Sterilize Jewess Feminist, Gloria Steinem

In Uncategorized on December 1, 2017 at 9:03 pm

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Sterilize Feminist – Jewess Gloria Steinem – or her children: She may have had an abortion in USA, but in Israel, if she lived there, she would have to go before a panel to get permission. Jews want everyone of their babies to survive. Even Rabbis having 10 children (Whites support, the richest group of people in the world and Whites support them) Jews lie and say their babies are the “Chosen” in the Bible. Chosen by whom? Satan, Lucifer, Beelzibub? The Jews are Turk Mongols and violent ones at that who took over my Poland 1025-1945.
How is it Israel has the most abortions in the world. If their own Jewess very seldom has one? Are those abortions from Jews who use the White Sex slave women as sewers for their sperm? Sometimes these women, I’m told, have to service as many as 30 Jewish men a day?
Is it the Palestinian women who are having the abortions? Jewess women don’t give their Jew husband’s sex. The Jew boss, Norm Dolin, who seduced me (I quit) said his Jewess wife told him after she had two children to get his pension, money, support, car, house, riches, education for her two children all paid by the age of 2, that he would have to go rape or seduce White Christian women forever. She would no longer give him sex again.
Is the Jewess women screwing her insides out with the Palestinian men? Where are all these Israeli abortions coming from.?
If Steinem is Jewess, then it’s good if she got an abortion and perhaps let’s take it one step further . . . sterilize her or her offspring if she has any. Don’t make our White women suffer under her Dictatorship.

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