Horrific and Graphic Shooting of a White man.

In Uncategorized on December 10, 2017 at 2:51 pm

It’s almost as if this shooting of a White man is really happening to all of us each day, and Jews and their imps, settle Whites into a total police state and takeover of our country. Which to me, has already happened. (more of my thoughts below.)

Graphic and horrific murder of a White man. Yet, the White species will never survive when Blacks get away with crimes (Browns too and worse Jews with ultra-slick crimes who never get court or are let go scot-free like black and White Obama pardoned the #1 spy of all time, Jew Jonathan Pollard.) Whites can’t have a system of living where we have the rights and welfare of 92% of the world, which is non-White. It’s either unite and be solely for just Whites or die. And it seems it’s not just this White man who is being shot as he “begs, begs, cries, and begs” but our entire White Species. This is surely horrific. How deeply I felt for the White man forced in a emotional and governmental straight-jacket of fear. White father of two little girls in the picture. I’m still shocked. And the part of the article where it says blacks are treated with kid gloves because of Jewish Rabbi drafted in a synagogue “Civil Rights Act,” is even more horrific. As I see it, only when Whites unite for Civil Rights around the world do we even stand a chance. I’ll surely pass this on. Also, I’d like to see Daily Stormer survive. I will send him a check, even though I live on pension. If I ever sell my autobiography, “Saving the Endangered White Species: My Millennium of Misery as Polish-American Slaves for Jews,” I’d like to donate to all those who have heralded and withstood the onslaught of Jewish destruction of our Species. (Dr. William Luther Pierce says to use the word “Species” not Race, because it terrorizes even other Whites, and worse than a nuclear weapon in the hands of Jews, courts, non-Whites (which are 92% of the world.)




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