Trump to Pull U.S. From U.N. Migration Compact

In Uncategorized on December 3, 2017 at 2:51 pm

Glad Trump is going to Pull the US from UN Migration Compact. It’s amazing how the Jews (and perhaps working with the Yellow Chinese Communists) have straight-jacketed the White Species into giving in to their every demand. Nothing or no one has stopped them. Certainly, my Vietnam Veteran, Purple Heart Hall of Honor, who fought both the Jew bankers and Yellow soldiers in Vietnam couldn’t stop them. But they stopped him, and with the injuries they inflicted on him, drove him to White Suicide. Or as Terry Graham puts it below “White Genocide.”

Also, add to this YouTube, the fact the Brown Mexican illegal got away with the murder of White Kate Steinle. The evidence against him couldn’t be brought up in our entirely Jew dominated legal system. Autobiographically speaking, I know, I worked in the legal system, which is Jew from the Law schools and textbooks, to the Supreme Court. It was 4 1/2 Jews, 1 White woman, 1 Brown woman, 1 Black man, 1 Catholic man, and only after I ranted did President Trump put in a White heterosexual Protestant male on this highest court . . . Neil Gorsuch.

It was the same in the White Attorney Edgar Steele, who defended pro-Whites (perhaps one of the only attorneys in US history, while the entire Jew court system has defended or taught or Whites to defend all the other races. Jews’ crimes never make it to court since they make their crimes “legal” as they made the “illegals” “Legal.” Steele’s attorney wanted to enter tape recording experts’ evidence as the trial of attempted murder of his wife. It was denied. She swore his innocence. He was sent to prison, and then transferred so no one knew where he was. He died there in seclusion. And Whites can’t do a damned thing about it.

Add from research, when I co-signed the

RE: Formal Complaint Charging the U.S. Federal Government with the Crime of Genocide of European-American Christians.

There is no greater sorrow on earth than the loss of one’s native land.”

Euripides, 431 BC, posted on the United Nations Human Rights website: www.unhch.ch

By Terry Graham,

I sent it to the United Nations as Terry Graham asked me to, I looked up the United Nations, in Jew New York, and found there were 1200 of 1800 who were Jews. It must be disbanded immediately, and in it’s place a United White Nations Charter. Let the Jews, Muslims (both Semites) and all the other races and religions fend for themselves.


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