Hofenbraus House 5/24/09

Stopped at the Hofenbraus House.  A German Bavarian Austrian Restaurant and Tavern.  (The original is in Berlin, Germany, I think, only over there they can get ‘stark’ naked if they want!  You bet, I’m going to Germany someday, and Hitler’s bunker will have to come second to getting naked at the Hofenbraus House.
I usually go there in costume, but today, wanted to dress sort of normal, with all white top, and white short shorts. and a Red Glittery Belt, (Red & White colors of Poland)
I couldn’t resist the Black Forest cake, with cherries and whipped cream and the chef’s drizzling chocolate and vanilla sauce swirling around it.
Stayed for the Austrian fella with blonde hair that plays several instruments.  He is so entertaining, and goes out into the audience to get them singing and dancing and get them involved.  Patrons can get up on the benches and sing.  He plays the sex, I mean, sax, (sorry for the wrong letter) trumpet, and a small keyboard that he blows into and plays simultaneously.  Then he plays a long horn, perhaps 14 feet or so. I imagine our European ancestors played that to contact each others in the mountains.  Then he balances it on his mouth and play it as the horn stands straight up 14 feet over his head.
They had a contest of the first couple to get up and do the waltz would get a prize. The German waiter whisked me up on the dance floor and we danced for the audience.  I love European dancing and just ‘beam’ with joy. I told the waiter that the two things I love most are ‘music and men.’  (Of course White and only White.)  I got to win a large glass German stein with theBavarain Logo on their with an “H” on it for…. Hobenbruas House.

Happy Memorial Day!   Memorial Day Male Salute

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