GRAPHIC: Jewish Lice bugs, other Pests and Rodents: Part 1

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Pt 1 of 10 Bugs, Pests, Rodents (see other posts today.) Shooting of White man, pest control exterminator. About the last person who should be shot in the USA, which is totally loaded with bugs, is a pest control exterminator.
The extent of the bugs I’ve seen in the USA, since my Polish-Mama, sisters, and me were cleaning ladies, White Daddy a maintenance man for Jews.
And worse, the kid gloves, even letting go major criminals like Jews, Blacks, and pulverizing and exterminating the White man as a mere pest to be eradicated off the earth.
I’ll put a list of bugs and pests I exterminated as the White man I speak of below exterminated in the most brutal fashion. I always thought perhaps the White Species, White America and our countries, and even White Christianity might possibly be saved. Now I really doubt it. The rest of the races will just be crawling all over America and places like London, devouring it. It’s going to be a cataclysmic end for the White Species.
Mama worked for Jews and said they were the filthiest people in the world. She’d clean their houses with her rags and bring them home to wash. The Jews were filled with lice bugs. It’s not just Mama who said it, but in the so called Holocaust, when the Jews were stripped naked, it was to de-louse all their clothes. Lice causes “Typhus” the #1 killer in World War I and World War II. Jews lied and said the White German Christians killed them, when it was their own lice bugs. The only “gas chambers” were small German-made ones which were to delouse the Jew’s clothing, hats, shoes, as you see in the Holocaust Museums. I’d be careful going in one of those. I had to only to de-bunk the Jew only version of the Holocaust.
I got the lice bugs. Being White Polish-American slaves for Jews we didn’t have $.25 to buy Fels Naphtha soap to kill them. Who invented Fels Naphtha soap? A Jew named, Joseph Fels, developed the soap to use on his own self probably and his Jewish people. I’d itch my scalp crazy. When we finally got $.25 for the Jew soap, Mama would scrub and scratch my scalp so hard to get the lice bugs out, I can still remember. She almost scrubbed until my scalp bled. We were White American Polish Christian slaves for Jews.
Here’s a female louse bug above.
Pt 2. USA Bugs, Pests, Rodents. MICE
Autobiography: Jew mice & pests. 777 N. Michigan skyscraper I lived in was filled with Jews and also filled with mice, even up to my 36th floor. Rodents don’t bother them. The Jewess who lived two doors down told me she was the German interpreter and everything General Eisenhower knew of what went on in World War II came from her. She could have made up anything. He didn’t know German. Plus the #1 advisor, Morgenthau, Jew, directed all the hatred against the Germans after World War II, (same as Jews did after WW I>)
Yes, keep bringing in non-White and non-Christian immigrants. All Christians know, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”
I’m going to list different kind of pests I got rid of in businesses and homes in the USA. When were were all a White nation, we didn’t have this pest problem. It was why when I posted video today of a policeman killing a White pest control man and executed him in the worse manner possible, I couldn’t help but think how valuable our pest control us. Also, if each of the Whites in USA, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Yellows, Blacks, and Browns did, (all Americans) worked to annihilate these pests, we’d have a decent country to live in. At present, it’s unfit from White babies, as least from my Polish-American point of view.
When my husband’s Veteran’s loan became available, we had to live in the worse suburb in all of Illinois. (Blacks, Browns, Jews, getting mansions after Jew Civil Rights Act, 1964, against Whites.
Our home was backed up to a farm and filled with mice. My Veteran would kill them as he did the Yellow Communists God-hating Chinese in Vietnam. But he would just set mouse traps.
Once, oddly, I went to our rec room below and just sat and prayed for two hours. But I was disturbed by a sound scratching the baseboard. It was a mouse. Within two seconds, a broom was nearby and I killed him/her. It’s how Mama killed them in the home I was raised, also an old farm home put on a flat bed truck and dropped in South Chicago. Grandma used the famous mouse killing broom on a rich Jew who wanted to break up Mama’s marriage to poor Christian Daddy. She bashed the Jew over the head. No daughter of hers, would be allowed to stoop to the devilish level of the Jews and breed his kids as a mere animal. Mama would say, “I’m not a “she” and don’t call me “she.” A “she” is in a barn. She meant she was not an animal, (even though Jews treated us as such.)
After a Voodoo practicing 17 year old stole him, I had to take care of home alone. I called a pest control and told him I couldn’t afford but one service. My husband left me and the boys without $$ so he could support his Voodoo woman with bubble baths, (lazy) dolls and pins for her Voodoo ceremonies and curses.
The pest man told me to seal up the cracks around the foundation. I did. Got rid of mice in Sauk Village, Illinois
When I lived at 777 N. Michigan, 36th floor I was so happy for I thought I’d never have to kill or prevent another mouse. I lived in the same apartment Football player #7 Bob Avellini lived in years before. Quarter back Chicago Bears. There was white carpeting and all mirrors on the wall. Suddenly, a mouse darted across the floor. I screamed and called maintenance. But all they did was to put glue traps. I’d have a gourmet dinner to have friends over to “communicate” in person. And they’d have to hear a screaming shrill-sounding mouse glued to the trap while they ate?
I then directed the maintenance staff to seal up all the pipes in the apartment. Then seal the cracks at the foundation. For the next 9 years. No Mice. I cured the problem. For a mouse to reach the 36th floor meant all the floors below were loaded. I guess the Jews and others considered them pets not pests.
Image result for mice droppings
Pt. 3 How I killed Pests, Bugs Rodents: Daddy Long Leg Spiders (see other posts today.) One really needs a good Polish cleaning lady, but one who is intelligent also, as I killed many bugs, pests, rodents.
It all honestly, I killed all the other ones, but our only bathtub was in a decrepit, old basement in South Chicago, I was in a state of shock to find it always filled with these Daddy long leg spiders. It’s why I never took a bath there. I wrote earlier on my blog and Facebook, it seemed as if the basement was haunted.I never went down there and bathed. Either in a pot or washed up in the sink. (If we had $$ for soap as slave for Jews.)
Image result for daddy long legs spider up close
Pt 4. RATS: How I killed Pests, Bugs, Rodents:
Jews brought in the rats in the USA on the boats, late 1800’s. I even sent global emails of the pictures and chart of the Jews traveling from Europe to the USA, and the rats on the same ships.
I never saw a rat in my life. Until I worked at a catering company, Chicago, near downtown.
Being Polish-American and intelligent, I won’t stand for bugs. Once the company was inviting the rich woman of Chicago who arrived by busloads for a dinner. There was a red carpet in the alley. I happened to be out there, when I saw the rich woman, dressed to kill, walking in the alley to get to the back door.
On the side were signs “Beware of rats!” Were the rats the rich women or the rodents? It’s the rich women who should be doing my work of saving the White endangered species and our Christian values, or helping me.
Suddenly, I ran into the owner’s office. I never “pestered” him. I told him of the signs. How is it the rich people accepted this. Pests as “pets?”
Immediately, he was on the phone, and called the extermination company. That week-end we had to empty our desks, and bombs were set off in the sewers under the kitchens of the company. I don’t get paid extra. Rats were killed, and I master-minded the killing for health purposes.
It’s why when you see my earlier post of a White man pest exterminator being brutally killed on camera, you can’t even imagine the horror for our quality of living in the USA. We never had pests.
It may have to be the rats are fed to prisoners (including Jews for their hidden crimes.) So we can depopulate them.
Here’s a giant rat from New York. Not the black and not the unseen Jew, but how well-fed our USA rats are becoming. Our country is so out-of-control for refined and intelligent living, is it worth while bringing White babies into this cesspool.
Image result for rats in new york
Pt 4 COCKROACHES, Bugs, Pests, and Rodents, I killed.
I sometimes wonder if the apartment I had in Branson brought in cockroaches just to get rid of me (Pro-White entertainer and put a Black entertainment in my 2 bedroom government apartment)
I did move out after I spotted a cockroach. I read up much, much about getting rid of them. Until today, I take out my trash in a small plastic Walmart type of bag not the huge black ones. The big ones create compost of left over food, crumbs. (a mouse can life on just one crumb.)
Whites are descending to the level of the Jews, Muslims, Blacks and Browns, even with their pests.
A read 1 cockroach couple can have 144,000 babies. They will be here long after the Whites have gone extinct with a 1.6 baby ratio, unsustainable, and plus drugged up babies who can’t compete.
Again, when I worked at the downtown Chicago catering company, I have super sensitive antenna when it come to bugs. I went into the chef’s kitchen but no one was there. Someone from the kitchen laid a plate of gourmet food to be put out for a tasting for a wedding party for the rich people. I stood there silently in the office to wait for the chef. All of a sudden, a saw cockroaches coming out from under the lettuce on the plate!
I ran to my computer and sent the owner an effective email. (and companies should hire based on my pest killing skills alone for it’s keeping the pests secret which destroy companies.) I asked, “I know there’s such a thing as hydroponic lettuce, (live lettuce) but what are those live reddish brown creatures crawling out from under the lettuce?”
That week-end he farmed out his parties to another catering company. No one worked. (Our busiest time.) They sent off bombs in the offices and locations where the cockroaches nest.
Also, once when I went on Las Vegas 50,000 watts of power, I ranted against the brown Mexican illegals. I said, “even their cockroaches don’t have passports!”
Here’s a wealthy Mexican cockroach enterting the USA or leaving for week-ends back to Mexico since their allegiance is not to the USA but their fatherland, as Jews to Israel, Hindus to India, Muslims to the Arab countries, Blacks to Africa, Yellows to their race, and Reds to their own racist Indian Reservations which is how they wanted to live even though the Southern White men would have hired them to work the cotton fields.
Image result for cockroaches cartoon
Pt 5 GREEN SLIME Part of a series of pests and fungus I got rid of for Jews and others.
I worked as a cleaning lady for a Jewess Mrs. Silverstein, Vice-President of Jewish Spiegel catalogue. My Polish-American mother scrubbed the floors of the Vice-president for that company. Pampered Black Michelle Obama’s mother was the top executive secretary for the Jewish Vice-president of the same company. It’s why Blacks, Browns, Jews are in so many government positions from President, down to the janitors who will cover up any crimes against Whites.
In her 777 N. Michigan apartment, there was an air register on the wall over the door. There was like a green slime or puss swelling out of it. It didn’t bother her and her former black cleaning lady for that puss was growing for years.
I immediately instructed her to call maintenance. I quit the job. Her bedroom was filled with so much dust and dust mites it looked like the haunted castle which starts out Jewish movie, Dracula.
It was much, much worse than this picture.
Image result for fungus in wall air duct
Image result for oatmeal bugs
Pt 6: Bugs, Pests, Rodents, Fungus I got rid of or killed. (see other posts today.)
OATMEAL BUGS. I worked at Quaker Oats, Chicago. It’s a long story but 5 black women ganged up on me, and got me fired. I’ll talk about that next Saturday 3 p.m. Facebook Live chat.
I used to sit in a certain desk temping in the Travel Department. (Since Amazon has reviews I’m giving you my reviews for free and out of love.) I saved the company $50,000 on an Excel report I made up. (I only got $12 an hour. Blacks now can make twice as much as I can and plus the company gets double credits as do government departments.) I also saved the company read to merge with Pepsi, Gatorade, perhaps $200,000 of travel vouchers which were unused from trips not taken. I discovered them in wall cabinets and no action taken for 3 years.
Do all that for pennies, and 5 Black women got me fired for simply writing “Elvis” as the word-of-the-day when it was my turn.
Anyway, my new desk was across the hall from the Quaker Oats international kitchen where they would do studies, etc. My desk drawer was loaded with oatmeal bugs. I couldn’t believe why they put me there.
But since I was very active as a temp, taking courses like ergonomics for my only personal development and improvement, I jumped on the new thrust the company was making.
If anyone had a problem, or saw a problem which needed to be solved, just email this new company telephone number. I did immediately. Plus it was supposed to be private; perhaps it wasn’t.
Immediately, plans were made to have the entire offices on the floor empty out all their desks, and take their things home. They they set up bombs or fumigators and got rid of the bugs.
They kept the 5 black women and fired me. Odd but I wasn’t controversial as I am today. This was about 1998.
Also, the woman who got me the temp job, Judy King, had a staffing company. I worked for over a month and she never paid me. Never. When I called her on it she said she was starving and living on on popcorn. She stiffed me. She did call me back and said she got a temp job at the Quaker / Pepsi merger. I took it for I was desperate and had no way of getting the money from her, autobiographically speaking. From my eyes since I’ve loved business in the USA, it’s no wonder we are dying as a competitive power. I’m trying to itemize the problems, but it’s overwhelming. Glad it’s not me.
Autobiography: Pt. 7 -PHARAOH ANTS
How I killed or got rid of bugs, pests, rodents, fungus.
I moved into a local apartment in Missouri. Changed management several times.
It was rehabbed and was grateful for I rehabbed 4 homes and usually they were in bad condition.
Suddenly, there were big black ants crawling in my bathroom. Around my water jug, and even crawling on me and on my eyes!!!!
I called maintenance. No return call. I called the office. Finally, someone showed up and did something but I still was plagued with them in 2016.
I noticed the ants liked Colgate toothpaste. I then checked the Internet since I couldn’t get help, and sure enough it said “Pharaoh Ants.”
Only because I brought up the ant problem at the community laundry did a gal tell me she got rid of hers with Borax and sugar in the baseboards and taking out the drawers.
Is our White species plagued with bugs, lice, rodents, pests, fungus? If we have that mentality to accept this as “normal” what’s there to save? Cultured, refined, intelligent people don’t live like that. We’ve been brainwashed to accept that as normal.
Related image
Pt. 8: How I got rid of horrible mold, which could have killed me being a senior.
I showed below how I first got rid of the Pharaoh ants. But then I noticed a horrible stench in my bedroom. I looked on Internet, and it said to use a bowl of vinegar.
It just masked it. My health started to deteriorate and sometimes I could barely talk. Plus I still was recovering from the beating and crippling as I was about to perform at the Jew Mandalay Bay, House of blues, August, 2013.
I then noticed something greenish / white crawling up my costume bags which were made of canvas.
I called maintenance. The gal was nice and brought some cleaner to clean bedroom floor on her hands and knees. But the mold problem persisted.
Finally, I noticed on the Internet all these problems had one thing in common: “water.”
I noticed outside my apartment was a broken exposed white pipe, and surely the water was going down in the crawl space below. A repairman came to line the crawl space with plastic which is what they do in new apartment buildings. I had the man take a picture and give to the owner.
Beware of mold.

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