German Women Rise Up! #120

In Uncategorized on February 1, 2018 at 1:15 am

Below is Youtube:

Having been raped by a Jewish doctor when I was 20, who threatened me for life, I can empathize with these German women. The USA is now aware of 37,462 Blacks raping White women each year. We’re hearing of the Muslim rapes, and rightfully so. It’s a Muslim invasion like the one which almost took over Europe, if Poland didn’t stop them. And now we’re finally hearing of some Hollywood Jew perverts. But because Jews have money and power, the White women think it “good” to be raped by Jews. Where did the Jews get that money and power? Using my Polish people as White slaves for 1,000 years their secret empire. Even their sex slaves. I wonder if any of these girls know of the Jews raping so many German women, pre-World War II, there were stacks of police reports in the German offices. The first Jews to be deported, (not gassed) were the Jews. Where did they go? The USA.

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