Christmas – Broken White Veteran Deceased Husband

In Uncategorized on December 5, 2017 at 5:15 pm

I only write this not to depress us, but to begin words, thoughts, actions to help Save the Endangered White Species with knowledge and “ideas” to solve our problems. See other posts today, (I’ll post Jewish-White Christmas) and words below.

Christmas: Broken White Veteran: This song is by Roy Orbison. Although I read 16 bios on Elvis and did many tributes all over the USA to him in costumed karaoke, in my day my favorites: Roy Orbison, Bobby Vinton (Polish) and Gene Pitney. (See other post below.)

While all of Chicago downtown was spending $$ like crazy (and I mean Like crazy) the only time of the year, my deceased Veteran husband, who was my savior for 16 years, was homeless. His hand written autobiography about being White and Homeless stolen. He wrote second, brought to me as I picked him up at train station 2004, April. As we went to church downtown Chicago, when I came out I found my car window smashed to pieces, and his second attempt to write his autobiography (by hand) was stolen. We both gave up. I fled Chicago to Vegas, he fled this reality and took his life.

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