See Me on Facebook Live Chat 3 p.m. today: Sex, also Black and Jew Revenge on Whites

In Uncategorized on December 2, 2017 at 8:33 pm

I’ll be on Facebook live chat today at 3 pm. Dec. 2, 2017. If not, you can check my timeline. I’ll talk a bit about sex, aphrodisiacs. I’m a sex goddess, but really don’t want to get to deep into that yet. I need to focus on finishing my autobiography and getting it out. I would accept you as friend. Just send request.

I’ll go into pictures and video I took at the Denver Airport. I call it “Brown Mexican’s Revenge” and “Jew’s Revenge.” Letter from Auschwitz. (You can find these pix and the blog on this blog about November 20, 2017.

I also have two others which are really sensational and perhaps historic. My last one was 3 hours straight on the death of Malcolm Young, AC/DC, the young death of our White males, and the weapon of baby formula against the White population.

  1. Didn’t list the name of your facebook site…

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