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No violence. I have enough problems. I can’t even tell you how difficult this is to get this email and blog out without screaming and weeping. It took 38 years to “write” about a Jewish doctor who raped me in 1968. I’ve written about it, made a YouTube, and thought it was settled in my mind. But It dawned on me my autobiography should have his picture. When I found this on google, it set off a tirade of emotions, so much so, I can’t look at this picture again. He’s from Broward County, like the shooter. But the Jew, as in the Civil War, World War I, II, Vietnam War, got off scot free, so did the rapist. I did issue two Complaints, thanks to the CCHR, Citizens Commission on Human Rights, in Los Angeles.

Don’t let any one fool you out of control sex is “good” for patients. It can make people even more tired and depressed. It’s why in many cultures they had celibate monks and even women to increase their spirituality and physical energy, according to what I read this week. I will probably write a book on sex after my autobiography, and one as the Queen of Karaoke. I would hope our younger Whites and even older Whites can find the closeness sex brings. But the obsession which Jews forced on us: homosexuality and lesbianism with a constant flow of sex. Are they really more happy and energetic? Or are they slaves who wear a mask? Jews took them out of our gene pool, but it’s against the law in their  faked. Chosen Israel.

White (Christians) believe anything the Jews program into us.

This Jewish doctor appeared friendly and nice. I think I thought doctors were “gods” years ago. But when I returned two months later after the rape, (I quit before) his “nice friendly mask” evaporated and I was face to face with a Jewish devil. It was the same in Germany pre-World War II, the same in my Poland since at least 1296 recorded according to E. Michael Jones, (where almost all Jews come from, the smart Ashke-nazi Jews, not the dumber Sephardic Jews)

Here’s the Broward County Jewish rapist, 23 miles from the Jewish Shooter recently.

Dr. Jaime Rejtman MD

  Davie, FL


Dr. Jaime Rejtman is a psychiatrist in Davie, Florida and is affiliated with University Hospital and Medical Center. He received his medical degree from Universidad del Valle Health Sciences and has been in practice for more than 20 years. He is one of 7 doctors at University Hospital and Medical Center who specialize in Psychiatry.”

(You know Jews will put forth some crazy law to protect themselves and hate me by making me look bad. It will be the Jewess wins, the White good woman, loses, again. But Jews have done that to my Polish women for 1,000 years. Only I am writing about it.)

In the interest of the safety of the community, one must expose a rapist. If there’s no “statute of limitations on the Jews bribing money from all Whites with their Jewish only version of the Holocaust,” why is there a “statute of limitations” to protect Jewish rapists. Germany expelled them. But, the USA welcomed the Jewish rapists. Where’s the White Christians on this?

(Below I mention a Jewish boss, Norm Dolin. There’s no picture on google but the Germans made a sketch during World War II to warn the Whites of the Jewish rapists and seducers. It scares me when I think back, “this” is how he looked. He also smelled terrible. He had a disfigured hand. Worse, my niece, married a Jew, who used her for high breeding. Once the offspring were 18, he dumped her, and is traveling the world with a Jewess. This is from my book as I edit it this morning.) This is really similar to how Norm Dolin looked as well as my White Catholic Christian niece’s husband. Notice the indefinite flood of White women, even showing cleavage as I did to bring back breastfeeding, which I did, who were tormented by Jews as I was.

Somehow, Jews made White men distant from me, so “the Jew” had power over me, or tried to. God is Supreme. No more Jewish Supremacists as they have been in our 1,000 year history. Note the bag of gold the Jew has in the sketch. It’s like Norm Dolin, the Comptroller, I mention below, and the Jewish doctor, who controlled Poland, German, and now the USA medical and psychological. They drive us crazy, and we have to go to them for “help?”

Everyone is concerned about the Jewish shooter with the middle name of “Jesus” on Valentines day, lat the Broward County, high school shooting, the Jewish “Israel” sheriff, and his superintendent of school, a Black man. Yet lurking just 23 minutes away, according to this article was the Jewish Hispanic Colombian doctor  who raped me, 1968. He threatened me for life since he was just graduated the university. He said he would put me into an insane asylum for life because he had a “Jewish wife and kids and it would destroy them.” He didn’t care about me, a White Polish Catholic Christian, at the time. How Jews “defame” us as “Shiksas.” The Jews sexually abuse White Christian women, not just for their hatred and lust for the White male and race, but to keep the White woman down, while the Jewess goes up to the top. Think former Janet Yellen head of the Federal Reserve, recently replaced by President Trump with a White Irish-American. Probably the first non-Jew in many decades. I’d been whining against the Jews at the Federal Reserve since 2002. I worked at the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank, 1966.

If you bring down the good White women, as even Hitler knew to build up the women and especially good and  smart mothers, one brings down or genocides an entire White race of species.

He didn’t care he ejaculated in me to destroy me. He used my sacred White womb as a sewer for his devilish sperm. A PhD, who studies 10 years about the human anatomy doesn’t “know” rape can bring an unwanted Jewish bastard baby? He tried to destroy my body and then my mind. I’d be taken out of the White gene pool. Mama and Daddy couldn’t afford me, the 11 of 12 babies. I was a straight A student, who pulled myself up by my bootstraps, as society demands of Whites but partial and excuses Blacks, Jews, Browns, Reds, Hindus, Yellows, and Muslims. Even 1/2 breeds as they did with King Obama who wasn’t a president but a Black King over all White countries. Jews did it deliberately as a weapon over Whites. But then they did it to my Poland, 1,000 years.

I vigorously turned away from the Jewish medical, and into marriage with the US Marine Veteran who fought the Jewish and Chinese Communists in Vietnam and lost. I pioneered organic gardening which saved both his life and mine. Became a mother, pioneered comeback of breastfeeding, home birthing without drugs or circumcision.
When my husband was fired from another job, because of his injuries and addictions, I “forgave” the doctor who had said he was “cured” of his sexual problems being in psychoanalysis. It was 10 years after the rape. If Christians think they are closer to God by forgiving these eternal Jewish crimes against Whites, then maybe the Jews have driven all of us mad.

I was forced to stop breastfeeding at 3 1/2 years, (7 years is the average the human mother nursed) and went back to work at Production Tool. There was a new Comptroller. He promised to make me an professional accountant. He lamented his Jewish wife told him she’d never give him sex again after she got her two heirs. He made me “feel sorry” for him, since he said he was having a “nervous breakdown. He seduced me. Again, I fled and quit the job. But I fled to the Jewish rapist doctor. I had no where to turn. My Polish American family was suffering and dysfunctional. I was terrified. In my autobiography, I call it being in the snake put with two Jews.

When I went to see the Jewish Dr. Rejtman and told him of the Comptroller, he advised me to marry the Jew and dump by Vietnam Veteran husband. (The Jews destroy our White men, get the world even the female to hate them, and then tell us to “dump them” for a “good” Jewish man. The word “good” means “God” and Jews are no longer my gods.) Worse, he came around the desk at 666 N. Michigan where he counseled and again tried to kiss me and drag me onto his couch. I told him I needed help for my Veteran. Breastfeeding made me extremely domestic, (besides how I was raised) I ran to get my winter coat, but he was casual as he stopped me at the door.

He said, “Oh don’t let that bother you. I just missed you and was glad to see you.” (Jews are actors; it’s why they controlled Hollywood from 1927 until now and we “believe” their violent acts in real life as well as the screen and do nothing about it.) He had a white prescription he pulled out of his pocket. He said, “You know I’m the head of the hospital at Ravenswood. The medical finally found a cure for depression and here’s the prescription.” If anyone had suffered from depression, suicidal depression, or the effects of being in a Polish-American family of 15 as slaves for Jews with no hope but misery, you too would have grabbed the prescription and run out.

But I didn’t take it to the pharmacy. I didn’t tell my Veteran since he was never sober. I ran to the Tri-City Mental Health Free Clinic in Chicago Heights. A Yellow Chinese female doctor greeted me as a walk-in. I didn’t tell her a word about the Jewish villain. I just showed her the prescription and asked her if I needed it. She was alarmed because she said it was terribly strong. She said I wasn’t mentally ill. She said I cry sometimes, but I cry “for a reason!!!!” No White or Jew ever told me that.

I knew then the Jew Dr. Rejtman again premeditated this potential rape as he did the first. He had a secret meeting with my husband. But my husband wouldn’t tell me about it because the doctor said he should keep me calm. There’s no doubt in my mind, I would have taken the deadly pills, began exhibiting bizarre or crazy behavior, my Veteran husband had the doctor’s business card, my husband would have called him, the Jew doctor would have sent an ambulance, taken me away to an insane asylum, and killed me, as perhaps those at the Stockton facility in my video.

My only YouTube on the genocidal rape of Jewish Dr. Rejtman.


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