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PS: Jews an Enemy

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Sorry, I didn’t get the final sentences when writing on what an enemy does when the conquer, as the Jews conquered us.
The solution is simple: Allow your enemies no options. Annihilate them and their territory is yours to carve. (Hasn’t America been “carved” up by Jews, browns, blacks, Hindus, yellows, and even red Injuns, and 1/2 breeds as Obama controls the land the White House is on, and I bet doesn’t even pay house taxes on it.)
Furthermore are the Whites, and our land, our Constitution, our heritage from Europe, something to carve up as if we are dumb turkeys?
“The goal of power is to control your enemies completely, to make them “obey your will,” (don’t we obey…. Jews…. 24/7…. thru media, doctors, lawyers, banksters, ad infinitum?)
You cannot go halfway. (as I’ve reasoned before, Jews demand 100% control of us. And they don’t ask, they take. Like the Don’t ask, Don’t tell. They don’t ask us for our land and women, and then they don’t tell that they have taken and raped both land and women.)
“It is not,of course, a question of murder, it is a question of banishment. Sufficiently weakened and then exiled from your court forever, (as the Polish Kings were there in name only after Jews took over $$$) your enemies are rendered harmless.  (Today we are harmless in the face of all this.)
They (The Whites) have no hope of recovering, insinuating themselves and hurting you. And if they cannot be banished, at least understand that they are plotting against you, and pay no heed to the friendliness they feign. (When Jews are friendly to us, browns, blacks, yellows, I know I still see them as “friends,” and I’m friendly in return, although I have very little contact with them.)
“Your only weapon in such a situation is your own wariness. If you cannot banish them immediately, then plot for the best time to act.”
And yes, when I protested with the White People’s Party the leader wanted “all” Mexicans banished back to Mexico.  Hitler wanted all Jews banished from Europe and let the Whites heal up from these atrocious wars.  Hindus are working collectively and even having a ball progressing.  Yellow Chinese are singing their voices out and having a blast in karaoke and having fun as they rise to #1.  We Whites can also enjoy and have fun as we unite to save our Race. Although I think there is going to have to be a lot of hard work that precedes the joy, but as the Hindus they are celebrating on company time and on my $$$$ for I’m paying for it and their celebrations are included in the price of computer service.  Who is paying for Whites to unite and celebrate…… at work??????????? And then pass the cost to the Jews and blacks, browns, etc?

Computer Progress over Virus and Restoration, Hindu Celebrates, and Jewish Congresswoman

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Just one last email for today.
Wanted to mention what was done to my computer.
As you know I’ve been on phone with Hindus all week. I was the one who finally told them to restore it and wipe it out.
I now keep all my old information on a flash drive with a huge memory. That was “my” suggestion, and not Carbonite the agency that back ups my computer.
When I bought my new computer, my files were backed up by Carbonite. So when I started to use my new computer, I had Carbonite they put all my old files back on. Now “they” are the experts, not me. They gave me wrong advice. If there is any evidence of viruses or overload, a person should “Not” put all the old stuff on the new computer. I felt all along that my problems with my router and printer were my new computer, but instead kept calling their Hindu whizzes.  Nothing was settled.
So this time I called them and told them specifically that my computer has been constantly attacked and I have to be careful. I told the Hindu who actually had access to my computer through all the new systems, that I have written much about the White Race and hence have been attacked and shot a million times over through cyber bullets.
While he had access to my computer, he actually looked in my documents under the file I have called “White Race,” and started to look at the titles. I stopped him and told him bluntly, “Why are you looking at my private documents labeled White Race?”  He laughed and went on with trying to restore my old files.
I also told him “not” to restore my old documents, pictures, and music from Itunes on my new computer. I told him to place them on my new large memory flash drive. I also, asked him, (mind you “he” didn’t tell me to do this, “I” figured it out.  The Hindus want us to keep crazy over all these viruses, and when the Jews invent the anti-Virus software, we are really in trouble on both ends, Hindus and Jews.)….. Anyway, I asked him to show me how to scan and run a special anti-virus on all 4,500 documents, photos, music titles.  Ask yourself this? What if I didn’t ask him that?  He again, for the 2nd time, would have put all my documents on my new computer.
(By the Way, I have been on the line so much with Hindu brown/red techies, that I noticed something very peculiar that I do “not” hear when I contact White techies. Every once in a while, while the brown/red man has control of my computer, and I sit and watch the screen and all his changes, I hear a round of laughing by the Hindus and applause and cheering.  It struck me odd for as long as I have been at work, I have never seen that at the actual workplace.  Perhaps in meetings afterwards, but even then rarely. From my memory, work is only about work, and nothing more.  There has never been joy at work. I didn’t comment the first time it happened, but since I called this agency my computer, Acer, recommended now that my warranty is up, I heard it a few times, and I finally asked the Hindu, “What is going on? What is all that cheering and laughing in the background?” He said in that Hindu doctor voice the Jews teach them, “Oh don’t worry, it is nothing.  They just got a sale and are celebrating.”
Much can be read into these simple words. The Jewish doctors telling us nothing is wrong when we go to them with atrocious problems the Whites are “enduring.” Also, the happiness and joy of brown/reds living in India and getting along so well.  They have not been taught to war one another to the extent we have.  Someday, perhaps our Whites will be laughing at the workplace.  When we will be having all White businesses with all profits going to Whites, all benefits for Whites, and on COMPANY TIME, WE WILL BE RESTORING THE WHITE RACE, as my computer has been restored by Hindus!
Remember when the Jews attack us through deception, they have a different mind that is filled with “Who cares? Big Deal! So What!” That is what the Jew psychologist taught me at the Mind Clinic in Chicago, Ben Belden. Jews absolutely do not have a feeling or a though that “cares” about us, their White enemy, as they envision.
Or like my brother’s Jewish psychiatrist who told him, “Eddie, throw your “shoulds” out the window.” So when I would say, “yes the Jews “should” stop what they are doing to us,” the Jews just casually throw my urgent idea “out the window.” We are living by Christian Standards and we see Jesus being whipped by Jews and just “taking it” so we just “take” it. That was “not” the message Jesus was trying to give us. At least not in my opinion.
Now, I have a very clean new computer, with tons of memory, and am putting very little on it, in hopes to find peace of mind. After all, the last 8 months I have spent unravelling the defrauding against me by the Philipinos, and now have to spend weeks restoring my computer. Do Jewish women have to face this when they go to college and have to write essays.  If they did, they probably would be the dumbest women in the world, as I have the nick name “dumb Polak” attached and attacking me throughout my life. But the “Jews’ through their “humor” and “comedy” of the early 1900 century did that “intentionally.”  As the White Polish at my Polish deli lamented to me about why they haven’t discussed the Jews and Polish or the Mexican Mafia attacking Poles, the Polish lady just rolled her eyes and said, “Who would believe us? Nobody.”
I can tell you that I went to the Circle K gas station by my house. Believe me if you want to see how lazy browns are, just ask for something out of the ordinary. It happened to me with McDonald’s getting a certified letter from me over an incident of brown bad behavior toward me when asking for fresh decaffeinated coffee.  And when I went to this Circle K there was a pot of decaf, but it looked old. No one drinks it. So I would ask for a fresh pot. They would reluctantly do so. Again, 2 brown women that worked a.m. shift.
Finally, one refused.  I only would go in once a week, and I told her White boss who was standing outside.  Since they either lied about it being fresh, (in other words I asked for it and they would say it was fresh, and I would pour from it, but I accidentally had returned and saw the brown Mex female throwing out the coffee from the pot I bought, and making fresh. But she wouldn’t do it for me.)
Anyway, I went back in there, Monday.  Only this time for a bottle of orange juice.  But when I went to get the bottle, the Mexican lady was already behind the bottles as I opened the glass door, and jiggling the bottles to make loud noises, as I pulled my juice out. I didn’t think anything of it, until the second brown Mex left her cash register and walked briskly by me, put her nose up in the air, and then met the other brown Mex behind the door.
This may seem like “nothing” but if Polish Whites are trying to do their jobs and they have this sort of “gaslighting” on them by other races, and Jews allowing and encouraging it, it is not healthy and we can see why Whites don’t want to come here.
When I waited on blacks, Whites, yellows, Jews, or Whites, I have always been polite. I have never played dirty tricks on them. Also in business, when I trained them I was fair and equal, and gave them the same treatment as I would have Whites.
But Whites are not getting that from Jews who are withholding info from us in schools, colleges, and keeping themselves the smartest. Also, when Whites are attacked, are they getting the fiasco this Jewess is getting in Tuscon?
I sent an email to you from a woman from church a couple of days ago.  It was how the people of Congress should not get “special treatment.”
The Mormon man I worked for running for House of Rep clearly stated in his platform that he would only run 2 terms and not indefinitely as his (Jewess) opponent Shelley Berkley.
Here is a clip from the email I sent to you about changing Congressmen and women and not putting them on a pedestal. After all…. are not they “equal” with us… and after all.. are not Jews ….. equal to us Whites?  Or is there a lot of discrimination and racism against Whites?
Also, why is this Congress woman getting special treatment from the Black President? Is she “better” than White woman?  Or why didn’t the black Obama go to Arizona to work out the problems that the White Gov. Brewer of Arizona wanted to work out over protection over the border from Brown Mexican Mafia, called anchor babies, and their whole families?  Obama not only attends services in Arizona, but hails the Jewess goddess, (she-devil) about how happy he is that “Gabby’s eyes are finally opening.”  He repeated that twice.  Well, my mouth is finally opening about the White Race on Radio, and I’m grateful for the time I’ve been allowed.
A Jewess Congress Woman should “not” have gotten that special treatment, when the White Gov. Brewer lady was not only ignored but the black President attacked her with some sort of legal law against her, Arizona, and the Arizonians.  There are a lot of White old people there.  They will soon die, and then the browns will buy up all those mobile homes for their “anchor” babies.  We Whites will be replaced permanently.

Congressional Reform Act of 2011

1. Term Limits.

 12 years only, one of the possible options below..

 A. Two Six-year Senate terms
 B. Six Two-year House terms
 C. One Six-year Senate term and three Two-Year House terms

2.  No Tenure / No Pension.

A Congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when
they are out of office.

3.  Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security.

All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security
system immediately.  All future funds flow into the Social Security system,
and Congress participates with the American people.

4. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans

5. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise.  Congressional pay
will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

6. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the
same health care system as the American people.

7. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American

8. All contracts with past and present Congressmen are void effective

The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen.
Congressmen made all these contracts for themselves.

Canada Issues its Citizens a Danger Warning about Travel to Mexico or USA

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From American 3rd Position:

The Canadian government has issued an official warning to its nationals to avoid the American–Mexican border because of the uncontrolled violence which is a direct threat to life.

In an official warning posted on the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs website, Canadians who are planning a visit to Mexico are told to avoid the border with the United States “due to continuously high levels of violence linked to drug trafficking in those areas.”

“Canadians should avoid crossing Mexico’s northern border by land, as shootouts, attacks, and illegal roadblocks may occur at any time.

“Criminals especially target SUVs and full-size pickup trucks for theft and carjacking along highways of the states of Nuevo León, Tamaulipas, Baja California, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Durango, Sonora, and Sinaloa,” the warning continued.

“Travellers are advised to reconsider their need to travel by land to or through these border states and should do so only if it is absolutely necessary, and after making appropriate arrangements to ensure their personal safety.

“Canadians should avoid crossing Mexico’s northern border by land, as shootouts, attacks, and illegal roadblocks may occur at any time. Criminals especially target SUVs and full-size pickup trucks for theft and carjacking,” the official warning continued.

The warning level was set as the second-highest travel alert issued by the department. The only step higher is to specifically avoid all travel.

“Armed clashes between security forces and drug groups are commonplace in certain areas and can occur at any time without warning,” the department warned. “Travellers could get caught in the crossfire.”

“While Canadians are not specifically targeted, they risk being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Law enforcement and police protection are often lacking.”

The warning also advised Canadians to be careful inside Mexico.

Travellers should, the Canadian government said, “exercise a high degree of caution due to a deteriorating security situation in many parts of the country.

“While major tourist areas such as the Yucatán Peninsula and Pacific resort areas have not been affected by the extreme levels of violence witnessed in the northern border region, it is highly advisable to travel to Mexico by air (please see our travel warning for the Mexico–United States border).

“High levels of criminal activity, as well as occasional demonstrations and protests, remain a concern throughout the country,” the Canadians concluded.

The warning serves as a sad indication of the state of Mexico, but an even sadder indication of the crisis facing America.

Down with Love – Here’s to Love Continued

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Haven’t been feeling well for the last few days, although it’s better if I don’t talk about it. 
Got the DVD that might have been done about me.  “Down With Love.” Or perhaps I was the inspiration as I was quite a character around town in Chicago.
I used to listen sometimes to the Oldies FM radio where I emailed and one day I heard a commercial for a movie about “Barbara Novak.”  That is how I signed my emails then.  It wasn’t that the commercial said the word “Barbara Novak,” is that they repeated it so many times, one couldn’t miss the name. I suppose this is how the Jews use behavior modification techniques to get us to do what they want. 
I know that I had written the DJ and station, for surely they had access to them, whether he realized it or not, about my wanting to “write a book,” about my life.  I also was writing pretty heavily about the “love and sex” books that I was reading just as I do the “Hitler” and “race” books of today.
So here are some notes from the movie that was released in 2003.  I have little contact with the Jewish media through TV, radio, magazines, news, etc. so they could use any and all of my ideas, and I wouldn’t be the wiser, nor could I do anything about it.  Jews have “dried” up as far as creative talent.  They are probably all on plenty of pill addictions themselves and with so much $$$ they just sit around and wait for ideas to come to them.  It is probably why they haven’t done away with me yet.  When one gives an idea such as “American Idol,” that is now world-wide famous, one can imagine the other ideas they use.
  • The movie is about a blonde gal, Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor.  She is a pretty blonde, (much better figure than mine and I’m going to start lifting my weights that I haven’t done in a long time, and start to swim to keep in shape).  She wrote a book called “Down with Love.”  It is a feminist book and the scene is 1962! Although part of it is cute and has a happy ending, I have to point out some of the things to beware of that even in a cute little sexy comedy, there is anti-white and even pro-Communist propaganda.
  • I counted how many times they used the words, Barbara, or Barbara Novak especially, and Ms. Novak and it was 85 times minimum! It was so often, that if you watch any movie or TV show, you might here the name mentioned 3 times, just enough to know the name of the character. So 85 times seems exaggerated and exaggerated for a reason.  (By the way I got the movie for $.01 – Shipping although it got 2 thumbs up. 
  • The movie is about 4 people. Barbara Novak and her love for Catcher Block a man that writes up reviews for books.  Also, Barbara Novak’s editor, who is in love with the editor at Catcher Block’s magazine.  This man she is in love with is the token “White man.”  He is the son of a rich father and is portrayed as having 20 neuroses. 
  • The 2 gals show up in costumes that are awesome, and even when she is on a quiz show they ask about her big headpiece. At that time, I surely would have had my Queen’s headpiece for karaoke, which was so gigantic I had to cut it down.
  • Here is google.com/images of the movie:  I wrote the media that I had taken Sexuality and Sensuality legitimate courses and it seems they used them in disguise.  http://www.google.com/images?hl=en&source=imghp&biw=1064&bih=475&q=down+with+love&gbv=2&aq=f&aqi=g8g-m1&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=
  • Barbara Novak is a Virgin and wants to wait for marriage to have sex.  (Sound like anyone you know?  Me perhaps?)
  • She writes that if “we stop falling in love, it would be the end of the human race.”  But with today’s apprehension, we can say if we “stop falling in love,” it will be the end of the “human race,” for the non-‘Whites are breeding and using controlled breeding in many cases. Surely China with an overpopulation allows only the best babies to survive and reward.
  • She writes about self-pleasuring through chocolate. I am not a chocolate fan.
  • Barbara Novak talks of being “equal” in the workplace.  Then she could have sex without “love,” but as a game.  1962: feminist movement. From Wiki it seems that Marxist Communist plays a large role in that. I think we Whites should be equal, yet different.  We are unique and not White Spaghettios in a metal can.
  • The movie starts where Ewan McGregor has gone to NASA for the week-end for “parties.”  He arrives at work in a helicopter and there are 2 brownish women sexy that are hoisting him down the ladder in mid air.  One bends over and he warns, “Don’t let it fall out.”  Meaning her breast.  And you know that my breast fell out on the Jenny Jones Show.
  • But then the movie makes statements about “Nazis.”  I was “not” into Nazis’ then.  Or perhaps I was.  For I did look up the name “Hitler” when I found out I was Austrian on my Daddy’s side, but did not delve into Hitler and the Nazis until I moved to Vegas and went to college.  2006.  The magazine wants Catcher Block, the playboy, who Barbara Novak wants to catch, for him to write an expose of Nazi’s hiding in Argentina and Florida.  (Florida? That makes me wonder, for we all knew about Eichman in Argentina, but Florida?  Truly the Jews talk openly in movies and we have never gotten it.  They then talk about the famous rocket Nazi Scientist.  So we can assume the Jews wanted the head Nazis scientists here in America; hence to steal them…. World War II. If Whites go along with this, Whites will suffer the consequences.
  • Ms. Novak, (one of the 85 names she is called and “loudly,” so that you can’t help but notice) is scheduled to have lunch with Catcher Block for an interview to make her famous, but he keeps ditching her. He is always screwing around with an airline stewardess.
  • Her agent and then editor, thinks up a scheme to land on the Ed Sullivan Show and have Judy Garland sing the song “Down with Love,” and make reference to Barbara Novak’s book title.  Here is Judy Garland, older, the star of the Wizard of Oz, singing “Down with Love.” Also a Jewess high priestess, Barbara Streisand also sang it so we can see it was to “promote” feminism, to get White women in the work place for Jewish men to use and abuse.  The Jews thought that the White men could get the Jewish ‘leftovers’ by instituting a sexual revolution.  Also, Judy Garland died of suicide and a tragic life.  But, like Marilyn Monroe, she was tightly involved with Jews.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1rYjR3kC3U
  • In this jewwatch.com essay on the Jews in Hollywood it writes “You better be in thick with the Jews if you want to make $$$.”  And the Jews extorted that $$$ through White people who didn’t even know their pockets were being picked, (more like their fortunes as well now of their grandchildren).  On this website it talks of how the Jews used the White Man- Edison’s, movie projector for films of “hatred” and “lies” against Germany as far back as 1918! And if that doesn’t surprise you, the Jews not only “stole” Edisons’ movie projector machine from Edison and then his wife who fought her whole life, but the Jews stole the “talking” machine to go with the movies. Hence the first talking movie was about a Jewish singer, Al Jolson, who paints his face black.  Jews slapped the White face twice as hard forcing Jews and blacks down their White throats as part of the Jewish sadist pleasures in their genocide against us.  http://www.jewwatch.com/jew-entertainment-hollywood-jews.html  The phrase from jewwatch, Pat Buchanan asks “When is Hollywood going to do a film where it shows that the entire USA is being held hostage to black crime?”  The New (Black) racism!  Or…. There have been three versions of “Mississippi Burning” but nothing about the  
    assassination of Jackson, Miss. White Christian school teacher Mrs. Kathy Ainsworth.  
    Her murder was financed by $79,000 furnished by New Orleans Jewish Anti- Defamation League head, A. I. Botnik. (According to Los Angeles Times, 2/13/1970).
  • “In the film “Holocaust” both Poles and Ukranians are described as “worse than Nazies.”  So one can see that today, the world doesn’t trust or even “hates” the Polish Whites as the secretary, Ethel, who I worked with in Chicago and complained daily how much she “hated” the Polish women at Sidney and Austin legal firm, where she used to work!  If I said “I hate Jews,” I would be put into an insane asylum, prison or suspicious death.
  • “….actor Marlon Brando explains  
    this phenomenon: ” You’ve seen every single race besmirched, but you never saw an  
    unfavorable image of the Kike because the Jews were ever so watchful for that. They  
    never allowed it to be shown on screen!”   This gives the Jews that double edged sword they are using.  Genocide and Degenerate the White Race, and make the Jews “perfect” “even saintly,” so that the White Protestants could look to the dumb Polak Jews of Israel as “gods,” as promised in the Bible. The Protestant Whites should know better for the proof is in the pudding where is not one Protestant on the Supreme Court and even if we got one, that is settling for crumbs.
  • No film maker dares to be critical of Jews, Israel or Zionism. A Jewish male must be  
    referred to as’a nice Jewish boy.” a young girl is an “American Jewish Princess.” Jew  
    musicians are always’talented,” writers “gifted,” painters “sensitive,” doctors “brilliant.” Jew millionares “philanthropic and visionary.” Hollywood Molds Minds    And today that is what we have.  Jews don’t even have to work hard at it.  And the money they stole from Whites, Poles, Russians, Germans, etc. is being used as warfare and weapons against us Whites today.
  • So it says that Judy Garland, famous as Dorothy for Wizard of Oz, was Jewish.  It doesn’t surprise me for that film was getting us ready for World War II, just as the murder of Charles Lindberg’s baby, where the Gentile was accused but the Jew probably did it and left the country for the White “German” man that was accused…his wife fought that also until the day she died.  She said he never did it and showed the relationship her German husband had with the Jew but the Jew conveniently and easily left the country. The Jews could do that because no one was really watching them the way they are watching us.  Can you imagine the Jews are the crooks and these crooks tell the FBI, “Better watch the White Patriots,” and all the time the FBI is watching us, the Jews are literally moving our entire fortune to Israel.  Although like the brown/black criminals that make up our prisons, why even “move” when the Jews have it made here. They have already permanently damaged our consciousness and worse for our children’s whose brainwashing starts at age 3 or even in the white Mama’s womb.
  • What is interesting in this movie, is that the camera keeps showing that President Kennedy’s book and even his 6 foot cut out is being “replaced” by “Down With Love.”  Surely, it refers to the fact that after Kennedy was shot, (and the first to get the film was a Jew, Zapruder,) and that is when the Communist Revolution spearheaded by the Jews took control of our country.  Where the book “Profiles in Courage,” by Kennedy was on the book shelf, it is shoved off and “Down with Love,” is replaced and is now a #1 seller.  Yet there is a story in Profiles with Courage, about a Sen. Taft, that the President wrote about that was “courageous” by coming out in election time saying that the Germans who led the Nazis should “not” be hanged. 
  • Here is what Taft said: “In ten days the Nazi leaders were to be hanged. But Bob Taft, speaking in cold, clipped matter-of-fact tones, deplored that sentence, and suggested that involuntary exile-similar to that imposed upon Napoleon -might be wiser. But even more deplorable, he said were the trials themselves, which “violate the fundamental principle of American law that a man cannot be tried under an ex post facto statute.” Nuremberg, the Ohio Senator insisted, was a blot on American Constitutional history, and a serious departure from our Anglo-Saxon heritage of fair and equal treatment, a heritage which had rightly made this country respected throughout the world. “We can’t even teach our own people the sound principles of liberty and justice,” he concluded. “We cannot teach them government in Germany by suppressing liberty and justice. As I see it, the English-speaking peoples have one great responsibility. That is to restore to the minds of men a devotion to equal justice under law.”  And Kennedy saw him as a hero. Without a doubt, the Jews set up Kennedy as president, only to murder him, and then when we were in a state of shock and confusion, pass every law to “murder the White Race,” so subtly, that we never knew when we were being hit, shot, drugged, raped, robbed, etc.

  • Taft was amazed that the American Bar Association did not agree with him that the law against the Germans was not good.  We must know that the head “lawyers” group is controlled by Jews or else where would we get the term “good” Jewish lawyer from. But here is a website of nothing but “Jewish Lawyers.”  http://www.jewishlawyers.org/  And if you look these jew lawyers are battling against “injustice.”  Whose $$$$ do they want?  The Whites and they assume that the Jewish lawyers will get the White money any and every which way they can.

  • Continuing on Taft, from Kennedy’s writing on men with courage: 

    The storm raised by his speech eventually died down. It did not, after all the uproar, appear to affect the Republican sweep in 1946, nor was it-at least openly-an issue in Taft’s drive for the Presidential nomination in 1948. The Nazi leaders were hanged, and Taft and the country went on to other matters. But we are not concerned today with the question of whether Taft was right or wrong in his condemnation of the Nuremberg trials. What is noteworthy is the illustration furnished by this speech of Tafts unhesitating courage in standing against the flow of public opinion for a cause he believed to be right. His action was characteristic of the man who was labeled a reactionary, who was proud to be a conservative and who authored these lasting definitions of liberalism and liberty:

    Liberalism implies particularly freedom of thought, freedom from orthodox dogma, the right of others to think differently from ones self. it implies a free mind, open to new ideas and willing to give attentive consideration….When I say liberty, I mean liberty of the individual to think his own thoughts and live his own life as he desires to think and live.

    This was the creed by which Senator Taft lived, and he sought in his own fashion and in his own way to provide an atmosphere in America in which others could do likewise.

    (Profiles in Courage, JFK, 1956, Chapter 9, Robert A. Taft, pages 221 – 235)

Nazi Skinheads March in Mexico

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Looks like the Mexicans are even getting fed up with what is happening or not happening in their own country.

Forgetting our White Veterans?

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My deceased husband, that commit suicide saying, "There is no help for the white man in this USA."July 26 would have been my Viet Nam Veteran’s and my 41st wedding anniversary.
I happened to go on a website and found this honoring Veteran’s and a prayer so that their “soul” may rest in peace.
I once said, “My husband fought for me in the jungles of Viet Nam fighting the Communists, I will now fight for him after his death.
Here is something I found. You can see that even though the Jews play important roles in these departments, except “preacher,” it is THE VETERAN who gave us our White Rights!

It is the VETERAN, not the preacher, who has given us freedom of religion.
It is the VETERAN, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the VETERAN, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech.
It is the VETERAN, not the campus organizer, who has given us freedom to assemble.
It is the VETERAN, not the lawyer, who has given us the right to a fair trial.
It is the VETERAN, not the politician, who has given us the right to vote.
It is the VETERAN, who salutes the Flag.
It is the VETERAN, who serves under the Flag.                                                           ETERNAL REST GRANT THEM O LORD, AND LET PERPETUAL LIGHT SHINE UPON THEM. Author unknown 

I received a very large patch to sew on the back of my jacket from my nephew Jimmy Novak in Florida when I recently visited.

As the patch reads on the bottom: “Will our Nation be forgotten, as our Veterans have been?”  Sure now, that blacks and browns are monopolizing the military they (Jews) will make sure they get treated like royalty with White Tax Dollars.  They will drain every dollar and cent out of us until the last one of us is alive and has a penny in our pocket. They will take that last penny.

Croation Chicago Politician

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I just wrote a comment on youtube about the fact that Rob Blagojevich, former Governor of Illinois,  didn’t testify in his own behalf in his Chicago trial to give Obama’s Senate Seat away.  Yet at the same time, another famous Eastern European as Blagojevich of Serbian descent, Eddie Vrydolyak, of Croatian descent, was also found guilty of a crime.
(By the way, they had to put a black in place of Obama’s senate seat, out of sheer blackmail, but when the 90 year old White Protestant heterosexual male stepped down off the Supreme Court HE WAS NOT REPLACED WITH ANOTHER WHITE PROTESTANT HETEROSEXUAL MALE, BUT A LESBIAN JEWESS!
And why did this Croatian Chicago Alderman get found guilty?  Because the Croatian American was doing a deal with his “Jewish” Partner regarding the property at the Chicago Medical School.  His Jewish partner, Stuart Levine, turned him in.  So in other words, the Jew probably lured him into the scheme, and then when the White Croatian American alderman of Chicago fell for the scheme, Levine turned on him like a mad raging tiger!
The Jew Levine had 22 charges against him but got off from them when he testified against the Croatian man.
From Wiki:  A longtime powerbroker and target of investigations, the notoriously careful Vrdolyak has been quoted as saying that he “talk[s] to everyone like they’re wearing a wire, even my wife”. Chicago alderman Bernard Stone noted that Vrdolyak was always careful about talking on the phone, once telling Stone to “always talk like the government was on the phone with you”.
I wonder if the “government” listens in on all the Jewish money dealings, when the Jewish men are screwing the White women and boys, and when the Jews take off with our gold to bury in Israel where we will not only ever find it, but will never hurt Israel since our Christian relics are there.
Now truthfully, this Jew Levine, could have intentionally been found to be guilty on charges so that he could come up as a chief witness against these White Eastern European men.
Stuart Levine the Jew was a backer of Obama and even a fundraiser for him in Chicago.
So why crucify the White Eastern European males in Illinois, who are very very prominent, but “worship” Obama the Black and Raum Emanuel the Jew from Chicago Politics. No matter how much they pin on those two, they continue to be worshipped by our White people.
It is said that the Whites are losing confidence in Obama but when election time comes there will be another “catastrophe” whether a flu virus, or earthquake, or oil drill cap that bursts, and the Jew media will make these two look like “saviors,” and he will be elected again. 
So why is Chicago bent on persecuting the Serbian and Croatian politicians in Illinois and Chicago, but leave the blacks and Jews untouched, un-prosecuted and unbelievably worshipped?

Jewish “illegal” immigration

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I called Harry Reid and begged and pleaded to stop the Dream Act. I used the words of Alipac that send the email as well as my own. I warned Harry Reid being a Mormon that the Jews will enslave the Mormons into poverty as they did my ancestors of Poland.  The Jews do not need the Mormons anymore and what a tragedy for their descendents and Mormons have large White families, for they to not only go extinct, but to become slaves where only the Jews and super rich, will survive.  Since they are big into ancestry they can trace my words and history of Poland to be honest and true.
Called Ensign and appealed to him as a White Widow of US Marine. By the time I get done, I’m weeping bitterly to save the White male who is only 9% of Harvard university.  I cry because even the Tea Party nor Alipac let’s me say the word “White,” and the fellows I talk with are White males.
If you only knew how heartbroken I am.  This is “sad’ and not “happy.”
Then I called my House of rep the female Shelley Berkley. I called all 3 in DC since this is a “Red Alert.”
But I am afraid to say Jew Or White, for she is Jewish.  I put it in such a way that “I’m from Poland and the European ancestry is cut off. I do not want illegals from Mexico. If anything, change the laws that allow more European Ancestry here.
He was “all for it.”  I was shocked. He then said in his broken English, “I’m from Russia and my ancestry is from Poland.”
And then I replied, “Are you Jewish or Christian?”
He quietly said, like a deadly mouse that would overrun one’s home if not stopped for all their generations of mice,……… “I’m Jewish Russian.”
Why does that surprise me that Shelley Berkley the Jew is now getting all the “Jewish” immigrants from Russia that she wants, she will pass a bill allowing all the brown Mex’s and their sex babies so she can have all the “slaves” she wants, and we cannot even say the word “White” to “Unite.” 
How did she get a Russian Jewish immigrant here to be her assistant in Washington DC?  Look at the power?  Did Harry Reid get a European Immigrant from his homeland with broken English to work in his office?
Why not?  When is Harry Reid going to wake up?
So now Whites not only have to worry about “illegal” immigrants coming over the border, but the Jews are flooding Washington DC with Jewish immigrants who want the demise of Jesus, God, Christianity, the White male, the White race!
The Jewish Russian Polish descent broken English Immigrant working for Shelley Berkley wanted my name and address.  The others that I called “did not,” so I very casually and lovingly declined just saying I was already on her list.
Lucky thing my son lived on embassy road in Washington DC when he was engaged to the 5th highest political person in USA’s daughter.  I was in DC back in 1999 and surely the FBI had to check on me then.  The Whites in the FBI knew as far back as then that my actions were to save the White man and White race and the Jews know that no matter how powerful they are, there are Whites that know what they are up to and that I’m a good woman only trying to “save her species.”
No one can argue with that!  Jewish women have spent trillions trying to save their species.  Also my House of Rep knows that if Whites go extinct, Jews will follow probably before us since there are not that many and their dream of world power and Jewish Supremacy went beserk for they can’t hide anymore.  Chinese Yellows will “use” the Jews to get their country out of poverty and then discard them and us.  They will have the rest of the 89% of the world for their products. Hindus will do the same as well as the Muslims. 

Mexican Women Take Over USA

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Here is video of brown woman from Mexico that screams at us ” Go back to Germany; go back to Europe.
I wrote in the chat that it is too bad that these Mex’s come here to poop out their babies and then we support them for “free.”  And how do they say  “Thank you, White folks for all your kindness,” here check the video.  Now you can see how the country was against our White poor family and “for” the blacks, browns, Jews, etc.
Sent: Monday, July 19, 2010 9:04 AM
Subject: VIDEO: Latino KKK Says You are Too White To Be American

Donate Now If You Want ALIPAC To Continue
Donate Now If You Want ALIPAC To Continue

Tea Party Racism Caught in Explosive New Video (Sarcasm)
VIDEO: Latino KKK Says You are Too White To Be American

July 19, 2010

CONTACT: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
(866) 703-0864 WilliamG@alipac.us

ALIPAC is releasing a new video today that Americans are unlikely to see on the major networks since it displays overt racism and militancy against Americans and Tea Party supporters at the hands of illegal alien supporters who aggressively announce “You’re too white to be American! Go back to Europe!”

While there is so much talk in the media about the NAACP and Michelle Obama’s false assertions that the Tea Party is racist, combined with news that the White House moved to protect the New Black Panther members. These same members were previously filmed screaming ‘kill some crackers… kill some of their babies’ and threatened white voters with weapons in Philadelphia, so it is unlikely you will see this video on CBS, ABC, CNN, or NBC!

Latino KKK says Whites Don’t Belong in America Go Back To Europe

“We call on Americans of all races and walks of life to oppose those who use racism and militancy to oppose Arizona’s SB 1070,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “If a Tea Party supporter said anything like this, every network in America would broadcast it. Since the perpetrators are radical leftist illegal alien supporters, and the victims are predominantly white, this video will be censored on most networks and the White House and Justice Department will take no action to protect the civil rights of Americans fighting for secure borders.”

To see more examples of the violence, threats, and overt racism being directed at Americans, please visit our Youtube channel at http://www.Youtube.com/ALIPAC1

To get involved in the American struggle against illegal immigration, Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty, and the growing anarchy in America, please visit http://www.ALIPAC.us



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Leadership Training for Whites

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I always like to take extra seminars and courses even if I don’t have a college degree.
Here is from teapartytraining.org.
It is really for becoming a candidate but any “leadership” training courses helps us to become active and not asleep.
If you look at my attachment it shows that when I graduated Chicago Vocational with 4,300 students, I went on stage to receive the top award for business. I received it based on the work and study program in my senior year where I worked my first office job at the….. Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago!
I only send these to express my honesty when I speak with you.  Living with Jews who are such liars and murderers as Jesus said, “And the Father of them,” we tend to distrust each other or worse, worse yet, “trust the wrong people.” 
I can deal with people that are honest. For me to go into a car lot and “bargain” is ridiculous.  We have no time for ‘games.’ There is too much to do and say. 
I signed up at teapartytraining.org.  Since they are not for White people but are going to give all their time and $$$ which has surely dwindled to nothing for Whites, I do not see myself trying to save this country and perfect it or improve it so the Jews can rule from here the rest of the world with their Mexican slaves.
If Whites are not here, why do I care about what happens to buildings, soil, or even mountains.  For the MEx’s to enjoy.  The Blacks.  The Jews? They don’t have a damn about us or me.  If anything Obama the Black has stabbed us in the back and is bent on genocide of the entire White race.  I was wondering how much he was going to do to “save” the White Race just as we Whites “saved” the black race during the Civil War. He not only won’t help the White race he and his anti-Nazi, pro-Jewish people are going to “sue” the State of Arizona! 
They “sue” instead of “save” us. How much more heartbreaking can that be.
Anyway here is the website for leadershipinstitute.org.  There are more free online courses that can be taken. I am not running to take the Jewess, Shelley Berkley’s seat, but I can learn ideas.  The 80 / 20 rule.  If people agree with you 80% of the time, don’t concentrate on the 20% differences. 
What I ‘did not’ like is the leader talked ridiculously about “loving card carrying Communist members!”  Sounds Jewish to me. Would these same people accept Nazi members.  I am going to ask that in their opinions on the bottom.