Jewess Feminist Founder, Gloria Steinem, Loves the Black man, Hates the White man

In Uncategorized on December 1, 2017 at 8:55 pm

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Jewess Gloria Steinem loves the Blacks; hates the Whites. Ask her if she “hates the White male.”

I’m hearing that from so many White women who I even mention the title of my book too, it’s weighing on me heavily. Almost any woman I tell I get the same response. Jewess’ and Jews have destroyed the “love” our White women once had or should have for survival and to heal our White Species problems which the Jews and all the other races aren’t suffering from. For example, 1,000 years of war, under Jews in Poland. Now they are here and the same thing? The Jew men do it to keep their Jewess women and children happy, well-fed, and ruling the White Species, Christianity, world.

She’s half white – mother. The Jewish male president of the company I worked for after high school, had a sexual liaison with a Black woman in the neighborhood. He asked me to call his Jewess wife and get her leg of lamb recipe to give to his Black mistress to make for him.

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