  • “Hitler Jugend” is “Hitler Youth” White boys and girls in the only experiment in history for an all-White country. Not just what I “read” but what my autobiography reveals. Brother Nicky, 6th grade English Teacher at Sauk Village, Illinois school, just South of Chicago. He’d have to be a “monitor” in the boy’s bathroom. Almost all White. He said the boys came to school at 8 a.m. drunk, vomiting, high on father’s illegal drugs, mother’s prescriptions, smoking, fighting, and uncontrollable. Brother Eddie, 8th grade, said by the time he got the kids, they were “unteachable” and put on a barge and drop in the middle of the ocean. Both races. But here’s I’m the only one in the world who can compare my life to Germany, (Then Poland my ancestry, Germany’s next door neighbor) I read from a “woman, wife, daughter, and mother’s point of view about the National Socialists. It was the German “school teachers” who brought in the Nazis, not some tyrant. The teachers couldn’t do anything with the kids who were poisoned in the mind, spirit, and body by Jews. Even Jew rapes of girls and women. 200,000 white German suicides a year. One wheelbarrow full of money to buy one egg. (It’s why we must always have our own source of food.) 149 of 150 bars in German capital of Berlin: Homosexuals and lesbians. White men, desperate, drunk, drugged (Jews are sober just sell it) would do anything for $$ or another fix. Jew theater owners forced White men to have sex on stage with donkeys. Jews laugh at us when I write these things for they know it’s true. Bring us down to lower than animals.
  • Jews read my stuff and I actually sent my first emails to the (Jew) media, but didn’t know it was Jews. They read all ideas and then stage news events or styles, TV shows, music, books, whatever to take White ideas and sell them back to Whites but “they” get the credit and money, not us. At the beginning of the video, it shows White German boys boxing. The blog yesterday, “The Death of the White Male’ shows our White men can’t fight. And even White women for I’m running up total Jewish resistance and power. I’ll just take a day at a time, but may stop and give the Jewess the victory as she had in Poland 1,000 yrs.
  • Well, Jews owned Boxing in Hitler’s Day. In 1936. Max Baer was called “Killer in the ring.””Baer fought Frankie Campbell on August 25, 1930, in San Francisco in a ring built over home plate at San Francisco’s Recreation Park for the unofficial title of Pacific Coast champion. In the second round, Campbell clipped Baer and Baer slipped to the canvas. Campbell went toward his corner and waved to the crowd. He thought Baer was getting the count. Baer got up and flew at Campbell, landing a right to Campbell’s turned head which sent him to the canvas.After the round, Campbell said to his trainer, “Something feels like it snapped in my head”, but went on to handily win rounds 3 and 4.” It’s not a coincidence, but Max Baer who starred as the White stupid moron, idiot, fool, in the Beverly Hillbillies TV Show, was also Max Baer, his son. Jews never give up on crucifying the Southern White male nor will they give up on crucifying the German and Polish male (and women like me.) While Jews pulverize our White IQ, they keep rising to the top, as well as the other races.
  • “Baer, who was one-quarter Jewish, wore trunks which displayed the Star of David,[19] a symbol he wore in all his future bouts. When the fight began, he dominated the rugged Schmeling into the tenth round, when Baer knocked him down and the referee stopped the match.[20] Columnist Westbrook Pegler wrote about Schmeling’s loss, “That wasn’t a defeat, that was a disaster”, while journalist David Margolick claimed that Baer’s win would come to “symbolize Jewry’s struggle against the Nazis.”[17]Baer became a hero among Jews, those who identified with Jews, and those who despised the Nazis.”
  • First here’s this fight with “Black” savage fighter and Trying to save the White species Nazi fighter: from Wiki from a “Black” view:

    My race groaned. It was our people falling. It was another lynching, yet another black man hanging on a tree …. this might be the end of the world. If Joe lost we were back in slavery and beyond help. It would all be true, the accusations that we were lower types of human beings. Only a little higher than the apes ….[23]

    Conversely, when Louis won the fight, emotions were unbounded:

    Champion of the world. A Black boy. Some Black mother’s son. He was the strongest man in the world. People drank Coca-Cola like ambrosia and ate candy bars like Christmas.”[24]

    In his autobiography, Schmeling himself confirmed the public’s reaction to the outcome, recounting his ambulance ride to the hospital afterward: “As we drove through Harlem, there were noisy, dancing crowds. Bands had left the nightclubs and bars and were playing and dancing on the sidewalks and streets. The whole area was filled with celebration, noise, and saxophones, continuously punctuated by the calling of Joe Louis’ name.”[1]

    Reaction in the mainstream American press, while positive toward Louis, reflected the implicit racism in the United States at the time. Lewis F. Atchison of The Washington Post began his story: “Joe Louis, the lethargic, chicken-eating young colored boy, reverted to his dreaded role of the ‘brown bomber’ tonight”; Henry McLemore of the United Press called Louis “a jungle man, completely primitive as any savage, out to destroy the thing he hates.”

    Louis vs Schmeling
    Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY, USA
    Date June 19, 1936 and June 22, 1938
    Title(s) on the line World Heavyweight Championship (2nd fight)
    Tale of the tape
    Boxer United States Joe Louis Germany Max Schmeling
    Nickname Brown Bomber Black Uhlan of the Rhine
    Hometown Detroit, Michigan Brandenburg, Germany
    Pre-fight record 27–1 (23 KOs) 48–7–4 (34 KOs)
    Recognition World Heavyweight Champion (prior to 2nd fight) Former (1930–1932) World Heavyweight Champion

    (Wiki) Max Schmeling

    Boxing has found in Max Baer the kind of fighter who can bring the game back to the old days—the days when big men fought to knock each other out…So I believe that boxing’s comeback now rests right on Baer’s shoulders. He is only 24 years old, he’s the biggest, strongest man fighting today, and he hits with terrible power.

    Jack Dempsey,
    former world heavyweight champion[16]

    On June 8, 1933, Baer fought and defeated (by a technical knockout) German heavyweight and former world champion, Max Schmeling, at Yankee Stadium. Schmeling was favored to win, and was Adolf Hitler‘s favorite fighter. The Nazi tabloid Der Stürmer publicly attacked Schmeling for fighting a non-Aryan, as Baer’s father was half Jewish, calling it a “racial and cultural disgrace.”[17]

    Hitler summoned Schmeling for a private meeting in April, where he told Schmeling to contact him for help if he had any problems in the U.S., and requested that during any press interviews, he should tell the American public that news reports about Jewish persecution in Germany were untrue. However, a few days after that meeting, Hitler put a national ban on boxing by Jews along with a boycott of all Jewish businesses. (Jews controlled all of boxing as they do all sports. Even if a White owns or manages, it has to fit Jew tv, as a White famous author told me she has to include White bashing because it’s what “they” want (Jews control publishing.) Next time you watch a Beverly Hills show, and see dumb big Jethro, (Max Baer, Jr.) think of why they used him as the worst weapon against our poor unsuspecting white male: against his IQ.

  • The gymnastics the girls are doing are wonderful, costumes, grace, poison, unity, even with a hula hoop. What do our Jew masters see evil in this?
  • Hitler breed a new man. Jewish woman made book “Frankenstein,” about the new monster, Jewish. Is “that” our role model?” Again, I only use this for a partial sample. Whites will have to pick and choose what to live by, as one picks and chooses what I write. I can’t write 200 books and be faulted with perhaps one sentence that one doesn’t agree with. “Communication” means what we have in common. Our goal to save the white Species, country, even planet from Jewish destruction.
  • You always see this blonde boy, serious, pounding the drum. Is that “Evil?” I’ll ell you what is “evil.” My friend from Polish grammar school, born in Dachau, Germany concentration camp (there’s a sign correcting false Jew news, it was never used as gas chambers.) Her parents worked with National Socialists, and against even their own Polish who I believe were Communists. I’d like to know who were in the camps. My friend joined drum and bugle corps, Chicago. There she met the worse Mexican Brown trash imaginable to a Catholic Christian girl. They drugged her “Spanish Fly,” (she was 11, I was 12, I saw some of this and she told me the rest. How I escaped from it I can’t explain.) They taught her all kinds of sex to satisfy them. Taught her Ripple wine and Kool-Aid, marijuana, illegal drugs, and worst, to become White female fighters against our own White Species and “for” the Brown Mexican women and men. She even beat me up on initiation to make me “tough.” I was beaten, I couldn’t fight back, ever. I talked to her recently and she admits she was bad, but she doesn’t blame the Mexicans and Blacks she was guided to at the South Chicago Drum and Bugle Corps. She does want to move to Iceland today. But for how long can we run?
  • 3:36 Parade with evil Swastikas. Swastika sign of fertility. I saw Swastika carved on the Indian mounds in Las Vegas, Valley of Fire. The two z’s are male and female. Jews totally destroyed the White male and female relationship into a World War III, and the White”woman” must changed, Totally damaged, and even I can only write or use my life on how I saved my Vietnam Veteran’s life until today for White Veteran’s rights. When the Jew movie shows the machine guns aimed at the Swastika German flag, they want to shoot White Babies. It’s all “mental.”
  • The spooky speaker says Hitler wanted total devotion. Whites need a leader as in wars. It’s why Jew Commies killed the officers of my Polish people 15,000 at Katyn massacre. Without “leaders” they can just walk in and takeover as during Vietnam war. But the book by Sloussen, Naked Communist, shows, Jew despised by his own even, Karl Marx, founder of Communism, wrote he would destroy all Christian (White) images of Jesus God, Mary, perhaps as they destroy General Lee’s statue. He said all would be destroyed and only “his” Communist picture would rule the world forever. Note at Charlottesville, the Jew media focused on Nazi Swastika (white fertility) flags but they didn’t show the Communist Flag as my next door neighbor had and took down with a hammer and sickle. The “hammer” for Julius Hammer, the Jew, who took Marx’s ideas and fomented the successful Jewish Revolution against Russia. Since I study ancestry I like to know what the fathers or sons did. Hammer’s son was Armand Hammer baking soda who framed President Nixon and paid money to bring him down as well as his Plumbers, (assistants)
  • 3:45 sacrifice everything for their master. Hitler was an artist, as I am. He had paintings and poems about Jesus, Mary, and especially “Mother.” He was going to unite all Protestants who are still divided and fighting with 41,000 denominations. he failed at that. White people are that divided. I’d like to see “all” Whites unite and have one room at each church set aside for White services, prayers for our cause health, prosperity, life not just as humans but as a species, and connections on how to get welfare, laws, curb anything non-White against us. Whites need someone to worship. We don’t worship Hitler, we worship the Jew idol of the day. Whatever singer or movie star. We don’t worship our highest but the Jew’s lowest and things which we can’t attain or worse shouldn’t attain for our survival. Germany was a Christian country, but it was Christians as in my Poland which allowed the Jew’s Secret Empire, and use Church and God, to try to be able to “endure” our beastly suffering, rapes, brutality. Jews infiltrated churches at least 1095.
  • 3:54 SEDUCTION It was a Jew doctor who raped me and used his nurse to coach me ahead of time saying it would cure my depression when I was 20 and ragged looking. I’ve issued two complaints. Now Jews are making their “rapes” desirable to cover their crimes. It’s everything. It’s so easy to spot I don’t even have to try anymore. Once I went on the Roger Hitchcock radio show as a call in. Their website said 94% of USA favored bombing Israel’s enemies for they loved the Jews so much and hated anyone who didn’t love Jews as us. I warned on the show Jews will do to the USA what they did to my Poland; 1,000 years of constant wars. No sooner I was off the line, they must have had a paid shill as Jews did on the Jenny Jones TV show, when they made me look crazy as the “Queen of Karaoke,” by adjusting the mic so I sounded bad. They told me they would do it but the public can’t judge between good or bad only getting my name out there. The caller after me took apart everything I said and made me look “crazy” as they do when we protest. But Jews look “sane” when in fact, they have the highest rate of mental illness in the world. As we follow them we join it. I’ve suffered depression and see I must have “caught” their disease mentally. But knowing the truth is the cure, Henry Ford said. It seems prophetic the Jew who conned me into dubbing him a VHS tape called me and told me he turned it into “America IDOL.” Another IDOL for Whites to worship, not God, or even what we consider our “highest” which is what I’m looking for in this movie. It’s a long movie. There may be much to condemn since the Germans were only human.
  • Notice even the music in the background. Sounds like their horror films. And the White has nothing in their entire life to think through this. This has been steady 100 years for European-Americans, Poland, 1000. Jews controlled entertainment and bands in Poland. They take “music” to make us think, “feel” act, choose, idolize.
  • The boys ready to die for their Fatherland. Love of Father. Love of Land. Today, we literally have given our land away to anyone crossing the border who we’ll have to give our jobs and land away for life. Our women and boys to anyone. Our men to Jewess will and domination. Our churches to the 92% of the world to get members after Jews destroyed White Christianity or our values.
  • Hitler smiles as his army. No homosexuals who were put into reeducation camps after only 80 years of Jews. Think of Poland 1000.
  • 4:50 Hitler Youth, street brawlers, vandals. In South Chicago, forced non-White takeover of our entire neighborhood, our White guys were brawlers and tried to fight to keep our neighborhood. We not only lost to Mama called them “Jewish blockbusters” who would complete a forced takeover of our neighborhood with non-White (army of thugs) but all the way past the South Suburbs. It’s a simple takeover of territory in Nature.
  • 5:06 Baldur Von Shirach. I’ve written extensively about him. Look at our boys today. Aimless, slaves of the Jewish and Chinese Communist state with an army of Blacks and Browns to use in case we even “think” let alone write, speak, or act. Totally divided even within the White cause.
  • 5:37 Hitler’s smiling and happy. I wrote about the hanging of Jew’s enemy, Saddam Hussein, accused of nuclear weapons, but we “made a mistake,” he didn’t have them. The pictures I saw on the Internet of this “monster” were always evil, sloppy, cunning. Hitler was a gentle soul.
  • Picture 70,000 white “boys” uniting. White, with character, sober, no tobacco, eating veggies, not fighting each other but protecting White women and children. Nothing as we have today.
  • When Schirach says “destroy everything that stands in his way,” we don’t speak German. We don’t know if what he’s saying is true. This is propaganda and continuous hate against Germans who have the majority of White descendnants. Haven’t our boys and girls been destroyed enough. There’s no doubt that whatever is killing the White race today in any department has to be destroyed. Not the people but the addictions, anything suicidal or genocidal. But that comes from new thinking, creating a new reality which is favorable not genocidal to Whites.
  • “Indomitable strength.” In reality no one should “dominate” over the White species. Every leader, not just one, but 21 mentors for our White boys or this is a 3rd world country, needs to do what is favorable for our unity and survival. What the Jews and the others do is none of my business. Since we are dominated, we need to develop our own White species as “we” see fit, not the “Jews.”
  • Hitler: End to Plague of Unemployment poverty. He was the “only” White country who succeeded even “before” the war. Even USA needed another Jewish war to get on its feet.
  • A proud new Germany. Blacks have no self esteem problem. Mexicans second happiness in the world. Jews “Kingdom of Heaven” as in my Poland 1,000 years. Yellows now in their “New Dynasty.” Whites? Knowing is the cure.
  • 6:38. All the Swastika flags: White Fertility which Jews hate. Only their Jewess Israeli women are forbidden abortion while they push on us. OH brother or sister, were we suckered into Jewish sales pitch.
  • 6:47 White parades. He called it “mass hypnosis.” I took my brother who was kicked in the groin by Black coworker, US Steel, so bad after Civil Rights act, my brother was disfigured and beaten bloody and on disability until today. He’s 75. Master’s Degree for social worker to “help poor blacks.” When I took him to dance with me in Chicago Polish parade recently, he finally came to life. 50 years suffering and seeing only constant misery in his life and Chicago. He commented he saw people laughing, united, singing, smiling, friendly. It was an entirely different reality for at least 1/2 hour. We can have that 24/7 instead of our Jew reality. I’m not the leader.  I’m a scribe.
  • 7:09 in youtube below: Hitler’s Birthday, April 20. About 2007, I attended a Hitler and General Lee Birthday Party complete with big sheet cakes with their names. I was to listen to speeches, nice buffet. I went to listen to Pastor Eli, from Chicago, whose mother ranted about Jews as mine did. He’s from Christian Identity. I’m not selling any religion, but it does speak of the Whites as the Israelites in the Bible. Also a White Greek woman told me all the towns Waround Jesus’ life, Capernaum, Bethlehem, Galilee, Nazareth, Judea, Bethany were hihttp://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/latinos-express-outrage-after-trump-pardons-arpaio/ar-AAqItEO?OCID=ansmsnnews11ty      ye Greek or Roman. So do the Mormons believe that, British Israelites. But the other two worship Jews as the Chosen. I once heard the Mormons on radio say the Jews give them all the money and loans they want. But the Mormons are now race-breaking big time in Mexico. Even Bundy from Vegas has 9 Brown adoptees, as does Jim Baker and his wife. It’s all about race-breaking and they are victims. Our Christian Whites are being held captive as in Germany, France, 1095, by Jews. I don’t get into the Bible for each and every law because it would be too divisive. But appreciate our values from Christian heritage. A few positive prayers knowing God is the ‘only’ power not the Jews might help me to have strength to continue.
  • 7:10 Crop of 10 year olds as gift to Hitler. My autobiography.  Vegas: Former nun, married to Former Priest told me: No help for her White boy. Only White boy advanced math and Science out of 30, 6th grade. Browns, Black mothers stay home. No work. Tutor their young on welfare. Get free education. Jews, Muslims, Yellows, Hindus, best Vegas jobs. Doctors, head of environment etc. She and husband working long hours can’t go to even PTA meetings or assist with homework. Other races help each other. She and White priest husband alone. White son a natural at tennis. They pay $90 week. Again, non-Whites get free or rich. No time to coach or play with him daily. Rich can afford tutors or play with their offspring or on welfare and have time.
  • 7:49. Wreath around the German White President, Hitler. USA, attacks and even death threats on media against White President Trump. Jews will then make final takeover and put themselves running USA as they did in Russia 1917, and Poland 1025-1945. Jewess took over Poland as First Lady after Katyn Polish Communist massacre of my People 70th commemoration, when the plane with 96 of Poland’s finest, mysteriously crashed and killed all including White President, Lech Kaczynski and his First lady, Maria. Elections removed her I think. I’ve been writing Polish but eventually get cut off as I am today even from Whites on all social media if I dare say “Jew.”
  • 7:46: I’m all for uniforms for all our White children. Sounds crazy? No Jews control retail and fashion. Jeans: Jew Levi Strauss. Ripped up jeans. Sign of our future starvation and homeless. What Jews give; Jews take away. In my family of 15: I wore rags. Even after I saved White Polish baby in apartment upstairs, March 1960, I finally had one uniform but could never get the stench from the fire out. But having a uniform covered up the fact I was in rags. Fashion and design and advertising Jews and homos. 80% of purchases women with these Jew and homo ideas of what we need. Black gym shoes. Disgusting. Whites need to break apart and choose our own identity and make it fun as all these Hitler Youth are laughing, singing, dancing, smiling. I don’t want to go into Hitler worship, and don’t want to go much deeper. We must make this point Jews lied to us about World War II, and silenced my Poland and me.
  • The little white children kissing, holding hands, working together. Not hiding behind computers as we are. Nor can we meet with other Whites at this stage for they can’t get it. No babies; if no contact, or worse induced “hatred” between Whites. Hitler once said solving the problem with the Jews is nothing compared to the hatred between the White (German) male and female. They love their cats and dogs more than each other. Today, pet food is nearly #1 industry USA. I love animals and raised pure breed champion German Shepherds about 1970-1983, as Hitler had Blondie and her pups. All poisoned at the end rather than surrender to the Jews who had already hung the Italian Prime Minister and his female lover in public for total mockery as Jews did to Jesus. I know in the Bible, even St. Peter, who Jew King Herod murdered, was hung upside down. He said he wasn’t worthy to be murdered as his master. Jews love  this stuff. Even our “anger” is amusement and entertainment as our suffering in White wars as their bodybags which they pay $.37 each we pay the rest. There’s more graphic pictures. If Jews can show bald-headed, skinny, naked people,  to make us feel sorry for them, we can bring out our graphic pictures, to feel sorry for our own. Only Jews won WWII; China, Vietnam. Hitler & Italian Moussili friends.
  • Image result for mussolini and his girlfriend hanging
  • Note how the Jews who took the picture put Moussilini’s love, Clara Patacci,  with her garter belt to make it sexy. Jews do this. They are so gross they get sexually charged with seeing mutilation and sex. It’s not coincidence.  They want to totally destroy the image of the beauty of our White women. Jewess ugly as hell without her husband’s plastic surgeries and $$ push this stuff. Image result for mussolini and his girlfriend hanging
  • I’m sorry I’m overwhelmed. If only I didn’t have such a heart and soul. Let me break for a while. I can’t accept this info is going to be all buried and we end up as their slaves. I could never understand how Jews could silence an entire country of Poland even Katyn massacre. It’s against all possibilities and probabilities, but it’s happened. Note how frightened the White Catholic Christian Italians, seat of Rome, Pope, Christianity, must have been.
  • Jews hung them on “meat hooks.” Why? As I said in Poland we were mere meat, beasts, as cattle. I’m still overwhelmed. I don’t know where my thoughts come from, but I need so much strength and support you can’t possibly believe how hard this is for me. Everything today shows signs of us quitting or being shut down. If it comes, I can only hope someday a few others will discover it.
  • One big (White) community. They call “evil.” While Jews and all other united by race around the world with power, money, ancestry unity, and laws.
  • Note he says we were to rule Greater Germany (Not the world. Germany was so damaged after WWI they were bankrupted.
  • 9:25 White boys looking for comradeship, friendship, something constructive. Name me one thing our White boys have today. Black gangs, Brown Gangs, Jews united for over a millennium around the world no matter where they are. What do White boys as Whites have?
  • 9:46 Sing-a-longs “evil?” As the Queen of Karaoke, named so by Sinatra’s place Chicago, I’d like nothing more than for Whites to singer together. On stage, I always encourage them to look at the words on the screen and sing along. It’s how I started in Disneyworld.
    To find the truth we need to reverse what Jews are feeding us.
  • Boys having fun swimming, rollicking is “evil?” Seduced? Jews seduced our boys and was told by a man named Fabrice Krebs from France. (Krebs was name of Hitler’s close associate.) He was Shakespearean actor. New York 5 years. Refused to give sex to Jewish men in theater hence blackballed. Clearly said (he was 25) I want White babies.
  • At 10:24. the boys grab each other’s arms and legs and make a rolling ball down a hill. I never saw this but autobiographically speaking, my friend, from Dachau, whose parents worked against Jew Communism, and for Hitler, showed me how to do that when we went to the Sand Dunes Indiana, near Chicago.
  • As overwhelmed as I am about the graphic pictures and Jewish hatred, seeing our White youth all on horses, jumping and galloping, canoeing, skiing, motorcycling, airplane gliding, boxing like I did at the YMCA recently, boys making rows like a trampoline and tossing the lucky boy for fun, (that also shows trust in the other boys which is good especially for war,) biking and going on camp trips (I did all this with my Veteran, and also by myself with my two sons. I called myself the “Perfect Hitler woman” from scant info; I see it more clearly than every I truly was. Not through any propaganda, but my reasoning as Mama did: raise kids to the highest. If we do we’re defamed: White Supremacists.
  • All boys: 3 week free holiday. Can’t get that while we support all the other races and religions, even $ trillion wars for Semite Muslims, Jews’ counterpart.
  • 11:12 White boys on the back of a truck. Autobiography: Father Baker’s Boys in Lackawanna, NY. They were homeless and he saved them. White. Late 1800’s early 1900’s. See pix on this site. He also used them to spread fliers to save (White) babies since, I’m told, pregnant White women were jumping over Niagara Falls for abortion and suicide. Fr. Baker had them play instruments to entertain around the area. What do our White boys have now? All churches and groups must not just Unite the Right; but Unite the Whites. Is he good or evil for trying to save White damaged, homeless boys? Image result for fr. baker's boys
  • 8:28 Love the uniforms, for Hitler Youth also, playing piccolos.
  • 8:39 “Suddenly we (white boys) mattered.” Now only Black lives matter; Jew Masters matter. Chinese dynasty matters, Mexicans matter; Hindus; 1/2 breeds like Obama matter. “Suddenly.” Perhaps in a blink of an eye, we can save our country without going through 100 years of Jews wars, or their genocidal tactics
  • 8:53 initiation ceremony. My “Initiation Ceremony” South Chicago, get beat up by White girl gang leader to make me tough to fight for Brown Mexican takeover of our territory against our own White male.
  • The boys and girls were seen as “Whites” Fully aware of their sacred responsibility as future mothers and fathers. I’m not saying this is perfect, but we only have the Jewish version how to live or die.
  • Someday they would grow up and rule Greater Germany. Do our kids think like that or do they think about the newest game or Jew “idol?” We’re sinking like quicksand comparing to the rest of the world. Who do we want to rule the USA and US?
  • Remember Poland couldn’t see through their misery what the Jews were doing. But Jews managed to sneak away from Poland into Germany to start their takeover about 1850. See pictures HepHep Riots where the Germans literally picked up brooms (as my Grandma did to throw out the rich Jew who came to break up Mama and Daddy’s wedding down.) Jews always win, and if we sent them to China where they want to go anyway, we’d beg for them to come back. We don’t know how to rule ourselves. Look what they do to Trump.
  • I couldn’t go for holiday, we were starving, freezing as slaves for Jews. My “holiday” was to hang around with Mexicans and Blacks and be their slave or watch my friend, be their slave. The mothers who had more than 8 children, and the children, were put at the ‘top’ of German White rights. Gold Mother’s Cross. Highest in the land; higher than war heroes as husband’s Purple Heart.
  • Here’s 3 crosses: Gold 8 White babies, Silver, 5, and Bronze 3. In the USA, Mama was treated like the worse scum of the earth for both Mama and Daddy slaves for Jews worse than beasts. I own a gold Mother’s cross. Here only the Jewish mother reigns and will continue to so we eternally support her and her kids for doing nothing or doing what we need to do for ourselves. We’ll never be as strong as we are today.Image result for mother's gold cross
  • Instead of Jewish jazz or Black blues, the Whites developed and “liked” their own music for it is an effective tool.
  • See about 12:00 songs with karaoke words on the bottom. “Not cowards,” which is what Mama demanded of Daddy but couldn’t give. He was slave and silent martyr for Jews.
  • 12:16. Even boys had fertility sign, swastika, on his bicycle. He knew how valuable his sperm was.
  • 12:36 Camp. My husband, on our first wedding anniversary, took me on a 1 week outdoors camping trip. He called it “Playing Vietnam” as he was in the jungle. Took an axe to chop branches down, set up grill. Did all the outdoor cooking for the week. We were right on a river bed. We could fish, relax, hike. We slept in sleeping bags from the US Marines. Like a mummy covered up. Never a fight.
  • Teaching both boys and girls how to find food and cook is absolutely necessary for survival. We don’t have to worry about what the 92% of the world’s races do. We don’t have to rely on Jews anymore. We all have “more” than we need. And no more “Fear of them” but stand up as one massive White body going forward, not digressing back 4,000 years as they are doing to us.
  • Did you ever seen such happy White male faces?
  • They could swear. I don’t like to swear for swearing sake. I taught my sons to speak intelligently, but Mama swore more than all the other people in my live combined. But she knew the Jew was her enemy. She only took it out on the two closest to her. Daddy and me.
  • 13:23. White boy playing “accordion,” a European instrument. Jew invented saxophone which is why we think it “sexy.”Here I am performing in Vegas:
  • Brother Eddie, could play guitar, harmonica same time and alternate with accordion. We are limited thinkers. To bid on an accordion on ebay can be expensive. $500 used. My friend, Lil’ Wally, Polka King of the World, (who passed) wrote 3000 songs. He was angry because each European ethnicity had their turn for their kind of music which went viral around USA. Just as we came in at the bottom (Jews and the others now at the top) we came in scrubbing floors. Jews put in Black Motown music, Phil Spector, murdered Barbarian Queen, Lana Clarkson. See youtube Mugshots. Polish music dissolved even in Poland. When I was dancing in parade and I never had time to sing and dance as slave for Jews (like Cinderella) the man who had the float at parade said he never saw such dancing even in Poland! Here I have to “hide” my Polish identity. Jews had control of us for 1,000 years. No matter if Hitler and the Nazis the worse people on earth, we couldn’t break the sadist/masochist role until the Germans freed us. For that I owe Germany a debt of gratitude. I’m sure my White Poles hate me for that. But we have to someday get together and piece what really happened in WWII not the “Jew” only version of everything.
  • Camping hunting, Survival. It’s our only assurance to survive. Yet not give up our place in business so we can compete around the world or get along. They are skyrocketing light years ahead of us.
  • We have to have military training program. Although with the weapons Jews have now, they can evaporate the earth, so we need to be Science smart too. ALL avenues guarded and implemented for our White survival ideas.
  • War Games. They have videos today that are worse and constant than anything here.
  • Truthfully, when my Polish friend in in grammar school beat me up, it was just like this. But being a weakling and frail, starving, I didn’t know how to fight back just submit. It didn’t last long. A few minutes. Also, if I would have been fighting “for” our White male, the blacks and Mex’s would have never taken over completely our White Specie’s territory. That same territory, Black Barach Hussein would be mentored by Christians to be a “Black Organizer” to get him into office. Who started a White organizer physical group for Trump?
  • 15:35 Think of Charlottesville VA Blacks and White Communists (perhaps drugged up and even more ferocious) beating on our poor White men. It was annihilation of us not a fight. And the Jew mayor, black vice-mayor, and Black head of police, beat us psychologically. Enemy paid probably.
  • They keep repeating “one shot” of boy beaten. “Swift as a greyhound, tough as leather, hard as Krupp steel.”
  • In the book, “A Soldier’s Story” about Vietnam, our White boys and men were so scared of the Yellow savage Communists, our Whites were having nervous breakdowns on the battlefield. Jews weren’t there. Blacks were given easy Holiday Inn jobs. (Please don’t tell me of the one black who died or the one good Jew you know. I got to have blinders on like a horse racing for the crown of Victory for our people’s survival.
  • 16:99. I do cry and that’s passion. But when I cry it debilitates me. When I would cry bitterly over my keyboard and writing not playing a victim, but my hopelessness of what was going to happen to our entire species. Real life. Not a Jewish movie of Holocaust victims for $$$.
  • 17:00 “Praise be to what makes us tough.” Hitler felt God or the “Almighty” was directing him. He didn’t understand it but there were 54 assassination attempts (Jew hatred against White survival or determination to break our slavery chains to them) on his life and he kept coming back. Germany: entire Christian country. Still practiced. Today, Belgium, head of European Union which forms all our major White decisions, only 1% know who Jesus was. Jews had to kill the New Testament. My book will show the entire thing is about Jews trying to kill (White?) Jesus or anyone who effectively stands in there way. Now they do it by Jew killing someone on Facebook, (shutdown) or YouTube, PayPal, Twitter. Creating a society where we are alienated while they are going up smarter and tighter as the other races.
  • Distance from parents. If all our White people, including parents, genocidal toward future whites, it’s like me, I have had to distance myself from the entire world. No one wants to save the White species? They attack me. They attack family if they speak out and only a few of us left. Hitler wasn’t concerned about punishing the older Whites. They could smoke and drink and think Jewish all they wanted. But it was the next generation who could grow up whole. No smoking, no drinking or drugging, with character and respect for parents (think of his poem “Mother” you can find on the Internet. I don’t know a single White child who would write that poem. If you begin to see them, the Jews read my letters. Sell White ideas back to whites but persecute the White thinker. I had to break away from the alcoholics and husband’s Vietnam heroin or cocaine buddies. Even while pregnant with first son, they tried to seduce me with drugs for me and my unborn White baby. Thank God I found book “The Art of Breastfeeding,” 1973 which warned me whatever I take it it’s 1000 times as strong for the baby. My Baby was rated highest 10-10-10, 10 lbs. Eva Braun smoked and drank, as did some of the others. They wanted also fruits and veggies. Although right now, I think our mothers especially need fish, liver, steak, along with that.
  • I never went out with my parents, exhausted, desperate, broken down slaves for Jews. I think there’s still a place for parents and children. Today, only the children count and what they learn in controlled schools. Parents have no input as I was taught in Love and Logic to be quiet always and just let the children talk. I have so many different talents it’s a shame not to have my offspring share these with me . Chinese parents respected like crazy. Jew parents worshiped or else disinherited of the money they $tole from Whites. Mexicans don’t have a word for Senior Citizens.
  • 18:58 “Something sacred being sullied?”
    Sullied: damage the purity or integrity of; defile.
    “they were outraged that anyone should sully their good name”
  • Purity of race; but also purity of character, heritage, land, people, Christianity, sanity.
  • “Our nation feeling inferior?” I feel inferior terribly. Everytime one of you is hurt, or I’m blocked, banned, attacked, I feel terribly inferior. Even Blacks have no self-esteem problem.
  • If Germany would have been continued, they would have been an extension of the Polish-Jewish slave state. They were fighting for their lives. A matter of life and death.
  • Look at what happens when just once, Whites rebel. We are like Jewish trained seals for the world to laugh at and bleed us to death.
  • Hitler’s Stranglehold? When the Jews bankrupted the Germans, drove them to suicide, took over nearly all newspapers, media, theater, literature, raped their women like crazy, boys, sex on stage with donkeys for Jew profit$, destroyed the school system, disabled Christianity, both Catholics and Protestant, (they must unite not in beliefs, but putting those aside, for our survival. It could be a powerful tool.
  • Filled their time. The best way for our youth is to keep them as busy as possible so the evils of the White infected countries doesn’t ruin them. But it can be enjoyable and fulfilling. We only know the “other” way. There’s a million good ways to be happy or productive. If the other Whites were kept healthy and pure, if anyone did the opposite it wouldn’t be attracted. Our wayward Whites could be gently helped as decent Christians would do for all the other races. And that’s all our needs.
  • Someday the Youth will break the “slavery chains.” No one but me can write those words with such utter devotion since we were kept White slaves for 1,000 years. Until today.
  • Breaking loyalty to families. Elvis’ mother walked him to high school until graduation. Surely she was aware of all the black gangs and Mexicans as in Chicago. But he was looked at like a freak! He also loved his parents.
  • 21:00 Ashamed of father. (probably a Communist for if the National Socialists didn’t win, the Communists were the major party. )
  • Again, this isn’t perfect but looking for ideas where we can start. The government will implement for ‘everyone’ which brings us down.
  • 21:00 Jew wanted to cross the border. (Like Mexico) Look how this White boy hated his own White Christian parents, helped and worshiped the Jew, which we do today.
  • Truthfully, the White women loved Hitler. It was a way to get them to have babies and try to love their White husbands, males, who they were taught to hate, ridicule, break down, control. Hitler was a normal person. He was blown up to get the Whites to survive. He never married because he was like an Elvis image to the women. The German White women would yell to him at parades: Hitler we’ll have a baby just for you because you love babies.” Here in the USA they hate the White baby and will shoot bullets at an Swastika flag which represents “fertility,” = White babies. Not crack cocaine babies we spend $100,000 a year and support the parents drug habit. Illegal drugs #1 industry in USA $$$.
  • If you look at the date if this video, it’s Nov. 2006, as I was going on talk radio about race and even writing emails about Hitler and saving the White race. I began Las Vegas College Sept. 2006. It’s a cute story and her name is “Barbara” as mine. “Not without my Hitler.”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Iio2qcSsCA
  • I was treated worse than White Trash. 1973, hospital gave me a black baby instead of my White one as a weapon to force me to give son baby formula, take drugs to stop my milk supply and perhaps get breast cancer someday. Doctor kicked me and my son out of his office for breastfeeding at 5 1/2 months against all the hatred hurled at me by family, friends. I had to live literally in solitary confinement like a prison and didn’t even have religion or God, just my Vietnam Veteran Purple Heart Hall of Honor who was a Corporal, fought the Communists, lost and committed suicide . . . just like Adolf Hitler. Now I want to live forever or as long as I can and hopefully don’t succumb to USA pressure to turn against my people and myself and values. We’ve been taught to break each other down instead of build each other up.
  • “Keep your hearts free.” Something destroyed as slaves for Jews. They have no word as “love” in their language but plenty of horrible words to attack us which our languages don’t even include.
  • 22:21: 100%. Jews now have 100%. We see that now, lately, clearly.
  • They say the Old People have had their day. Dr. Deming, Quality Evolution, of which I was a leader, a rejected idea, sent over to the Yellows, Japan and China, and transformed them into super powers.
  • The Chinese and VietKong, were trained in jungle warfare. Our White men were really pulverized there. The Commie Yellows would drop out of trees, hide behind ant hills, come up from traps in the ground. Our Whites were soft, Jew TV, Jew Movies, Jew Radio, Jew infiltrated churches, Jew government, Jew books, Jews just won World War II, Jew Revolution 1960-1970.
  • “Biggest Youth Rally in the Word.” Today what do our White youth have to look forward to: $40,000 of Jewish debt as soon as born, hence out baby boy and girls future bodybags for Jew wars?
  • White youth: So Lovely I’m Trembling. It’s so far from my consciousness I can’t even comprehend a united White race like this.
  • I can only imagine poor white boys hiding behind computers as I do. Idolizing others and hating themselves with no future but 21 mentors. Who’s going to pay for the damage and who did it to them and us?
  • Jews made classes with them at the top. Those who make it like them become the Whites highest like Jews. I told my brother who cut a CD the lawyer, Jew, I worked for told me to be an entertainer, one has to have a Jewish agent. There’s no other way. I told my brother about the Jews and he’d have to sell his soul to the (Jew) devil. He told me he would do it. Sorry to say that; my White brother totally dissolved into a Jewish being. Even though Christian.
  • Those on video: Jew Steven Spielberg, the fiction Schindler’s List did 50,000 videos of Jews. (Oh they love promoting each other.) RE: Holocaust. After I wrote it, 25,000 of the Jews admitted they lied or coerced. So far. We have “0” of our Christian version. My Polish people taught to say what Jews want them to. It’s in their DNA.
  • And if there’s another version, I want to know “all” sides. Death certificates, not wild numbers. Cause of death. No altered certificates like Obama’s birth certificate. Even a friend told me Jew Rabbis in Russia are so wicked they falsify documents are the cause of all the crime there and in Israel.
  • The Hitler Youth was like a perfect running machine with all the parts at an optimum.
  • 35:14 The boys were ruled with a rod of iron. I read the English and Americans were rather poor fighters. They relied on the Jewish atom bomb and a 1,000 bombs over Dresden. In Germany, it was about building up the man, not the machine.
  • At 36:57 he damns the organization saying as an individual they never asked “if you could do that.” I’ve been working since 7. No boss ever asked me if I “could do it.” They gave me the assignment and I had to do it. And I did it with a smile. “How do you feel?” Jews made up most of our “feelings.” They are not facts. “Do you like that?” No boss ever asked me if I liked something. They gave it to me and I never disobeyed or even balked. “No” isn’t even in my dictionary. It’s no wonder Jeep products are moving overseas to our God-less enemy, China. It’s said because Jeep is a symbol of America, bravery of war. Consumer Reports rated them the lowest of all categories like them. And we hang on to ridiculous jingles of “equality” “diversity,” worship Jews and the 92% of the world and let our country and ourselves die.
  • Now instead of Whites enjoying their jeeps, it will be the Chinese. I heard in one big city they all drive German Mercedez Benz. Yes, our brightest Germans, White slaves for Jews and now Chinese. Sigh
  • “The goal of the Jews is to brutally rule other races.” Yes, they did that to my Poland, 1000 years and in Chicago Mama and Daddy and me from 1945-until 1994. “Jews reveal themselves in their brutal madness and in their lust for power.” Sounds true to me. Note Jews made us think the Germans were mad with power. Do you know how many lives we gave up for Jewish power and brutality and rights? Or for the Black rights in the Civil War? Chinese rights, Vietnam?
  • Did they really sing “Hang the Jews, the fat cats?” I’ve seen where Jews inserted horrible phrases and sentences into Hitler’s speeches, which I think, it was David Irving will attest to or something on the Internet. But it was the Jews who hung all the German White Christian leaders, and surely Moussoli and Carla, drove the other couple, Adolf and Eva, to suicide or run to Argentina.
  • Can you imagine all those swastikas everywhere, signs of fertility and White babies, white healthy babies? All Jews taught us Whites was animal sex for their lusts.
  • 39:06 Der Sturmer, I have that news paper in my book because there’s a lot of excellent drawings showing the evils of the Jews. Now we could all chime in our Jewish jingle, “Evil propaganda against Jews.” Except for drawings I found pre-World War II of rich Jews drugging and raping White Christian German women. Notice the desperation for the White woman.Look at the bottom closely of an entire city of raped women below her in agony. Let those women’s faces guide you. If any White women ever read this, let it speak to you, not Jewess Gloria Steinem. Your womb is sacred and no Jew or Jewess can ever keep their power over us forever. Jews dragged my Vietnam Veteran overseas, so the Jews could rape me back home in the same year. 1968.  The sex revolution was to get Whites hot and bothered to become their sex slaves. Without their money they’d never get a white woman and they know that. Their money isn’t even “real.” It’s as faked as their news.
  • Did a single man in the USA know the Jews were raping and seducing our women. The women’s mothers or friends? Why do our White women keep these secrets when I know at least 10 White life-long sex and employee work slaves for Jews?


Image result for Rape Jew drawing

  • Jews are responsible for at least 100,000,000 White Christian deaths, and Germany knew that.
  • 40:01 Night of Broken Glass. From what I remember, it happened after a Jew assassinated a German ambassador. I have a long blog on the Jew’s assassinations of our Kings, Queens, archduke, arch dutchess, Presients, ambassadors, and those are the ones I know about. There’s got to be way, way more. All the assassinations have to be studied and play the Devil’s, rather Angel’s advocate in our thought, “Did the Jews do it? Were they involved?
  • The man who Jews put on here to interview said that they smashed windows. I know a man, an Elvis Tribute Artist. He said during the 1968, Jew led Riots in Chicago, a Jew hired a Black man to burn down his jewelry store for insurance and did.
  • Here the USA treats our White President worse than trash, and this youtube condemns the Germans for treating their leader with respect. What CEO of a corporation doesn’t want complete obedience or respect? It’s that or FIRED!
  • 42:00 Jew led Communists murdered a Hitler Youth. Jewess Rosa Luxemburg started Communist Party, Germany. Jewess Emma Goldman, USA. One of her students assassinated a White President. We have American Communism because the Jewess is assured for eternity she and her offspring will be supported off White blood, Christian blood. Here’s your Idol, USA, Germany: Jewess Luxemburg Image result for female communist leader germany
  • Does the American Flag mean anything to our youth today? Check if Jew invention Lady Gaga gets a billion hits and compare to the Flag. I own 7 American Flags and never bought one. White people, who couldn’t be burdened left them for me or gave them to me in karaoke. I have 2 full size ones. I take them on stage and sing “God Bless the USA.”
  • “The world would fear the German man.” Today, Jews made our White man the laughing stock of the world. That will change, the tables will turn and it will be the Jew who is the laughing stock, and he’ll be crying for his dastardly deeds. No more getting off scot free. If Germans are still paying black mail to Israel after 70 years, we’ll search back Jewish crimes worldwide through all countries cooperation for 700+ years.
  • 46:00. Can you imagine when the White Germans trained in pure breeding walked into France and saw the French women sitting in open cafe grovelling with a black man. I wrote in my book. Bill White wrote on his blog, the White man had the biggest penis. I also found out the Black man’s penis can’t fully enlarge. I also found on Internet, a review for a book I read “My Secret Garden,” Nancy Friday. Chapter 11, talks of Big Black Sex. Jews lied. They “sold” us that story. In the review the person added she didn’t buy the fantasy of black men, because of those she read about the (White) women were all disappointed. Can you imagine a White woman having a baby after that and for the rest of her life she has to look at that 1/2 black, 1/2 white baby as a disappointed reminder of race-breaking.
  • 48:31 “Wonderful to be part of such a huge movement.” White Race wake up!
  • 49:03. Shows White Germans with buggies to breed a new generation of White babies. Not 1/2 breed Jew bastards left unsupported. The government paid for these mothers and babies if necessary as young as 13. When I raised pedigree champion German Shepherd’s I realize the difference between mutt dogs and pedigreed. I was astonished when I had Queenie bred, Von Sherpa Nassau, came out with his eyes clear and gleaming. He sauntered out, not walked. His shoulders back, his form erect, his ears alert for any sounds. His coat smooth as silk. His disposition pleasant but demanding. The Vet told me Queenie should be bred at 6 months – or first heat. her eggs are strongest; her hips flexible. I would recommend the same for the future if possible. I wouldn’t be obsessive about anything but a direction. We now support $100,000 each crack cocaine babies, crack cocaine dealers. We are in bad shape. Those buggies they are using is similar to the one I used to stroll my son, and Grandpa who had 14 kids and helped Mama take care of 12, would stroll us. You’d be amazed but at the Jew synagogue called the Holocaust DC museum, on Federal Land, and supported with our tax dollars, has pictures of the White women with babies as if this was “evil.” Is a poor innocent baby “evil” as the condemned White baby as soon as it’s born?
  • 49:22 there’s never been a better advertisement that the happy former mother than the White German woman at 49:22.
  • I would have liked the BDM. Coming from a large family I would have been treated specially, not abused and hated as in America under Jews. I had no friends, and when I found one, it nearly led me to an abyss of danger and doom with brown and blacks in South Chicago who ruled over us sexually, (not me but others) spiritually, mentally. And made drunks and addicts of girls. I know “3.” and I had few personal friends. I wish I had the BDM because I had to live in solitary confinement to breastfeed and was scorned and hated to give my son the only perfect food for humans, “my mother’s milk.” To be trashed for doing one’s highest is a sin for America. We didn’t know it before but we do now. Not talking about it will only make it come out in a different way.
  • 50:42. Uniting White Catholics and Protestants on a social level. And we bombed the hell out of these people trying to save the White endangered species and throwing off the Jewish warlords?
  • White German girls wanted to join the movement as a way to “save their country.”
  • 53:00 Whites have been made to be afraid and self-conscious about singing as I was when I first started to sing karaoke. That’s so the Jews who get the $$$ off White people on stage can secure their “idols” for us, and the 100% control for them. In Yellow countries people sing all day long.
  • We have no individuality. We only know what Jew media orchestrates for our horror film called this reality.
  • 57:00 Hitler could have had any woman in Germany. But he was faithful to Eva Braun, visiting her every two Saturdays if in battle, for intimacy.
  • 1:00:00 Eva Braun. I read The Lost Life of Eva Braun. I was at Las Vegas airport. I had the book by Corsi, on the other side of Obama and it had Obama’s picture on it. I realized as a good White woman I shouldn’t be carrying a picture of Obama so I tossed it in the trash. I looked ahead in the airport walkway and saw a bookstore. I went to the “non-fiction” section which is all I would read. And I lifted up my arm to look at a book at random. It nearly leaped off the shelf and I looked at no others. The Lost Life of Eva Braun. There’s a 1,000 on Hitler; just one other on her. All the books I read from a friend or woman or his secretary’s point of view shows a different Hitler than the Jewish bogeyman. Who’s the new Jewish bogey man of the day for us pagans to be superstitious and frightened of?I probably have notes on this site.
  • Part 2 – Continued


Autobiography Draft 3: Chapter 23

In Uncategorized on August 27, 2017 at 1:22 pm

Having to condense 200 actual books of Creative Writing, 40,000 pages, I’m going to have to cut this chapter by 1/3, which is heavy.

23: White Species’ Pride, Pioneers & Persecutions

Every victim would step forward in any way or even was a potential witness who somebody heard about, have either been killed, put in jail under some theory or another, terrified or run out of the state, discredited. Every perpetrator, even the convicted ones, have been treated as conquering heroes. John de Camp

Today, who are the victims? Pro-White Activists. Who are the master perpetrators? Jew Zionists and their imps.

This link is just a springboard for further study into Jew assassinations of our White kings, queens, archduke, archduchess, ambassadors, and presidents. https://kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/2016/05/03/jewish-assassinations-of-white-kings-queens-presidents-arch-dukes/

We White vanguards have suffered for truth and justice:

  • Computer-type issues: Computer viruses, website hacking, phone tapping, wiped out iPhone, and spying. Entire webservers, radio stations, shows shut down. Police confiscated or destroyed internationally computer and video equipment, books, manuscripts, documents exposing Jews. My new computer wiped out.
  • Threats: Discrimination, prejudice against Whites. Had to flee the USA for safety. Deportation. Barred from the USA. Put White survivalists on top of terrorist list but cradle and pamper international criminals. Death threats.
  • Punishment: Arson, arrest, prison (up to 40 years and as old as 91,) solitary confinement. White attorneys imprisoned and framed for murder. Public unifying White lectures, conferences, rallys, and protests with permits, banned and shut down. State of Emergency’s declared against us. Jewish heckling at lectures, protests, so bad speaker had to flee the USA for safety and schooling. My White veteran husband who was a whistleblower’s two handwritten autobiographies stolen.
  • Alienation: From society, family, friends, and acquaintances.
  • Bodily and mind harm: Accidents, beatings, acid thrown in our White faces, cripplings. Urine filled balloons slammed at returning White Vietnam Veterans. Leftist communists flung urine, feces, sperm-filled rubbers, bloody Tampax, rocks, sprayed mace, and hydrochloric acid directly into eyes blinding a White victim. Hit with cars (as the man who drove into the car in front of him and accidentally killed a woman after terrorist smashed his car with a bat) and bodies with clubs, assaulted verbally. Police with full riot gear pushed, kicked, and threw Whites out of the park even though the Whites had a permit, and left the violent Communists without a permit, to reign free. Gas-lighting, insane asylum commitments, brainwashing, forced druggings. Menticide.
  • Communications: All media, even all White verbal communication, is molded by Jews. Whites have been totally divided and conquered as a species. Total media blackout of White meetings, conferences, protests, and Jew and non-White crimes against Whites.
  • Financial: Heavy fines. Discriminated in hiring and scholastic grants. See Michael Savage’s Death of the White Male. (against Affirmative Action) https://kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/2017/08/27/the-death-of-the-white-male-michael-savage-against-affirmative-action/ Monopolies in Jew controlled industries which exclude Whites. White tax burden. A sister had put up her $200,000 home. Fired from jobs, blackballed from employment. Losses in books, computers, video equipment, and records confiscated. Rabbis forced Amazon, the main source of most book sales, for the first time in history, to ban many of our books, which they’ve never done to any other books in the world, no matter how controversial. Credit card, PayPal, and YouTube monetize option for revenue, shut down. Churches forced to prefer other races or face elimination of tax exempt status and demise.
  • Social Media: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook shut down White survivalists. Jew PayPal denied usage.
  • Jew laws against Whites: Civil Rights Act, Immigration Act, Affirmative Action against White males. Jew forced anti-Semite laws which protect Jewish real crimes and persecute White (Christian descendants.) All USA laws favor Jews and non-Whites and are against Whites. (Same in Poland. In the 1500’s, Jews had all laws for their advantage and not for the Polish citizen.) Europeans expelled Jews for their crimes106 times including my Bydgoszcz, Poland. First Lady Melania Trump’s, Slovenia, which is five hours from my Poland, expelled the Jews three times, burned them out once. Here’s an incomplete list of times Jews expelled and also so-called anti-Semitic crimes which Jews did against themselves, from Michael Rivera’s, What Really Happened? https://kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/2017/04/26/trump-sends-fbi-to-israel-arrests-jew-terrorists-2000-years-of-expelling-jews/
  • Death: Attempted murder, murder, suicide.

As a result of losing the Vietnam War to Chinese Communist bodies and Communist Jew Bankers, one stands aghast, we had to suffer instead of being supported for the freedom of White Civil Rights — religion, speech, press, assembly, redress of grievances — to protect our natural inalienable rights. To my knowledge, the people I wrote about and myself are lawful.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


It seems the Jewish religion, which affected our Constitution, 1787, (1791, first in Poland – the Secret Empire of Jews who wanted to make sure their religion could rule the USA, not White royalty as in Poland.) Not by usual means of ministers and churches, but Jew deceitful media, crime, monopolies, and wars.

Freedom of Speech

No White is allowed to freely discuss, debate, criticize or speak openly about saving the endangered white species or exposing the Jews. Many lectures shut down. President George Washington: “If the Freedom of Speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”


Jews began to deceitfully acquire White news publishing since late 1800’s in the USA and Germany. Then books, comics, text book publishing, magazines, now vital parts of the Internet. Their printing presses print out endless funny money, called usury. Jewess Janet Yellen heads our Federal Reserve Bank which houses all our money. Faked news, even Associated Press where all news come from.


Pro-White and / or Jew exposé meetings were shut down in California, Chicago, Memphis and many more, until I stopped attending I was so scared! Another one recently, Charlottesville, Virginia.

Redress of Grievances

I called all 535 House of Representatives and Senators to oppose the Jewess Lowey’s, Anti-Semite bill HR 672 (she’s worth $41,000,000 and is the senior control of the House of Representatives’ bank,) They passed it anyway, and instead of using the normal method by taking a count, they simply did a yeah – nay voice vote. Who “yelled” the loudest won. It’s the anti-White or anti-Christ bill.

Barbara Ann Nowak, me – Descendant of Poles who Jews kept in constant wars, starvation, illiterate, and the worst slavery in history from 1025-1945. My folks and I were White slaves for Jews in Chicago. Jews treacherously defamed me and mine with their dangerous, poisonous label: Dumb Polaks.

In 1968, a Jew doctor pre-meditated, raped, ejaculated, and threatened me for life. After he convinced me he was cured, I went back 10 years later to get help for my Veteran husband also. He attempted to rape me again. I fled. Two White husbands needing help tried to murder me.

When I was employed at a Jewish company, the comptroller seduced me, and convinced me I had to give him sex in order to keep my job. I quit. Tried to cheat me out of maternity pension. Suffered gas-lighting for three years at another Jewish company.

Victim of constant computer, website, and phone hacking. After my husband’s two autobiographies were stolen, I began to write his biography on my lunch hour on a flash drive. Once I forgot to take it home, and when I went to work the next day, the flash drive was fried.

Suffered two murder attempts for my writings, (not even speaking!) Also, my car engine blew up on the way to “No More Wars for Israel” meeting, black-balled in entertainment, fired, alienated by society.

New computer wiped out with much of my records! Victim of 10 robberies, harassment, assaults. Seven credit card and banking frauds. Timeshare, Craiglist, Ebay, and PayPal frauds. Spied on. Swindled by Jew who made American Idol from a VHS tape he conned me into dubbing for him of my Chicago TV appearance on the Jenny Jones talk show as the Queen of Karaoke.

In 2013, suffered elderly abuse when mocked, scorned, beaten, and crippled, as I was about to perform in front of an audience in Las Vegas. Covered up! Hospital.

In Branson, a car with burlap over their license plates tried to drive me off the road! At Christmas time, when Washington DC was empty, a speeding car nearly hit me as I was about to cross the street. At my solo peaceful protest of the Holocaust Museum, I was confronted several times to discourage me, by employees, guards, police, and director. No Jewess was ever tortured like me, not even their so-called autobiography saint, Anne Frank.

Michael Duncan, Husband – Vietnam War Veteran hero. Purple Heart Hall of Honor. Homeless, hungry, no medical for injuries. Both hand written autobiographies stolen. His last words, “There’s no help for the White man and I will kill myself and show them it is about men not money.” Manhood annihilated. Intentionally pulverized overseas so non-whites could take over the White man’s USA territory. With all the White males overseas, there was no one to defend the USA, the White women and children, from a Jewish and Chinese Revolution of the “mind.” It worked. Until now.

Vietnam injuries, “Not due to own misconduct:”

Testicle shot off, infection of the groin, shrapnel missile wound, hearing impairment, jungle ear infections, severe infection from unsanitary conditions. Hookworms; tonsil infection, gastrointestinal complaint, and “neurotic stress.” (I’d say a Jew and a Chinese “psychosis stress” against our White male.) PTSD, as our White men were having nervous breakdowns on the battlefield – it was so horrible to face the visible evils of the Yellow Communist Chinese and invisible Jew-raced bankers and racketeers, both races who protect their countries,

China and Israel with walls and strict laws to protect them.

Addictions to Scotch, sometimes heroin, cocaine, black market uppers and downers, legal drugs, caffeine, nicotine, hashish, marijuana, womanizing, gambling, pornography, screaming nightmares, fired from jobs, abuse against me. Damage done to make him war and hate through the newly invented violent video games. After the war, Jew –led Chicago protestors threw urine balloons at the veterans. Nearly driven insane. Committed suicide!

On April 10, 1940, Jew-led Russian Communists massacred 20,000 of my brightest White Polish men . . . Genocide. The most intelligent, religious, brave, prominent leaders and officers, at the Katyn Massacre. Notice the one bullet hole to the White brain method used on the Polish veteran’s head. The monument is located near my Chicago. Notice the White hanky for my tears.


The Pieta, by Michaelangelo, the statue of Jesus’ Mother Mary holding his murdered body by Jews, was the inspiration for this sculptor.

This is my picture of the wall next to the sculpture. It has the names of the 96 finest Polish people who died mysteriously in a plane crash at the Katyn Massacre site, on the 70th anniversary, April 10, 2010. Polish sculptor, Wojciech Seweryn, also killed on the plane crash.

Lech Kaczynski, First Lady Maria, and 94 of the top people of Poland were travelling to Smolensk, to meet with the Russians who had destroyed Jew Communism in their country and finally came out with the truth – that they executed the White Polish men and not the innocent German (Nazis) National Socialists who the Jews blamed at the unjust and cruel Nuremberg Trials.

Who benefited from this crash? A Jewess took over Poland as First Lady.


Here are some names of the White victims and Jew exposers who should be completely exonerated, given respect, restitution for damages and crimes against us, and the perpetrators brought to full justice.

  • Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun, Germany – Driven to suicide at the end of the war. The couple who tried to save the endangered White species. Lost Life of Eva Braun https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/26503
  • Adolf Hitler, German Führer (means leader or guide not tyrant) –I focus on the aspect of saving and raising White healthy babies. He also wanted to unite the White Protestant church, (now 41,000 divided denominations.) “I tried to fight the Jews. They have been slandering my name ever since.” He wanted to move the Jews to Madagascar, not have them gassed. He was a Corporal, fought the Communists, lost, and suicided as my Vietnam Veteran husband was a Corporal, fought the Communists, lost, and suicided. Probably his mistake: Hitler’s only constant companion who assisted him in nearly everything he did, Dr. Theodor Morell, the doctor to the Jewish entertainers. This 6-hour movie is a “must see,” about the lies of World War II. “The Greatest Story Never Told. Dennis Wise.


  • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Russia – Death threats. Expelled from native land — silenced. The buried copy of his book confiscated. While in prison in hard labor, memorized 12,000 lines of his book in case it was confiscated again. His typist supposedly suicided after interrogation. 200 Years Together: A History of the Russians and the Jews

It is within the power of writers and artists to do much more: to defeat the lie.

Bolsheviks are Jews.





  • Arthur Topham, Canada – Gagged and sentenced. Website shut down.


  • Baked Alaska at Unite the Right Rally at Charlottesville, VA. Hit by a Jew from SPLC, Southern Poverty Law Center, on Friday night. Saturday, counter protestor, blinded him with hydrochloric acid. https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/28174
  • Barbara Kulaszka, Canadian librarian turned lawyer – Defended Ernst Zundel. Awarded “George Orwell Award.” Funeral nearly shut down because of lies about her. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/lawyer-memorial-library-barbara-kulaszka-1.4201302
  • Benton Bradberry – Must read or listen: The Myth of German Villainy. https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/15433
  • Brother Bert – Damaged in Korean War. Harassed so badly with Jew labeled “Dumb Polak” jokes, to counteract his pain, he had business cards made up with “Bert the Polak.”
  • Bill White, Author – Prison 25 years. White wrote on his website (shut down) the White man has the largest penis. From my sex studies, a Black can’t extend the penis fully and when White women are taught to fantasize about Blacks, when they finally race-break (a Jew weapon) the White woman is disappointed. Sex is through the “mind” more than the “body.” Anyone can have animal sex, but I’ve assimilated 29 books, educational DVD’s and classes on sex. I’d rather give a one good man sex 1,000 different ways, than Jewish homosexuality which offers 1,000 different animal (?) sex men/women. https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/14405
  • Brad Love, Canada – Wrote 10,000 citizen letters. Jailed, highest sentence ever and outrageous bail.


  • Brian Ruhe, Canada – Fired from eight teaching jobs. Forced mental hospital. https://kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/2017/05/26/white-race-pioneer-canadian-brian-ruhe/
  • Father Charles Coughlin, Radio Announcer – Shut down. Exposed Jews, banks, and wars. https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/14378
  • Charles “Lucky” Lindbergh, Jr. First American aviator to cross the Atlantic Ocean – National Socialist (Nazi) wife and kids. His White baby son was kidnapped, murdered, and foot chopped off. Fled USA. Father exposed the Federal Reserve Bank. https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/14375
  • Senator Charles Percy (from my state of Illinois) – Sometimes opposed Israel. His daughter beaten and murdered right in the middle of the re-election campaign he lost. One suspect was a Jew. The Jew brutal movie “Psycho” to open day after murder. Jews control both news and Hollywood. Senator Percy lost the election due to the Jews united boycott of him. The aggressive Democrat political consultant, Jew David Axelrod, brought him down. Later took Black and White Barack Hussein to become senator of my Illinois then President of the USA. https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/15124
  • Christopher Bollyn – Researched Israel, Jews, and 9/11 five weeks after Tragedy. Fired from job. Beaten in his home. Fled USA. https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/14863
  • Clarence Malcolm – Poisoned. Assisted Ted Gunderson, whistle-blower and former head of the FBI.
  • Coco Chanel, France – Fashion designer and founder of Chanel line. National Socialist sympathizer, Jews named Nazis, to frighten us like bogeymen. Business empire coerced away by Jews. Me performing in Vegas in a Coco Chanel knit dress:


  • Pastor Dan Johns – Interviewed on his talk show. https://kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/2016/10/04/white-race-pioneer-pastor-dan-johns-identity/
  • Dariusz Rataczak, Poland – Dangerous Topics: Holocaust. Suspended as teacher. Court. https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/15397
  • David Cole, Jew – Exposer of faked death camps at Auschwitz, Poland. Beaten by Jewish Defense League. His Jewish father, Dr. Leon, introduced and hooked White Elvis to Demerol which was said to kill Elvis. Although last person to see Elvis alive at 10:30 p.m. was his Jewish dentist with codeine which Elvis was allergic to. https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/18179
  • David Duke – House of Representatives. The Secret Behind Communism, Jewish Supremacism. Became interested in the White species when his high school teacher appointed him to take the South’s side in a Civil War debate. Fled USA. Early Pioneer 1969. In 2008, I attended his European-American conference which was shut down and then a State of Emergency called. Jailed in Czech Republic and USA. Website and You Tubes shut down. Ability to collect funds via Internet shut down. When Barack Hussein was elected, he would preach for the Whites to be calm and peaceful, not violent. https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/15512
  • David Irving, England -1988 Great Holocaust Trials – Beaten and imprisoned. Meeting shut down. Video: The Faking of Adolf Hitler for History. Only writer whose works are all from original documents. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgWIdBUEMro


  • The poor White German baby – (Germans first to go extinct) Hitler on the sad state of affairs after World War I under Jewish control: Babies grabbed in vain for the mother’s breast it was empty.


  • Edgar J. Steele, Attorney for White Civil Rights – I asked him for advice on a call in Internet radio show about the Jew rape. He tried to run for government office, but a Black man returned application personally with a big red X across it. Later, Steele was framed, convicted, and died in a secret prison. Jew, James Maher, cousin of famous comedian Bill Maher, wired two bombs on Steele’s wife’s car, but Steele was found guilty. https://kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/?s=Edgar+Steele
  • Brother Eddie – English school teacher, playwright, cut a CD song We the People. Black gang beat him when he was home from the seminary after Civil Rights Act. His students’ tough black mothers, hounded and forced him into courts for 30 years for money, because he wouldn’t pass their Black children if they failed the requirements, which also applied to White students. https://www.queenofkaraoke.com/we-the-people-cd/
  • Pastor Eli James, Christian Identity – The Great Impersonation: How the Anti-Christ Has Deceived the Whole World. The meeting I attended, shut down when a fire broke out as he began to speak. I was a guest on his radio show. http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/audioPop.jsp?episodeId=354958&cmd=apop


  • E. R. Fields – What World-Famous Men have said about the Jews

  • Ernst Zundel, German Canadian – He started to study World War II when his Canadian government asked him to help bolster the defamed German people’s image. Bankrupted. Violently attacked. Three documented assassination attempts. Nearly burned his house down with his records and library exposing Jews and the Holocaust. Bombed his home. Judge dictated, “Truth is no defense.” Solitary confinement 2 years Canada; expelled to Germany, 5-years solitary confinement. Postal mail banned incoming and out! The Great Holocaust Trials: 1985 and1988. His attorney imprisoned for the truth. Banned forever from his wife in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA. Off Your Knees Germany https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wuZQeYBJoI


  • Eustace Mullins – Secrets of the (Jew) Federal Reserve Bank. https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/17210
  • Ezra Pound, Poet, Author – Sent to live in an outdoor cage, like a White animal; mental hospital 12 years for his freedom of speech, called treason. “Democracy is now currently defined in Europe as a ‘country run by Jews,’”



  • François Duprat, France – Assassinated by a car bomb blast by a Jewish “Remembrance Commando” and a “Jewish Revolutionary Group” which also destroyed his wife’s use of her legs. https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/26595
  • Fred Leuchter – Only gas chamber expert. 1988 Great Holocaust Trials. Jailed in Germany; financially ruined. https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/14640
  • Fredrick Töben, Australia – Founder Adelaide Institute. Bankrupted, jailed. https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/14630
  • George Lincoln Rockwell, US Navy – First sent to insane asylum, then assassinated. How to Get Out and Stay Out of Insane Asylum, and White Power. https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/16437
  • George Orwell, England – I read his book in high school, Animal Farm, about Communists who demand “All are equal” but they are separate at the top (Jews). Equality meant bringing Whites down to genocide, and themselves and non-Whites up . . . as Whites melt down into an eternal abyss.
  • Governor George Wallace, Alabama – In 1954, stood in the school doorway to stop Federal bayonets who forced State segregation. Now to save our White male boy he will have to be segregated with special racial attention. Assassination attempt and crippled for life.


  • Germar Rudolf, Germany – Imprisoned; books, papers stolen, savings plundered – Failed: Denying the Holocaust: How Deborah Lipstadt Botched Her Attempt to Demonstrate the Growing Assault on Truth and Memory. Amazon never banned a book, but under Jew Israeli Rabbi pressure banned his books. https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/14521
  • Hans Schmidt, German – Jailed for writing.
  • Hart Kirsch – Radio talk show host. Gave me freedom to talk about race on his show in Las Vegas 2005. When I mentioned Jewess feminist, Gloria Steinem, all the radio hosts fired and a Jew family bought the 50-year old White family owned radio station for $24,000,000 and put in Jews and Rabbis to replace Whites.
  • Henry Ford, Ford Motors – The International Jew. Dearborn Independent Newspaper

“No wonder Jewish writers, viewing this unprecedented prosperity, this unchecked growth in wealth and power, exclaim enthusiastically the United States is the Promised Land foretold by the prophets, and New York the New Jerusalem.” The Jewish secret empire of Polish slaves was the original Zionist “New Jerusalem” as Polish Queen Bono was named “King of Jerusalem” in 1557.


·      James Von Brunn, Mensa intelligent. Suffered from hatred against Germans in America. Confronted Federal Reserve Bank and Holocaust Museum. Died in prison.



  • Jim Traficant, US House of Representatives – expelled. Stood up to the USA Jew Israeli powerful lobby. Seven-years prison. Jews have used the USA like a whore. https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/15012
  • Jöerg Haider, Austria – One of the only pro-Whites elected to office in Europe. Died in a mysterious car accident right after his acceptance speech. Accident or Israeli Mossad hit? https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/15206
  • John de Nugent, Former US Marine – Nearly murdered by the Dutch Marines. Link for numerous difficulties suffered. https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/14617
  • President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and brother Robert (family of 11) assassinated. Brother Joe and son John Jr. died mysteriously. Strange case of sister Rosemary lobotomized. Kennedy on Hitler after World War II: “He had in him the stuff of which legends are made” and “within a few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived.” https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/26317
  • Johnny Rocker, Baseball Star – fined, suspended, forced psychiatric care because of racial comments.


  • Niece, Jolene Murphy – Non-White robbed and dragged her through a Chicago street when the gold chain on her necklace wouldn’t break.
  • Joseph Burg Ginzburg, Jew – Beat, prosecuted and denied him burial in a Jew cemetery. https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/26580
  • Joseph Sobran – Fired. Said to be the best columnist ever by Pat Buchanan. Essay For Fear of the Jews.


  • Julius Streicher, German NSDAP. Mocked by USA Jews and Blacks in his jail cell with a sign on him “Julius Streicher, King of the Jews.” Tortured, naked, burned with cigarettes on his nipples, navel, hit with a whip on genitals, tied with an iron chain and forced to kiss the feet of Negroes. Spat in his mouth. Forced to drink out of a toilet, kept cold, handcuffed. Jew sadistic press photographers took pictures. Negroes yelled “kill, kill” (as South African woman told me “When Blacks on TV shout ‘Kill the Whites!’(called Boer’s farmers) she and her Jew husband stand up and cheer.”) Streicher stated, “I don’t want to end my life with suicide but go to the end in a weekly journal as a struggle for truth.” https://kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/2017/01/15/white-race-pioneer-julius-streicher-national-socialist-by-evalion-white-race/
  • Jürgen Rieger, German Attorney – Beaten unconscious in broad daylight; assailants escaped. His car blown up. Life ruined.


  • Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz – Doenitz Nuremberg: A Re-Appraisal. Head of Germany’s submarine units. Ten years in prison for crimes and laws Jews made up after the war, ex post facto. “We have condemned you for things you did because you considered it your duty to your Country. For all such, forgive us. We were wrong.” Admiral John W. Reeves, Jr., U.S.N. Entire book shows the reprehensible Nuremberg Trials “war crime trials” against Germans, unprecedented in human history, which provided the Holocaust Hoax, and allowed all Jews to illegally emigrate en masse from my Poland into the USA. Joseph Kennedy, President Kennedy’s father asserted: “The only winners of World War II were the Jews.” The White Species was the big, big loser.
  • Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn/Aton. The Trillion Dollar Lie: The Holocaust
  • Lana Lokteff, Red-Ice Radio and TV. Sample: Go Back to Europe


  • Louis T. McFadden, Congressman – exposed Jew’s diabolical monopoly of the USA entire (White species’) banking system since 1913. Two death threats on his life.


  • Mark Glenn – “No More Wars for Israel” conference I attended when my car engine blew up on the way. The meeting was shut down and moved. https://kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/?s=Mark+Glenn
  • Martin Luther, Germany – Founder of Protestant (from word “protest”) religion. The Jews and their Lies, Full book, 6 hours


  • Michael Collins Piper, Author – Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy.” I was call in on his radio show. His Idaho cabin accidentally(?) burned down and died shortly thereafter. https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/14613
  • Michael Hoffman – They White and They Were Slaves. List of books written by Whites which Jew Rabbis forced Amazon to ban – first banning in Amazon history! https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/22209
  • Michael O’Sullivan, Leader of the Las Vegas White People’s Party – “In each case of every decision to be made, it shall be judged from ‘Is it good for the white race?’ “FBI shut him down. Eight of us protested against illegal immigration and exposé of Martin Luther King, Jr. All TV media and chief hecklers to riot were Jews and chief hecklers. S.W.A.T, police, National Guard surrounding us all dressed in full riot gear and guns, were all non-Whites. Their constitution. https://wordpress.com/post/kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/14396
  • Mike King The Bad War banned by Amazon. http://tomatobubble.com/
  • Nicholas Kollerstrom – Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust (Religion): Myth and Reality. Thrown out of his college and damned. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D505WKDrrHM








  • Tracy Mabe – I was his Legal Assistant. Black robbed his $5 and nearly beheaded him in Vegas.
  • Udo Walendy, Germany – Imprisoned in his 70’s with a serious heart condition. 1985 and 1988 Great Holocaust Trials




The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – Whites put in prison or executed for reading the Protocols.  “To wear everyone out by dissensions, animosities, feuds, famine, inoculation of diseases, want, until the Gentiles see no other way of escape except by an appeal to our money power.”

“To each act of opposition we must be in a position to respond by bringing on war through the neighbors of any country that dares to oppose us, and if these neighbors should plan to stand collectively against us, we must let loose a world war.”


  • Nuremberg War Trials. Almost all Germans were Christians. Jews against White German leaders imprisoned, tortured or hung. Lying testimony and exhibits: Germans used brain bashing machines, melted Jews into bars of soap, shaved hair on heads for mattresses, shrunk their heads, made lampshades from their skin. Many more quote quips on the evils of the Jew controlled Communist Nuremberg War Trials against our White kin Germany, who gallantly fought the Communists but lost. We fought “with” the God-hating Communists under Jew direction who killed 100,000,000 European American Christians only. https://kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/2017/08/26/nuremberg-trials-welfare-to-jew-holocaust-claims-should-be-stopped-retroactively/

Taylor Caldwell, American novelist  Jew Robert Oppenheimer attributed with the completion of the atom bomb which killed 129,000 Christians. His signature is on the order to drop it, not White Missouri President Harry Truman.

I have been boiling mad for years over the ‘war crimes trials,’ (Nuremberg Trials) which I think were despicable and contemptible. Not only were the ‘war crime trials’ one of the blackest spots on our recent black and (Red) history, but the bombing of the only two Christian cities in Japan in August 1945 via the atomic bomb calls to high heaven for retribution. (Nuremberg Trials) Robert Browning, “It is one more triumph for devils and sorrow for angels: One wrong more to man, and one more insult to God.”

Here’s links which expose the Jew Master Criminals of the Universe. We must begin white country by white country, starting with Poland, and white person by white person, to catalogue every crime they committed against us throughout history both that which is obvious and by also by deception:









What Celebrities Think of Jews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6obIo9xptHQ

Here’s just a partial list of the Jew’s partial international and historical domination, monopoly, and tyranny over the White species: past, present, and future.



Food & Drinks




Laws against churches

Laws against Whites

Israeli Lobbies

Worst Spies


Military Matrix

Veterans Organizations

Legal field

Federal Reserve Bank

US Treasury

House of Representative’s Bank

International Monetary Fund

Fort Knox

World Bank

Wall Street



Interest rates

Real Estate



Pawn Shops



Mental Health

Nursing homes

Psychotropic drugs


Liquor business


Illegal drugs

Legal Drugs




Sex Slave Trade / Rape

Schools’ laws

School Curriculum




Book Publishing

Literary Agents





Comic Books

Newspapers, (late 1800s-now)





Amazon-Jews forced banning


Movies (1920’s-now)


Cell Phone Bills


All Entertainment & Agents

Sports & Agents

Art 80%


Retail clothing

Shoe industry

Fur industry

Gold, Silver, Jewels


Nuclear Warheads, Bombs

Poland (1,000 years)






New York City

Las Vegas




Washington DC


United Nations

European Union

Trade Unions


Jewish control pre-World War II in Germany and now in USA today: http://www.rense.com/general59/sdom.htm



“The Death of the White Male” Michael Savage Against Affirmative Action

In Uncategorized on August 27, 2017 at 2:56 am

Early in my study, I went on KDWN Las Vegas radio, and spoke about my Vietnam Veteran’s White suicide. I chose the station at random, 2005. When I chose the first station in my search, I turned it on and Jew Michael Savage was the host. Some Jews are on are side, and most don’t even know the problem of the death of the White Race exists. I had been writing the DJ’s, media, schools, government, politicians about the crisis for “White” veterans since his last words: “There’s no help for the White man in this country.” Fast forward to about 2012, I heard on news headlines for the first time in history the military would do a study of wars and suicides (400 years in the USA.) Then I heard later, the result singled our the Vietnam War alone: 200,000 suicides, all white men.

In 2005, I looked up Michael Savage on the Internet which said he wrote a book, The Death of the White Male, 1977. My sister used to listen to him and he really comes on strong on the radio. Even Jewish, he suffered from Affirmative Action. So these comments from the book will apply to the White male of our species also. This is an answer to crusading for the least 12 years!! Here’s some information below from the book, “Death of the White Male” and perhaps we can use these ideas with whatever seems to be current thinking today.

  • He said he’s “just ahead of his time,” and my autobiography shows that’s how I’ve been since Mama’s womb.
  • He says our White males have been whipped mentally so much, they can’t fight anymore. He fought back by writing this book.
  • We need a national law ending government sponsored racism, which Liberal Liars call “Affirmative Action.”
  • White male professors for ending injustices call the death of their own kind because it won’t affect their job.
  • It’s like a production line of so many Whites, Blacks, Browns. Production equality. The average age of Whites is 55. The non-Whites make up the most from 0-Millenniuals. http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/07/07/biggest-share-of-whites-in-u-s-are-boomers-but-for-minority-groups-its-millennials-or-younger/
  • Most common age in U.S., by race and ethnicity
  • I have on my blog, search bottom right, for year 2042, the year we become minority which I did many years ago since I worked in Chicago for Census 2000.
  • Savage: ” . . . always knowing that far more worthy souls were forever locked out, in exile by their oppressors. He seems to bash the White race in the color game.
  • He says there’s racism by every ethnic group vying for a piece of the American Pie. “You’ve got to beat the system any way you can.” (I write in my old notes, Savage capitalizes Black with “B” and shows white’ with small “w,” which is how many of us feel.
  • He talks of “horror” stories about White males not hired even though they scored higher because of women and non-Whites. White males seem to be minority at 31% of nation.
  • “Racism” a tool used by women and non-Whites to get ahead. If someone yells “racism” it’s like yelling “fire” in a theater.
  • When I was in college, 2006, Las Vegas, and complained for three hours to the head of the English department the school was anti-White from teachers, essays I had to read, posters, student union mostly black although a heavy White population. He ended with “Give up on the White male; they’re no good.” The Jewish doctor told me that when I went to see him not just for help for me, but my White Vietnam Veteran. He said, “You’re Jewish boss is interested in you. Go with him. Give up on your (White) husband, he’s no good.” But who, except me, has been crusading for the White male since 2002, and led a life of actual love to the point of slavery, and changed history for White Veterans. Yet, there’s only pain and rejection for this noble act, and no one to give back to me personally in my endeavors, what I gave. I couldn’t get aid at school, either financial or mentor classes they had for those whose parents didn’t go to college and qualified with low-income. Daddy went to 8th grade; Mama 5th. The non-White head of the mentor classes told me I was rejected because I’m not the “right” kind. I wanted to say it’s because I’m the White kind?
  • “Note, they California State University at Los Angeles is offering teaching positions to virtually any minority, without regard to achievement! Note also that this racist, sickening, decidedly anti-White male appeal lacks the ubiquitous “affirmative-action” disclaimer now clutter and every job announcement in the nation. Affirmative action is affirmative racism.”
  • He talks of an ad at a major university in California calling for minority “role models,” even without qualifications. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, women, disabled, homosexuals . . . straight White males need not apply.
  • “There is a clear and present wind of recently in America and the fires and hate are being inflamed. If you are a white male and you have been targeted for employment extinction. If you are a “protected” person have been selected for employment advancement and survival. This is fair? Is this American? Is this legal?
  • He asks to sign the form and mailed to the center, congressman, the president, and Attorney General and to give to friends and associates. But we must act. Without our active involvement in the White Male is as in danger as the America we all grew up believing in. The Future is bleak and terroristic as any city’s meanest streets.
  • “Your grandparents waited in line in the rain. The crowded bus is passing by, but they kept their places, patiently waiting their turn. Your father got on the bus, but he had to stand. He figure, “what the hell, at least I’m writing, maybe my kid will get a seat.”
  • What bothers me is when my Polish people came over to the USA, we accepted and still accept the lowest paying menial jobs. Yet when Jews came from my country, overseas, there were rich Jews waiting on the shores to push them right to the top or get them started replaced the Whites in the most important avenues.  The doctors are Muslims, Hindus, Chinese. None of them came into this country scrubbing floors and looking up at everyone as Mama, Daddy and I had to do even until recently just to take housecleaning in addition to regular office job to make ends meet. Even today, how many doctors are White males? Even though I didn’t bring up the subject at work in Vegas, a former nun was married to a former priest. She worked for a Jewish law firm, a supervisor, and I temped. After work, after every one was gone, she called me in her office and lamented: She had to work long hours just to keep her 12 year old son in a better school in Vegas. (lowest test scores) Her husband had to work long hours. Since they were formerly religious people with religious training, there’s no work in the USA for White people like that. She said her boy was smart and in advanced math and science: The only white boy in a class of say 30. All 29 non-Whites or girls. (doesn’t say much for our future doctors, engineers, smartest professors, scientists, Presidents.) She added she had to work, but the other mothers, Jewish, Chinese, Hindus, were married to rich doctors, etc. and could stay home, go to PTA meetings, help with homework to advance their boys and girls. The Black and Brown mothers could stay home because they could get “special privileges” in America over Whites. Her boy was good at tennis, $90 a week, but was falling behind, because again, the other parents could play with their non-White child 7 days a week and often. My German-American sister-in-law was a Special Ed teacher in a ritzy South Suburban school. She said (40 years ago) the valedictorians are always Chinese. Whites need not apply or be trained or nutured during childhood.
  • He continues, “Why are you being shoved off the bus?”
  • True life case: Frank H. Age 61. White male. World War II Veteran (US Navy) Frank is everybody’s American type. Tall, very WASPy face. Tough, but ready to smile at a good joke. Frank earns $250 a month from his Social Security payments, and a few hundred more each month by doing non union wage electrical work, on a part-time basis his rent is 225 a month. Frank feels cheated by the government. “I fought for this country because I believed in it. I see immigrants just off the boat who are given apartments, more money than me, and jobs. Hell, I can’t even get a job on ships anymore; the whole shipping industry was sold to foreigners. Worst, every time I go for a city job, I’m given a runaround by people who can’t speak English. They give their cousins the good jobs, not Americans.” (Surely this is how my Vietnam Veteran felt and took his life because. Even myself. Black women of my caliber now make “twice” as much. Not damaged as a slave for Whites but I was damaged as slave for Jews. Also if a Black couple move into a White neighborhood the Black couples are the richest, no self-esteem problem, no damage fighting wars for 400 years, plus coddled with good food, special treatment, unity, NAACP, Jewish pushing behind them to get them to takeover. Mexicans who work together have little bills, and they get jobs for each other, even illegals brought in.)
  • True life case: Doug R. Age 25. White Male. Engineer. Married. One Baby. Doug has the kind of face you immediately trust. He looks like an honest New England pastor from colonial American times. His father, from the Midwest, played varsity football in college, made team captain, worked his way through school, entered and graduated from Harvard Law school. (This is the worse tragic story. Harvard was an all White religious school. Jamie Kelso’s parents donated the land, yet he couldn’t go there. Harvard is now perhaps 9% White male paying full price. Jews are the heaviest population and would be the entire school if they could do so. The Chinese and Jews get the grants at the highest, and people like foreigner Obama, and the other races at the lowest. Jewess Elena Kagan, who Obama put into the Supreme Court after the last White Protestant male stepped down, aged 94, was the dean at Harvard. 50% of her appointments were for her racist Jewish kin. And the Whites aren’t even equipped to handle this problem since we’re taught the opposite and are totally dumbed down as far as these subjects and worse assaulted if we think about these subjects. ) His mother, also a working-class person, graduated Salutatorian  from Radcliffe college. Doug was also a conscientious student. He earned a 90 average attending a plain New York City high school “his father, being honest, never made it “big” as a corporate lawyer, so no private school for Doug.” Don’t apply to his father’s Alma Mater, Harvard. REJECTED. He feels cheated as does his father. He knows of another boy from his graduating class with a much lower average who was accepted by Harvard. Also by Yale, Stanford, etc. the boy was black, no special skills, “why should they admit someone with a lower average just on the basis of his skin color? Isn’t this the very discrimination those laws were written to eliminate? Who is behind this twisted logic question? Affirmative Action … Racism. (I know in my Poland, a Black man from Africa told me the Communists went to Africa, brought back a lot of Black people for the Polish universities. They took the black Communists to a second floor gigantic buffet on the second floor. The Communists showed the Polish citizens who built that country for 1,000 years, were standing and starving in bread lines. The Communists told the Blacks this is what’s going to happen when Communism takes over Africa. They will put all the Whites in bread lines and the Blacks will rule. The black replaced the White Polish man or woman at the university. The Jew-led Communists gave the Blacks the best of buffets, all they could eat and drink, but the breadlines below for the White Christian Polish always ran out to cause fear and terror which made the Pole get up early the next day to be at the front of the government line, instead of in the graduating class line. The black got all books, supplies, mentorship, a free car with free rationing card. The Polish man got nothing for if he had a card he couldn’t afford gas and with the Jew Iron Curtain couldn’t leave Poland. The black could travel freely, was in demand with Swedish White women, married one, brought her back to Las Vegas and has 1/2 breed children. She’s out of the White gene pool forever. Some of our finest. He got the highest job for the environment a big job for dry hot Las Vegas.
  • Mike L. Age 45. White male. Salesman. Married 2 children. Mike wanted to be a college professor from the time he was 18. He thought it was the highest profession in the world. His father was an immigrant from Russia who completed the seventh grade. In his home the written word was King. Ideas and arguments abounded. In this fertile atmosphere Michael learn to think. While going to graduate school, he worked, wrote a few books, and had a child. He earned two masters degrees and then a PhD from one of the Americas most highly rated graduate schools. For 10 years he try to get a teaching position. Always rejected for a woman or a “minority,” he eventually gave up. He now uses his PhD to sell vitamins. “Both he and America are the losers, since his wife’s, Sandy. “They screwed him after 15 years of struggle. Who the hell says a woman is an endangered species deserve a special preference? I’ll tell you “affirmative action, his wrecked our lives.”
  • I know three White males with straight A’s who after graduation didn’t get a job, had to change bed pans in a mental hospital until his mother found him job in Poland as a teacher/principle even though he’s 3rd generation. Another had to put up dry wall.
  • Also Jewish media portrays “cool guys” who get all the White girls, like Jewish Fonz in Happy Days, to be like hoodlums. The White woman is taught to look down on her White male or make fun of him, or he himself.
  • In the book, “Death of the White Male” Savage writes a letter to the editor of the New York Times regarding a comment about the TITLE VI of the Civil Rights Act 9 Sect. 6010 states “no person in the United States shall, on the ground of race, color or national origin, be . . . subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal assistance.” He adds “In no case is an institution required to hire women or minorities on the basis of sexual or racial preference.. To do so is clearly illegal. Merit criteria are being ignored in favor of racial or sex criteria and nation’s colleges are the sorry result.” (I think now it needs to be recognized our Whites may need special help to advance them to levels of the smarter, undamaged races, not keep us competing or giving our inalienable rights to the other races.) “In no case, is an institution required to hire women or minorities . . . to do so is illegal.” He says to write the Washintonian idiots (his words not mine, if they can’t see our problems or work on them it’s social engineering and steering the country in  direction favorable to the other races or for the sake of corporations and not White people.) “You may not benefit immediately, but your son or daughter may. No longer will they be forced away from competitive colleges and jobs just because they are not a minority.”  “In 1987, College of Engineering at the University of California at Berkeley received applications from 1,495 straight A students and rejected 780 of them. In 1988, the university rejected 3,000 students with Straight A’s. Our attempt to breakdown by gender and race was never answered. Why?” He then makes the argument the school used to be one of the highest ranked and then slipped to 24 owing to poorly qualified schools and large numbers of poorly qualified “minorities” admitted in place of straight-A WHITE CHILDREN. Only when parents threatened to sue the school when their White sons were rejected, did the administrative geniuses admit these highly qualified WHITE STUDENTS. (now the Whites may have to be specially tutored, the other races held back, and heal the damage done to our people. I’m sure the other races who we’ve helped some for 400 years will eagerly help us now in return. After all, we taught them Christianity and it didn’t say love only your fellow black people and help them.
  • “Racism, against Whites, has become institutionalized in America and must be overturned, through political action.” He adds, this was written 30 years ago, but the scene was now abominable with a Black Muslim, a female who supported the Black Panthers in Chicago, 1968, (my neighborhood and Hillary Clinton who lived nearby) crusaded for the Black Panther’s trials and a White man who was 865 of 869 in his class.
  • He writes of San Diego State University’s application where races are rated: Black -0, African, Jamaican, Trinidad, or West Indian descent, Asian American-person of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, East Indian or Pacific islander (other Filipino) descent. 1
  • 2. Other non-White but I capitalize W for White but applications have small “w” but big “B” so we can add Blacks to our lists of idols to worship or feel sorry for or support. The list is then of European, Middle Eastern or North African descent. Odd but why do we even have to put the other races and then compete with them in our own country. We don’t have time. 25 years till Whites become minority. He goes on to the other ethnics. In my own words, I read there’s a city in Italy where the men stay home and 4,300 join the Apron Club while their women work to support them. Italian men used to be some of the most protective and righteous men. My ideal, would be what the humans had before the Bible: Partnership. Not matriarchal like Michelle Obama’s Africa, where the women in charge beat the men to work, or not Patriarchal when our White women are left with no support for their babies, no human contact to breastfeed of be exhausted with a poor milk supply supporting the 92% of the non-Whites to worry about. We need strong men. And we need assurance the White babies have a chance to be healthy and paid for.
  • He goes into “Who is a Minority? Chinese one billion souls; East Indians and Pakistanis number over 3/4 of a billion. (It must larger now and more babies coming for China, Pakistan, East India.) Japanese and Koreans 150 million, Algerians, 20 million, Cubans, 10 million; Egyptians, 50 million; Moroccans, another 25 million; Iranians, about 45 million, Iraqis, about 17 million; Jamaicans, about 3 million; Haitians and Dominicans, about 13 million; Malaysians, about 16 million; Libyans, another 4 million; Laos (4); Cambodia (7). Burma (37); Vietnam (60); Thailand (50); Filipinos, about 55 million; Yemen, 8 million; and oh yes, there are about 50 million Turks; and over 500 million Africans. (Last time I checked it was 1 billion and they are having 15 children for Whites to take care of or face the dreaded WHITE GUILT. I have none of this. Poland was an all White country except for Jews who were removed after World War II. When Germany rounded up Jews, political prisoners, some religious, Gypsies, the entire population was all White normal People, even Christians. For the first time in history had a country positioned itself and took their rights to determine they wanted it all White. It’s not a sin, or illegal or immoral. All the other races still have it but we’ve been bashed into believing it’s “evil” for Whites to survive. Back to list: 100 million Bangladesh; Mexicans, over 100 million. El Salvidor 5 million; Guatemalins, 8 million; over 16 million Nepalese; 40 million Syrians; 20 million Taiwanese; Savage then argues out of 7 billion people just about anybody of the 7 billion can be called a “minority” when they are the “majority” and Whites are 8% of the World’s Population. (don’t know how many 1/2 breeds in that figure, Jews, Arabs, Hindus who I think are considered as such in Census. He says the Japanese people have a White population called Ainu of Hokkaido — and are treated as “racial inferiors.” Yet we made them a superpower as China. Both Yellows, my words. In the USA, because Yellow Japanese are considered a “minority” they get treated with preference not just on the job, but Whites brag about being “diverse” which is Die-First, Whites, and leave all your belongings to us. (my words) If Whites went to Japan or China would they be given preferential treatment? Special housing? Scholarships for your children? (No! From my own study I read when Japan or China have companies here in the USA, they hire their own as do the other races. “If” they hire a White, he’s kept at the bottom forever. White women? Good question for the world plans on getting rid of White male and use our females to breed their raced babies. my words. He argues all citizens should be equal. I say if whites are damaged at any level and can’t keep up with women, Jews, Chinese, or any other race, we stop the help for them, until he can hold his head up high around the world, take off the Jewish stigma of “White Evil Man,” (a race who served Jesus Christ and God for 2,000 years, yet call the atheists Jews “gods and goddesses” to worship like “Chosen.”
  • Not wit some of us shackled with racial and gender chains imposed by the government. Chains just as sure as those forged around the cuffs of slaves.
  • He adds in Boston they take pictures to see who’s a minority. (my words. I know Barach Hussein put Brown Mexican on the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayer. Now I show  he put a Jewess on the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan, whose father Kagonovich was called the “Bloody Butcher.” His Sotomayer appointment was made in hatred of the White male. There were 20 White firemen who took a case to court for discrimination. It wasn’t just about money and jobs but the non-Whites didn’t work well with them and could have cost them their White lives. It could happen in the future on the battlefield with majority non-Whites as Generals. Our population is aging. We have no one to send to war. If the minorities takeover we’re history. We’d have to “hope and pray” they treat us with Christian kindness, but they don’t have it for us for they haven’t been Christians for 2000 years. Brown Sotomayer female, ruled “against” the White males. She’s a racist. For that horrendous act, the Black and White President put her into the highest court in the land to make more decisions to rule against the White male the Black and Jew competitor in our own country. Why did we ever bring all of them in here. We were taught we needed them and we have to get to the point if it take 1,000 years as the Germans thought it would to overcome the damage, we have to be self-sufficient as a White Race in all areas of life. Not staring at them but looking at ourselves and our other Whites.
  • He talks about the Fireman and Police in Boston, New York, San Francisco. How the Spanish who could be called that way in many ways, or Blacks got “preferential treatment.” In City of New York Police department an exam for promotion to sergeant was given. It matters not whether your parents are millionaires, as long as they speak Spanish. (People want to know why we can’t get White Europeans to move here. I’ve talked with them which is my autobiography. Man from Bosnia said he has a sister and mother waiting 12 years; he’s alone. A man from Romania: He said his family has a year’s visa, and they can’t want to get back to the poorest country of Europe. What they have is better than anything we do. It’s unfit for children he says. Polish said it’s so hard because they come in at the bottom (we’re second smartest after dying Germany) and the White Poles compete with jobs or work with the Brown Mexicans. She called them the “Mexican Mafia,” for they treat the (White Catholic Christian Polish so badly.) In Chicago, Poles are going back to Poland by the droves. Good hard workers like me. Clean people. “Dumb Polaks,” as Jews defamed us. I’d like to see all the Whites of Europe remain pedigreed and spend time visiting each other. Collectively solving our White Race’s problems based on that like every other creature in the universe, which we’ve been brought lower. On the exam the “minorities” wanted to sue but the suing-screaming minorities “wrote the test. These other races just flaunt themselves often at our White crippled status. Dangerous.
  • Affirmative Action + Affirmative Racism
  • In San Francisco, 1989, a commission declared by law 80% minorities; 20% women. (Goodbye good government jobs to White males. Also, Whites should be ruled by an all White government and not like Poland where all laws were for the advantage of Jews. We’ve spoiled them in Poland for 1,000 years as their slaves: but with my alarm this doesn’t have to happen in the USA.)
  • Savage sent this notice to an older man in England known for social activism, (which is what I call what I do) the man replied “I thought it might be perhaps a form for entry to Dachau.) It’s a totalitarian society rather than a democracy.
  • “This is what our “Civil Rights” legislation has brought, racism in it’s most virulent form. (My words, now try to get our White country back for our survival and our home as a healthy, happy, debt free majority. We can’t because the mind expands on what we think about=other races.
  • “America is unfortunately opting for mediocrity come down with leveling, and enforce depreciation standards of town and merit.” John H. Bunzel, “Affirmative Action; Negative Results”
  • Who’s at Fault? As a Jew, he began as a social worker to help “Blacks” and again capitalizes Blacks (Jews) but small letter for whites. But it’s still a good article. He studied Melanesians, listening to their rage. Our White man’s rage destroyed into takeover of his territory and country. They fought for and maintained control of their own land and identity by defeating the surrounding brown-skinned people, Polynesians.
  • Of course, these ancient warriors perceive themselves as superior to your enemy. That is the universal fact of warfare – – without any believe this. Your tribe squad platoon regiment early, he will have a very difficult battle. For men can only find effectively when he perceives himself to be in the right. Preferably, your permit those beautifully to survive, if not thrive. (Today Jew media screams and punished us with “White Supremacists” so we can’t even survive let alone try to achieve our innate highest being.)
  • “Yet, these slurs and curses cast against the White Male are tragically accurate. Only a doltish, somewhat “inferior “race would, from a position of strength, permit competitors to ascend to the point where they are given preferential consideration for jobs, loans, public housing, government grants, and other purpose of the system for those at the mid to low range of the scale. It is madness. (as I’ve said they’ve drive us mad. I found my Polish pride at a Chicago parade when I danced in it. Then White Pride with a sticker on the back of my car. (lots of trouble on that one. I think I lost a job because of it.)
  • “When my Black Melanesian friends and teachers defeated their enemy they ate the strongest of the males and the youngest quote and sweetest of the women. Those they permitted to live were related to lonely positions, to live as inferiors. And here we see the opposite! Those whose father sacrificed their lives in the greatest numbers to save this nation from the very fascism that would have enslaved all non-Caucasians are now become the the slave of their own. (As I have written we are the Whites slaves of all the other races and religions.)
  • Democratic ideas. Slaves of their “heron decently,” sense of “Fairplay,” and sympathy for the underdog. The “good guys” are losing. When the underdog is nourished, and gain strength we have evolved a super black race, while our white men are getting smaller and smaller.
  • Jewish savage talks about his Jewish communities were the first to integrate and welcome black people long before any others. Well Jewish people brought the black sleeves hear it over charge the whites. Those are my words.
  • The income and Jewish people, once kept out By strict quotas, opened the doors at academia to black people after they achieved domination of these formally restricted institutions. (Domination by Jews, subservience to Blacks and other races.)
  • The result? Once great national treasures of the intellect are fast becoming intellectual slums. Institutions now in claimed by race fever. Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, women, and handicap people is far lower grades that whites (All other races have capital letters and we must write “White” with a capital letter) are sought after to enter great universities. Special fellowships, open only to them, free housing, free tutoring, all denied to “non-special” “ordinary sons and daughters – our guaranteed.
  • The result? Protests, riots, and demands for one. Easier courses to. Minority – oriented curricula three. More “minority “professors for. More “minorities” students; always Far less qualifications then there White cohorts. The universities are becoming intellectual slums. Lower standards, confused teachers, lack of direction.
  • Should a student protest on equal admission policy he or she is branded a “racist” and soon with drawls from the battle for truly equal rights. The warfare is one in lost on the battleground of “politeness.” “Civility,” and “pleasantness.”
  • Students suffering from affirmative racism institutionalize policies intending to illuminate males of European White heritage sooner forage to give up the fight. Rarely, if ever, lucrative us are sharing their genetic grouping rise to their defense. Tenured professors are deeply entrenched architects of racist action guidelines it will fiercely protect Affirmative Racism.
  • As our universities have become twisted cauldrons of corrupted social angering, very future of America is threatened. He attempted brainwashing of a whole generation is taking place all across America
  • The Decline of America   Americas decline has not been caused by one single factor. There is no single cure. To prevent a total collapse of America and rescue what means we must initiate preventive measures at once. Some will renounce these measures as “un-American” “racist” “sexist” “anti-handicap” and whatnot. WE must suffer these tools, but not in “silence.” We must answer these aggressions which are camouflaged as humane laws.
  • Only by learning to articulate our feelings, is the enemies of democracy have done, can we rescue art true position in the world. What are the reasons for the decline of America? What can we as individuals do to save our own economic positions and thereby restore our national pride?
  • There is, of course, the drug problem. That short of every parent of every middle – class child joining a vigilante group and shooting a drug dealer, there is little help here. (We don’t have to save the world from drugs, nor sell them drugs, but our kids need to be drug-free to study, think, and be on the same par as the other races around the world not damaged.)
  • Of course, we can lecture our children, loudly. We can ridicule those actors and actresses and rock stars as the degenerates they are. (Jew entertainment did this to America as they did it to Germany and brought them down before WWII.)
  • We can and must teach our children to respect intelligence, kindness, and creativity instead of cleverness, superficial “love,” and style.  (I heartily agree on all points.)
  • He says we have to shift the world political alliances because our country has been sold shit by Chip, but by but, Wheatland by Wheatland, to foreign owners. Never before in our nations history has so much been owned by so few sentences and buy so many “non-– citizens. (This is what I’ve been writing about. Our companies and stocks are probably non-White. Richest woman in the world, Real Estate Chinese. Farms our very survival in foreign hands (as Jews did to my Poland which caused starvation as in Urkaine. Even our businesses: are the stocks and companies which merge bought out by foreign China, Jew, Oil Arab countries. I know my health insurance has Chinese symbols as my bank before. I read (Jews made and own all movies 1927, but now the Chinese bought up the movie theaters. Not a single person is writing about this for our survival in our own home. It’s catastrophic.)
  • “Instant immigration benefits must also be corrected. Why do so many former Soviet scientist (Communists?) find choice positions in our government at our university or tens of thousands of qualified Native Americans are locked out? Who puts these immigrants ahead of everyone else on the line? (I wrote the Yellow Chinese were the heads of our space agency and now China has all our secrets, our inventions, our ideas, our copyrights. And surely do the Jews, the two smarter and wealthier races. Both not damaged by wars and drugs and bankruptcies, rapes.)
  • Chicago Post Office= 80% black. High paying skyscraper building, Brown Mexican union wages $100,000. Whites?
  • Never before in history has a nation run so fast and so far to destroy its most productive workers in the name of social justice. I placing less qualified minorities, I  find repugnant. And a true democracy the ultimate minority is the individual who stands up for what he or she believes, (I stand up for what I believe, and am shot down, excluded, and worse) women and handicap people into key positions are national productivity, creativity a competitive advantage has rapidly declined. (Remember I wrote how the Jews put Franklin Roosevelt in a wheel chair as President to push forth World War II. The Whites “felt sorry” for his drum beats for war for Jewish rights and White losses. It’s a very sad White picture. I hope the rich just keep having fun for the few of us Whites can’t handle this load while they party and abuse us.)
  • I wasted and billions of dollars and spreading affirmative races and propaganda, making sure these policies of anti-– white male racism are being practice everywhere, through the attendant lawsuits the lost man hours, our country slips further each day.
  • What Must Be Done “The white applicant is not being barred from employment because of his race, rather his claim to a particular job is been deferred while remedy is applied.”
  • How many families have been broken down by the any quality fostered by this ACLU totalitarian edict? The time is upon us to act. Here is my program. This is Michael Savage’s program.
  • Eliminate the EEOC. This group costs taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and harasses universities and businesses by “demanding” racial profiles of applicants.
  • Oppose all practices that give people “an advantage, or impose upon them any disadvantage based on race or sex.
  • Reaffirm Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. (Sect. 601): No person in the United States shall, on the grounds of race, color, or national origin, be subjected to discrimination.
  • Reaffirm Title VII (Sect. 703a) which states that “it shall be an unlawful practice for an employer to discriminate against any individual . . .. such individuals race, color, religion, sex or national original or to limit, segregate or classify his employees in anyway. (I think we will have to do this differently myself. We will have to think through all our decisions through a “White” perspective. It’s too hard for me to think of making all our decisions based on the other 92% of the world. It’s mathematical.)
  • Reaffirm that it’s illegal for a college or university to admit or grant scholarships to students with lower grades based on sex or race. (I would adjust that. If our boys now can’t make it into math and science reading and writing we have to completely change society from the belief it’s impossible to stop drugs, or get our boys to achieve. White boys will need 21 mentors, segregated, and not even girls in their classes, but with complete male / female activities so the boys turn don’t homo or girls lezzies. No babies.
  • He would make it illegal to give college or universities to admit or grant scholarships to students based on sex or race. (I would have opportunities open up for women who had babies to keep them with skills if they needed or wanted to go back to work. She shouldn’t be penalized after I gave the best 16 years of my life to saving a Veteran’s life and then became a displaced homemaker while he stayed up the ladder and his wage$ bought my son’s love for I had no $$.
  • Every aspect of our country should be watched for “prejudice” against White males. (I could think of so many. It’s said there’s a WWIII in the White Race and the White Female must change. White boys sickly when young, drugged up at school, given up at on illegal drugs. Other races not damaged appear more attractive to the White female or her job does. The bashing the Jews have done against our White males since the wars, and deceit, and takeover, is reprehensible and must be exposed and immediate actions taken to reverse this. Especially gays in the military so a White man in the service can’t even get a good nights sleep wondering if some gay will attack him. Or a Black general command even a White woman to shoot a White male on the battlefield, since she’s part of this White World War III. Also, with the other races such as Jews running Supreme Court our young boys need to be raised to do that. Not just school, but the parents, the strongest influence of all. Same with Hollywood which Jews run. We have to learn how to operate all that equipment when the Monopoly is broken up. I saw on a YouTube of a Jew saying something like “yeah, you’ll want to get rid of us but you’ll beg us to come back.  Before we were in a daze not knowing what the Jews or our role in this sadist / masochist relationship. But neither wants that. It’s too prehistoric.)
  • He advises to mail letters to the Legislature with his form: But I’d check this through White eyes, it’s a start

Dear Legislature:

We believe affirmative action policies discriminate against the White male. To enforce existing legislation on the subject of equal opportunity we ask you to:

  1. Eliminate the EXEC This group costs taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and harasses universities and businesses by demanding racial profiles of applicants.
  2. Oppose all practices that give people “an advantage, or impose upon them any disadvantage” based on sex and race. (I’d dismantle the NAACP made by Jews for only colored people. “National Association for the ADVANTAGE of Colored People (Only. Whites need not survive.)
  3. Reaffirm Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. (Sect. 601) (would change the Civil Rights Act, into the White Civil Rights Act. This melting pot idea put on us by Jews and Chinese and other raced Communists for the takeover of our country is idiotic as well as dangerous. When we have solved all our monumental problems from the past, present and future, we can again think of our position among other races.


Nuremberg Debunking Trial of Admiral Doenitz

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See other email (post) with many excerpts from the book on innocent Admiral Doenitz at the Nuremberg Trials. It gives of plenty of power to see our most prestigious people debunk the Nuremberg Trials which led to he mass illegal emigration of all Jews from my Poland into the USA.

Nuremberg Trials: Welfare to Jew Holocaust claims should be stopped retroactively

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The book, “Doenitz at Nuremberg: A Re-Appraisal,” shows about 150 testimonies of famous military officers, President, and distinguished men from all around the world who condemned the Nuremberg Trials, run by Jews and Communists, against Germans.

Here’s a link with pictures and videos: More blog writing below: https://kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/?s=shrunken+heads

Here’s sample of exhibits shown at the Nuremberg Trials by Jew lawyers and Jew witnesses. They were lies, both the Jews and the exhibits, they not only were “not” punished but they were rewarded with 72 years and counting of blackmail money for things which the White Christian Germans didn’t do. That’s going t have to be rectified, exposed, the Jews pay back that money to the USA and all White countries who support Israel.

Image result for lamps nuremberg trials

Jew Morgenthau, White President Roosevelt in a wheelchair’s #1 assistant, called for the pulverization of the White Germans. One could see the Jews of Russia made sure the White Russian soldiers were drunk and barbaric when they took over Germany and raped all the White German women who were taught for 10 years to keep the ethnicity of Germany pure-raced. Just like I proudly and and intelligently raised pedigreed “champion” German Shepherd dogs. Have we stooped so low in society, Whites are the only race who don’t have the freedom and liberty to breed to our highest, and dogs have more rights? Jews have racial laws in Palestine. Chinese are a one-raced country. Muslims want their own women, Black women want their own pure race, as do Hindus. Only Whites forced to race-break.

Evidence of this pulverization of our White Germans was evidenced in the book “Other Losses” I wrote about where after the war 1,500,000 Germans were starved to death or killed. Germans: our Smartest Whites, just as at Katyn Massacre, Poland, Jew led Communists killed the “best” of my White Polish Christian men. While Jews destroy our best white men from our gene pool, and they breed to the highest, they are always smartest in the world. Not for long. People are catching on, especially Yellow Chinese.

The Trials were staffed by Jews or their appointees. See my blog, search bottom right, on my notes on David Irving and his book Nuremberg. At the trials, the Jews lied and said German (Nazis) killed the 20,000 Poles at Katyn, when the Jew led Russians did. I’ve already pointed out the Jews actually had witnesses to say the German Whites were shrinking their heads, turning their hair into mattresses, melting their bodies into soap, making lampshades of their skin. Back in the USA, Jews who controlled all news broadcast these lies so the Whites in the USA could hate their own kin overseas. I know from what Hitler said, that he couldn’t understand how the USA could print such lies. I would have doubted Hitler since I’ve been taught to “hate” him so much. But I found in biographies I read such people as Mary Baker Eddy, a famous religious figure, late 1800’s – 1907 said the same thing.

Under the heading of “Aggressor Nations” the Chicago Tribune under date of October 2, 1946, the next day after the sentences were imposed, carried an editorial which said: “The truth of the matter is that none of the victor’s was free of guilt which its judges attributed to the vanquished.”

Here’s just some of the words to describe the famous people’s quotes about the War Trials After World War II. The Jews are all here in the USA (illegally and deceitful) from my Poland because we “believed” the Jew’s staged lies and gave them not only citizenship, but the takeover of our country and species.

The trials were:

  • internationally illegal
  • criticized
  • No basis for trials
  • The laws the Jews used were made up “after” the war; never before in history and made the innocent USA their unknowing accomplice.
  • Bad precedent
  • Allies (USA, Britain, Russia) same war crimes but worse: Atom Bombs and bombing innocent civilians, women, and children.
  • Lot of lawyers (from Jew New York) temporarily masquerading in uniform as military men. (Hollywood type actors.)
  • We convicted Admiral Doentiz, head of the Germany Submarine Navy at the “Jew Trials” for doing what we did. The USA Navy admitted 9 out of 10 Japanese ships were sunk. Of 276,000 Japanese killed (in addition to 50,000 by Jew Oppenheimer’s atom bomb) 105,000 were civilians.
  • No one in the USA spoke out, except Republican Sen. Robert A. Taft, spoke out: The Constitution commanded no ex post facto laws,” (laws made “after” the war.) “By clothing policy in the forms of legal procedure, we may discredit the whole idea of justice in Europe for years to come. (President John F. Kennedy, Profiles in Courage
  • Not in accordance with justice
  • A disgrace to the nations governing it.
  • Peace can never be advanced by it.
  • Vindictive tragedy
  • Libel on the military profession
  • Fire of revenge
  • Col. McCormack of the Chicago Tribune, “I will never lend my presence where legalized murder is imposed . . . aboriginal practice.”
  • No legal, logical or ethical justification
  • Dangerous precedent set which must be removed.
  • Violation of Anglo-Saxon Bill of Rights and Constitutional principles.
  • Barefaced hypocrisy.
  • Vengeance – ‘vae victis’ not impartial justice
  • No moral difference between dropping of atom bombs and unrestricted submarine warfare.
  • Appalled to see Soviet Union (Communists) judging over free (White even Christian descendants’) countries
  • Have proper revision (Revisionists just as those who debate Holocaust)
  • No justification in law and fact
  • Greatest , most unjust crimes ever committed by so-called civilized people
  • An item of war hysteria. (Jews whip Whites up into hysteria every day to drive us and keep us mad. While we are hysterical, they calmly and methodically, keep rule over our nation like Jew Kings and Jewess Queens.
  • “Patton could have easily have been tried and sentenced for his aggressive tank action . . .
  • President Truman’s Former Military Aid: “I do not hesitate to say that the war crimes trials of professional military officers by the victors of World War II was, in itself, one of the greatest, most unjust crimes ever committed by so-called civilized people . . . to defeat an honorable (White) man
  • Immeasurable amount of harm
  • “Men may well prefer to be killed honorably on the field than to be hanged ignominiously later on.” General Richard Mulcahy of Ireland, Minister for Defense
  • (My own words, not a single Jew tried or ever in history called on these crimes or what they did in Poland and now USA at least 1000 years.)
  • Infamous trials
  • “Our country could never live down its participation in such a shameful travesty of justice. (Jews put in a judge “Justice” Jackson. You know the “jingle” word to make it stick as the picture of President Roosevelt in a wheelchair to “feel sorry” for him and thus be silent about the shameful trials and war for Jew’s only rights but death of at least 100,000,000 White (Christians.)
  • Reminder of barbarian days
  • The war crime trials are a crime in itself
  • Demoralizing precedent
  • “How could an adversary be an arbiter or the enemy a judge?” Honorable Najeeb-Al-Armnazi
  • Germans guilty of only defending their country (now first of Whites to go extinct or genocided ruthlessly in front of our eyes and Whites even Christians entertained by this
  • Inevitable justice of the victors
  • “Our one crime was that we were defeated.” German White defendant.
  • Dangerous (trials) and an international disgrace
  • Fantastic desecration of the ideals of Western Civilization, (only Poland or Hungary can now save the entire Western Civilization from the intentional damage done.)
  • Miscarriage of justice
  • “Being a jurist myself, and a Christian, I abhor (the strongest form of righteous hate) the justice of Nuremberg.
  • No sane person could approve
  • Tribunal acted as Plaintiff and judge
  • Norms of civilization violated
  • Indiscipline fomented.
  • Retroactive effect was given to laws conjured up
  • The Tribunal punished (White) Patriotism
  • Sadly, several nations took part in it
  • “Every person who has as a determining principle of behavior, love for country, honor and self-respect, out to imitate Admiral Doenitz.” Admiral Don Fancisco Bastarreche
  • Despite titles and uniforms, none of them actually Military or Naval men.
  • “God will care for you and properly take care of those who unjustly confined you. God Bless You.” Lieutenant General George E. Stratemeyer, USAF
  • Judgment on the conquered
  • Punishment and revenge
  • Low level farce
  • Contrary or repugnant to international law or decency in human relations
  • General Wedemeyer: I wrote about him extensively from a character on the Jew “I Dream of Jeannie” show which I sent to the FCC.
  • From my blog, the information I found out when I watched all 139 episodes of Jewish made “I Dream of Jeannie” to analyze what Jews were using comedy against us. One of the characters were named “Professor Wedemeyer.” I searched Internet and he is the one who provided the Berlin Airlift when Jews and their imps wanted to starve to death, more of the Germans after World War III. It was Jewish Russian Sokolovsky, another character in the same “sit com” of “Jeannie” who wanted to stop the USA Berlin Airlift, so aggressively, it was said it could turn into World War III just 3 years after the destruction of World War II against Whites. Here’s link from the President Truman Library, from Missouri. You can find much more on my blog on Wedemeyer, who says in the book,  to the German victims, he knew they only carried out professional orders and wished Doentiz good health and happiness and hoped he’d work for better relations with USA and Germany. http://www.trumanlibrary.org/whistlestop/BERLIN_A/PAGE_11.HTM
  • Feeling of shame
  • Violently opposed to proceedings
  • We had to look helplessly.
  • Tried and found guilty of crimes that didn’t exist, by a “Prejudiced” court whose only sin was to fight nobly for their country. Lieutenant General Pedro A. del Valle, U.S. Marine Corps
  • Lawless (Same as in Poland under Jews even as far back as the 1500’s the only such country in the world in history, until now in USA)
  • Noisome farce
  • Staged political stunt, (We know Jews do that and eventually Whites will have to come clean to save themselves and ourselves. When Jews are done using Whites they dispose of us like used white toilet paper
  • Abomination and will plague our people for centuries. (No time like the present to correct it so we don’t get the accumulated effects of it anymore. We can’t keep digressing although Jews and their left Communists call it “Progress.”
  • Unhappy about trials
  • Vanquished by the Victors
  • Katyn massacre of Polish soldiers was never properly investigated (Several made remarks on this which was astonishing for I just found out several years ago and I’m Polish-American. Jew Communists blamed Germany for what they did.
  • Nauseating farce
  • Refers to Communist judges as minions of barbarous and mediaeval autocracy
  • Unparalleled blunder
  • “Let’s hope we see the last of such action.”
  • Barbaric ex post facto (laws made “after” the war never before done in history) travesty of legality
  • In future wars, enemies criminals would be placed in a noose. If the USA lost, White President Roosevelt (as Hitler) could have been placed in a noose, as well as Roosevelt’s top aids. Except for Jew Morgenthau, the last one to see him before the Preisdent died in a secluded cabin, just weeks before Hitler from the opposing country committed suicide. 2 of the 4 Allied leaders dead conveniently right before end of WWII April 1945?
  • Dangerous precedent . . . must exposed. (Just as I want the Jews who enslaved my Polish people, parents, Veteran, and me for 1,000 years.)
  • Admiral Doentiz behavior was exemplary performed with dignity of the highest order.
  • International Law non-existant
  • Trials: absurdity
  • Deplorable error
  • Legalized lynching
  • Coalition of the victors (Under Jewish deceit)
  • Instrument of revenge not justice
  • War-bred hangover
  • Few protests from man on the street (Whites even Christians who were the real victims of both WWI, II, and Korean and Vietnam Wars)
  • Resembling “carpetbagger” (Jews) tactics as practiced against our Confederate heroes
  • While still at fever heat of hatred for an enemy. (Jews stir up hatred in Christians who were taught to love. Oh we love the Jews, Browns, Blacks, Hindus, Chinese Communists, 1/2 breeds like Obama, but as Whites we’re taught to hate or fear one another! No wonder the other races and religions are slicing up our nation and our means for survival. We allow it as Mama would say.
  • Emotional hysteria
  • Gross infringement of the elementary principles of justice and equity. (Since Jews run the USA courts from the bottom to the Supreme Court, how can we possibly have “justice” today. We think evil and crime is “justice,” for Jews.
  • Trials of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette of France (Jews framed the King and Queen and had them beheaded while not a hair of Jew’s heads were touched. They were billionaires in France by today’s standards. It was at the same time the Jews pushed a Constitution on the USA so Kings couldn’t rule but they could and did the same on Poland their Secret Empire.
  • Again, more on injustice of Polish Katyn massacre, blaming German National Socialists, (Jews named Nazis) for murders the Jew led Communists did. Covered up and silenced even in Poland as movie “Katyn” producer, Andrej Wajda, says in his DVD interview. “How can an entire large nation like Poland be silenced?” Until today. How is the USA, Germany, England, France, the world, you and me, silenced?
  • No authorization or precedent
  • Shameful execution
  • Reprehensible
  • “. . . can only mean liquidation of the entire brains of the United States should the Communists prevail in this country.
  • Trials for future war’s losers. (As we lost to China, Vietnam? Meaning China and Jews could use those laws and hang our dear President and our top Generals? )
  • Frankly, I was aghast
  • Insult to both British and American Submariners
  • Hostility by top Flight Army, Navy and Air Force officers toward Mr. “Justice” Jackson. Again, a name from a Jew Hollywood movie as a “jingle” to push Jew’s deception over a merciful White Christian Species and country.
  • Abuse of Power. (Naturally it’s Jewish power perhaps with Communist Chinese power now.)
  • General Robert E. Lee was a regular officer of the army of the United States prior to the Civil War. The fact that he resigned his commission and became the leading General of the Confederacy was never used as a reason for subsequent court-martial and punishment. Lee has always been honored and respected for his position. He believed in the cause of his native land, and did his utmost to bring that cause to a triumphant conclusion. I feel the same attitude should be taken toward German officers who did the utmost for their (dying and intentionally damaged) country. Vice Admiral Charles P. Mason, USN
  • Public feelings running hot and hateful (Stirred up Whites by Jew media)
  • Demand for retribution which I would like to have for my Poland from Jews, my family, and myself, including my Vietnam Veteran.
  • Flimsy in the extreme
  • Without precedent in international law
  • If in a future war, the United States if defeated, the Robert E. Lee or Douglas MacArthur of that day will probably be tried and hanged for doing his duty and carrying out legal orders of his government.
  • Trials: desire to punish someone. (Jews only and favorite past time against Whites as they play G-d.
  • “I am of the opinion that the Nuremberg Trials constituted a very dangerous precedent. Under such a precedent the President of the United States . . . could be arraigned and found guilty for authorizing the use of the atom bomb at Hiroshima. This could include all Cabinet officers, Joint Chief of Staff and immediate subordinates. . . in a court where vindictiveness and injustice would prevail.
  • Communists condemned (White German) criminals
  • We can’t let this injustice remain on our books. (And no Jews we aren’t burying your crimes any more.)
  • War guilt clause in the Versailles Treaty  (Who was really guilty of the aggressions?)
  • Barefaced hypocrisy
  • Barbarism
  • Lack of decent respect for the welfare of our fellow man (White man the target)
  • Lived to see an intelligent world regret those terrible errors. (key word: intelligent. Jews dumbed us down as they did when they named my people Dumb Polaks, for not speaking up and standing up to the Jews.
  • Admiral Doenitz had to maneuver his submarine under 100 miles of ice: Congratulations!
  • Stupid trials
  • How we kept World War II going for 6 years on a Germany already bankrupted. Then after war, German Whites, (Christians) made Jews of Israel’s slaves. All a sit com for Jews.
  • It says the enemies after the war should solve their problems and an end of malice and hatred. Not so with Jews against Germany (and my Poland, even Russia, the 3 major victims of Jewish sadism.
  • “A Soldier must obey his commander and keep to his post.
  • Robert Browning, “It is one more triumph for devils (Jews) and sorrow for angels; one wrong for man, and one more insult to God.” Hon. Sudhir C. Mitter, Supreme Court of India
  • They bring up again and again the fact the USA (Jew Oppenheimer) dropped the atom bomb on 2 (Catholic Christian) cities in Japan and never tried or hung.
  • Vindictive act perpetrated in anger.
  • Barbaric tactic
  • Reversing the course of history of Western Civilization, the Nuremberg Trials actually signed the death warrant of man and civilization.
  • “Suppose they meted out the same treatment to Churchill. Or in the Pacific, had the (Yellow) Japanese won, would General MacArthur and Admiral Nimitz have been swung from a hanger’s scaffold and Mr. Truman guillotined. God forbid.
  • Ill conceived trials not based on law
  • What was done in Nuremberg has the seal of the Orient. (the Jews and Chinese)
  • The pilots who carried the atom bombs over Nagasaki and Hiroshima could be tried, even the manufacturers. (certainly Jew Oppenheimer if you see Wiki under atom Bomb.
  • Brought back 2,000 years of Christian Civilization to barbaric trials
  • “A grotesque feature of the Nuremberg indictment was the inclusion of the charge that the Germans had massacred some thousands of Polish war prisoners in the Katyn forest, whose bodies were discovered (by Germans) in the Spring of ’43. Actually the evidence is so overwhelming that the Soviet political police murdered these prisoners that the charge was left shamefacedly undecided, and nothing more was heard of it.” William Henry Chamberlain, Christian Science Monitor
  • “All I can properly say is that the Allies had the monstrous precedent of the United States’ trial and execution (August-November 1865) of Captain Henry Werz, Army of the Confederate States of American, for alleged war crimes; and that this trial and execution violated both domestic and international law, and placed a stigma on the honor of the United States. “
  • “The case of Grand Admiral Doenitz shows very well how deplorable it is that the general assembly of the United Nations should have attempted to get the inequities of the Nuremberg trial repeated at the end of any future war in which a member state of the United Nations is victorious. (When I last checked 1200 of 1800 at UN Jews, probably the rest Jew’s appointees since Whites can no longer think for themselves sadly to say. Menticide.) In 1951 the General assembly caused to be drawn up “A” a court of international offenses against the peace and security of mankind, and “B” the draft statute of a court of international criminal justice, both modeled on the Nuremberg international military tribunal in its charter. Two documents rest in a pigeonhole ready to be applied if the opportunity offers.” (Dangerous for the next war since Jews kept my Poles in war constantly for 1,000 years and now in the USA for the next 1,000.) Montgomery Belgion, English author and journalist.
  • Admiral Doentiz: Duty, honor, country, courage, convictions, ability and dynamic leadership. (All qualities Jews want to annihilate in Whites.)
  • Rome had to suffer the terrible consequences of wha she herself had imposed. (The governor of Rome had a Jewess wife, who St. Paul went to see since he was a Roman citizen and Jews wanted to kill him. 2,000 years ago, Jews and Jewess’ getting into royalty or power.
  • France, Great Britain, United States have the duty to “initiate the revision and annulment of the Nuremberg judgments which were rendered with the colloration of the (Jew Communist) Soviet Union.
  • Vengeance by those (Jews) who would ruin our civilization. (Western Civilization while Eastern Civilization sits in the driver’s seat today. No one calls them Jew Supremacists, or Yellow Supremacists or Black Supremacists or Brown Supremacists, or Red Supremacists, only “White Supremacists.” That defamation term against Whites the absolute dumbing down of the White Species and world, like 9/11: 2 planes hit 2 skyscrapers, 3 come down into dust as it falls.
  • Monstrous
  • Indefinitely prolonged the hatred war leaves behind
  • Moral level of humanity fallen so low.
  • Ineluctable consequence of the de-Christianization of the west, begun in 18th century, and which will soon make us all slaves of Communism, materialist imperialism.
  • Infamous punishment
  • Vengeance on the Vanquished
  • False verdict, false tribunal, false laws. (Plus false evidence about Holocaust with false Jews.)
  • Kangaroo Court. (When will the Whites and USA once again regain our pride and dignity or turn into Poland, Secret Jewish Empire forever.)
  • Nuremberg Trials, Soviet Russia (Jew Communists) dripping with blood and guilt of the (Polish) Katyn Massacre (of my ancestors smartest, finest, and bravest men and officers.
  • “If you want to win a war and kill your leading enemies, do so but don’t call it a trial.”
  • In at least the case of one man who played a prominent part in the war trials is representing this nation, there is little doubt in my mind that he was either a communist member for under communist control.
  • Vengeance of the Victors over the Vanquished. (We as Christian White Americans sided with the God-hating Communists and against the White German Catholic and Protestant Christians.)
  • Law and Order . . . we don’t practice what we preach.
  • British Churchill was planning to attack Norway, which is why Hitler went there first to protect helpless and seemingly weak blonde blue eyed Aryans.
  • Shroud of ignorance
  • Book Shroud of Ignorance. (Dumb Amerolaks, as Jews named us Dumb Polaks?)
  • In Stone Age, all opponents massacred till 1700. After WWI, Britain starved to death, 800,000 men, women and children. (Jews did that to my Poland 1,000 years, Mama, Daddy, me and our family of 15 in the USA. Mama and Daddy White Polish Catholic Christian slaves for Jews.
  • It was Britain not the Nazis who introduced strategic bombing, despite Hitler’s efforts to avert this reversion to barbaric practices.
  • Judicial sham
  • He shows that the driving force behind them, from beginning to end, resistor Russian program for slaughtering German leaders after the war, and Stalin had already murdered in about 15,000 police officers in 1940 in the Katyn forest and elsewhere but Roosevelt, and especially Churchhill, demand a mock trials before the executions, and Stalin graciously conceited their point provided that the massacre was assured.
  • Degraded international jurisprudence as never before in human experience. (Jews probably did it in Poland but we were kept illiterate, starved, and beasts for them.
  • Vae Victis (Woe to the vanquished.) For Jews to make slaves of all Whites they had to get rid of our smartest, as in Germany, Katyn Polish forest.
  • Those interested to see Germany crushed once and for all. A country who was only trying to recover from the severe damage Jews and their White imps did to their brother White Germans. Since Whites don’t have a White identity we don’t know we’re killing our kin and flesh and blood and slaves to the other races.
  • “National Council for Prevention of War,” hopes for a permanent world peace. Now that the White race is totally damaged, and the other races aren’t, how do we ever keep up, survive and thrive without being called “White Supremacists.” If we support all the other races or religions we are the “White slaves” of the 92% of the non-Whites of the world, and worse slaves to Semites: Jews and Muslims
  • We’ve gone too far on imposing penalties. (Jews favorite past time playing a punishing G-d)
  • Brigadier Bibb calls the farcical excursions into international jurisprudence the category of the German, Japanese, and Eichmann trials.
  • “The Allies are sowing hatred toward the future, they are piling up agony, not for the Germans but for themselves.” (Us Whites slit out own throats)
  • Chivalry, justice and fair-play, the English record is even blacker than it was after World War I and the savagery and the inhumanity that was displayed was far less restrained. From the looting and sadistic ill treatment of the defenseless population by the Allied troops and control officials – – Englishman, Frenchman, Russians, and Americans – – to the despicable display of troglodytic beastliness in the Nuremberg trials, where Englishman, Frenchman and American — sank to the level of Russian (Communists same type of Jews and Chinese my Veteran husband fought in Vietnam and lost horrendously) prosecutors in a great purge trial and committed the extra infamy of pretending that the proceedings for “legal” and “just”.
  • One-sided
  • No Russian (Communist) has been held accountable for the massacres of the Polish officers (White Catholic Christians) at the Katyn Massacre of Poland’s best men.
  • Bad precedent.
  • Mass murder of ‘all of Germany’s war criminals’ at least 50,000.
  • Western relapse into barbarism
  • Groundwork laid for the ultimate destruction of civilization through brutal and ruthless conduct of warfare. (God help us if we lose the next war with these Jewish laws on the books against Whites (Christian descendants.)
  • (No one ever killed the smartest Jews. They were deported or left to emigrate freely to the USA before World War II. Jew rapists first to be deported. The ones left in camps were sacrificial lambs and the least of the Jews which they wanted purged from their gene pool anyway. )
  • Nullum crimen, nulla poena (No defined crime, no punishment)
  • Anybody who was a victim of the iniquitous Nuremberg Trials has my deepest sympathy.”
  • The Nuremberg trials leave in indelible blot upon the reputations of all countries which took part in them. I have been studying the Harry Dexter White papers, published in 1955 by your government, where I found my views as to the origin of the trial is confirmed. Admiral Barry Domvile
  • “My feeling is that those who conducted the trials were the greater criminals. They made a mockery of (White) of law and justice. That members of the highest quarts in liters in the legal profession conducted the trials makes one wonder if there is such a thing as justice before the law, or if justice is only a word, and whether it is a useful word for which vengeance might not will be substituted.
  • Tragic Judicial farce
  • Inexcusable and outrageous
  • Americans should be ashamed of the farcical trials and terrible punishment of Japan and German military leaders. (Jews wanted to destroy Germany, our smartest, and Japan, China’s enemy, so now China is in the beginning of her next dynasty as we their slaves. Even a Jewess woman told me it’s her greatest fear to be their slave and serve them martinis. Jews have never been slaves; it would do them good. China massacred them about 1095, never to return until 1949, just 4 years after Jews and their imps annihilated Europe’s war front and put an Iron Curtain of suffering over my Poland after housing them and feeding them for 1,000 years. Till today no one talks of it as if it never happened.
  • Brother of President Eisenhower: I think the Nuremberg trials are a black page in the history of the world . . . this action is contrary to the fundamental laws under which this country has lived for many hundreds of years and I think cannot be justified by any line of reasoning. I think the (Jew) Israeli trial of (white German) Adolf Eichmann, (Calvinist Protestant Christian) is exactly in the same category as the Nuremberg trials. As a lawyer, it has always been my view, that a crime must be defined before you can be guilty of committing it. That has not occurred in either of the trials I referred to here in.
  • The modern pseudo-christians (or Judeo Christians, Whites who worship Jews not God)  ‘democracies could learn moral lessons from a pagan Julius Caesar or from the Mahometan Mongolian conquerors. Serge Bouturline, Colonel Russian Imperial Army
  • In my opinion, the system not only infringed against justice and Christian civilization, but also committed a serious error, the root of which is to be found even more in the characteristics and procedures then in the constitution of the international tribunal. In fact, the international tribunal of Nuremberg left all the guarantees of independence and impartiality inherent in every Tribunal, since it was formed exclusively by judges of the victorious countries, one of those judges being a representative of the  Soviet Union, which had committed in Poland the same aggression in the same year and with the identical imperialist intentions as the accused Germany, her actual ally at the time of carrying out the aggression.
  • (It talks of the Declaration of the Rights of Man by the UN, (almost all Jews) of Dec. 10, 1948, just after Jews robbed Palestinian land to make their home state of Israel so the world could worship them as “Chosen.” Sorry, they are Turk Mongols from  my country of Poland. Jews can fake all they want. They can make the world believe and worship them as G-d, but not me. I will stick with the God of my fathers and countrymen for thousands of years.) These “Rights of Man” will only apply to Jews and non-Whites, that is certain. When a race of people are so terrified they can’t even “think the word ‘White’ or say it,” it’s frightening beyond any Jewish horror flick. Because it’s true and Whites don’t know the difference between truth and fiction. But believe only fiction.
  • World War II marked a retrogression of centuries in this respect.
  • Admiral Doenitz did nothing but carry out sacred orders. He defended the only all White country in the world, Germany, for the Germans removed all non-Germans and Jews, Gypsy tramps and thieves, homosexuals who preyed on young German boy victims. I don’t know why Christian Scientists and Jehovah Witnesses were put in camps. I do know none were killed. Jehovah Witnesses said they lost 60,000. I asked them for death certificates. Only the Polish Christians after Katyn massacre has an actually tally with names, histories, death certificates in all of World War II.
  • During the Nürnberg trials, I feel profound indignation. To judge members of the government and Chiefs of the arm forces of concrete Germany as were criminals, condemning among others, Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop to death, and Admiral Doentiz to 10 years prison — apart from the sadistic manner in which they were incarcerated during the long ordeal — was without room for doubt, a return to barbarism.
  • Insult to anyone in the military (as deceased husband Veteran US Marine)
  • Admiral Doentiz: gentlemanly manner, efficient, honorable, gallant
  • The judgments in sentences of the so-called “international military tribunal” have provided a lesson a deep meaning which the soldiers and statesman of World War III will not forget. Future Warriors will go into the fray with a fears fury since complete annihilation of the enemy will be the aim of the strife. Men of future wars will know that surrender is impossible because it means hanging or dishonor. All these men will carry with them the better memory of the massacres of Nurenberg in Tokyo.
  • This so-called “war crimes trials” were merrily another form of subservience to Godliness Communism, and said subservience has been going on ever since. They meant to establish a precedent will public feelings were still running high, and a justice of the US Supreme Court allowed himself to be used for that purpose. Acts of war were made crimes retroactively.
  • Political shows designed to appease the wrath of the masses. (incited by Jew news, movies, newsreels, radio.)
  • The principal and a war crime tribunal, a witchhunt after a war by the winning side, is a most dangerous precedent and will certainly be used by any aggressive communist state which wishes to remove, by these quasilegal methods, who’s leading figures in a subdued country, my successfully oppose their occupation. (China and Jews are only Communist countries today. Both smarter than us, not damaged like us, and more dangerous than us.)
  • In today’s weapons are so atrocious, so ingeniously invented to destroy and to burn, if Dante would regard the verses of his Inferno is in adequate to express the indescribable torments that such weapons bring about. (invented by Jew Oppenheimer, as Jew invented hydrogen bomb. Some kind of bomb which turned the 3 World Trade Centers into dust on the way down before they hit the ground has been invented but we know nothing of it in our own country.
  • The book talks of “inalienable rights,” which I’ve discusses are rights which our Creator endowed us with. They can’t be transferred, which is what happened. White’s inalienable rights transferred to Jews and 92% of non-Whites in the world through Affirmative Action, Civil Rights Act drafted by a Rabbi and Illegal Immigration Act, all passed conveniently after assassination of President Kennedy, but Kennedy’s brother, Edward. The country was so grieved and all our White men being pulverized in Vietnam by Communists, we had no idea what this Jew and Chinese Communist Revolution against our Race and country was even about.
  • International lunacy
  • The point I should like to make, but have never heard even suggested, is that for years those prisoners must have received a considerable measure of humane treatment well it was possible, otherwise they would have been dead long before the collapse of Germany. (That’s in reference to the crybaby Jews who were in the work camps, named death camps at the end. Also Jews didn’t go into camps until 1943, and my Polish White people were there from 1939, and even were the ones who tried to rebuild the railroad tracks the British bombed because no food or medicine could come in for those in the camps. It was the Allies who caused the deaths of those in the camps, not the Germans for the most part.
  • I think that with the downfall of Japan and Germany went to two most powerful inconsequential full works against Communism in the world, and once more I will remind those whom it may concern that Sampson hell no monopoly on self destruction by toppling a temple upon himself.
  • My words, Even Elvis studied the evils of Communism for 10 years, and was considered a mere fool or crazy as I’m treated today.



White Thomas Edison’s Anniversary; Jew Hollywoodism

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There’s Communism, Capitalism, Judaism, and now Hollywoodism. The movie is really superb below. We live in an artificial Jewish reality. Surely with White (Christian) approval since the House and Senate voted 100% at the second the last Anti-Semite  Bill (code word for Anti-White, Anti-Christian descendant.) I called all 535 Reps and Senators for this last one. Jews outsmarted me. Instead of the usual vote my each person to be counted and named, they had a simple “Yeah, Nay” vote so one would suspect them and the Yeahs could be screamed out louder against unsuspected Whites who worship them. (Afraid Jews will drop an atom bomb on DC as they invented and they dropped (signature on order) their atom bombs on Japan. The plane’s name was “Little Boy,” and we know about Jews and “Little Boys.” And the bomb’s name was “Fat Boy,” perhaps because Whites have been fattened up which even I’ve gained a few extra pounds recently just writing. I still have a good diet.
It’s the anniversary of White Thomas Edison’s invention of the movie machine; stolen by Jews who ran to Hollywood with it. We are now Jews by either living in this pseudo-reality (especially Jews and non-Whites 92% of the world with no identity of our own) or even though I’ve never had their media, I have to live among those who do. I have the strangest reality one can imagine because of it. Yet I’d like to reach out to others somehow: Whites.

I read an article which said the US Supreme Court broke any White monopoly on the movies in Edison’s day. (Jewish lawyers, courts, judges, bribes.) That being the case, we must break up the Jewish monopoly on movies. We don’t even know how to operate the equipment, do the hiring, firing, costumes, and especially, contacts, contacts, contacts. Jews could make a movie in just months. It would take me 12 lifetimes to figure out how to do that and do it to compete or even do better than them. That’s not being a “White Supremacist,” that’s being “sane,” to do our best and our highest.
Add to this movie, really well done, Jews stole White Edison’s movie machine and started Hollywood’s first talkie, The Jazz Singer, about a Rabbi’s cantor’s son, with clips of the synagogue. It had a Jew actor, Al Jolson, whose name was a household word (but no White’s.) He paints his face Black and sings to an all White audience. Some walk out. (1927) Until today all Jew movies then I wonder why I can’t communicate with others since I never had any Jew movies, radio, TV, magazines.

In the movie, the Jew (with face painted black so never wonder why we have Jewish control with a majority population of Blacks in our capital, in case we ever get out of line, they have an angry anti-white army all setup . . . ) sings to his Jewess mother. (Who really controls the USA because she has our money. Federal Reserve, and House of Rep bank.) She did it as a female of her species to always survive. It’s a trick we fell for for we don’t care about our own survival. Oh the White Christian audience surely was crying as you can see in movie in the song “Mammy.” While the other races adore their mothers, what about Whites? That relationship was broken in my Poland 1025-1945. Divide and conquer at most basic level.

1927-until all Jew movies. I’m grateful now we were too poor as slaves for Jews to have TV, etc. It’s a lonely world though to face any one else in the USA who’s had so many layers.

Another early Jew movie with a Star of David, Dracula. On my website, kkkaraoke.wordpress.com, search bottom right for Dracula. 1931. The White star, Dwight Frye, is to see Count Dracula. The Hungarian people warn him to take a rosary with him and to show him the “Cross,” (of Jesus who Jews killed.) But when he meets Dracula in a castle full of cobwebs, Dracula is wearing a Star of David on his neck. Frye, called “Renfield” takes the Christian rosary with the cross out of his pocket toward off the Jewish evil. But Frye (Renfield) loses and the Jew overcomes him. The rest of the movie the Star of David is off. The White man not only becomes a White madman, but the evil Hollywood Jews typecast him forever. They made him a monster, hunchback, lunatic, crazed idiot, murderer, maniac.

It was odd, because he was a star from Broadway where he was typical Aryan, blonde, light skin, blue eyes. He had parts of comedy, romance, royalty. He left Broadway after the Jewish Crash of 1929, to go to Hollywood with Bela Lugosi.

Also, he was a devout Christian Scientist, as I practice but don’t belong to a church. We don’t go to doctors unless absolutely necessary. Since I was poor I rarely saw them anyway, but would go if I had to.

The Jews put White Dwight Frye in a movie where he and his Christian Scientist son were in a railroad crash and had to be pulled out of broken glass windows to be cut up and hospitalized. It was so insulting.

All Jew movies have been hypnotic. We have to break the hypnotism.

More White Species Horror Stories

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These are added pioneers from my autobiography which I’ll update as I discover more. Please contact me for any authentic stories of our White Species Pioneers. whitespecies@gmail.com