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Free Alison Chabloz in Prison for Freedom of Speech and Truth

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It’s only my comment, but if and when the Whites are freed, I’d be able to sing in karaoke, the words to Alison Chabloz’s songs. Blacks sing about Whites all the time, why can’t oppressed Whites sing about the Jews? Jews only black music to program and terrorize Whites since Motown and Phil Spector who murdered Lana Clarkson, actress in movie, Barbarian Queen. She was leaving the House of Blues in Los Angeles. I performed at the House of Blues, Mandalay Bay, owned by Jews, and beaten and crippled, August 2013. I can function now. I’m not well.
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,  My contribution to this dialogue. (From Arthur Topham – MOST EXCELLENT)  Diane King
Sylvia Stolz, Lady Michele Renouf, Monika Schaefer, Alison Chabloz, Ursula Haverbeck!
United we stand, divided we fall.

Mehr Licht!  Sincerely,
Publisher & Editor
The Radical Press
“Digging to the root of the issues since 1998″
On Feb 26, 2018, at 1:20 PM, Alison Chabloz <alison-chabloz@hotmail.com> wrote:

Dear Comrades,  Please see below my thoughts on the issue at hand. Any comments, suggestions, responses and/or corrections prior to eventual further distribution are most welcome.   Kind regards,  Alison.

The Gulag is No Place for a Lady

There is a French saying: Jamais deux sans trois. The English version, Not twice, but thrice, is no longer in common usage. In my own family, where sayings based on folklore are occasionally used, this has been modified to Bad things come in twos and threes, referring to loss, illness or death, all of which of course are inevitable at some point during our short lives here on this God-given planet.

Now, imagine that any such loss occurs not twice, not thrice, but in fact at least 109 times. If we are to heed constant complaints that the 110th episode is imminent, e.g. because music from Schindler’s List was used by a German figure skater in her final programme at the Winter Olympics, or because an English singer writes songs mocking the likes of Irene Zisblatt, then what the heck happened on these 109 previous occasions? 

Jamais deux sans cent-neuf? How unfortunate for the victims of such a considerable number of losses! Why does it keep happening to them? What could they possibly have done wrong to deserve such repeated suffering?

At a recent conference in Vienna entitled ‘An End to Anti-Semitism’ (yawn), Israeli-French ‘philosopher’ Bernard-Henry Lévy said in his opening keynote speech:
“Actually whether they [anti-Semites] disappear or not seems to me to be indifferent as long as they are contained to the point where they do no harm.”
Asides advocating a tripartite programme of containing anti-Semites, ‘to name [them], to reply and to counter-attack,’ how does BHL propose they should be contained?
Distinguishing badges? Gulags?

In short, BHL and likeminded Zionists are demonstrating the exact kind of behaviour which has led to Jews being evicted from their host nations 109 times.

Last weekend February 17, a commemoration event took place in Dresden to honour the hundreds of thousands of victims of Allied saturation bombings in 1945. The organiser, German revisionist Gerhard Ittner, had invited me to go along and give a short speech. For various reasons, I had to decline. Perhaps a wise choice in view of police closing the meeting following an impassioned speech from Australian-born British free speech advocate, Michèle Renouf. 

Some German speakers were naturally upset that Renouf seemingly provided Dresden authorities with the excuse they needed to shut down the event. Dagmar Brenne writes:

“Michele R. as an Englishwoman was fehl am Platz – wrong time, wrong place. She caused the event to be cut off not even half way through and prevented others from having their say. There are times and places to become ‘political’, I felt Dresden was not the place. It is easy to be brave when you don’t have to live there and can trot off back home under the protection of British citizenship. Germany as a defeated country would not be too hard on an English lady without causing a nasty backlash.”
The unfortunate occurrence can be seen from various angles and also raises questions regards the German authorities’ methods when dealing with so-called ‘Holocaust denial’ – a crime punishable by jail under Section 130 of the German penal code for incitement.
Renouf in her speech said, ‘The only holocaust in Europe during the 1940s was against the Germans’. 

How does this compare legally with other statements from German political dissidents Ursula Haverbeck, Sylvia Stolz and that of Canadian citizen of German origin, Monika Schaefer – currently on remand awaiting trial – who all believe the official gas chamber narrative to be a lie and have courageously said so, openly and in public?

Schaefer’s brother, Alfred, has endured countless police raids, his computers seized and he has been fined for his outspoken views. Haverbeck has been sentenced to jail; Stolz, Ittner have already done time for their political opinions and Horst Mahler is still in prison.
Not officially invited to the event as a speaker, Renouf had made her way there as a supporter. Much of her speech is a word-for-word repetition of what she has already said in the past, including last year on German local TV. Hardly impromptu but rather a rehearsed role as played at the theatre.
Her polished performance gave rise to widespread media coverage which must be seen as a positive outcome. Many of us would agree that points made by Renouf are valid and expressed with the right sentiment.
Of course, the nuance is all in what constitutes ‘denial’. Technically, Renouf is not a ‘denier’. Like millions of other good folk worldwide, she supports revisionists’ right to freedom of expression. Can she be blamed for going out there and ‘doing her thing’ which, prior to last Saturday, had never resulted in legal action either in Germany or elsewhere?
Rather than blaming Renouf, should criticism instead be directed at the authorities who, no doubt fully aware of how these things are likely to pan out, decided that stopping the event at that particular moment, with an ‘English lady’ speaker, would severely piss off those still to speak and therefore spark a rift, causing yet further division within our somewhat beleaguered movement?

Nevertheless, German media outlets are remarkably silent about the whole caper. As well, it is nigh on impossible to find any mainstream confirmation of Renouf’s claims of actual arrest and criminal charges brought against her. All sources state clearly that she and one other speaker are ‘under investigation’. Tag24.de uses the term ‘Renouf wurde vorhäufig festgenommen’ – ‘provisionally detained’ i.e. questioned under caution? I am no legal expert – especially not regards German law – but as in the case of Monika Schaefer it seems that a court appearance is normal legal procedure, at the latest one day following arrest. The only source of Renouf’s arrest is Renouf herself.

In summary, how can German authorities on the one hand justify their treatment of the delightful Monika Schaefer, whose ‘offending’ video is an apology to her own German mother, whilst subjecting Renouf only to a few hours’ kid-gloved detention and questioning?
If BHL and his co-religionist cronies have their way, managing to have the likes of Monika, Alfred, Ursula, Sylvia and myself contained for expressing political views with which they disagree, would they also – as German authorities and media seem to be doing – grant Renouf amnesty because the gulag is no place for a lady?
Would being ‘contained to the point where they do no harm’ be reserved for plebs only, or would the inconsistencies of German (and British) authorities suggest that only those considered effective in posing a real threat to the System should be contained and made to suffer a spell in the gulag?

As comrades, our first duty to the cause involves standing by and supporting one another in this struggle to the death. Therefore, to what extent should we allow internal disputes to compromise the undeniable reality of our combined strengths?

As Jews themselves are the common denominator in all 109 pogroms to date, should we be wary of similar ‘common denominator’ patterns forming within our own ranks?
Some may argue that women have no place in politics. In some measure and despite myself, I have to agree.  For the past year and more, I have listened to constant warnings that my music forms part of a reckless strategy. According to Renouf, causing ‘gross offence’ with my satirical songs poses a real danger to bona fide historians and other academics whose work includes publishing books, papers based on scientific research, official documents, etc.
On reflection, Renouf’s attitude towards my music and indeed towards my person barely differs from my accusers in that they all wish to see me silenced. Under the pretext that my songs pose grave danger to the movement as a whole, Renouf has tried to use her influence to manipulate others with the aim of discrediting me. In response to Renouf’s disapproval of my art and her disparaging remarks regards ‘living off charity’, I have always stood my ground and shall only stop singing once I’m dead. 

Now, after preventing the voices of German comrades in Dresden from being heard, yet seemingly facing no legal consequences herself, what are we to deduce from Renouf’s actions? Having been regularly cc’d or forwarded emails which circulate within the revisionist movement, I have been privy over the past months to several examples of comradely disputes, all of which involve Renouf.

Jamais deux sans trois ou quatre?
 As with Jews being the common denominator in 109 pogroms to date, it does rather seem that Renouf plays a similarly recidivist role when it comes to causing trouble at t‘ mill  this despite Renouf never having refuted the ‘Nazi gas chamber’ narrative. 

In my case, the prosecution has so far failed to submit any evidence actually proving that I would have broken any laws. Whilst Renouf rightly hails as heroes those who choose to break ridiculous ‘denial’ laws in Germany and elsewhere, her definition of what constitutes ‘recklessness’ and who is ‘reckless’ is applied selectively, illogically and, least of all, to herself.

There is, in my view, far more than meets the eye regards Dresden and Lady Renouf. However, I wish her no harm and hope that the above ‘food for thought’ will not be the cause of further collateral damage. Whilst retaining no illusions as to any future reconciliation, I am deeply hurt and saddened by Renouf’s personal betrayal. Whatever our differences, if we are to succeed in this struggle, then we must stand together – our continued existence as a race depends on it. 

‘We win by singing.’ – Manfred Röder.

Alison Chabloz, February 26, 2018

Jew Weinstein Goes Bankrupt; Blacks Killing White People; Jews Bash to death the Germans

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You’ll see a link below showing Jew Weinstein, Hollywood scum, biggest US Box Office grosses were below. I heard on David Duke radio the horror of what two of the movies did to the White people.

In Django Unchained, the Black man says something like, what’s there no to link about killing white people. Jews plant these messages in the blacks minds to incur hatred and a possible army against Whites if we ever unite even as two and stay united.

In Inglorious Basterds, a Jew takes a baseball bat to a German soldier’s head to kill him on camera. Again, Jews’ programming to “hate the White Germans.” I’ll put clips to both movies. I’m sure the other three are equally gross movies by Jew Weinstein. The White women are taking him to court; the White men should take him to court as the most horrific hate crimes against our White males, females, and children.

It’s odd but the Black comedian brags about “killing all the White people” and the Blacks go into a VooDoo ecstasy, (dangerous.) He says he was in chains and slavery. Jews kept my Polish people and me in slavery for 1,000 years, including Mama, Daddy, and my Vietnam Veteran. (along with Chinese Yellows their partners in crime.)

Poland was the lowest economy in 2004, when I wanted to flee there for asylum. My nephew moved back to Poland and loves it. But he said, it was the “lowest” economy, so I moved to Vegas instead. When Republican Mitt Romney ran for President, 2012, he went to Poland to find out how it went from the lowest economy to #1. In my estimation: Jews. Since it’s only been since 1989, after the Polish Revolution to bring down the Jewish Iron Curtain, the Poles have only been free for 29 years in their entire history. Now, with progress, money, Poles will never be able to unleash the secret which I do in my book: My Millennium of Misery as Polish-American Slaves for Jews.

Jews didn’t put “chains” on them. Ernst Zundel said the Jews put “golden handcuffs.” Wow!

The second movie clip shows how much the Jews hated the Germans, our smartest, and even most religious Christian country. But then Jew, Oppenheimer’s whose signature is on the two atom bombs dropped on the only two Catholic Christian countries of Japan, “hated” them. Jews commit such devilish crimes and get off scot free. Worse, labeled as Kings and Queens on their Jew Wikipedia. The only freedom we have is when we read, speak, and listen to each other.

Whites just “tell the truth,” and they unite the entire world against us.

  • Django Unchained (2012) ($162.8m)
  • The King’s Speech (2010) ($138.8m)
  • Silver Linings Playbook (2012) ($132.1m)
  • Inglourious Basterds (2009) ($120.5m)
  • The Butler (2013) ($116.6m)


Jews love bashing our White men to death and raping the White man’s White women, and programming their White children to enjoy this sadistic behavior. Where’s the united Christian Whites on this?




My Polish Mama and My Cooking!

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Free White Matt Hale; His Letter from Solitary Confinement

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Why Do I Want To be Free?
Matt Hale

The answer to that question may seem obvious that it need not be forthcoming on my part. After all, I am an innocent man that committed no crime. I have spent 15 years now in prison for something I not only did not do but opposed, and if the so-called “Justice” Department has it’s way I’ll spend at least another twenty more. I have been a helpless bystander while my dear father and others have died in my absence. What prisoner would not want to regain his freedom? What innocent man would wish to remain behind bars?
The last time I was free, George W. Bush was in the middle of his first term as President of the United States and Saddam Hussein was still President of Iraq. Strom Thurmond was still in the U.S. Senate. Barack Obama was a little known law professor who has never been elected to public office. Nobody had ever heard of “Facebook,” “Twitter,” “I-pads,” or “I-phones.” People still took photos with cameras, not phones for goodness sakes, and I myself was just starting to transition from VHS video tapes to DVDs. A lot can change in 15 years and a lot has. No doubt much will change the next twenty. I would like to be there when it does.
Those who have been imprisoned themselves for a long period of time for no crime—and in solitary confinement at that—can never quite know what it’s like. Justice seems to be like a ghost that you can never get your hands on. It flits about, mocking you, while you remain empty handed. You don’t ever want to give up hope but then again you don’t want to be a fool either. You realize that the torture of prisoners of war that the politicians like to rail against is nothing compared to the torture of an innocent man’s soul. You can’t really relate to your fellow prisoners because they actually committed their crimes and you can’t relate to your captors either because they work of course for the very system which wronged you so badly. And so you suffer some days more than others to be sure, while you make the best life for yourself that you can within the four walls that have been allotted to you. You do your best to keep your mind on things other than your predicament. That is all you can do.
Unlike many innocent prisoners, however, I have been fortunate these years to have the support of so many of you in the free world who have never stopped believing in me, the fact that I committed no crime, and the cause of our people’s future which we all love. For that I am grateful. Most of all though I am grateful to have such a wonderful mother who has stood by me through thick and thin throughout my ordeal, who fights for me all day everyday, and who I only love more and more with each passing hour. Is it wrong for me to have hope that I may be returned to her arms before she to, like my father, meets the fate to which all of us are destined whether we would like it or not? I shudder at the thought that I could lose her while being imprisoned within these walls. I would do anything to avoid that scenario, including the moving of heaven and earth. She deserves her son to be returned to her without any further ado. I deserve her embrace which I have so sorely missed. Is that really too much to ask, my friends?
I would also like to fulfill my duty as a White man of sound mind and body and find a good wife out there with whom I can continue my line. Is it wrong for me to have visions of my bouncing a little Hale tyke on my knees? What could be more important than our breeding of the next generation?
As for the facts of my case, let’s just be real clear: there is zero evidence that I ever “solicited” somebody to murder anybody and thus the charge is a sick lie on its face. I challenge anyone to show I ordered, instructed,or even encouraged the FBI’s highly paid agent provocateur to commit a murder, least of all the murder of the judge who had ruled in our favor. It can’t be done and that’s all there is to it. I have been horribly wronged and anybody with a scintilla of sense and justice knows it. Anybody can say anything about anyone but that doesn’t make it true! What matters rather are the facts and the facts are in my favor. Furthermore, I was given a wildly excessive sentence in a case where nobody was hurt or could have been hurt. Isn’t 15 years for a totally made up “crime” long enough then? Is it really necessary to imprison a man for forty years for a totally cooked up government “plot”?
To be sure, I have done as well as any man in my shoes could. I was blessed by the genes of my parents with a good mind and have put that mind to the best use that I could these years. I have written two of the greatest books for the future of our White people that have ever been written—Ending White Slavery and The Racial Loyalist Manifesto—and am working right now on a third. Still, the fact remains that it is the free world where I can help our people the most. Merely writing books, I fear, is not going to save our White Race. Rather, the right direction, the right organization, and the right hands—, dynamic leadership is what we need if our kind is to survive in this world. Many of you believe that I have what it takes to provide that leadership but I obviously need to be free in order to do it; I can’t do it from this prison cell where I am stymied and harassed by my captors at every turn. Rather, I need to obtain my freedom in order to exercise whatever leadership ability I possess. So, it behoves all who care about the future of our White Race in this world to fight for that freedom, not only for my sake but for yours. I am more than willing to lead our cause to victory, if only I am given the chance!
One thing is likewise for sure: if I have the strength of will to endure decades of solitary confinement and other persecutions for no crime, I have the strength of will to lead our cause to victory as a free man. You can put your faith in Matt Hale because he has justified your faith all these years. I don’t falter and I don’t quit. I have never been broken by our enemies and I never will be. I have no interest whatever in “ego” or petty rivalries but only the task at hand. I am above that which bogs down most human beings. I live and breath the Racial Loyalist cause. Hense I have the ability to unite and rally all of us for the victory we seek. I am ready to hit the ground running therefore if only I am given the chance! Please help me obtain that chance. Don’t let me observe the continued destruction of our White Race as a helpless bystander for another twenty years from this lousy prison cell. I urge you rather to fight for my freedom so that I can fight again for you. Let me put my charisma and drive to good use on your behalf for I know that if you do I will unite and push our movement forward in ways that have never been seen before. At stake is the entire existence of our kind and I am committed to the preservation of that future at all costs.
So, I want to be free so that I can be reunited with those whom I love: my family, my comrades, and my race itself as we together work for the future of us all. I also, however, want to be free so that I can return to the natural world which I believe in so much. It is not natural for a man to be cooped up in a box of steel, iron, and concrete for years on end; we are meant rather to behold trees, the other creatures of the world, and to feel the green grass under our feet. We are meant to feel the rain, the snow, and the sun. I would be remiss though if I did not mention too my beloved violin which I have likewise been deprived of all these years. As you may know I am a classical violinist who has both taught and played professionally. Just last night I had a dream that I was playing in concert again and sure would like to do so again before I am an old man. Music has always been such a huge part of my life; one of the reasons why I joined the cause for the preservation of our White Race in the first place, at the ripe old age of 12, is that I wanted to preserve the race which is capable of producing such beauty,the beauty of classical music. There can be no more Beethovens, no more Mozarts, and no more Tchaikovskys if we let our White Race be mongrelized and destroyed. Ape—like men can only produce ape—like things. the seed of beauty must be preserved and for me the very image of a violin is symbolic of the superiority of our kind. I do love it so, and would like to return to it! Would you help me to do that, my friends? Will you help me reclaim the life that was so wrongly taken from me so many years ago?
And so I ask you to do your part today to secure my freedom. A mass movement for my release must be formed which simply cannot be denied. President Trump is the one president with the nerve and the guts to buck his phony “Justice” Department and let me go. That is the only option we have at this juncture. Therefore he must be reached and won over to the proposition of my release. If Nelson Mandela, an actual criminal, could be freed after 27 years of imprisonment due to the influence of the rallied masses the state, so can Matt Hale after 15 the same way. It all depends upon you and the power you can create. Nothing is impossible if you have the will and determination to see it through. The cause of my freedom must become the cause celebre of the entire Racial Loyalist movement. I’m counting on you to make that happen. Every pro—White website must carry the words, “Free Matt Hale!” Thousands of letters, emails, and signatures for my release must be sent to President Trump, Attorney General Sessions, and others. Friends of President Trump must be reached in order that they may encourage him to release me as well. Help my stalwart mother, Evelyn Hutcheson, all you can. I have fought for you all my life. Bring me home so that I may return to my rightful place. Fifteen years of this is enough. Free Matt Hale!

Autistic White Convicted in Holocaust Jewess Murder

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More info below. I’m not violent, but I wonder if the woman was a Polish Christian Holocaust survivor if it would have made world-wide news? I’ve had so much violence against me as a White good woman, it’s only a miracle I had the patience of Job.



“The Greatest Lie Ever Told – The Holocaust”

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White Emperor Maximilian, Empress Charlotte, Mexican Illegals, and Cinco de Mayo

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From my book, a condensed version of why Whites go into ecstasy for Mexican Cinco de Mayo.

About, 1962, Sister Rose finally fell prey to a Brown Mexican illegal alien’s scheme. He met my sister and soon wanted to marry her. Since she had a holy background and loved all the races, she proudly brought him home to meet my parents. So when anyone asks you what contribution the Brown Mexicans made to the USA, tell them they drugged our unprotected and unsuspecting White girls and women with illegals drugs, booze, tobacco, and the date-rape drug, the “Spanish Fly!” They also used us for sex objects, although I escaped miraculously. The illegals replaced us at both menial and high paying union jobs with superb benefits and also drained our welfare economy. Every Brown Mexican baby born in the USA costs the Whites $1,000,000.00. It’s not a bargain.

Sister Rose tried hard to please her new husband, Epigmenio Prado. She gave up her White American identity, her Polish identity, and her Christian identity to descend into his third-world existence. I’ll never forget when she came over and demonstrated how quickly she learned Spanish to communicate with him. It was annoying because the nuns taught us to speak English or else. There was no “press 1” for English or “press 2” for Polish. And there would be beatings or punishment to make sure we assimilated. We were not allowed to look back to Poland and wiped it out of our minds.

My sister stopped making Polish-American meals like meatloaf or Polish Gołąbki, (hamburger, tomato and rice stuffed cabbage,) and began making tacos. Whites think if foods come from another race they are more exotic or interesting than ours. For her to sacrifice her White identity for another race was a symbol of love, not further self-destruction. For the White Species, it’s a symbol of our genocide.


When my sisters and I would wash and dry dishes or do chores, we’d sing together like the Lennon Sisters on the Lawrence Welk Show. Although, now that I’m a White Civil Rights Activist, I’m partial to songs like this Goyim and Goddess: The White Song. When Whites control our own entertainment for the first time in a century, this song with get a White Grammy, not the Jewish Grammy. http://www.renegadetribune.com/white-song-parody-fight-song-rachel-platten/


But Sister Rose changed. It was now Mexican music she worshiped and adored. She didn’t dance the wonderful Polka anymore. Here’s a great comedic version. I loved to dance like this with the twisting of the body on top, and the feet dancing the double hop, with a White male. I really was rolling on the floor with laughter, because Polka music is energetic. It’s nice to have some wonderful relief as I write. I also wear hairpieces sometimes, and this really happened to me once in Chicago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juFhqO9A69E

Rose gave up her own likes and learned the lazy dance the Mexicans do called the “washing machine” as if they are grinding out sex and more babies for Whites to pay for. She was a White female slave for a Brown Mexican illegal alien and happy. Because the Jews have intentionally brought down our White male, White women are flocking to Brown Mexicans, other races, and especially Jews who have billions of dollars and not damaged as they did to us. And the same is true for White men flocking to other races also.

Jews seem powerful. They organized 25 White churches to join the Jews’ “push” for more Mexican aliens. Too bad these same White churches couldn’t help the Whites here or get healthy, non-addicted White immigrants from Europe. We need to make America an attractive place for Whites to live once again, not build up Mexico, Yellow Commie China, Israel, Arabs, Africa, and India with White $$$$.

Recently, I hired a Mexican to fix my air-conditioner. His father, a first-generation Brown Mexican worked hard and well, but his offspring son was worthless. The son attempted to put a motor in my unit and bought, returned, and burned out three motors until he finally did it right. He filled my entire house with a putrid smell that wafted through the registers from the burnt motor. Did he do it deliberately?

The Brown Mexican woman next door, who sent him to me, was married to an older White man. She once came to my home in Las Vegas. I graciously let her in. We shouldn’t let the illegals in our country nor in our own home. She was tough and told me off. She commanded me not to talk to her White elderly husband. We’d exchange hellos when I worked on my organic orchard and vegetable garden. Their women are possessive and jealous and hang on to our White men with a deadly force, for their money, support, home, and inheritance. In 2042, the Whites will be the minority and the Brown Mexican woman the majority.

My White sister wanted to be the ideal wife; illegal Mexican Prado had his mind in the criminal gutter. Right after the wedding, he dropped her off at his apartment on Commercial Avenue. He then made arrangements with his underground Chicago Mexican Mafia connections, which were kept secret from her. In contrast, the Yellow Chinese built the 13,000-mile Great Wall of China to stop aliens and protect their race. Since they massacred the Jews 1,000 years ago, they are tough about protecting their race, women, children, territory and belongings.

Jew aliens were responsible for the Brown illegal aliens’ invasion over the border. In 1924, the United States passed a law freezing immigration especially aimed at Jew aliens who set up powerful organizations to overrule this. Jews are dictators and not used to being told what to do in the White Race’s homeland.

Since the Jew’s plan of leaving Europe en masse was foiled, it was only five years later the Great Depression hit the USA and resulted in World War II. In 1945, with the Holocaust story, Jews later won what the Whites refused them in 1924: total emigration of Jews from Europe to the USA and Palestine. Then we were flooded with the worse kind of aliens – Jews!

It wasn’t easy for the Mexicans to get citizenship in the early 1960’s. They pulled devious tricks, even criminal activity to replace Whites at good Union and government jobs with outstanding benefits.

After six months of marriage and work Prado passed the trial period for his union job and became full-time at United States Steel. He came home from work and finally shouted the truth out. He screamed in Spanish he never loved her but used her for citizenship, a Social Security card, driver’s license, and a great paying job in the AFL/CIO union at United States Steel, then the largest steel company in the world. Both Mama and I worked there. It’s now extinct. All that work went to Japan and China. Jews are responsible for the unions. I’m sure that job was already waiting for him here. They have an underground network and speak in a language we don’t understand.

Suddenly, he announced he already had a wife and five children in Mexico and made plans for them to arrive in a few days. He then admitted the truth – he was an illegal alien.

She must have been heartbroken, because she gave up her identity and eliminated her own White skin color, religion, culture, ethnicity, language, and race to bolster his Brown Mexican identity. She probably spoke up for herself and it turned into an argument. He said he had to “get rid of her” to make room in the apartment for his Mexican wife, Hope, and their five kids. The Brown Mexican maniac then grabbed my frail sister and tried to kill her by putting her head in the oven. I don’t know if it was to gas or burn her, but once when I went to a Mexican butcher and asked him for an unusual piece of meat, he brought me the head of a pig to roast in the oven! Was he going to decapitate her as many Brown Mexicans drug dealers do on the border today, gas her, or burn her White pretty face?

This is how the Brown Mexicans repay their host country which has helped them until today. Mexicans treat Whites mischievously in many, cases, yet are rewarded in the USA to be the 2nd happiest people in the world – on White dollars. It’s not the overburdened White Americans who are the happiest! We fill the offices of Jewish psychologists, psychoanalysts couches, pharmacists, doctors, drug dealers, and taverns to help us cope with our White Silent Misery.

My sister was able to muster up enough adrenaline and energy to push her way out of the oven and ran out. She came back home disheveled, beaten, and broken down, quite a price to pay for “loving” (a misinterpretation of Christianity) a Brown Mexican alien. She was able to divorce him, but the illegal got away with the perfect crime and his Brown wife and five children who had many Brown Mexican grandchildren, lived happily ever after.

When I danced in parades in Chicago, I danced in a self-made costume for the Mexican Cinco De Mayo parade– even before my own Polish parade, which was at the same time. I never realized it was the Brown Mexicans with Whites who celebrated the eventual Mexicans’ execution of the White archduke of Austria, Maximilian and drove his wife, Charlotte, Carlota, to a deep emotion collapse when she went back to Europe to seek help.

Image result for maximilian and carlota

Emperor Maximilian of the Mexico before the Execution

Execution painting by White [Édouard Manet]

Image result for execution maximilian and carlota

Here’s the Mexican firing squad executing the White Emperor. Odd but the painting only shows the Emperor Maximilian’s assistant suffering.

From my blog: Mexicans borrowed money from England, USA, and France. The Browns didn’t pay it back. Being driven insane, the Whites of the USA and England “let the debt go;” it’s the Jew “feel sorry” card. These guilt trips on Whites, can end up in suicide, addictions, drop outs, or the inability to compete with Jews, Muslims, Chinese, and Hindu’s etc.

Moreover, France took an army to take the land of Mexico for the payment of debt and set up Emperor Maximilian and Empress Charlotte, Carlotta. It eventually led to the Mexican government who executed the White French Austrian leader. France had sent him there as Emperor.

From Wikipedia:

“Maximilian was shocked by the living conditions of the poor in contrast to the magnificent haciendas of the upper class. Empress Carlota began holding parties for the wealthy Mexicans to raise money for poor houses. One of Maximilian’s first acts as Emperor was to restrict working hours and abolish child labor. He cancelled all debts for peasants over 10 pesos, restored communal property, and forbade all forms of corporal punishment. He also broke the monopoly of the Hacienda stores and decreed that henceforth peons could no longer be bought and sold for the price of their debt.” (I wish someone with his authority did that for my family in me in South Chicago.)

Maximilian and Empress Charlotte even adopted two of the grandchildren of the former Emperor of Mexico. All this was in direct opposition to the “liberals” for he was “conservative.” For all that extreme kindness and concern, the Mexicans murdered them.

Think of it next time one eats a taco. I quit a long, long time ago. Barbara Ann

Autobiography Pictures: Me in Baby Buggy, 1/2 coffee, 1/2 mother’s milk in the bottle

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Overcoming caffeine was my last hurdle in my battle against drugs.

Me Baby Bottle

White Italy Awakens in Italian Election 2018

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Notes below:

I’m really impressed about the shakeup of Europe, Italy in this case, since I spent much of my free time, not with friends or parties, but my Sister Mary and her husband from Italy, Tony. I hope it brings the White Americans closer to our forefathers and foremothers.

Autobiographically speaking, Sister Mary married Tony DeMarco from Alta Monte, Italy. An immigrant. They were married about 65 years.

She was seduced by Jewish radio host, Eddie Schwartz, Chicago. Sister Mary was a virgin at marriage, because Italians demanded that or else. Being protective of his family, Tony took a gun to the radio station, cocked the trigger at the Jew’s head, for defiling his wife, and mother of his four children. Four of my 53 nieces and nephews. Tony Jr., Lisa Marie, Deanna, Debbie.

Jew Schwartz, prepared for over 1,000 years in their hard-wiring, begged for his life. He immediately said he knew Tony had a new Italian restaurant, Sorrento’s, on Lake Michigan. The Jew, having control of marketing and advertising, as well as hosts and the radio station, said he’d give Tony 1 year free advertising.

Tony’s restaurant was his life. He had to work in the dirty steel mills during the day, as well as the restaurant. He hoped to quit the mills. Tony, the strongest man I’ve ever known, took the Jewish bribe.

Later Sister Mary had the radio on when I slept over and I heard the music, “Come Back to Sorrento’s,” and the Jewish advertising for Tony’s restaurant. See second youtube with romantic heart-breaking lyrics, with White European soul.

It was just a matter of time, two men managed to buy into Tony’s restaurant. Almost immediately, they had 66 2/3% ownership, and voted him out of his own business.

Sister Mary had 5 nervous breakdowns. Tony ended up being a rag man collecting junk from the rust belt in Chicago.

“For every White man’s business, there’s 2 Jews to steal it from them.” Prime Examples, New York Times 1896, Thomas Alva Edison’s movie machine, 1909, all talkie movies since 1927, Jews.

If you have time, and I doubt it, there’s a tribute I gave to Sister Mary and Brother Tony on TV. The host on the Cable Access TV show was Italian. He had the show for 10 years for karaoke singers, but never sang. I begged him to sing with me. He was scared, but then as you can see joined in.

In this video on Italy’s elections they mention, the last region of Italian culture was Calabria. Brother-in-law Tony was from there. As you see in video, “Alta Monte” high mountains. Tony was quiet, but if he talked he screamed. My sister thought it abuse, but suffered it. Only later, when I began researching different White ethnics I met downtown Chicago, did I meet a man who was “Calabreze,” from Calabria. I asked why Tony screamed. He said, there were mountains and a valley. Families who lived on one mountain, didn’t feel like climbing up and down mountains to talk to each other, so they screamed to each other. Maybe our Whites should stop being the Silent Majority and become the Screaming Majority, while we still have life left.

Here’s an old Christmas photo, from 7916 S. Euclid, five blocks from pampered Michelle Obama, who lived at 7436 S. Euclid. Tony DeMarco, is the third from left. My protester brother is on the bottom right. This was “before” the Black at US Steel kicked him in the groin, beat him bloody, and after Civil Rights Act. My Daddy upper right, was the Polish-American slave at Jewish book publishing for 25 years. Made $.43 an hour when I was born, and Jews never gave him a raise.

My first boyfriend, on the left, Rich Kasper. He looked like one of the Everly brothers. He was arrested when a teen for fighting and spent time in a juvenile home. His neighborhood was turning Black and Brown, who fought for and won the White man’s territory, especially the Polish and Irish, which composed our neighborhood. Not just our neighborhood, but with Jewish real estate block-busters, terrorized Whites with colored hoodlums, who took over for at least the next 100 blocks. The Whites kept running, but now they ran to their final destination: The White Grave.

On his right, brother-in-law Johnny Sudar, Croation-American, who was mayor near Chicago, and then police department until he was 87. On bottom left, is Wally Murphy. He was an Elvis-look-alike and very successful car salesman. But he worked for a Jewish dealership, and whatever happened to him there, he quit. They begged him to come back, but he refused. Perhaps he was black-balled after that, because he took to the bottle and was destroyed.

Rich Kasper Christmas

Jew’s Involvement of murders of 220+ US Marines

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Since I’m the widow of a US Marine, I’m posting this for the bravery of the Marines, who are the first in battle. I’ve heard on Dr. David Duke’s radio show awhile back, about this Beirut incidence, but didn’t read it thoroughly until now. The link is on the bottom.

In fact, it wasn’t just these Marines killed for Jews in 1983, but according to a sword I have as part of my US Marine Lady costume for karaoke, on the blade reads, “United States Marine,” and near the handle on the blade, a globe, with a Star of David inside. The US Marines began in 1775; Polish Jew Haym Salomon’s money incited the American Revolution 1776. Two Jews with the diamond necklace scandal, kicked off the French Revolution, at the same time, 1789. It was same time when USA signed our Constitution. And in 1791, Poland, (Led by Jews) signed their Constitution first in their history. All connected, yet we looked at each event as separate.  Moreover, if we look back to Scotland, their “Enlightenment Period,” which is what happened to our countries with all the Jews and non-Whites’ rights replacing ours, was also a period of Jewish influence. I read the Jews pushed their “drunken” program against the Scottish, in the capital, Edinburgh. We melt under Jewish influence and never resisted “them” just each other.

If you read the article, Jew Landsberg, who was canned for his several massacres against the Palestinians, lied and accused the US Marine Johnson of drunkenness.

My US Marine, Vietnam, committed suicide, 2004, and his weapon. Scotch. He said he’ll drink himself to death. “There was no help for the White man in this country.” Jews invented the bottle, and manufactured our war realities with plenty of genocidal perks for our men: booze, illegal drugs, legal drugs, non-White women, gambling, and porn. Jews don’t imbibe in those but pushed them on our White men. The Jew, to cover his crimes, blamed the White Johnson as being “drunk.”

“Landsberg even went so far as to claim that he smelled alcohol on Johnson’s breath and that drunkenness must have clouded his reason. Marines were infuriated because Johnson was well known as a teetotaler. Americans flocked to Johnson’s side. He received hundreds of letters from school children, former Marines and from Commandant Barrow.12 It was a losing battle for the Israelis and Landsberg soon dropped from sight.”






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U.S. Middle East Policy

Israel Charged with Systematic Harassment of U.S. Marines

Donald Neff has been a journalist for forty years. He spent 16 years in service for Time Magazine and is a regular contributor to Middle East International and the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. He has written five excellent books on the Middle East.

By Donald Neff
Former Time Magazine Bureau Chief, Israel
Washington Report, March 1995
It was also published in Fifty Years of Israel

It was 12 years ago, on March 14, 1983, that the commandant of the Marine Corps sent a highly unusual letter to the secretary of defense expressing frustration and anger at Israel. General R.H. Barrow charged that Israeli troops were deliberately threatening the lives of Marines serving as peacekeepers in Lebanon. There was, he wrote, a systematic pattern of harassment by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) that was resulting in “life-threatening situations, replete with verbal degradation of the officers, their uniform and country.”

Barrow’s letter added: “It is inconceivable to me why Americans serving in peacekeeping roles must be harassed, endangered by an ally…It is evident to me, and the opinion of the U.S. commanders afloat and ashore, that the incidents between the Marines and the IDF are timed, orchestrated, and executed for obtuse Israeli political purposes.”1

Israel’s motives were less obtuse than the diplomatic general pretended. It was widely believed then, and now, that Israeli Defense Minister Ariel Sharon, one of Israel’s most Machiavellian politician-generals, was creating the incidents deliberately in an effort to convince Washington that the two forces had to coordinate their actions in order to avoid such tensions. This, of course, would have been taken by the Arabs as proof that the Marines were not really in Lebanon as neutral peacekeepers but as allies of the Israelis, a perception that would have obvious advantages for Israel.2

Barrow’s extraordinary letter was indicative of the frustrations and miseries the Marines suffered during their posting to Lebanon starting on Aug. 25, 1982, as a result of Israel’s invasion 11 weeks earlier. Initially a U.S. unit of 800 men was sent to Beirut harbor as part of a multinational force to monitor the evacuation of PLO guerrillas from Beirut. The Marines, President Reagan announced, “in no case… would stay longer than 30 days.”3 This turned out to be only partly true. They did withdraw on Sept. 10, but a reinforced unit of 1,200 was rushed back 15 days later after the massacres at the Palestinian refugee camps at Sabra and Shatila that accompanied the Israeli seizure of West Beirut. The U.S. forces remained until Feb. 26, 1984.4

During their year-and-a-half posting in Lebanon, the Marines suffered 268 killed.5 The casualties started within a week of the return of the Marines in September 1982. On the 30th, a U.S.-made cluster bomb left behind by the Israelis exploded, killing Corporal David Reagan and wounding three other Marines.6

Corporal Reagan’s death represented the dangers of the new mission of the Marines in Lebanon. While their first brief stay had been to separate Israeli forces from Palestinian fighters evacuating West Beirut, their new mission was as part of a multinational force sent to prevent Israeli troops from attacking the Palestinian civilians left defenseless there after the withdrawal of PLO forces. As President Reagan said: “For this multinational force to succeed, it is essential that Israel withdraw from Beirut.”7

“Incidents are timed, orchestrated, and executed for Israeli political purposes.”

Israel’s siege of Beirut during the summer of 1982 had been brutal and bloody, reaching a peak of horror on Aug. 12, quickly known as Black Thursday. On that day, Sharon’s forces launched at dawn a massive artillery barrage that lasted for 11 straight hours and was accompanied by saturation air bombardment.8 As many as 500 persons, mainly Lebanese and Palestinian civilians, were killed.9

On top of the bombardment came the massacres the next month at Sabra and Shatila, where Sharon’s troops allowed Lebanese Maronite killers to enter the camps filled with defenseless civilians. The massacres sickened the international community and pressure from Western capitals finally forced Israel to withdraw from Beirut in late September. Troops from Britain, France, Italy and the United States were interposed between the Israeli army and Beirut, with U.S. Marines deployed in the most sensitive area south of Beirut at the International Airport, directly between Israeli troops and West Beirut.

It was at the airport that the Marines would suffer their Calvary over the next year. Starting in January 1983, small Israeli units began probing the Marine lines. At first the effort appeared aimed at discovering the extent of Marine determination to resist penetration. The lines proved solid and the Marines’ determination strong. Israeli troops were politely but firmly turned away. Soon the incidents escalated, with both sides pointing loaded weapons at each other but no firing taking place. Tensions were high enough by late January that a special meeting between U.S. and Israeli officers was held in Beirut to try to agree on precise boundaries beyond which the IDF would not penetrate.10

No Stranger to the Marines

However, on Feb. 2 a unit of three Israeli tanks, led by Israeli Lt. Col. Rafi Landsberg, tried to pass through Marine/Lebanese Army lines at Rayan University Library in south Lebanon. By this time, Landsberg was no stranger to the Marines. Since the beginning of January he had been leading small Israeli units in probes against the Marine lines, although such units would normally have a commander no higher than a sergeant or lieutenant. The suspicion grew that Sharon’s troops were deliberately provoking the Marines and Landsberg was there to see that things did not get out of hand. The Israeli tactics were aimed more at forcing a joint U.S.-Israeli strategy than merely probing lines.

In the Feb. 2 incident, the checkpoint was commanded by Marine Capt. Charles Johnson, who firmly refused permission for Landsberg to advance. When two of the Israeli tanks ignored his warning to halt, Johnson leaped on Landsberg’s tank with pistol drawn and demanded Landsberg and his tanks withdraw. They did.11

Landsberg and the Israeli embassy in Washington tried to laugh off the incident, implying that Johnson was a trigger-happy John Wayne type and that the media were exaggerating a routine event. Landsberg even went so far as to claim that he smelled alcohol on Johnson’s breath and that drunkenness must have clouded his reason. Marines were infuriated because Johnson was well known as a teetotaler. Americans flocked to Johnson’s side. He received hundreds of letters from school children, former Marines and from Commandant Barrow.12 It was a losing battle for the Israelis and Landsberg soon dropped from sight.

But the incidents did not stop. These now included “helicopter harassment,” by which U.S.-made helicopters with glaring spotlights were flown by the Israelis over Marine positions at night, illuminating Marine outposts and exposing them to potential attack. As reports of these incidents piled up, Gen. Barrow received a letter on March 12 from a U.S. Army major stationed in Lebanon with the United Nations Truce Supervisory Organization (UNTSO). The letter described a systematic pattern of Israeli attacks and provocations against UNTSO troops, including instances in which U.S. officers were singled out for “near-miss” shootings, abuse and detention.13 That same day two Marine patrols were challenged and cursed by Israeli soldiers.14

Two days later Barrow wrote his letter to Secretary of Defense Caspar W. Weinberger, who endorsed it and sent it along to the State Department. High-level meetings were arranged and the incidents abated, perhaps largely because by this time Ariel Sharon had been fired as defense minister. He had been found by an Israeli commission to have had “personal responsibility” for the Sabra and Shatila massacres.15

Despite the bad taste left from the clashes with the Israelis, in fact no Marines had been killed in the incidents and their lines had been secure up to the end of winter in 1983. Then Islamic guerrillas, backed by Iran, became active. On the night of April 17, 1983, an unknown sniper fired a shot that went through the trousers of a Marine sentry but did not harm him. For the first time, the Marines returned fire.16

The next day, the U.S. Embassy in Beirut was blown up by a massive bomb, with the loss of 63 lives. Among the 17 Americans killed were CIA Mideast specialists, including Robert C. Ames, the agency’s top Middle East expert.17 Disaffected former Israeli Mossad case officer Victor Ostrovsky later claimed that Israel had advance information about the bombing plan but had decided not to inform the United States, a claim denied by Israel.18 The Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility. Veteran correspondent John Cooley considered the attack “the day [Iranian leader Ayatollah] Khomeini’s offensive against America in Lebanon began in earnest.”19

Still, it was not until four months later, on Aug. 28, that Marines came under direct fire by rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons at International Airport. They returned fire with M-16 rifles and M-60 machine guns. The firefight resumed the next day with Marines firing 155mm artillery, 81mm mortars and rockets from Cobra helicopter gunships against Shi’i Muslim positions. Two Marines were killed and 14 wounded in the exchange, the first casualties in actual combat since the Marines had landed the previous year.20

From this time on, the combat involvement of the Marines grew. Their actions were generally seen as siding with Israel against Muslims, slowly changing the status of the Marines as neutral peacekeepers to opponents of the Muslims.21 Israel could hardly have wished for more. The polarization meant that increasingly the conflict was being perceived in terms of the U.S., Israel and Lebanon’s Christians against Iran, Islam and Lebanon’s Shi’i Muslims.

Accelerating the Conflict

Israel accelerated the building conflict on Sept. 3, 1993 by unilaterally withdrawing its troops southward, leaving the Marines exposed behind their thin lines at the airport. The United States had asked the Israeli government to delay its withdrawal until the Marines could be replaced by units of the Lebanese army, but Israel refused.22 The result was as feared. Heavy fighting immediately broke out between the Christian Lebanese Forces and the pro-Syrian Druze units, both seeking to occupy positions evacuated by Israel, while the Marines were left in the crossfire.23 On Sept. 5, two Marines were killed and three wounded as fighting escalated between Christian and Muslim militias.24

In an ill-considered effort to subdue the combat, the Sixth Fleet frigate Bowen fired several five-inch naval guns, hitting Druze artillery positions in the Chouf Mountains that were firing into the Marine compound at Beirut airport.25 It was the first time U.S. ships had fired into Lebanon, dramatically raising the level of combat. But the Marines’ exposed location on the flat terrain of the airport left them in an impossible position. On Sept. 12, three more Marines were wounded.26

On Sept. 13, President Reagan authorized what was called aggressive self-defense for the Marines, including air and naval strikes.27 Five days later the United States essentially joined the war against the Muslims when four U.S. warships unleashed the heaviest naval bombardment since Vietnam into Syrian and Druze positions in eastern Lebanon in support of the Lebanese Christians.28 The bombardment lasted for three days and was personally ordered by National Security Council director Robert McFarlane, a Marine Corps officer detailed to the White House who was in Lebanon at the time and was also a strong supporter of Israel and its Lebanese Maronite Christian allies. McFarlane issued the order despite the fact that the Marine commander at the airport, Colonel Timothy Geraghty, strenuously argued against it because, in the words of correspondent Thomas L. Friedman, “he knew that it would make his soldiers party to what was now clearly an intra-Lebanese fight, and that the Lebanese Muslims would not retaliate against the Navy’s ships at sea but against the Marines on shore.”29

By now, the Marines were under daily attack and Muslims were charging they were no longer neutral.30 At the same time the battleship USS New Jersey, with 16-inch guns, arrived off Lebanon, increasing the number of U.S. warships offshore to 14. Similarly, the Marine contingent at Beirut airport was increased from 1,200 to 1,600.31

A Tragic Climax

The fight now was truly joined between the Shi’i Muslims and the Marines, who were essentially pinned down in their airport bunkers and under orders not to take offensive actions. The tragic climax of their predicament came on Oct. 23, when a Muslim guerrilla drove a truck past guards at the Marine airport compound and detonated an explosive with the force of 12,000 pounds of dynamite under a building housing Marines and other U.S. personnel. Almost simultaneously, a car-bomb exploded at the French compound in Beirut. Casualties were 241 Americans and 58 French troops killed. The bombings were the work of Hezbollah, made up of Shi’i Muslim guerrillas supported by Iran.;32

America’s agony increased on Dec. 3, when two carrier planes were downed by Syrian missiles during heavy U.S. air raids on eastern Lebanon.;33 On the same day, eight Marines were killed in fighting with Muslim militiamen around the Beirut airport.;34

By the start of 1984, an all-out Shi’i Muslim campaign to rid Lebanon of all Americans was underway. The highly respected president of the American University of Beirut, Dr. Malcolm Kerr, a distinguished scholar of the Arab world, was gunned down on Jan. 18 outside his office by Islamic militants aligned with Iran.;35 On Feb. 5, Reagan made one of his stand-tall speeches by saying that “the situation in Lebanon is difficult, frustrating and dangerous. But this is no reason to turn our backs on friends and to cut and run.”;36

The next day Professor Frank Regier, a U.S. citizen teaching at AUB, was kidnapped by Muslim radicals.;37 Regier’s kidnapping was the beginning of a series of kidnappings of Americans in Beirut that would hound the Reagan and later the Bush administrations for years and lead to the eventual expulsion of nearly all Americans from Lebanon where they had prospered for more than a century. Even today Americans still are prohibited from traveling to Lebanon.

The day after Regier’s kidnapping, on Feb. 7, 1984, Reagan suddenly reversed himself and announced that all U.S. Marines would shortly be “redeployed.” The next day the battleship USS New Jersey fired 290 rounds of one-ton shells from its 16-inch guns into Lebanon as a final act of U.S. frustration.;38 Reagan’s “redeployment” was completed by Feb. 26, when the last of the Marines retreated from Lebanon.

The mission of the Marines had been a humiliating failure�not because they failed in their duty but because the political backbone in Washington was lacking. The Marines had arrived in 1982 with all sides welcoming them. They left in 1984 despised by many and the object of attacks by Muslims. Even relations with Israel were strained, if not in Washington where a sympathetic Congress granted increased aid to the Jewish state to compensate it for the costs of its bungled invasion, then between the Marines and Israeli troops who had confronted each other in a realpolitik battlefield that was beyond their competence or understanding. The Marine experience in Lebanon did not contribute toward a favorable impression of Israel among many Americans, especially since the Marines would not have been in Lebanon except for Israel’s unprovoked invasion.

This negative result is perhaps one reason a number of Israelis and their supporters today oppose sending U.S. peacekeepers to the Golan Heights as part of a possible Israeli-Syrian peace treaty. A repeat of the 1982-84 experience would certainly not be in Israel’s interests at a time when its supporters are seeking to have a budget-conscious Congress continue unprecedented amounts of aid to Israel.


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