I win! Took 40 years, Iceland seeks to ban Circumcision.

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More below about Jewish forced torture on White male babies:
On February 16, 1979, I had home delivery. 40 years ago. I had already nursed my first baby, 3 1/2 years. Since the hospital gave me a hard time about nursing in 1973, even brought me a black baby instead of my White son to breastfeed. They left me me engorged and ready to explode I had such an ample of mother’s milk. I knew “if” I had another baby in the USA, a place which seems unfit for White babies, but a a Paradise for Jews, Muslims, and non-Whites, I would have a baby at home.

I had my second baby at home. There were four in attendance beside my first son and husband. Two Christians, midwife, and a Jewish doctor who now has 5 clinics. Jews force us circumcision, then heralded as heroes when they eliminate it. My baby White son and I didn’t have the powerful drugs, not even pills, before, during, and after childbirth. He wasn’t circumcised.  Only Jews circumcise their babies . . . and their slaves. Which accounts why almost 100% of White males were circumcised in 1979. Great video. Finally, a law is going through to stop this madness in Iceland, an all White country, but I think a Jewish First Lady, only one of 4 Jews at the top in the world. (Jews stay “behind” the White man so the White man, like Trump, takes the crucifixion from Jewish news.)

It’s believed Egyptians were White. Here their Black workers, (called slaves) are using a sharp instrument to slice off the male foreskin. The Black on the left holds the hands of the White man in force. These are wigs and dark make-up since even Egyptians lost their identity and tried to be and didn’t become more like their Black slaves, (overpaid and coddled) workers.

Here’s my list of blogs since 2010. It was a lady named “Wendy” who encouraged me to write a blog in 2009, which saved much of my Creative Writing, which flooded my consciousness, so fast, I’d type as fast as I could to keep up with it.

Also, pix of Rabbi who sucks the blood of the Jewish penis at circumcision.

2 Jewish babies die from Herpes, (murdered) by Jewish rabbis who transmitted body fluids to the baby. Jews do murder their own as on the ship the Patria, and blamed German National Socialists, (Jews named Nazis.) Or those Jews left in the camp, (the bottom of the Jewish ladder) for a horror show, like their movies, Dracula and Frankenstein,) the Holocaust.

Never wonder why our White men have been “suckered” into Homosexuality and lost from the White gene pool as even Hitler grieved.

It’s why Jews keep our White men as homosexuals, force homosexual marriage on White men, to cover up Jewish barbaric behavior. Worse then any animal or being. It’s like the devil.  The Jewish baby then “screams” for oral sex and convinced Whites oral sex is better than regular sex, which might make a White baby. Genocide. And these Jews ruled my Polish people for 1,000 years and in the USA since the American Revolution, when circumcised Polish Jew Haym Salomon incited and funded the Revolution. We were no longer slaves to a British King and Queen, but slaves to Jews’ like this, and their bankers who sucked our White blood and money dry.

Here are my blogs from 2010, (although I wrote about it in emails since 2002 to the famous CBS DJ Chicago.

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