Again, More Jewess and Black Feminism: How about Overworked White women?

In Uncategorized on December 1, 2017 at 9:24 pm

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More Jewess and Black Feminism (see other posts and pix today) Why did Jewess Gloria Steinem intentionally leave the White woman out? She ruined out White women. It’s said if the World War III between the White male and female ends, it’s the White woman who must change. You can also thanks the likes of Black Oprah from my Chicago. Voodoo goddess for White women to worship.
I’m meeting so many White women who hate White men I’m ready to faint. At least if they said they would try to help the (Intentionally damaged) White males, I’d have hope. All Whites must now find superhuman strength and overcome these 92% of the non-White hating world who are slowly taking over our White world homes, real estate. As mama said of the Jewish blockbusters. They will take over . . . block . . . by . . . block. We won’t even notice.
I talked to several young White women who lament as they try to breastfeed, run to work 12 hours, express the few drops of milk they have left for a bottle. Then grab the little white baby and rush the White baby off to a daycare of Brown or Black women as nanny’s or surrogate mothers. The white baby “will” grow up and love the Black or non-White more. I know two people closely who were raised and one even breastfed by a Black woman who would die for their black surrogate mother and never mention a word of their White mother as if she didn’t even exist.

See Other Posts Today. Thank you so much.


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