Jewish Predator against White Women, Al Franken, Senator, Resigns

In Uncategorized on December 7, 2017 at 8:52 pm
Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 2.46.59 PM.png
Hooray! Jewish Sexual Predator Senator, Al Franken, resigns. (see my timeline for a group of women who protested his office and demanded his resignation.)
After being raped by Jew doctor and was threatened for life (until I went back to college 2006 to put my deceased Veteran husband in Purple Heart Hall of Honor) it’s refreshing these White women were strong and stood up to the Jew Senator in Minnesota, a very Aryan White community. This Jewish sexual illicit behavior attacked my Polish White Christian women since 1251 until the Jew doctor raped me. University of Illinois, Chicago, hospital.
Hard to believe even the Democrats asked him to resign. I did call all 535 House of Reps and Senators and told them of the Jewish genocide of the White Species and to not pass the “Anti-Semite” bill put forth by Jewess Nita Lowey, House of Rep (worth $41,000,000) which protects “Semites: Jews and Muslims” and punished Whites who have no free speech. Even if a Jew commits a crime. No one can talk. The bill has to be repealed as long as there is still one White person in this country. There’s no “Anti-White” bill. These White women from Minnesota who protested Jew Al Franken’s office and forced his resignation should be commended. No more Jews preying on White (Christian) women calling us “Shiksa’s” like mere meat or cattle.

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