Jew Chamber of Horrors Against White males-families 6-10-09

In light of my other email there should be two things done:
1.    Next to the Holocaust Museum for Jews a Holocaust Museum for Polish People from World War II should be set up, so that our World has a clearer view of not only what happened during World War II, but how the Jews ‘dumped on the world,’ a pile of shit about the Jewish Holocaust, when it was the Poles who had suffered the most, and not a single word has been spoken about that.
2.    A new museum should be set up in every White city, county, state, country,and White continent, called the Jewish Chamber of Horrors, stating all the wars, persecutions, and especially the slaughter of over 100,000,000 Christians at the “Minds” of the Jews.
We have to show them we really mean business.

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