White “Men with Broken Hearts” Hank Williams, Sr.

In Uncategorized on December 5, 2017 at 4:45 pm

My words below:

Broken Whites Males: I weep. “White Men With Broken Hearts.” Daddy who Mama beat and he had to sleep in a coal shanty in freezing Chicago winters sometimes. My Vietnam Vet, US Marine Purple Heart War Hero who fought the Chinese and Jew Communists Vietnam . . . homeless. Suicided. While the entire White Species was flying all over the globe as White slaves for the 92% non-Whites of the world.
I bought the CD, “Luke the Drifter,” by Grandpapa, Hank Williams, Sr. He wanted to do more serious music so he changed his name and went around the US to find the “Men with Broken Hearts” and sing and write for them. I’m having a hard time typing, for I will be crying my heart out and drop to the floor, if I don’t be strong and hold back these Niagara Falls of tears.
My husband was mere road kill as were the other White veteran’s Chicago. After Jew Rabbi Civil Rights Act, the blacks and brown Vets got help and $$$$, mentorship, homes, food, welfare for eternity. For my husband and other White Vets, they’d have to throw their hero body out on the busy Chicago streets, the driver of a car would all police, and only then did the police take him (and other Whites) to the Veteran’s hospital, bulging with 80% blacks (not sure how many Mexicans etc.) Yet the black I talked to said he got an easy job in Vietnam: Holiday Inn room where we taught him to type. He claimed “Agent Orange” 1967, and got disability until 2004 when I met on a cruise after karaoke song. My husband tried for disability same time ( I have paper work) and he was denied and left a the hatred of the USA. Lucky he married me with unconditional love, even after his death.

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