Jews Declare War on Poland

In Uncategorized on March 7, 2018 at 5:07 pm

See newspaper clip from 1933. It’s what started World War II. Almost all Jews from my Poland, 1025-1945. Jews called Poland their “Kingdom of Heaven,” but put my Polish ancestors in the worse slavery, misery, death by starvation, and constant wars for 1,000 years. President Kennedy’s father, Joseph, said the only winners of World War II were the Jews. Now the Jews defiantly start World War III. At the end of the video the Jews say clearly, “Polish Holocaust,” saying they are ready to defy Poland, get arrested, and go to prison for their right to lie about the Holocaust. My people were the “Victims” in the camps. 69% of camps were Polish not Jewish. The Washington DC Holocaust is a synagogue for White Christians to worship Jews and their so called “martyrs,” and only Jews. Plus White Christian taxes donated the expensive land, built it, staff it, and pay for it until today. It’s illegal. There’s a law which says, “Separation of church and state,” which they fooled us into passing. There’s no law “Separation of synagogue and state.” See video also, “Jews Declare War on Poland.”

Jews kept my poor ancestors, my Vietnam Veteran, and our families in the worst suffering on earth: wars for their banks, 1,000 years, now they want us in war again! We’ve only been free since 1989. Again, see video below the 1933 news headlines. How can Jews be so ruthless to the people who slaved for them.


Image result for judea declares war on germany daily express 1933


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